1. Blogging. I feel really badly that I haven’t blogged. Why haven’t I? Well, so many are suffering all over the world including here in this country; climate is wreaking havoc. My heart breaks for the folks in SD, Neb, Kansas, CO, Minn, WY . . . and so soon after the last flood crisis. I know farmers there, friends there. But even if I didn’t. They are all part of us, the human family. Then the families being separated at our border, dying, raped, alone. I could go on. I’m saying this because I can’t bring myself to write about what I’m doing day-to-day when all this is happening. I am so blessed, so privileged. I can’t stand the Instagram shots people exchange about what? —sh—. Emptiness. We are facing a crisis, people. This isn’t a dress rehearsal or fake news. All hands on deck! Dark, selfish forces are working to bring us down. The 1% will go down as well but just a little later. So let’s us all wake up and burst out of our bubbles and start caring about each other no matter our race, sexual orientation, physical ability, religion. No kidding. The future is at stake. And that means caring with our hearts and our actions: making sure that state and federal policies support and protect EVERYONE including the planet.

2. Laughter. There’s always the healing power of laughter and I am so lucky to have it around me so much of the time. No matter what, we have to maintain our sense of humor and keep laughing. Here’s something I bet you didn’t know: Fake laughing or even fake smiling has a real impact on health and well-being because, by changing the muscles in your face, you’re changing the pattern of information going from those muscles to your brain and new neural pathways are developed. Fake it till you make it!

We’re on the 8th episode of the 6th season of “Grace & Frankie” and I swear, It’s the funniest season yet. Our hours are long but we all get along so well . . . the actors, the writers, directors, crew members. And it’s a diverse group. Went to work yesterday at 5:30 and came home at midnight. Can’t find the right emoji for that.

I’ve also had some raucously funny gatherings at my house on days/nights off. Here’s an all-girls party which ended up on my vibrating bed. Tulea doesn’t know what to make of it.

I should have taken a picture of the day Chelsea Handler, Connie Britton and Mary McCormack came to visit me after my hip replacement surgery last November but I was too high on pain meds. Chelsea gave me a gold necklace with MUELLER on it. I’m reading her latest book, “Life Will Be the Death of Me” and so I now realize it wasn’t so much about his investigation –well, maybe a little—it’s more that she thinks Robert Mueller is the hottest man on earth. And since this section is about laughter, I can tell you that I have never in my life laughed out loud at a book as much as I am with Chelsea’s but, at the same time, her raw honesty and depth is blowing me away. Revelatory and hilarious is a rare combo indeed. A MUST read.

Another gathering at my house that was laughter-filled was the board meeting of V-Day: Until The Violence Stops. Created by Eve Ensler when her iconic play “The Vagina Monologues” began to be performed globally raising well over $100 million for local efforts around the world to stop violence against women and girls.

Left to right: Monique Wilson, Director of V-Day’s One Billion Rising, Rosario Dawson, Pat Mitchell, Katherine Mcfate, Susan Celia Swan, Eve Ensler, me, Thandie Newton, Carole Black, Kimberle Crenshaw

And, speaking of laughter, here’s a picture of us pals from “Book Club.” It makes me so happy that we have become real friends and get together whenever the 4 of us are in town.

I’m going to post another blog within days, but this is a start.

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  1. Yay… Look forward to reading more and seeing more pics. xxx

  2. Dear Jane, thank you for sharing your thoughts. You’re such an inspiration to all generations of women. Including me, I’m 25yrs old. The healing power of laughter is a true thing, but if one loses this ability, it’s hard work to get it back. I’m working on it! Thanks for reminding me, because I’m struggling a little right now, at this point in my life. It’s so great to see you and Lily back together for Season 6 – incredible good that it is such a huge success. I’m looking forward to it, rewatching the older seasons and make all my friends watch it!!! All my best wishes!

  3. Lady Jane, you’ve always been, will always be, my lighthouse. I love your sensibility, your essence, your empathy, compassion, sense of justice, intelligence, goofiness, sense of fun, your smile, your joy, intelligence, wisdom, bravery – are you blushing yet? I could go on….
    In short, I love you. I don’t know you, but I SEE YOU…thank you for simply being authentically you. I hope you read this… I’m not the only one who feels this way, I’m sure…
    Sarah Zitin

  4. The real smiles and real laughter are the best tho! Thanks for that! Your show taught me what binge watching was! And I do not watch ‘real’ TV ……. thanks again ladies!

  5. Jane, thanks for coming back, I miss you when I do not know about you in a long time, but I understand that you are very busy. You have a lot of reason is necesary to smile, even if everything is bad, this is my mantra and it has worked for me. Thanks for your advices and wisdom, they are very important to me.💕💕💕💕

  6. So true , so much going on that truly boggles the mind!!! The outrageous one sitting in the most revered position in the country continues to shock the hell out of us.
    But…it is certainly refreshing to see your posts and hearing your intellect…
    A cherished clasisc treasure you are…If I may say so.

  7. This blog makes me so happy, currently lying in bed and overcoming eating disorder for a while, and hearing from you after long time is so satifying. Seeing you smile gives me so much energy to fight and hope that one day i can travel and maybe meet you somewhere 🙂
    Sending so much love to you 🙋🏻‍♀️ps. cant wait for new GaF 👭 you look stunning

  8. Love you, Jane! Thanks so much for just being on the planet. As a woman, you are such an inspiration for me. I too, have a complicated mother. I so appreciate your honesty about her in your documentary. XO from Switzerland

  9. Love you Jane! Keep blogging 😘

  10. Ms. Fonda I just want to say first you are an amazing person as well as actress💕. I’ve been a fan for such a long time and it’s such an honor to be able to be apart of your blog community. I wanted to ask what would be your advice on people trying to get into the industry and really have good success ?

  11. Dear Jane!

    Thank you for all that you do. Grace and Frankie is just a great series, I can’t imagine my life without it anymore. The fifth season was very good. Many may not notice this but it was very deep in terms of the relationship between Grace and Frankie. To be honest, the ending of this season was very sad. I am a guy that turned 21 years old in December 2018 and I have not cried so much for a long time. The realization that the 13th episode could be a reality and not its alternative, plunges into shock. I look forward for the 6th season! I want to thank you, Allyson Fanger, Abby Walker, David De Leon and Jonathan Hanousek as well as the rest of the team who is working on this series because it is just great!

    Best wishes,
    Your biggest fan from Russia, Tim.

  12. Hi Jane,
    Happy to read about your activities and recent blog. You are a complete person and a standard we should all strive for…intelligence, humor, kindness, beauty inside and out. Looking forward to Season 8! Love love love.

  13. Hi Jane,
    So happy to read a blog entry. Sounds like you’re finding a really good balance which is so important. I recall in an interview you once saying that “compassion is what puts empathy into action.” You certainly lead by example and I admire you for that. Also making the time for those gatherings is equally important. Since speaking to you at the Q&A for Paulo Sorrentino’s film in Jan’16 (and recently turning 50) I’ve embarked on a writing project, taking the lead from ‘My Life So Far’. Even though I’ve come to a point of forgiveness from the people in my life, it’s still quite an emotional process; and taking much longer than I anticipated! Cheers, RTB

  14. I can’t speak for anyone else of course, but I view your blog posts as a treat, like a little something extra to brighten up some days by opening a good conversation (even if the subject matter, like the atrocities of home and abroad, is a bit depressing) That is to say, yay, another post! Though I wouldn’t want regularity at the expense of thoughtful content (and self care), I’m glad to see this! A delightful read.

    What this blog tells me is that you find ways to enjoy life even when there are a million reasons to get bogged down. Is that coming from a place of privilege? Maybe, but I’ve really learned the hard way recently that you have to take things at face value and enjoy the little things, like get togethers with the girls or a good work day, to not get burnt out with speaking out against the world burning down around us (metaphorically… literally… depends on the day). What good are we to the fight if we wear ourselves too thin, yknow? Anyways, as always, your post was a little bit of a reminder to put things in perspective. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I hope things look even better for you going into the summer (though I don’t envy the heat out your way, yikes, I’ll stick with my milder east coast maritime summer).


  15. Hi. Love “Grace and Frankie”… just waiting for more episodes! And I will probably binge watch those as well, then have to wait again.
    I don’t want to discourage you from blog-writing because I love reading them, but … ahem.. a “boarder” is someone who lives at your house and eats your food. The imaginary line between two countries is a “border.” I’m sorry. It’s pet peeve, so I had to. Forgive me. Please, keep up the good work!

    • OMG, WEndy, thanks for the correction. I will NEVER make that mistake again. Yikes.

  16. This political crisis we are in plus the climate changes are peaking for us. I was active during the Vietnam War and now I find myself resisting once again. We need your leadership and I am glad you are so willing to speak up. My resister sisters and I are discouraged by the GOP leadership who are allowing T to design his own form of authoritative government
    And meanwhile very little attention is given to the suffering of our people from Puerto Rico, California and now the Midwest. I urge you to continue to use your humor during the show and your media appearances to help all of us gain some ground. You are the best!

  17. I love seeing the candid shots of you having fun with your friends, especially the Book Club gals. You and Liiy are inspiring me so much. I am a bit younger but getting my hip replaced soon (aarrgh). Makes me feel geriatric. I will be glad when it’s done and I can get back to my life! You had both hips done and 1 twice, I believe? Yet looking amazing.

    Grace and Frankie is such a great show because it treats women who are a bit older like any other women. That inspires me as well!!

    Thank you for all the laughs!

    • Catherine, wait till you see the age-related stuff I (Grace) is trying to handle in the 6th season! Hilarious!

  18. I would like to sincerely thank you, Ms Fonda, for your voice and your steadfast honesty. I have been a fan for many years now and my admiration has only grown through the years. You have owned your life as not many people do and that has inspired me from my youth to, now, my “middle years”. Thank you!

  19. Yes Jane, I completely agree. It’s very hard to laugh while all these horrid things are going on around us. That is why I am so grateful to you and Lily for Grace and Frankie. We need this release to get us thru the dark times.

  20. Jane, there was so much in this blog to cheer me up and help give me strength to fight the good fight in 2020, but on a lesser note, I was so happy to see that Tulea is still alive and well!

  21. Once again, thank you for sharing with us. I don’t know how you do all that you do but I can tell you that I’m amazed. I’m looking for ways to “Make a difference” in my own community, Jane. When I was younger my focus was on helping with abused/neglected children in America. My husband and I have 3 Beautiful children we adopted from foster care. Our oldest will be 25 this year and in September we will have our first grandchild.

    Laughter is definitely my life saver. That and music. I love to watch Grace and Frankie (it’s my all time favorite) because I do get to laugh so much.

    I wish you would come to Florida for one of your shows but I do understand you’re 💯 busy.

    Love and admire your life, a loving follower..Cary ❤️

  22. Hola Jane!!! Es un placer leerte y verte. Saber que estás bien, que te has repuesto de tu reemplazo de cadera y estás trabajando, militando y reuniéndote con amigos. Lo mejor de la vida! LOS AMIGOS!! En mí caso, son los “hermanos que elegimos” . Sentí tu primer punto.. . Doy una de las tantas que mira instagram y busca tus fotos. Me diste un golpe directo. Jajajajajaja no importa, ya me repuse y es la primera vez que te escribo aquí. Desde un país súper chico en el Sur de América: URUGUAY….DONDE LUCHAMOS CONTRA los avatares del clima y los desastres de los fertilizantes que nos están dejando sin lo mejor que tenemos EL AGUA DULCE. Nos están envenenando. Pero, los intereses de las grandes empresas pueden más de lo que unos pocos podemos reclamar!!! Bueno, me encanta leerte!!! Aún luchó con Amazon para que me envíen tu libro de Memorias. Parece que “no existimos”!!!😢 Eres toda una inspiración. Un ser hermoso de quién sacar ejemplo! Un abrazo gigante para ti….y para Tulea!!!!😍😍😍🤣 Te aprecio y admiro muchísimo! SALUD!!🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾😍😍😍

  23. My God, Jane Fonda, can’t even express how much I admire you! I worry so much about this world we live in, and have become much more political, and vocal about it, and try to do my part, but I know I could do more! I love how you lift Women up, and we all need to do more of that, as well as laugh! Can’t trust people who don’t laugh, like your president. Lol There is a Canadian singer, Jann Arden, who just wrote a blog about supporting one another! Please check her out! Love You and All You Do! Alison Beatty

  24. You were, you are and you will always be an inspiration. Thank you. Love from Greece

  25. Always a JOY to get a blog from you Jane……..glad you mentioned the book as I am always looking for books to read. Have read ‘My life so Far’ many times. I feel I know you so very well even though we have never met. You are an inspiration. I am moving fast towards 78 yrs old and Live in Australia. Much love always……

  26. Chère Jane,

    Merci pour ce post ! Vous êtes et resterez une révolutionnaire et vos propos sont importants pour convaincre vos anciens fans qui ne croient pas encore à la fin du monde !
    Toutes les études le prouvent.
    En Belgique nous manifestons sans relâche et sommes boostés par nos jeunes qui chaque jeudi se retrouvent dans la rue pour appeler au secours.
    Mais nos interpellations auprès de nos politiciens reste sans effet ! Ils se disputent entre eux pendant que la planete se meurt.
    Que faire ?
    Merci à vous de nous faire rire car il faut malgré tout rester forts et optimistes …

    • merci, Francoise. La lutte continue!!!! Il n’y a pas de chois.

  27. Jane – thank goodness Wendy Baily didn’t need to bang your head with a :”gravel” about the border / boarder issues . . . Love ya!

  28. Thank you for the blog post, I know it feels trivial despite everything but I hope you don’t underestimate the influence something as simple as this has on many people. Your blog has been a beacon of light for me for years and seeing a new post made my entire day.
    I had a question, I’m 21 and I’ve unfortunately developed quite an addiction to smoking. I was wondering what you did to quit, I don’t know how big of a smoker you were in the day or if it was even a struggle to give it up but I’m finding it difficult to find the motivation to do it.
    Thank you for everything you do 💕

    • Camille, I stayed stoned for a few weeks. I was 31 when I stopped. It was easier because I was no longer with my 5 packs a day French husband. Also, I had a young child.

  29. Thanks so much again for Blogging! I love that you write back to the comments and yes my name is Jane too!!! Born and raised Miamian with Cuban Parents – Jane means Juana in Spanish – Have a great weekend Juana! :0)

  30. Jane,

    Any advice for me? I am moving to be with my husband in Reno. But my family is close knit and lives in Wyoming. What’s your thoughts? I will miss them terribly and part of me doesnt want to leave.

    Thank you for being such a role model and advocate for diverse groups in this world!!! You have helped me from death multiple times. Please know that. When I was alone and scared I would turn on 9 to 5, or Grace and Frankie, and everything in the world didnt matter anymore. Thank you.

    Robert Tate

    • Go with your heart, Robert, and when it gets too hot in Reno, visit your Wyoming family with your husband and when it’s cold there, have them visit you.

  31. I can’t wait for the new season. I love ❤️ the show.

  32. Those are lovely photos, especially The Book Club.
    I also think there is good scope for a Grace crossover. I think you and Lili should kidnap Larry David for a 2-part episode and not set him free until he says something positive.
    I hereby give away that idea for free with no need for recompense now or in the future, absolutely gratis. Go get him, girls.

    • (especially since I myself kidnapped the idea from ‘9 to 5’!)

    • Hmmmm, you are a funny one, Gary. It’s an interesting idea that I will proffer o the show runners.

  33. Can’t wait for season 6!, Jane it’s always a thrill to read your blogg. I just joined but i known about you forever ofc, at the moment i’m enjoying reading Prime time even tho i’m 15 this is really great things to know for later!

    • Wow, Nathalie, can’t believe you’re reading PRIME TIME! I would love to know what resonates most with you in the book. Iam proud of Prime Time. There’s a lot of wisdom in there, if I say so myself. You spell your name like the French do.

  34. Dear Jane,

    It´s so great you and Lily are back filming “Grace and Frankie”. My boyfriend and I started the series last month and we have only two episodes left to watch! We want more “Grace and Frankie”!!!

    It is lovely seeing your “Book club” reunited. You all are definitely good friends in real life. I first watched the movie in Lima this summer while I was there on vacation and I rewatched it this weekend with my mother. I even laugh more this time.

    By the way, loved your interview at the British Vogue. The photos are marvelous and you look incredible!

    Kisses from Spain, Diego.

    P.S. I think you have been to Madrid, my hometown, several times. Do you have any memories of it?

    • Diego, Ilove Madrid. I love Spain. My 2nd boyfriend was Spanish. Jose Vicuna. i still think of him warmly.

  35. Dear Jane,
    When I was 14, I was bullied in school and was depressed. But you know what helped me? I saw 9 to 5 one day, and it changed my life forever. In May that year, Grace and Frankie premiered, oh imagined the excitement I had, it completely changed my life forever and you have made my life better, you truly have. By the power of the internet, I have made a lot of friends because of you and Lily. They are wonderful people and we take care of each other even if we can’t be there for each other physically, the love is there. You and Lily have helped me grow into this young lady I am today.

    Last year, I did your workouts and one day that I chose not to do it, my right knee dislocated. Don’t feel bad though! I got home schooled for my senior year and my life has been better since except for the physical pain that I had to endure during recovery from the surgery I had. I lost a lot of friends because they simply did not care for me because of my disabled state at that time and I was heartbroken. But you and Lily are one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. Who knows if you’ll ever see this, I’m just here to thank you. I also graduated high school with flying colors despite all that I had to go through.

    I thank you a lot, a whole lot. You made me realized so much at this age.I have learned a lot from you and Lily. You have my whole heart. You two have succeeded in healing me. I thank you for that. I love you and Lily very much. You are my biggest inspiration.

    Yours Truly,

    • Thanks for letting me know, Edleena. I have copied this from you and sent to Lily. I know how happy it will make her. She has the biggest heart in the world. Her empathy is huge. I love your name. xx

  36. It’s good to see you blogging, Jane. I truly enjoy reading your updates, whether it is about current issues, your work, or your personal life.
    You are right about our country’s current state of affairs. So many struggles out there, and a good majority of them could be prevented. I am trying to keep my eye on 2020, hoping that the elections will put us back on track. 2019 has already been an eye opener for me with our health care system. I had what would be considered a major surgery and my father has had a great deal of problems. I would put us in the blue collar category, but we have been fortunate to be a part of a union who has fought for better health care, pensions, etc. I can’t imagine what it is like to go through any health crisis without proper health care. I can’t imagine going through a surgery, then not being able to take the needed time off to heal because you need to earn money to get food on the table. I know I am lucky. No, I am not close to being rich, but I am so lucky for the things I have. The Affordable Care Act was not the final solution, but it was a step in the right direction. I am afraid of where this current administration will lead us in this area.
    I am also afraid of where Betsy Devos and those who have their greedy hands in our public education system will lead us. The public education system is slowly being destroyed and I am not sure people will realize this until it is too late.
    Sigh. There are so many issues out there it is difficult to find which to focus on first. Gun violence, climate change, health care, immigration, mental health, education, and on and on. So, to survive and give us strength to fight these issues, you are right, laughter is great medicine. Laughter and kindness. Try to find humor in your daily life and shower kindness on others. Simple smiles and opening doors for strangers, kind words to the workers who are serving you, encouragement to those around you. Kindness just may be the key to strengthening the forces needed to fight those who are greedy and care only about their own future.

  37. As a Palliative care nurse in a large hospital I am surrounded by suffering most people don’t see. I am with people who are leaving this life. Your blog is so true with all the drama in the world. If we could only appreciate the short time we have in this world. Watching Grace and Frankie takes me to a better place if only for a short time. Thank you for the years of entertaining us.

  38. We are all WHEELING TO HEALING…cycling through time, emotion, situations, love, and everything else human life has to offer. Thank you, Ms. Fonda, for sharing your experiences and energies via this blog. I appreciate you.

  39. Your struggles and needs are as mine in my life. These last few months have been some of the roughest in my life (to say the least) but not nearly as for some. So I try not to complain to loud. But as I laid here letting my stupid ankle heal and after watching your season 5, I watched all the seasons over again. And the laughter and joy of watching all of you in Grace and Frankie has brightened my spirit. I can not wait to watch season 6 and hopefully by then the world will be a little more on our side as humans again. Thank you Jane. I adore you!

  40. I have to say felt a twinge of irritability and hypocracy when I read in your post that exchanging instagram shots equated emptiness….we all need our ways to decompress between family, work, and chores. Sometimes mindless exchange of photos or quotes on instagram, FB, or even a blog helps us relax and feel connected on some small level. Even 5 minutes to scroll through pictures on instagram is a welcomed break from the grind of work, chores, etc. We cannot be so super serious all the time. That being said, whenever I get a notice that you have posted on your blog, it is such a treat. You infuse happiness, strength and joy into my life, daily! Through your books and Grace and Frankie, I have developed a strength in myself I never knew I had AND also a really good friendship with a fellow admirerer. I applaud you for all your hard work, effort, passion that you put into the causes you support. In the (little) free time you for the time you get to relax, it makes me happy that you get to spend time with your girlfriends, and treat us all to a blog post!!!

    • Lisa, you make a really important point (re Instgram, etc) and I will take it to heart

  41. Hi Jane! I am new to your blog but have been a fan of yours for while! As a young woman, (24), I find inspiration in your work and life constantly. I am a huge fan of Grace and Frankie for bringing me laughter every time I watch it!! Your work as an actor is lively and always evolving. However, I can’t tell you how much I look up to you as a feminist, activist, and overall champion for equality. Your courage, strength, and confidence motivates me to find those traits within myself. I am so excited to explore your blog and keep up with you in a more personal way! Thank you for all you do, it means a lot to the little people!

  42. If I went to work at 5:30 am and didn’t get home until midnight, the right emoji for me would have her eyes closed, and mouth open in a snore .D

  43. Brava Jane! What would we do without the women in our lives! We need to stick together. You and Lily are an inspiration to all of us older women – if you can do what you do, we can too! And we have to protect the world for the next generation of powerful women!

  44. Howwww do I meet Lily Tomlin? She brightens my good and bad days. I have searched everywhere for her meet and greets. Or even a show, I live in Portland and I know she was just here in September but I missed it!! I’m afraid if I don’t try my hardest to meet her then I will never get the chance. Her smile and laugh makes me completely forget about everything going on around me.

  45. Your words resonate. Your actions, thoughts and energy is in the right places (in my opinion) Never a rush to share a blog, your friends will be here when you’re ready to share XO

  46. Hello, I’m so excited to message you. You are one of my favorite people I always look forward to watch your show Grace & Frankie you both are so funny and so cute!!!!! I feel like I relate to Frankie she’s so spunky. Now to respond to what you said in your blog I’m right there with you I’m so busy with my family I have two girls Delilah age 9 and Olivia a year and a half they are a handful and all I want to do is protect them daily from this crazy world. There is so much going on in this world every witch way I turn it makes me want to throw all my electronics off and hide with my baby’s but that won’t work and it makes me so sad because I read about people killing their baby’s WHY? I don’t understand why someone would want to hurt the very child they carried within their belly’s!!!! As a mother I can’t fathom ever doing such a thing and it breaks my heart that I feel like it’s my job to protect these sweet baby’s from the crazy sick people that brought them in to this world and I can’t so I feel like I’m a failure even though I know that there is no way I could have known to even save them and also these sick people raping these baby’s I read that these men pretty much get a slap in the wrist what kinda world do we live in? I love my God and I pray daily that he takes these evil people freewill away and that they be struck down to their knees in-front of all of the world and made an example of! And also out poor earth that hardly any of Gods children don’t care about they act as if we can just destroy this earth and then move on like we do with a house or some old pair of jeans. I try to do my part my picking up trash and cutting up bags before I throw them away and other things. I know I’m just one person but at least I try. I hope you read what I wrote it would make me so happy to get a response even though I know you have such a busy life. It’s 5:14 am and I can’t sleep so I’m up watching my baby’s sleep as I listen to country music with my head phones and so I figured I’d check out your blog I can’t wait to see more Grace and Frankie again anyways hope to hear you soon I better end my message because know I’m just saying nothing really haha! Have a great day Jane xoxo Nicole Jones

  47. Hi Jane just watching re-runs of Grace & Frankie. I came to see you at the Opera House when you visited Sydney last year and really enjoyed listening to your life story. I was also in the audience when you were guest on “The Project” and was extremely flattered when you spotted me in the audience and said i looked like you lol, how i wish. Anyway great news about season 6, cant wait. Also enjoying reading your books. You are an inspiration to woman. Thankyou
    P S hello to the fabulous Lily Tomlin

  48. Hi
    I am writting from Croatia..
    1. My english is probbably totally wrong(sorry)
    2. Thank you for being there
    3. Thanks netflix who made possibile to watch you
    4. Sorry for my english
    5. Sorry ( wish lilly is here now)

  49. Hi Jane, I wasn’t too sure on where to write this, however, I figured here is as good a place as any! I’ve just been watching YouTube videos of you and Lily and learned that you have this excellent blog!

    – I just wanted to let you know that I adore you. Keep being your wonderful, hilarious self and one day I may be lucky enough to meet you in person! 🙂

    Best wishes
    Mike, 27, Manchester England

  50. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do. I’m an older gay man with PTSD caused by living through the AIDS epidemic years and years ago. Recently I became suicidal and almost went through with it. It was a terrible night and I felt I couldn’t go on. I luckily binge watched Grace and Frankie straight through to dawn, a dawn I thought that I would never see again. Please know how your work touches people. I would not be here now if it weren’t for you and your brilliant, loving, wonderful show and sweet characters that made me feel less alone and scared that awful night. All my love to you and Lily, always.

    • Stay strong, Fredrick. I m moved that G&F helped. xxxxOOOO

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