A visit to Miami to visit my son Troy Garity in town shooting Season 2 of the HBO series “BALLERS”.
This is my third trip to Miami since rediscovering it with Troy and his wife Simone last year. I did a huge blog last year about Miami so I won’t do it again. Suffice to say that, I stepped in the balmy, warm weather and felt buoyed by a sense of wellbeing.

Once again I stayed at the Loews in South Beach, which I really like. Of course I was caught up enjoying our family time, so I wish I had taken more photos, but here are some I hope you’ll enjoy . . .

“If you follow me on Twitter and Facebook (which if you don’t yet I hope you start doing) you know that I took my first tennis lesson in 50 years. In the above video I am warming up. Playing was so much fun –and humbling! Troy and Simone took me to a beautiful public clay court in Flamingo Park. The three of us played together, and along with our instructor had a very robust doubles game at the end.”

“We visited the Soho Beach House for lunch and shared delicious salads outside at the Mandolin restaurant. A real treat that was made even better when we ran into my pal Jimmy Buffett, pictured here with Troy.”

“I also had the chance to catch up with my deliciously fun friend, Jeanne Donovan Fisher. We met for dinner at Casa Tua, another one of my favorite Miami spots. They have a gorgeous outdoor garden, and yummy food as you can tell from the empty plate in the photo above.”

I was proud and excited as any parent would be, to visit Troy on the set. Sorry, no spoilers, I’m sworn to secrecy.

“Here I am on set with Doris Levinson. Doris is the mother of Stephen Levinson the Executive Producer and Creator of the show. Everyone adores her, and I can see why. She takes so many photos that her husband David, nicknamed her “Mamarazzi”. I was happy to finally meet her.”

“With John David Washington who plays Ricky Jarrett on the show. Yes, he was the handsome son onstage when his father Denzel Washington received the Celcil B. DeMille award at this year’s Golden Globes.”

“Watching the monitor from Video village with Stephen Levinson and Writer/Showrunner Evan Riley.”

“With Director Julian Farino. That’s David Levinson in the background. You guessed it, David is Doris’ equally as loved husband.”

“Troy, as Jason Antolotti – doing his phone business.”

Troy and Simone took me to visit the new Faena Hotel on South Beach. Well its not just a Hotel, the Mayor has named it the Faena District, and I was blown away. Simone’s longtime friend Daryl Gibson has been named the Programming & Experience Director. He walked us through everything before seating us for an incredible dinner at the restaurant Pao, which we jokingly nicknamed “Wow!” it was so good.

“Cocktails in the “Living Room” of the Faena. This drink is called “Smoke & Sparks”, that’s Daryl Gibson watching the pour.”

“The outdoor courtyard is home to this gold leaf-covered Wooly Mammoth by the Artist Damien Hirst. Apparently it has become quite a popular Photo Op.”

“With Troy and Simone in the “Living Room” before dinner.”

“With the hotels namesake, Alan Faena who truly has a vision for creating a unique and mind blowing experience within the Faena District”.

“The Faena has also built this soon-to-open beautiful theater.”

Of course my final evening I visited Prime 112, which I had not been to before. Troy and Simone told me it is one of the most successful restaurants in the United States, I believe it, the restaurant was still packed at 11:30PM! Quite the scene.
I was sad to leave the next day.

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