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It has been absolutely thrilling to be out on the campaign trail in support of brave climate champions running for office up and down the ballot all over the country that the Jane Fonda Climate PAC has endorsed. It fills me with hope and inspiration and my lymphoma is not going to stop me. This election is too important. Last March I launched my PAC with one laser-focused goal: Do what it takes to defeat fossil fuels supporters and elect climate champions at all levels of government. Over the past three years, my weekly Fire Drill Fridays (virtual since Covid) have built a strong following of 11 million people across all platforms who are learning to be activists. But time is running out to avoid the worst-case climate catastrophe and the stranglehold that oil, gas, and coal companies have on American politics is keeping us from passing laws that will save the planet…and us. And so, while I continue my important Fire Drill Fridays, I realized we need to move the fight to avert a true climate catastrophe into the electoral space because too many people in office, Democrats as well as Republicans, take money from the fossil fuel industry and therefore block important climate legislation created the climate PAC. We will never have the kind of funding the Koch Brothers have but we have huge numbers of on-the-ground activists everywhere who know the candidates that will work for people and not big corporations my PAC team is very experienced; and we have influencers and celebrities willing to use their platforms to help. And since we are currently focusing on down ballot candidates, every dollar really goes a long way. What I’ve discovered and what I want to share with you, is that candidates who wield a lot of power over the use of natural resources and control energy budgets are often found in positions you’d least expect. For instance, last week, I campaigned with a true rising star in New Mexico, Stephanie Garcia Richard, who is running for re-election as Public Lands Commissioner, the first female, Latina and educator to hold that position. Stephanie has signed a contract to bring the largest wind farm in the western hemisphere to New Mexico and wants to make her state a national hub of renewable energy. She has been able to hold fossil fuel companies accountable for cleaning up their spent wells and toxic tailings ponds. Due to her tough negotiations, she has earned record-breaking revenues for education every year in office which means free college tuition, more money for the poorestschools and health clinics. And she’s a true champion of a fair transition, feeling as I do, that fossil fuel workers are not responsible for the climate crisis and must be re-trained if necessary and paid union or union-equivalent salaries and benefits as they move to capping wells and building wind turbines for the green energy sector. To donate to Stephanie: From Santa Fe I went to Detroit to campaign for Attorney General, Dana Nessel, who is running for re-election. Dana, another brave young woman, has fought hard against the Canadian oil company, Enbridge, who want to bury an aging gas pipeline in a tunnel under the Straits of Mackinac, a disaster waiting to happen. Enbridge has a terrible record of leaks. The company was fined $1.8 million because it didn’t correctly inspect Line 5 and its other pipelines. Enbridge Line 6B spilled 1.1 million gallons of oil into the Kalamazoo River after knowing the pipeline was unsafe but not repairing it. Enbridge lied about the status of the protective coating on Line 5. Enbridge Line 5 has spilled 33 times and 1.1 million gallons along its length. Dana is a true progressive who pledges to be the ‘People’s Attorney’ instead of the corporations’ attorney. She’s fighting to stem the tide of Michigan’s biggest environmental crisis in decades – PFAS contamination and was the first Attorneys General in the country to bring legal action against 3M, DuPont, and other manufactuteres of PFAS (‘forever chemicals’). Plus, she  won’t enforce a state law banning abortion. She’s taken a lead role in fighting against companies that try to take advantage of Michigan consumers, whether it be through unfair utility rate increases or unscrupulous business practices. Her opponent, Matthew DePerno, is conservative and a favorite of former President Donald Trump who has claimed he will prosecute Nessel if he’s elected. To contribute to Dana: This midterm election marks a crossroads: if we elect people who are not indebted to corporate financing, who will truly work to make life safer, easier and fairer for the average person, we can change so many things across this country…including SAVING OUR DEMOCRACY. So please, do your homework, check out the candidates and where their money comes from and make a plan to VOTE. To donate to the JF Climate PAC


On Saturday, James Oles, curator of the Diego Rivera show at the San Francisco MOMA, gave my small group a guided tour of the extraordinary exhibit. It will be in San Francisco until January 3rd and is well worth a visit. It includes 3 of Diego Rivera’s massive wall murals and James Oles deepened our understand and appreciation of Rivera’s brilliance and prescience. The last of the many rooms housing Rivera’s works is dedicated to his “society paintings.” These are the ones he did for money, often paintings of wealthy Americans. One of the final paintings, the one I am standing against above, is of my mother and half-sister in 1941. It has been hanging in my niece’s home since my sister passed. My niece, Pilar Corrias, is an art dealer based in London at the Pilar Corrias Gallery. Seeing the painting restored and hanging in the museum was an emotional experience for me. But actually the entire show was breathtaking and emotional for me. Try to see it!


Dear Grace and Frankie Fans, I’m writing to thank you for your support of the show over the years. I’ve heard about the binge-watch parties, grandkids watching with grandparents, the Halloween G&F costumes that fans have sent pictures of and all the fan-created G&F merch and GIF’s. Lily and I have been buoyed by the heartfelt appreciation from our older fans who’ve told us they felt seen on the small screen in ways they had not experienced before (I mean, seniors and vibrators, who would have thought!) Most profoundly, Lily and I will never forget the stories we’ve been told about women who were losing hope following a tragedy but found hope again when friends or family suggested they watch G&F. Hope is needed now like never before and I’m deeply gratified that our show helped spread some around. With Love and Gratitude to the fans, Jane


Frankly, I’ve been worrying about the possibility that in the 15 months since we were last filming “Grace & Frankie,” I may have lost the ability to act. My main activity during those 15 months was hosting Fire Drill Fridays and interviewing climate experts and that’s really different than acting. But last Monday we went back to the set and, turns out, I can still do it and I’m happy doing it. Some of our crew is new but most of the main people are from before COVID and it was really sweet to see them. Our Unit manager and producers have a knack for hiring nice and diverse people, so the set has always been chill. Actually, sometimes way too hot or too cold but always chill…if you get my meaning. The COVID protocols are serious but not so overwhelming that they stifle our creativity or make things too difficult. I’m really glad we waited till now to return to work and not when the restrictions were even tighter. Then there’s the problem of the Biden Administration. The planet is on fire. Climate scientists are sending grave warning that if we continue to drill and burn fossil fuels we risk catastrophe. This isn’t a game. This isn’t hyperbole. It’s way to late for half measures. Why did Biden pause the Keystone XL but say he supports Line 3 in Minnesota and will fight attempts to stop it in court? It’s the same heavy, dangerously polluting oil as Keystone from the Alberta, Canada tar sands passing under some of purest bodies of water including the headwaters of the Mississippi. Why does Gavin Newsom, California’s Governor, keep issuing new permits for drilling and fracking? Does he think we won’t notice or won’t care? What’s with these guys? People, we need to up the ante. Get out of our comfort zones and make our voices heard. For those who can get there, there’ll be a big rally in front of the DC Capitol this Tuesday. We need to all do what we can to put maximum pressure on the Democrats to act bravely and boldly to save us and our planet. Time is running out but it’s not too late.

Disaster patriarchy: how the pandemic has unleashed a war on women

This is an article by V (formerly Eve Ensler) that just appeared in The Guardian. I think it’s really important so I’m sharing here. Disaster patriarchy: how the pandemic has unleashed a war on women As Covid-19 has swept the world there has been an explosion of violence against women, and a full-blown assault on their rights. It’s time to fight back against a system that allows women to be sacrificed, erased and violated V (formerly Eve Ensler) Covid has unleashed the most severe setback to women’s liberation in my lifetime. While watching this happen, I have started to think we are witnessing an outbreak of disaster patriarchy. Naomi Klein was the first to identify “disaster capitalism”, when capitalists use a disaster to impose measures they couldn’t possibly get away with in normal times, generating more profit for themselves. Disaster patriarchy is a parallel and complementary process, where men exploit a crisis to reassert control and dominance, and rapidly erase hard-earned women’s rights. All over the world, patriarchy has taken full advantage of the virus to reclaim power – on the one hand, escalating the danger and violence to women, and on the other, stepping in as their supposed controller and protector. I have spent months interviewing activists and grassroots leaders around the world, from Kenya to France to India, to find out how this process is affecting them, and how they are fighting back. In very different contexts, five key factors come up again and again. In disaster patriarchy, women lose their safety, their economic power, their autonomy, their education, and they are pushed on to the frontlines, unprotected, to be sacrificed. Part of me hesitates to use the word “patriarchy”, because some people feel confused by it, and others feel it’s archaic. I have tried to imagine a newer, more contemporary phrase for it, but I have watched how we keep changing language, updating and modernising our descriptions in an attempt to meet the horror of the moment. I think, for example, of all the names we have given to the act of women being beaten by their partner. First, it was battery, then domestic violence, then intimate partner violence, and most recently intimate terrorism. We are forever doing the painstaking work of refining and illuminating, rather than insisting the patriarchs work harder to deepen their understanding of a system that is eviscerating the planet. So, I’m sticking with the word. Continue reading:


It felt as though we were eating under an arbor on a Venetian island. Monica Rosenthal serving salad. Some kind of pizza-like dish but not pizza, that made me die and go to food heaven. I’d never had anything like it before. Phil Rosenthal (#Somebodyfeedphil on Netflix) and I eating a yummy pizza. Well, I’m eating, Phil’s smiling. He smiles a lot and is very funny and a true foodie, as you know if you watch his show, which I do. Another pasta dish that was new to me but had java bean-shaped pasta stuffed with spinach and there were mushrooms involved. Always a good thing. To the left, is Lily Rosenthal in sunglasses and the guy to the right is producer, Doug Wick. I don’t have a photo with Lucy Fisher in it. She and Doug are married and produce hit movies together. I first met Doug in the late 1970s when he was assistant to Alan Pakula on the film we did with James Caan, “Comes a Horseman.” And yet another pasta, very fresh and yummy. Made in the Rosenthal’s kitchen right before being served by chef Daniele Uditi. I’m eyeing the pasta while Phil smiles again. And this is a photo of Chef Uditi being very Italian.


While I’m one of the privileged ones that wasn’t really hurt by the pandemic, it does feel good to be going out from time to time and invite people over. The 2 things I miss are the zero traffic during lockdown and not having to care what I wore from the waist down. I even went to a cinema last week by myself. There were 3 other people in the theatre. Of course, it was an old French film, “La Piscine,” with Alan Delon and Romy Schneider. I’d always heard it was very sexy and it was. I liked being in the big dark room with a proper screen and popcorn. What was strange was that to get there (it was a Laemmle Theatre in Santa Monica) I had to drive through my old stomping grounds in the 70s and 80s when I was married to Tom Hayden and my son was born. Back then, I bought a house one block from the beach in Ocean Park for $40,000! At the time, Ocean Park was redlined which meant that banks considered it a bad investment because it was all thrift shops, laundromats, bars, and people considered to be down-and-outs. We loved it and it was one of the happiest times. Our neighbor on one side was a nightwatchman at Hughes Aircraft Co. and he worried when we moved in that property values would increase. He was right. It’s all changed now. I think our house sold recently for well upwards of $2 million!!! Everything is gentrified. I didn’t see one laundromat or thrift shop. The community garden is still there and flourishing which made me happy, but Ocean Park and Santa Monica are almost unrecognizable. But I have friends who live there who still benefit from the rent control we fought for way back then and it’s gratifying to know that that fight made it possible for a rich diversity of people to live there and make a go of it who otherwise might not have. We need to expand rent control across Los Angeles. The start of the final season of “Grace & Frankie” is 3 weeks away. Costume fittings start next week. I gotta drop a few COVID-induced pounds which I can do. I’m good at it. But I’m feeling rather at loose ends because Fire Drill Fridays is taking the month of June off and then we’ll do the show once a month starting in July. I can’t do more than that while filming and, besides, I think people are experiencing Zoom fatigue. But we went out with a bang: My last guest was Demi Lovato and on movie night we showed Spike Lee’s award-winning documentary, “When the Levees Broke,” and Spike joined me after for a discussion. Speaking of, I just bought Spike’s children’s book that he did with his wife, Tonya: “Please, Baby, Please”. I’m so itching to get back into the streets to demand the Biden administration phase out of fossil fuels. Why oh why is he having such a hard time divorcing us from that criminally destructive industry that continues to cause millions of deaths. 2.8 million have died so far from COVID over last 15 months. Over same time frame, 3 times as many have died from fossil fuel-related air pollution = 8.7 million. Why not treat the climate crisis as a real crisis as well? The 8.7 million deaths from air pollution is just one small part of the crisis that’s fast unfolding but we don’t feel the urgency we feel with COVID. The ocean is dying. Forests are disappearing. Billions of species have already been lost. The dangers posed by the climate crisis are far worse that the COVID pandemic and may soon become irreversible. Enough already. Me and my friends Catherine Keener, Rosanna Arquette, Taylor Schilling, Barbara Williams and her son Liam Hayden are all going to join the big Treaty People Gathering in Northern Minnesota to protest the Enbridge Line 3 which threatens to bring tar sands oil from Canada into Minnesota under 200 bodies of pristine water. Please visit for information on how to participate in person or from afar. You can also help by forwarding the information to your own networks of family and friends and on social media. #StopLine3 KEEP IT IN THE GROUND and put the oil workers into jobs cleaning up the mess.


On March 23, I posted about the Enbridge Line 3 that I had visited. Now, again, I want to call people’s attention to this travesty because we must stop it. Line 3 is a proposed pipeline expansion that will bring nearly a million barrels of toxic tar sands oil per day through untouched wetlands and the treaty territory of Anishinaabe peoples, through the Mississippi River headwaters to the shore of Lake Superior. The pipeline is a climate bomb — with a carbon impact equal to 50 new coal plants.  All pipelines spill, so it is also a pending disaster to the drinking water of 18 Million people who depend on the Mississippi River.  And it brings tremendous risk to Anishinaabe women in Northern Minnesota—a population most likely to be victims of sexual assault— as two pipeline contractors have already been charged in sex trafficking. For years, Indigenous women have been leading the fight to stop Line 3. As tensions have risen and construction has begun, I visited Line 3, Mark Ruffalo went on social media to get word out and Bonnie Raitt recorded a song to amplify the fight and to support the frontline water protectors. In early June, thousands will join them to lay their bodies on the line at the Mississippi River and call on the President to stop construction. We need your help to get them there and to ensure that people across the nation and the world see what is happening. Over the next few weeks we are seeking:  1)  Public and private calls on President Biden to Stop Line 3, by revoking the faulty Trump Pipeline permit for Line 3.  Amplifying social media such as this: For those with direct access to the Biden administration we are asking for private notes or calls.  We can provide any supporting materials/arguments as needed.  (Line 3 Talking Points)  2) Amplification of the call to gather.   Frontline indigenous leaders in Minnesota are calling on allies to join them on the banks of the Mississippi River to StopLine 3 from June 5-8 at a Treaty People Gathering.  All are welcome, we are all treaty people, and folks will be coming from across the country. We are looking for influencers to lift up this call by amplifying social media calls to gather.   A full social media kit is here. 3) Celebrities who are willing to join us in Northern Minnesota the first week of June.   We realize this is a big ask!  But it was prominent folks who visited Standing Rock in 2016 who lifted the fight of Indigenous water-protectors into the national consciousness.  The situation in Minnesota is building to a similar crisis point. My visit to Northern Minnesota in March was a major breakthrough for the movement to StopLine 3.  Now that many more people are vaccinated we are working to build the momentum necessary to stop the pipeline in June.