Emotional scene…more that than dancing. My husband is in the hospital because his big shaggy dog caused him to fall down and I am scared because I know I haven’t long and worry what will happen to him when I’m gone.

We shoot all this week in the apartment of my husband and me.

When we danced, Dominique moved with us, carrying the very heavy camera. Stephane, our director seemed pleased with the days work.

My cold is better thanks to the good French doctor–a woman. She took one step into the apartment the other day and sensed Eve (Ensler, whose apartment I am staying in) is a Buddhist.

I am off to call Richard and go to bed.

Assistant costumer, Joan Bich, fixing Claude’s coat

Jurgen doing the same

Left to right, Head Hair stylist, Dominic Perot, Head costumer, Jurgen Doering and assistant costumer, Corentin Richard

Claude Rich and moi

Stephane Robelin’s family. Can’t see too clearly here but the children are absolutely adorable!

Dominique Colin carrying the very heavy Hi Def camera for the dance sequence

Dancing with Claude Rich

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