Jake’s testing to see if I’m as strong as I was when he trained me…30-some years ago.

Jake came by the studio where we were filming my DVDs to do a shout-out for World Fitness Day and chat with me about the changes in fitness since we first met 30-some years ago. We used to work out in my driveway, using a broom handle, as I recall. He told me yesterday something I had not known: Ted Turner called him up one day and asked him to do a TV exercise show on TBS. “Ted gave me my big break,” Jake said. We had fun together, Jake and I, as these photos show.

We are exploring way to work together. He is a good business man and a really nice guy.

The whole crew celebrating after 3 full, fun days of taping my DVDs. I’m attempting to assume the iconic first Jane Fonda Workout legs-in-the-air pose (click photo to enlarge)

Even Tulea got into the act

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