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I’m here for various events on behalf of my non-profit, The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention, and to see my daughter and grandkids. It’s been rainy and cold but still, as always, Atlanta is a warm and friendly place and I love being back and seeing so many friends and colleagues

That's Margaret Mitchell's house down there, seen from my Atlanta hotel window. Mitchell wrote "Gone With the Wind" and her home is an historic monument

Kris Spain, a business woman who is on our board of directors, opened her home to forty women who came to hear me speak about our work and my new book, “Prime Time.”

A nice dog lover offered to hold Tulea (yes, I brought her with me!) while I spoke. There was even a woman who had a coton de Tulear from the same breeder in Montreal that I bought Tulea from. I think they’re cousins in fact! What a small world.

Yesterday we had a similar luncheon with 20 women at Ginny Brewer’s home and it was a very moving event for me. There were a number of women I hadn’t seen in a long time, women I had gotten to know quite well before I moved away. Some had been to my ranch and fished with me in times gone by. As I spoke of my own experiences with love and divorce and learning through pain, I saw tears of recognition and realized that in the almost three years that I’ve been away, many of their lives have changed as well. Marriages have ended and the scary questions of “what do I do now? Who am I now? Will anyone ever love me again,” are very present in their lives just as they have been in mine in years past. One thing we all had in common was the realization of the importance of our women friends. What would we do without each other? I reminded them how lucky women are to have such intimate relationships to get us through. This is something that is much harder for men. Yes, men have their buddies and they talk about sports and cars and whatever, but intimacy, the sharing of deep emotions and empathy comes harder for most men.

We had a wonderful board of directors dinner last night but I could feel myself getting sick. In fact, after coming all this way, I wasn’t able to attend our board meeting today. I’m feeling better now, though and pretty certain I’ll be able to bring my grandchildren to see “Cavalia” tomorrow, the show with horses and then have dinner with my daughter and son-in-law, and take everyone to see “Hugo.” I’ve already seen it and absolutely loved it—but not in 3-D– so that’s what we’ll do tomorrow night. Then I’m going to my ranch to try and finish up my new books about adolescent sexuality and, relationships.

At "Cavalia" in Atlanta with my grandkids. Amazing space. Space age big top!

Approaching the big tent in mid town Atlanta to see Cavalia's new show, Odysseo

The poster

I thought it was even better than the first Cavalia. Not only were there the amazing horses (many breeds, not just the white Arabs shown here though they are my favorite), but extraordinary acrobats, eleven of them from Guinea—all cousins I was told—and a vast, panoramic set that became the steppes of Russia, the plains of Africa, melting snow, many settings that had richness and texture.

After Cavalia, I took my grandkids to meet my daughter and son-in-law to have dinner at the Buckhead diner and then we saw "Hugo" in 3-D which was a hit with everyone. The lead boy, Hugo, reminds me of my grandson, Malcolm.

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