We did a full read through. As our writer/director said, “it was like visiting an old friend.” Our very fun challenge is to make it a new friend, to discover shades and details and depths we didn’t see the first time around. I had an interesting talk with Samantha Mathis, who plays my daughter, who had some ideas she thought we might try.

I feel very happy to be doing this again, here, in a town where I have spent so much time, lived so many lives, but never one that included theatre. It is a beautiful part of town. Directly across from the Ahmanson is the Disney Symphony Hall which was designed by the great architect, Frank Gehry—like a turbulent wave of titanium—like what’s in my hip but waaay prettier. His Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, also titanium, is the only architecture that ever made me cry it so took my breath away.

I realized today that I will have to concentrate on re-learning my lines. I have no trouble with lines but, still, it’s not like they’re just there, waiting to be released.

We rehearse 6 days a week and have 2 shows on Saturday and Sunday instead of the usual Wednesday matinee. Guess there’ll be no partying on weekends till Spring.

I was amazed to see, when I opened the L.A. Times this morning, that there is an article about my blogging again about doing the play. Who’d a thought THAT would make the papers. Hmmm. Guess I better really do it, then.

Here we are, settling in around the rehearsal table at the rehearsal studio of the Ahmanson Theatre in downtown Los Angeles

Grant James Varjas is new to the show. He plays Beethoven’s secretary. Actually he did the play out of town before it came to Broadway 2 years ago.

Our Equity Union rep gives us a talk about our union and related matters.

Greg Keller is also new since Broadway. He plays a nurse who becomes my daughter’s boyfriend.

Our production stage manager, Linda Marvel, was also with us on Broadway. She was working on ‘Fela’ when I last saw her and it is truly great to have her with us again. She misses nothing!

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