(left to right): Viva, Maia Perry, Kristina Perry, Merritt Perry, Carolyn Zwicker, Katherine Zwicker, Richard Perry, me, Simone Bent Garity (hiding), Troy Garity, Malcolm Vadim, Gavin Perry.

We’ve gotten a lot of snow in New Mexico and we came prepared. I love seeing the snow-covered trees and identifying all the tracks left by deer, rabbit, coyote and even, we’re pretty sure, some black bear. Here’s a video Troy made while four-wheeling on the ranch:

Gathered at the ranch this year were my boyfriend Richard Perry, my grandkids, Malcom and Viva, my son, Troy, and Simone, his wife; my step-daughter Nathalie Vadim, Richard’s brother Roger Perry, Roger’s partner Carolyn Zwicker and her daughter, Katherine, Roger’s son Merritt Perry, his wife Kristina and their children, Maia and Gavin. From the moment my grandkids got into the house and met Maia and Gavin, it was outside and snowball fights. They’d never met but you would have thought they were old buddies. It warmed the hearts of all us parents and grandparents (I include Richard in this as he kept grinning and saying, “Did you see how they’ve hit hit off?”).

For most of the meals, we’ve taken turns cooking although, truth be told, Merritt and Kristine are super good in the kitchen and knocked us out Wednesday night with salmon with pesto sauce, quinoa and mango salad, and kale and yam salad. Totally yummy. For anyone coming to Santa Fe or wanting a pre-cooked meal to take home (or catered), try Roland at Joe’s Diner on Rodeo Road. For Tuesday night, Roland sent us a partially cooked rack of lamb, mashed sweet potatoes, broccoli, cucumber and yogurt greek salad, fresh blueberry pie and banana cream pie on graham cracker crust.

This year we decided to have our big Thanksgiving dinner at Frankie’s, Pecos’s local mexican restaurant. They do a special Thanksgiving dinner and it was absolutely fantastic–moist turkey that some of us had with a delicious green chili gravy, great dressing, sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on top, green bean casserole and about 5 different pies. Richard was in heaven cause they had pineapple upside down cake, his favorite. here’s some pictures of all of us.

Roger Perry with Brian Sandoval, the owner of Frankie's

Me with the staff. I love Frankie's because the food is good, the ambience cozy and Mexican and they do a lot of fundraisers to support the community.

Troy took the kids and their parents on an all terrain vehicle (ATV) adventure.

Viva overlooking one of the river meanders from high up on the cliff edge

And we all watched “The Butler” Thursday night. A big hit even (maybe especially, with the kids. it’s such a terrific & important history.)

Friday I took the kids skiing at the Santa Fe ski basin which has had record snow and great conditions—plus a beautiful, sunny day

Tulea wiped out after a day on the slopes

Malcolm and Gavin playing Minecraft

Viva showing us scary videos. I had a hard time with the things people did to frightening other people. I mean, they could have caused heart attacks.

Friday night we went to Harry’s Roadhouse for dinner. It’s right off interstate 25 before we get to Santa Fe and I love it . . . very family style and there were 14 of us, so . . .

After dinner we played a rousing game of Taboo. Malcolm & Viva & Troy are particularly adept at acting out their words.

After our final Saturday night dinner we all played Scattergories. It’s one of our favorite board games.

Today I flew back to Atlanta with my grandchildren where I will try to spend some time with them and my daughter, Vanessa.

I hope all of you who read my blog had a blessed Thanksgiving. xxx

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