I had one short scene leaving the house that my husband and I will eventually move into. The movie is, after all, called “…And If We All Lived Together.” Well, we do in the end and it’s lots of fun, but here we still have to go home after a fun birthday party to let the dog out.

I got to back to the apartment where I am taking advantage of this free afternoon and evening to work on my book.

Richard will call soon. He is in a large studio in L.A. Recording the huge string section –some 45 musicians–for his new Rod Stewart album. I wish I was there to hear and watch what he says is the most exciting part of producing and not all albums have big string sections. Everyone who hears this album in the making says it’s historic. Richard wants me to listen to a little of the sessions over the phone and a colleague of his is videoing it.

We shot a scene leaving a birthday lunch we just had

I’m glad I had the cape cause it was chilly

Waiting to be called into action. We have a good time talking and laughing. Everyone’s funny!

Fabienne, Kesso with Tulea, Karina (back to camera) and Dominique, waiting in "kitchen" to touch us up between takes

The tent where we eat

It’s Guy’s birthday and they had a cake for him

The tree looks lovely, doesn’t it? Guess what? It’s fake, made of cloth.

Part of the livingroom where we all end up living together–filled with film equipment

The kitchen–actually the diningroom for the family who live here

lovely tall ceilings and an arched door into the livingroom

This garden will be turned into a swimming pool so that Geraldine’s (Annie’s) grandchildren will want to come and see her.

The caterers who feed us every day–very good!

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