It went well although Sunday I was locked out of my apartment (locked my key inside) for 3 and a half hours and it was really cold and rainy and I caught a cold so feel crumby. Still do. My scene had no dialogue but was a more intense than I expected moment between Guy Bedos (Geraldine’s Husband and a life-long friend of my character) and me. It was so cold out there in the suburbs where we shot. I didn’t count on this when I packed. Wardrobe will loan me some heavy sweaters today.

Here are a few photos of the shoot. I forgot to take any of Guy and me. Today I film some good scenes with my husband, Pierre Richard, and I promise to do better in the photo department…but I do feel lousy. Went to bed at 8pm (took a pill) and just woke up and took Tulea out…it’s 6:30am. Usually I wake up closer to 9am and call Richard who is about to go to bed. I also call him before I go to bed when he is just waking up. (( hours difference.) Dig this: Calling on a French landline, calls to U.S. Are FREE!!!

Stephane Robelin, director, and Dominique Colin, cinematographer in back of car. They’re filming me through the windows.

The house where me and my huband live

The crew

The dog–she plays a pivotal role. She is very gentle and gets along well with Tulea. Isn’t she great looking?

See you next time.

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