I just landed in Chicago. Tonight I do a fundraising event for The Women’s Media Center in this city. WMC has gotten some great press recently, especially in the New York Times article a week or so ago on the effects of sexism on female candidates. In partnership with several other polling and media-related organizations, we did research showing that calling female candidates ‘prostitutes’, for instance, or other sexist names, causes the women’s polling numbers to drop, especially if the candidate tries to ignore the slander thinking it will ‘go away’ instead of fighting back. The campaign we mounted to address sexism in campaigns is called “Name It. Change It..”

Tomorrow I tape The Oprah Show. I am very excited–and nervous! What a big deal! For the whole hour!! It will air October 27th.

10 years ago Oprah came to Atlanta to interview me for the 2nd issue of her magazine “O”. And that same year, she gave a breathtaking speech at the GCAPP annual conference–had the audience of 2000 in tears.

I appeared on her show a few years later, together with Eve Ensler, to talk about violence against women in Africa. But it was a shorter appearance.

I will meditate before I leave the hotel. That will calm and center me.

Wish me luck!

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