The New York premiere was last Monday, I just haven’t had a chance to post since then. Sorry. It was a huge success. I am so proud of this movie directed by Lee Daniels (“Precious“, “Paper Boy“) and starring Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey.

It is an moving (but also humorous), important slice of American history. One you’ll want to bring your whole family to see.

I knew it worked when, after a somber, very intense stretch of the story, there was something funny and the (large) audience roared with laughter. That’s the sort of sign that tells you they’re with you, they’ve hung in. In fact, I was surprised by how many laughs there are.

For me, Forest is the deepest, most soulful American actor alive and we see all of it here. He can express more with his eyes and the quiet set of his face than most can with histrionics.

Oprah disappears into her role as the Butler’s hard drinking, partying wife. I forgot altogether that it was the iconic ‘O’. Whew, she is good! So are the many amazing talents that people this film. John Cusack knocks it out of the park as President Nixon and that couldn’t have been an easy task. Liev Schreiber nails LBJ as does the amazing Alan Rickman as Ronald Reagan. I could go on but I’ll just put up the photos from the other night.

With Lee Daniels, Cicely Tyson, Lenny Kravitz, and Oprah.

With Terrence Howard and the actress who plays his wife in the film.

And, from left to right, my manager, Stephanie Simon, me, my dear friend, Pat Mitchell and my beloved step daughter, Laura Turner Seydel. (Pat is married to Laura's father, Scott Seydel. Therefore, we share grandchildren).

The L.A. premiere is Monday night and Mary Williams will be with me. I am so looking forward to seeing the film with them. Mary’s recent book,” The Lost Daughter” told of her growing up in Oakland as a child of the Black Panthers and then coming to be part of my family. Oprah recently did a show about her book that she, Troy and I were on.

The day after the premiere, I visited the Sally Herschberger salon down in the meat packing district where she took this picture of me with the huge mug shot poster she has hanging there.

Then I did The Good Morning America Show and Jimmy Fallon and then flew to my ranch in New Mexico where I met up with Troy.

Gilbert Ortiz, my wonderful ranch manager for 13 years, died three days before and we wanted to be at his funeral. After the moving service in Pecos, his coffin was pulled by a team of two black horses to the cemetery on my ranch. I granted the local Catholic church an easement so they could continue to use this century old burial ground.

Walking behind the caravan with Tommy Mitchell who used to work for me till he and his wife, Carol, moved back to Atlanta. He was close to Gilbert and was one of the pallbearers.

Just on the other side of the white flowers is Gilbert's widow, Virginia, next to her his 93-year-old mother (he visited her every day after work), and his children and grandchildren. Gilbert grew up in Rowe/Pecos and worked on the ranch when it was owned by Colonel Buddy Fogelson and his wife, Oscar winning actress ("Mrs. Miniver") Greer Garson. (The ranch was much bigger then. When the Fogelson's died the ranch was divided into three parcels.) He became their ranch manager and, like me, they loved him very much.

Just before I left I wanted to throw some soil onto his coffin and with it, my love.

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