Deep Culture Dive

Today was a deep culture dive. In the morning the “Soul of a Nation” exhibit of African American artists at the Broad Museum. Moving, powerful, beautifully curated.

Tonight at the Hollywood Bowl, Gustavo Dudamel conducted the LA Philharmonic: first Dvorak’s cello concerto in B Minor with a genius young cellist, Pablo Fernandez.

Then Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet with Benjamin Millepied’s L.A. Dance Project performing on stage, back stage, in the parking lot and across the aisles. It was fresh, daring choreography by Millepied who, in case you don’t know and among other major things about him, was the choreographer on the film “Black Swan” where he met his wife, Natalie Portman.

An inspiring evening where I shared a box with my pal Brie Larson.

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  1. i love that dress you wore! also, seeing that museum you went to is definitely going to be added to my museum bucket list. with love x

  2. Dear Jane,
    I love to see you enjoy classical music! Pablo is amazing, I’ve had the opportunity to perform with him in the orchestra I work at as a violinist, he’s simply extraordinary! I can’t wait to meet you and Lily on Oct. 30th in Detroit; I’m counting the days.
    What you said about fame in your latest post made me want to tell you that it’s not because you are on G&F that I admire you, it is what you do and the force that you represent what moves me, and makes me (and I’m sure many others) admire you and want to meet you and share the space with you, even for a minute. I’m grateful for Grace and Frankie for bringing you and Lily to the front of the world´s screens and for making many people aware of the power houses you both are. Especially for those like me that are curious enough to dig into the internet archives to find all the amazing things both of you have been doing for decades, it is exhilarating, and moving to the core. I’ve become an activist in my heart and I’m starting to express it in my daily life, because of the incredible inspiration you are. I’ve recently been through tough times and experienced growth in many levels. And I have found in you and Lily great figures as empowered women and have inspired me to be myself and feel strong and good about being who i am. So, I thank you and Lily for that!
    Looking forward to meeting you in October!


  3. I just read about getting out the disability vote. I called our county voter registration board. They do not have a volunteer list to help take anyone to register. Called the Democratic headquarters in Columbia, SC, ditto. I left my name to help in any way. Now I will click on your links and see if I can get some place where I can be of help!

  4. Hi Ms. Jane :). Today i’ve read your recent blogs and as always you are doing great job. I am living in Europe and few months i bought UK vogue with your interview and today i bought our CS Vogue and i was thinking wouldnt it be great to have Jane Fonda in our vogue, too. And guess what, i was in the middle of magazine and then i turned page and there were you, your photo from photoshoot for Barefoot in the park. I couldnt believe my eyes. I just wanted to tell you, you made my day and if you would like to i can send you one copy too. 🙂 Wish you nice day and thank you for everything you do and especially for your braveness in speaking out about health , you helped me overcome my disorder. Thank you ♥️

  5. Beautiful artwork!

  6. Hey Jane! That was a great Cultures bath!!! 😉 AND nothinh better than friends to share ir!!!😍 I send You a big hug!!😍

  7. Hi, Jane!

    I’m in the process of reading an absolutely fabulous book and I strongly recommend it to you: WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES, written by psychoanalyst Clarissa Pinkola Estes.
    The book includes 13 lessons and the author’s insightful perspectives and analysis of 20 fairy tales and myths from all over the world. It’s about waking up the woman inside us, the wild woman who lives inside us.
    I feel you gonna like it very much!
    love and hugs,

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