We shot a charming scene today—Pierre, me and the dog—with Daniel Bruhl. I saw immediately what a wonderful and subtle actor he is. (He was the young Nazi in “Inglorious Bastards,” Tarantino’s film.)

He is 31 years old and has made more than 30 movies. He started as an adolescent. Pierre told me today that he has really loved every single scene he has filmed so far on this movie—which, he said, is unusual.

After shooting (I got off early) I took Tulea for a long walk. So long I had to carry her back cause it was hot.

In this scene my husband and I are interviewing Daniel Bruhl (he plays a German student of ethnology in Paris) as a possible dog walker because the impetuous dog keeps pulling on his leash and has caused my husband to fall. After much hemming and hawing and objecting to the fact that the young student is German (my husband’s father was shot by the Nazis in 1941) he agrees to try him out. Many of my longest and loveliest scenes are when Dirk—the character’s name is Dirk—and I walk in the park with the dog. The characters have a real affinity. He is the only one who knows that I am dying and he helps me prepare my grave.

Pierre, Daniel, and the dog–photo of Simone de Beauvoir behind!!

me, Pierre and the director Stephane

Kesso Andrau, my lovely assistant who helps with Tulea while I shoot

The three Germans on the set–

dig that tongue

Kesso and Tulea

poor Tulea, she attracts every dog

…and lovers

Lots of musicians along the Seine

houseboat restaurant on the Seine

i am totally transfixed by the structure of Notre Dame

I love that the underneath of the bridges are made of wood.

coal being transported on the Seine

A wedding on board a Bateau Mouche

There are more and more modern buildings in Paris.

The parks along the Seine have lots of statues. interesting ones.

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