Here’s my office window at my ranch. I had just seen “Lord of the Rings” when I was building the house and I was inspired by the Hobbit homes to make a small, cave-like office with a hobbit-house like feel. It makes me happy to write in my little cave. I can look out my fanciful window and see the river. Sometimes wondrous things are happening…like the time I saw a deer swimming downstream (must have been evading a predator), or when I see bear or the bald eagle who sometimes flies by. Two years ago there was a nesting pair but I’ve only seen one in the last 12 months.


Here’s a photo of Tulea sitting on the bed that’s on my portal. This is many friend’s favorite place to nap during the day.

I hiked for an hour—up hill and then down. And then, I finished my first daft of the chapter on sex. It feels so good—to be finished, that is. I do endless amounts of rewriting so I’m far from through but at least I got this far which I am so happy bout. I haven’t written anything for the book since I left to go to NY to do the play. I hoped to accomplish this before I leave tomorrow for a 5 day retreat at the Upaya Zen Center. The retreat is on “The Neurobiology of We: Exploring the Neurobiology of Empathy, Compassion, and Relatedness,” and it is being led by Daniel Siegel, Roshi Joan Halifax and Natalie Goldberg. Now, for any of you familiar with the field or with Buddhism, you will recognize these names and be jealous. I mean, these are three heavy hitters and I am so jazzed to be doing this. It is because I am interested in these subjects and how empathy and compassion alter the brain but also I am going because I think the topic will be useful for my book.

I’ll let you know. I will try to take pictures but not sure.

See you next time.

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