These are challenging times and we need to find and nurture all the things that can calm us, inspire us, and raise the vibration that will awaken us to fight for the future, to heal the planet and each other.

This is what art does. The non-linear, non-cerebral forms that are art speak on a different frequency above the chaos and dysfunction and awaken us to consciousness.

Art reminds us that the world as it is, is not all there is, that there are other possibilities to strive for. Art can jolt us open, penetrate our defenses so that we can see and hear what we have been afraid of seeing and hearing.

L.A. Dance Project’s outdoor stage

That’s why, last night, I took my friend, actor Saffron Burrows, to see a new performance commissioned by the incredible L.A. Dance Project. I’ve seen other performances of the L.A. Dance Project, so I knew something special was in store and I wasn’t disappointed.

The performance, Solo at Dusk, choreographed by Bobbi Jene Smith and Or Schraiber, took place in the parking lot of the Dance Project’s studio because of covid, the dancers wore beautiful, mysterious masks made of flowers and berries. We stayed in our cars, honked for applause and were served a scrumptious dinner like at a drive-in but this was 4-star gourmet.

Me, Saffron and Tulea in the car

Wow! It took my breathe away. Think of a collage of Merce Cunningham, Martha Graham and classical ballet but the combo of movements added up to something totally different and more surprising than all of them together.

You know, in times of crisis, we need humanity, expression and community. That’s what art creates. The values we support today will determine the world we live in tomorrow. Please Join me in supporting L.A.s very own L.A. Dance Project. We’ve never needed the arts more: #artishope

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  1. Hi Jane,
    Great. I started my own theatre company in 2018 and were enjoying a lot of success, so we were sad in March that we had to cancel all future projects for 2020. But I decided with my colleagues to start Couchcasts online, where we read poetry, which is in the public domain.
    On Facebook they’ve now been viewed over 13,000 times. We need the arts more now than ever!!
    Take care

  2. Jane, you are absolutely right, you have to breathe and nourish your spirit to move forward, now I can’t stop thinking about the coming climate changes, especially having 2 grandchildren under two years old, I would like to be optimistic but it is complicated On the other hand, you are gorgeous, your hair is spectacular.💕💕💕

  3. Hi, Jane, I’m very happy that you can participate in this moment, as you said yourself, art is essential for all of us. Taking advantage, you are also art. xoxo

  4. Jane, I have a friend who is a big fan of yours, she will be having her birthday in a few days, you could send “congratulations Luiza” to her? sorry to bother you, but for us this is very important.

    • Boig congratulations on your birthday, Luiza. Sending birthday Love, Jane Fonda

      • It means a lot to me, Jane. You are my greatest inspiration in life. Thanks.

  5. A great evening had by all and a gourmet meal!
    Your last blog mentioned garden space limited and yet birds and a squirrel visiting.I love my garden especially just now, and find the birds love suet pellets and dried mealworms .
    I saw a YouTube video today in which Martin Sheen was canvassing for votes as per .I presume he was his garden looking well as are you .My interest in the 2020 US election has been keener than usual for obvious reasons.It is so important to all of us.Climate change action needs the full participation of a caring, competent administration .
    That is not another 4yrs of DT !!!!
    This week ahead should be exciting .Brooklyn decker is doing her bit enthusiastically.
    Good luck .

  6. Wow looks like fun

  7. I serve on the City of Raleigh NC Arts Commission and co-chair our Grants Committee. You’re so right: the arts are a soothing balm that provide a bright spot during these dark times. I am amazed at the new and innovative means our arts partners are using to share their work. Receipts are down, but creativity continues to soar! Now more than ever, we must support the arts! Thank you for sharing your experience.

  8. Jane, it’s fabulous to see the diversity being created in these bizarre Covid times hey.
    I too recently saw a drive in dance show here in the UK ‘Spectacle of Light’….. it was amazing, started after dark, it was a fully blacked out stage, dancers wore full black with luminous paint, the lighting brought the movement to life, dancers came through the parked cars, the performance was so powerful, unique and inclusive x

  9. Dear Madam!

    “Art can calm us, inspire us, and raise the vibration that will awaken us to fight for the future, to heal the planet and each other” – words of wisdom, indeed. And when I think about this kind of art, your film roles, books and activism also come to mind. I was particularly encouraged by films such as “Klute”, “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” and “9 to 5”. The characters of strong women, that you have impersonated so well, are my sheros. Thank you very much for them, from the bottom of my heart. We, women all around the world, need that kind of support the most right now.

    And especially in Poland. I am the editor-in-chief of the opinion monthly (knowing that such a comparison may be exaggerated, similar to “New Yorker” or “The Atlantic”) Pismo, writer and activist for women’s rights. In Poland, a country that once fought for solidarity, they are unfortunately very limited. Last Thursday, Polish constitutional court rulling (and the court itself seized in violation of the law in 2015 by the ruling party) banned almost all abortions – with exceptions only for cases of rape, incest, or where the mother’s health is at risk. Abortions carried out when the foetus is malformed, which accounted for 98% of legal terminations last year, have now, since Thursday, been outlawed.

    Poland already had some of the EU’s strictest abortion laws, now it is practically totally banned. Fewer than 2,000 legal terminations are carried out each year. But women’s groups estimate that up to 200,000 abortions are either performed illegally, or abroad.

    The Polish government has chosen to carry out the reform cynically, at a time when the number of covid patients is increasing dramatically, just like almost all over the world. Poland is under a lockdown, yet hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to protest against this law. Please imagine how desperate we are to protest in such conditions, putting our health and life at risk.

    The protests have not stopped since Thursday, and today all of Poland is to be blocked. We go to the crossings, walking around them, we drive our cars to the streets to block the cities. Protests take place all over Poland, not only in the capital, but even in the smallest towns, while police officers used pepper spray and physical force. Still, everyone protests as much as they can and as safe as they feel. Even the fear of the virus did not stop our anger.

    We, as Pismo, also contribute. The role of the media is to inform about what is happening, but also to inspire, showing why speaking on public affairs and activism are important. Therefore we also bought the rights to reprint your profile from “The Guardian” for the December issue, will translate it and publish in our magazine. But Polish women need your support and voice so much that could give them strength that I dare to write here asking for a comment and words of encouragement. I tried to find a link to your PR agency to ask for an interview or at least a few words for Polish women, but I could not find it.

    I strongly believe that the support you provided would encourage all the women who are now fighting in Poland to have this bestial law withdrawn.

    Thank you again for everything you are doing to make the world a better place.
    All the best, Magdalena Kicińska

    • Magdalena, I applaud the women of Poland and the good men who support them in their protests against their country’s virtual ban of a woman’s fundamental human right to control her own body. No government, no group of men have the right to force a woman to have a child. Government must stay out of women’s decisions about bodies. But the patriarchy is wounded. They see that the power of women is rising and they are scared. This is the action of a wounded beast. it is dangerous but it will not win. Stay strong. I send love and admiration from the U.S. We’re with you.

      • Dear Jane!
        Thank you so much for your words and support. It means everything!
        Although the decision has already been made and we do not have any appeal instance we’re still protesting and fighting ( ) and we’ll keep on doing just that.
        Keeping my fingers crossed for your fight as well, hope sincerely hope that Tuesday will bring a long-awaited change!
        Love from Warsaw.

        • Magdalena, to tell you the truth, images of the women filling the squares in Poland gives me cpourage for what may lie ahead with this election. I pray it’s not going to happen, but there’s a freall possibility thyat Trump won’t concede if he loses and then…it’s take to the streets. Lt us all stay strong!!!!~

          • Jane, I sincerely hope and pray that everything goes very well in your country, democracy triumphs without violence, I read some alarming new, I hope nothing of this happens.🙏🏻🙏🏻

          • Dear Jane, we are together and we stand together in this fight for a better tomorrow, both for women and for the earth. We’ll continue the fight for women’s rights here in Poland, while wishing you do not have to go to the streets after Tuesday’s vote. But I’am aware of your anxiety, and we too will fear the results with dread. Four years ago, I waited until late at night, looking sadly as they were announcing next states with their electoral votes, saying goodbye to the possibility to break this damn glass ceiling…
            May we have the opportunity to celebrate this time. I wish you this with all my heart. <3

  10. That’s such a cool idea! I’d heard of drive-in style concerts too, that’s a cool concept. Art will always adapt!

    Have a great day!

  11. Today send 1000 texts, I am already and expert, I have received some reminders in English and in Spanish from my poor mother but is ok, all is for you of course.

  12. Hi Jane!

    How wonderful is it that the Fire Drill Fridays Greenpeace volunteer teams have shattered our goal of reaching 2 million voters and now aiming for 3 million!!!

    I am in awe of the amazing work being done and the fabulous volunteers that I have come to know and admire! I have talked to so many people who are over the age of 80 and still fighting for our democracy, our climate and all things that matter!
    In a time where this world is in such a crazy state, these conversations have been so deeply touching and therapeutic to many of us!

    See you Friday & thank you for being our great leader!

    xo Kara

    • Thank you Kara for all your hard work. Please stay with us!

      • Hello Jane and Kara,

        First, I am currently living in Canada and would love to participate or assist your initiative here in some way. I have been following all of your incredible accomplishments & successes along the way and I stand in complete awe of you all.

        We’re joining the Global fight to protect, preserve and clean up this planet right along side you as your neighbors to the North!

        Thank you for all you have done to spread the word on so many of the worlds most urgent causes faced in our time. Keep it up ladies & gents! You continue to move that needle inch by inch.

        I specialize in global PR and marketing. If there is anything I can do to further this cause (aside of course from joining all of our local Canadian movements which I have), please do connect. I would love to volunteer my time & specialties in any capacity necessary.

        Jane – I am a 40 year old woman and have been following your career for my entire life. It’s women like you that are true mentors to todays young men and women. Your voice is strong, and I for one thank you for using it.

        Your actions continue to pioneer in creating a blueprint on how to use celebrity to champion todays most important causes.

        My hope is that more young people will watch you & learn by example that we get stronger & better with age. My hope is that you continue to motivate & inspire as you champion these issues. The torch has been lit. My only hope now is that they are then motivated to take that torch you’ve lit, then work hard to pass it along to the next generation, and to the next after that. My hope is that your work today inspires generation after generation to continue to do the same. And I believe you are succeeding in that goal.

        I hope more people like you, start to use their strong & powerful voices to join you in this fight. My hope is that celebrities start to lead more often by example, as you have done. There is power in numbers & the more celebrity voices that join you, the louder our own voices will grow. Thank you for leading the charge in so many ways!

        I believe we all truly can become so much better with age and experience. You & Lily continue to lead by magnificent example & those of us with quieter voices thank you. Warmest regards, and good luck in all you do! – Love from Canada 🙂 xo

        • Oh, and you are one bad-ass lady Jane. I’m ordering your mug shot mug today. I watched a documentary on the reasons behind that arrest and you have become my hero. #InspirationalLEaders #InspirationalWomen #BadAssLadyJane

  13. Hello Jane ! you are absolutely 1001% correct about the Arts. It is such a shame that so much of it has been taken away from our Public schools. My daughter thrived on being able to dance and express herself.

    I wanted to ask you if you were able to catch a performance that was put on by the ” Students of the Dance Theatre of Harlem “. I happened to see a bit of it via Twitter and was completely blown away. These students are amazing , their ballet moves flawless , so much so that it took me a few moments to realize they were wearing masks as they performed in the streets of New York City. I think you can view the clip from @DTHballet if you are interested. They do work so hard to bring enjoyment.

    I hope to see more of the Arts included in this new Biden Administration , ( I refuse to think he will not win.) So much of it has been missing from The White House these last years.

    One last thing , I have to tell you that the Geek portion of me absolutely smiles with pride every time I hear a Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter reference on Grace & Frankie. I catch every single one… 🙂 It’s awesome.

    Thank you for all you do !

  14. Jane, I was just watching today’s Fire Drill Friday, and I just wanted to say thank you to you, Aletheia, Nelini, and Anthony and all of the past and future guests of Fire Drill Fridays! It was so moving, I am overwhelmed. I was listening to the conversations happening and watching the comments and it is just so amazing to see all of these amazing people united under one front, prepared to fight for a peaceful and just future whether Trump wins or not.

    That has been my one fear. What will we do if he wins? My question was answered today. The answer is that we will stand up for our rights and defend the rights of others, no matter the outcome. That made this dreadful feeling I’ve been carrying around significantly lighter.

    Thank you for having us all take a moment to breathe at the beginning. That was also really helpful in this overwhelming time.

    I’m so grateful for you and all of the Greenpeace staff and volunteers. I have met so many new people, been introduced to so many new ideas, and have been exposed to people who are determined to make this world just!

    Fire Drill Fridays has brought so much happiness into my life and sort of ignited a fire within me to fight for what I believe in (I’m only 16 so my family does kind of get tired of me always firing off facts about the climate and Trump and the GND, but they need to hear it, so I keep doing it! Haha!)

    Can’t wait to see the Reverend and Joan on the 6th! Stay safe and remember to breathe!


  15. Hi Jane!

    I recently wrote about a remarkable woman I met almost exactly a year ago at Fire Drill Fridays and I wanted to share her incredible story with you:

    Nicky was very touched by how welcoming you were to her (and so many others)—your time in D.C. may have been brief, but just know that it continues to make positive ripples.


    • A truly lovely article and a tribute to Nicky. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Jane,
    I went to Barnes & Noble the other day and bought another copy of your book but asked for the CD. They didn’t have it and couldn’t ordered it. I just now went to your SHOP site and they only have the book, no CD. You asked if we had bought the CD yet, so it sounded like it was out somewhere. So I will try Amazon next. But have you done the CD yet or not? Dona

    • Dona, yes I have and many members of the book cluybs I’ve been attending have heard th audio book so I kinow it’s out there. xx

    • The audio of my book is popular. Many women in the book clubs I’ve been attending have ‘heard’ the book and loved it. Keep trying.

      • Jane, Technology is leaving me in the dust. I assumed CD’s were still being made. Seems your book is on Kindle through Amazon, not on the Nook through Barnes and Noble nor on CD. I wanted to hear your book in your voice and give it to my friends who are not readers, but would listen to it. Two bookers in my club have the Kindle, which is why they held them up for the Zoom photo. Stymied, for the moment.
        On another note, I finally, received my postcards from Greenpeace on the 29th. I wrote, then rushed to make the 5:00 mail at the P.O. hoping that four days would be enough to get them to PA.,IA., and WI.
        Fingers crossed. I’ll try to up my game to join in the push on Congress and the President for GND. I’m already writing Joe a letter in my head. It will be as strong as I can make it. You haven’t lost me. I’m still here in your army either way it goes. 🙂 xx Dona

    • Dona, you buy an audiobook and download it and you can listen to it as many times as you want, I suppose it is like that, here I give you an example

      • Thanks, Candita. It turns out that Amazon has it on Kindle but I have a Nook, (Barnes & Noble). The Audible, I’m not set up for nor quite understand. I don’t want to play it on my one computer and have to be in that room to hear it. So I haven’t quite solved this yet. But thanks for the information and reaching out to help. Dona

  17. Jane,
    I left my comfort zone and started texting with Greenpeace! I am so happy. I had such anxiety about it. Better late than never! I started meditating last week and also watched fire drill Friday when I got home from work. And did the breathing.meditating has helped a lot to calm me. I had such anxiety about a lot of things as you know , but meditating helps. I didn’t want to fail. Which is always my biggest fear. Thank you for all the encouragement you give every Friday and also on your blog. You are an inspiration to me. I look up to you so much. You putting me in your blog made me soo happy! I took the day after the election off just in case I need a mental day. I will be ready though for whatever we need to do after the election. Firedrill Friday’s is the only comfort I get during the week. Thank you for everything you do. I also want to thank Kara she was the Greenpeace volunteer who helped me get set up with texting. We also had a great conversation. She was such a help. She is also a fellow blog follower!! I am so happy that I can be surrounded by people who support things I support. My whole family is Trump supporters. I have no living grandparents to talk to. Also all my friends are trump supporters. So I am happy to be part of this great community. Hope all is well with you Jane! Love always,

  18. Hi Jane!

    Thank you so much for another great Fire Drill Friday and for the breathing exercise at the beginning! We all really needed that! I’m getting more anxious each day as the election nears and it is getting close to impossible to sleep. But I’m calling, texting and organizing every day through the election so this helps a lot. I’m so excited that we are well on our way to doubling our goal and reaching 4 million voters! We really have an incredible team. We will be doing special shifts of text banking today so it is going to be a busy Sunday. I also love how Greenpeace is preparing for all scenarios after the election, and is allowing us to sign up for shifts in case we need to do emergency outreach immediately. I’ve been attending the Protect the Results protest trainings and they have been very informative. Here in Chicago much of the city is being boarded up and they have already mobilized extra law enforcement. It’s a little scary.

    When contacting voters over the past few days I keep talking to older people, many of whom live in care homes, who have not been able to obtain their ballots despite doing all of the right things to request them. It is so troubling as these people are physically unable to go to the polls and mail in was there only option. Someone I spoke with already contacted her lawyer. It is crazy how many people have to fight to exercise their right to vote. Voter suppression of all kinds needs to end. I always knew this suppression existed, but I never realized it was so severe. The suppression of people of color, the poor, the elderly and other vulnerable individuals is truly sinful.

    I really hope we will all be able to celebrate together on Friday! I know anything is possible, but right now I just can’t allow my brain to accept the fact that #45 will be re-elected. So I’m just going to keep working and hoping!

    Take good care during what will certainly be a very stressful week!

    Jenny xoxo

  19. Dear Jane!
    I am anxiously following and waiting for news and results. Cannot sleep, just watching CNN coverage (and ABC’s). I keep my fingers crossed, hugs from Warsaw!!!

  20. I watched a movie the other day called Sylvie’s Love, it was wonderful, but there was a scene the characters are in a theater at a concert and this great tug at my heart happened where I realized how jealous I was, how much I missed going to see music or dance and the vibrations when you are in the room with artists.

    This is a hard time for a trans Jewish therapist in the rainy state of WA, hopefully we all stay inside and keep showing up for each other by being healthy and protecting each other with masks. I cannot believe it has almost been a year of this, but some day when we come out, I am buying every ticket to every concert and dance show I can.

    Thanks for your light Jane, my wife and I started following you during COVID and watching some of your old movies and it inspires us to know there are elders like you to admire and aspire to be.

    • Mirit, I loved loved loved “Sylvie’s Love.” The two actors are so good. Did you know that the man Sylvie loves is, in real life, the husband of Kerry Washington?

      • Yes! I did!

        What a beautiful movie. Jazz concerts are what I look forward to when it is safe.

  21. I’ve just watched the chase on tv. I didnt know that you had worked with Marlon Brando. Its a great movie. Lets discuss the movie.

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