I co-hosted a luncheon today (with Tina Brown) bringing a bevy of female heft (and beauty) to the jaw-dropping apartment of Christine and Stephen Schwarzman to honor “Mother and Child.” This is a small and remarkable film distributed by Sony Pictures Classics (to be released Fri, I think) starring Annette Bening, Kerry Washington, Naomi Watts, Jimmy Smits and Samuel L. Jackson. Rodrigo Garcia wrote and directed it and kudos to him for creating a complex, unexpected, brave film about women, children, adoption and race. I love that this film doesn’t try to give answers/explanations to everything, but then his father is one of the world’s greatest novelists—Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Everyone of the actors (including some you’ve never seen before) are just amazing. Some may find the film controversial. I don’t. Garcia didn’t intend it to be, he said. Any one who has adopted or been adopted should see this. I hope I get to work with Rodrigo one day.

I simply marvel at Annette Bening’s talent. She’s one of the rare ones (like Meryl) who always does what you don’t expect and, thus, keeps you on the edge of your seat. She’s really brave in this one and so nasty sometimes that the shape of her eyes change. By the way, Jimmy Smits gives a knock out performance. His vibe in this is kind of the perfect man we all long for. I made a film with him years ago (1988) called “Old Gringo.” How wonderful to see how he has grown and matured! Kerry is a dear friend. We will do a film together, written and directed by Eve Ensler, next May/June. I couldn’t believe Kerry came to the luncheon cause she is in David Mamet’s play “Race” on Broadway and I remember last year how hard it was to do anything besides show up for the play. She is terrific in both that play and this film. So, by the way, is Naomi Watts…a very unexpected performance.

me, Kerry, Annette. Don’t know why my cheekbones looks like I’ve been radiated in all the photos

me, Christine, Tina Brown, Kerry Washington, Annette Bening

Tina Brown, me, Kerry Washington, Annette Bening and Rodrigo Garcia

Rodrigo Garcia speaking at the luncheon

Tonight I am the “Literary Host” at the table of Annette Tapert Allen, at the PEN Gala for which Annette is chair. Annette is a writer herself and married to Richard’s college (U of Michigan) roommate. PEN is a terrific organization that honors and helps writers around the world who have been persecuted for political reasons, jailed, etc. It will be an interesting evening and I will try to take photos but no guarantee. I am sick—again—think it must be the pollen–and leaving very very early tomorrow to return to Atlanta to prepare for World Fitness Day and pack for 2 months in Paris where I will make the French movie…in French. Whew.

Me with Steve Kroft

Me, Leo, who is dating my editor, the spectacular Kate Medina, and Gala Chair, Annette Tapert Allen

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