For a long time I have wanted to do a TV series that would let me address all the fascinating, surprising, sometimes sad, sometimes joyous, scary, sexy, clumsy aspects of life as an older woman. Even better if it showed the woman just as the rug–job, relationship, marriage, whatever– has been pulled out from under her. Finally, Marta Kaufman (originator of “Friends”) and Howard Morris (“Home Improvement” & “According to Jim”) came up with a story that has not one but two women of a ‘certain age’ and, (trumpets and drum rolls sound here!) Lily Tomlin is the one. My old pal, the iconic, brilliant, soulful multifaceted Tomlin and I are going to do a series called “Grace & Frankie” for Netflix. NETFLIX!! It wasn’t that long ago when someone explained to me how Netflix was the “new thing” and how they had turned DVD rentals into something you did from home. I never imagined in so short a time they would be producing original and high quality content for television. I mean, you all have seen “House of Cards”, right? And “Orange is the New Black”? Enough said. What I find exciting about doing this for Netflix is that someone will be able to view all 13 episode in one binge weekend as I did with “House of Cards.”

The potential for unique, funny, complicated, true-to-life things happening between me (Grace) and Lily (Frankie) is endless.

Older women are the fastest growing demographic in the world– a world that doesn’t often acknowledge our continuing ability to be brave, sensual, funny and creative. Our series will show all of this and be real as well as funny. I am thrilled beyond words and excited by this new challenge. I will continue to play Leona Lansing on “The Newsroom” for its final third season. Playing her (a very different kind of older woman) has been a joy and I will be sad to bid her adieu but grateful that I can finish “Newsroom” before “Grace & Frankie” starts. Stay tuned.

Okay, so maybe you’ve noticed that I’ve announced this exciting news on a new website. I know, I know. I can hear some of you now “NO JANE!!! I liked the old website, why change it?” I understand your trepidation, but I humbly ask that you give things here at the updated a chance.

We have made some changes that will allow me to post more interesting content, such as a “Fonda Flashback” section where I will share special photographs from my life, many of which have never been seen. Among the other new things you will find is a “Newsstand” which will feature both current and archival magazine articles. (Hey, when you’ve lived this long there’s a lot to archive, and my life has been interesting.)

You’ll also notice my “twitter” feed over to the right, where I often post updates and current photos. Of course I will continue to “Blog” and always enjoy your feedback, but I wanted to create more engagement, so this site also features a “Community” where you can start new topics, ask questions, and share your thoughts. Whatever your passion or passions whether they are creative: films, fitness, theater, television; Political: teen pregnancy, violence against women, war; Personal: spiritual pursuits, aging, relationships, whatever they are, there are others here who share your passions, so why not meet here and engage? As the community grows I hope to be able to host online and video chats with myself and maybe even a friend or two. You’ll need to sign up and create an account in order to post comments, or start your topics, so please do so here: I’m looking forward to hearing from you and having you, my community, share with each other.

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