Author: Jane


Last night my friend, Elizabeth Sackler, the founder of the Feminist Art Museum in Brooklyn, saw the show and when she came backstage she found that I was getting sick. Today she brought chicken soup to the stage door for me while we were rehearsing. I am so touched that she would take time to do something so sweet and thoughtful. I am feeling better, by the way, and thanks to all the well wishing twitterers and bloggers. I experienced something interesting today. We were doing a photo shoot of the play as well as video taping certain scenes. When it came my turn to do a scene for the camera I became quite discombobulated. I realized that, with the camera filming me, a whole, different acting mechanism began to kick in making me stumble like a novice. Do I do it like I would in a movie or like I’ve been doing? I felt like Dabney Coleman in “On Golden Pond” when he has one foot on the dock and one on the boat as the boat begins to move away. I mentioned this to Colin Hanks and Samantha Mathis, both of whom also do film work, and both said it happened to them, too. It’s interesting when something like this happens, reminding you of how ingrained your instincts are –how context-driven. See you next time