Yesterday I completed the unabridged audio recording of my new book, “Prime Time,” which comes out August 9th (but can be pre-ordered through Amazon..hint, hint) . They’d scheduled 5 days for it and I did it in 3! I liked doing it. It was fun.

Then I went to The Paley Center to get ready for an event that I had agreed to do with Pat Mitchell, Paley’s CEO. She is doing a series of taped interviews with women about women and media. The interviews will air on PBS this fall and then will be archived at The Paley Center.

With my dear friend, Pat Mitchell, president and CEO of The Paley Center before the evening’s event

There is a Paley Center in New York and one in Beverly Hills. It used to be the Museum of Radio and Television, founded years ago by the famed Bill Paley. Right now, at the Beverly Hills Center, Debbie Reynolds’ immense collection of important costumes from films is being shown there…at least a small portion of the costumes are being shown…and drawing a huge crowd to the Center every day. I can see why. It is exciting to see the actual dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in “Some Like it Hot” and “The Seven Year Itch.” Or the great dresses from “My Fair Lady, “The Sound of Music,” “Wizard of Oz,” “Hello Dolly,” and so many more, I actually took a lot of pictures of the collection but, for some reason, only this one came out. Boo Hiss. There will be an auction of the costumes this coming Saturday. One striking thing about some of the costumes was how petite the actors were. There’s a gorgeous Claudette Colbert gown that is as big as my arm! And the same can be said for one of Rudolf Valentino’s suits!

Standing next to the display of the dress Audrey Hepburn wore in ‘My Fair Lady.’

Pat and I had a grand old time during the interview. She is a terrific interviewer, really does her homework. AND, she managed to find footage of me that I had never seen… Like a Lux Soap commercial I did in the late 1950s! I would never even have recognized myself, especially my voice, all high and weird. There was also a snippet from an interview with Charles Collingwood. When the interview was over, I read from my new book. The feedback I am getting from people who were in the audience has shown me that it was a success.

Afterwards, Richard, Pat, Carole Black, Cindy Horn and I went to dinner at the Soho House where we saw and then were joined by my daughter-in-law, Simone, ad the beautiful Italian woman whose northern Italian family is the Max Mara family. She is here because Max Mara sponsors the Women In Film (WIF) event which, this year, is honoring Katie Holmes. I saw her at the WIF party at Soho and she looked great! We had a really good time and stayed out probably too late.

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