This weekend I attended two parties, Friday a birthday party for Arnold Stiefel, and Saturday a themed Christmas Party. The Christmas party theme was The Great Depression. I went as Tom Joad, my father’s iconic character from “Grapes of Wrath”and Richard as a corrupt banker. A fantastic big band played the music from that era which people danced to. Danny Elfman sang. He even did scat and he sung in Hebrew. He was remarkable……….

With Arnold Stiefel (the Birthday boy), and Richard.

Me and Arnold

Polly Anthony, Arnold, and Richard

Danny Elfman's rambunctious mother, Clare.

The speakeasy.

This enterprising woman actually found a copy of Variety magazine announcing the collapse of Wall Street in the '30s.

A few flappers.

Me as Tom Joad (well, okay, in eye makeup!), Danny Elfman, Simone and Troy as Bonnie and Clyde.

Simone makes a darn good Bonnie, don't you think?

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