Denard Robinson, University of Michigan’s star quarterback, has done it again. On the first play of today’s game against Indiana he ran 72 yards for a touchdown. With only one minute 15 seconds to go, he lead Michigan down the field,  throwing a 42 yard pass and then running in the final, winning touchdown. First player in college football history to have two games in which he passed for over 200 yards and ran for over 200 yards. No college quarterback has ever done that and Denard has already done that with the season barely started! I guess I’m getting into football! 

I have been at my ranch with Richard for 10 days! Heaven!! Tomorrow we leave. Ted, my ex, came and went riding and enjoyed the place for a couple days and that was fun.

I have pretty much finished my book. All that’s left is the cleaning up, gathering photographs and getting graphs and diagrams done. Hooray

Several of my dearest friends have just left for a month long trek at 18,000 feet in the Himalayas, bringing tons of medical equipment to Tibetan villagers in remote areas. I had so hoped to be with them but I did not have enough time to train–to get into shape–to be able to make it without being a drag or getting hurt. My prayers go with them and I await the full report — with pictures. Part of getting older is being able to admit when things are too hard and not beating yourself up about it.    

All for now  

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