In 2017, we lost 34 year-old Michael J. Sharp, a calm and determined advocate for human rights, especially those of vulnerable populations. MJ, as his friends called him, died in Congo which, for years, has been engulfed in political unrest. Military and militia groups there routinely committed atrocities and singled out women and children for gross human rights abuses. MJ was already dedicated to working for justice and peace when he accepted a UN assignment in Congo tasked with investigating the roots of violence and the violation of UN sanctions, among other abuses. While en route to meet with a militia group in the central part of Congo, he and his colleague Zaida Catalan, were ambushed and murdered by assailants believed to have links to the Congolese military.

MJ’s friends and family vowed to continue his work and celebrate his indomitable spirit by creating a scholarship that would train young people from conflict countries in strategies to promote political stability, gender equality, and social justice.

The scholarship in his name is set up at his alma mater, Eastern Mennonite University, which has a world-renown program in Conflict Transformation. (One of its graduates is Leymah Gbowee who returned to her home in Liberia to help found a women’s peace movement that facilitated the end of civil war in that country. For her work, Leymah won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011).

The scholarship in MJ’s name will help train more young people from conflict countries in strategies of transformation that help turn regions of conflict and war into societies that practice democracy and human rights.

Some of MJ’s family and friends will soon cross something off his bucket list – a climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro. MJ dreamed of climbing that mountain himself but he died before he could realize his dream. He also dreamed of a peaceful Congo. This trek, in his name, will celebrate his amazing life and raise funds for the scholarship to continue the work that he loved and died for.

The trekkers have a website to document their climb and enable supporters to “follow” them up the mountain and cheer them on:

I’m hoping that each one of these trekkers make it all the way to the top. And I’ll be “following” them up that mountain and rooting for them every step of the way — and I hope that you can, too!

And I really hope you can help support MJ’s critical scholarship fund. Please go to to make your contribution. Please give generously!

With deep gratitude!

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  1. This makes me sad. I think it is our responsibility to Keep reminding the younger generation that this is real and although we have come a long way it’s far from over. Thanks to women like yourself and others, the MJ’s of the world voice can be heard.
    Thanks for sharing and I will share with some friends that have big hearts.

    • I’m replying to your letter re booking me. Please contact Stephanie Simon at simon @ untitledent .com

  2. Jane, I consider than you or someone you trust should attend your Instagram, there is an official Jane Fonda account that writes as if you are things that you would never say. Candita

    • Oops, Candita. I didn’t know. Thanks for the heads up. xx

  3. I hope and pray for a safe climb up to
    Mt. Kilimanjaro for the trekkers in MJ’s name. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled. May his vision succeed and prosper to making the world a better place.

  4. Dear Ms. Fonda: I hope you don’t mind me appearing on this venue but I was wondering if you received my “2018 Jane Fonda Barbarella Artwork and Model-Kit Portfolio” gift from your Atlanta office and if so, if you’ve looked at it yet. (My last e-mail from your office indicated that they did find my gift to you and were going to ship it to you in a few days.) If you did get to look at it, could you do me the favor of answering a few questions about it?…1) What did you think of the artwork presented in the portfolio?…2) Did you have a favorite within the selection?…3) What did you think of the two model kits included in the presentation?…and 4) (And I know that this is a real “fan” question, but I can’t resist) If Barbarella were a real person, what do you think she would make of my artwork about her? I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience, and I thank you for your time and attention in this matter. Have fun! Yours-Steven Vasko

    • Oh my goodness, dear Steven, I want to apologize many times over for the long delay. Your work is so amazing and detailed and professional it deserved better from me and “my people.” Here’s what happened: A woman in my office who was usually super good and efficient, put your “2018 Jane Fonda Barbarella Artwork and Model-Kit Portfolio” gift under her desk, forgot about it and then had to quit the job because of family issues. I lit a fire under everyone and low and behold there it was. Whew. I can’t thank you enough for your talent and thoughtfulness. Warmly, Jane

      • Dear Ms. Fonda: I am just thrilled that liked my work as much as you did! Don’t worry about the snafu at your office…that kind of stuff seems to happen to me with great regularity, so no apologies from you are needed. Just relax and have fun looking at my gift. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my work with you. Have fun! Yours-Steven Vasko

  5. Jane,
    Thank you for the information and yet again – the incredible inspiration. I’ve had set-backs, but I keep going because of my children, as well as thoughtful social leaders like you.
    Sending love,

  6. Dear Jane,

    I am part of the younger generation and it’s totally true that we need to care about THIS! I really think that we need to be concerned and try to change some situations!! Thank you for being such an amazing person!! I’m only 15 years old, but THANK YOU for being an inspiration!!

    Tiago Lima, Portugal

  7. Jane, Hope this finds you well. My mother is also Jayne..My mother just adores you and though she is struggling with pancreatic cancer at the moment, she very much enjoys hearing about you and your many interests and missions. We have just joined so I look forward to reading your blog aloud to her in the future. I found out about it when you were asked a question on Wired, with the fabulous Lily Tomlin. Thanks…Lisa and Jayne

  8. Jane,
    You are such an inspiration, and an absolutely beautiful person inside and out. I am constantly inspired and in awe by you! I’m 30 years old from NJ, and just wanted to let you know I support all that you do. ❤️

  9. my name is Esther Miss Fonda you’re an amazing human being you’re an amazing actress I believe that you can help me I’ve written a play that can be a screenplay I am Romani the play is based on Romani in the Holocaust most of it is true I think you would be perfect for it directing it or if you can help me
    I’m not the best rider in the world due to the only thing that I have is first grade I taught myself how to read and write decently I’m 56 year-old first book screenplay whatever you want to call it and I’m giving it to you I’m hoping you can help me thank you so much for your time

  10. Jane, Since you’re a very caring and empathetic person — always standing up for those who are being treat badly — I was wondering if you’ve ever “done anything” in regards to animal abuse ? While I don’t expect everyone to be a vegetarian like myself, the unbelievable horrors involved in FACTORY-farming need to be address ! And just as bad — cosmetic testing on animals ! < We know that this DOESN'T need-to-be by the basic fact that many companies have that "cruelty free" mark stamped on their label.

  11. Dear Jane:
    My name is Santiago Nicolás, from Mercedes, Buenos Aires. I just wanted to say, what a great inspiration you are in my life, I wish all celebrities would follow your example and realize that not everything goes through fame and glamor in life, I’m not saying that worrying about those things is something negative, only that most celebrities (especially young people), leave much to be desired in important aspects, such as commitment to things that really matter, like the ones you support. Thank you for promoting solidarity, sorority, empathy, important values to highlight, and be the voice of the forgotten in this world!
    I send you the warmest hug,

  12. Dear Ms.Fonda.

    My last message for you didn’t come through, which is fine, because it had too many spelling mistakes I should wear my glasses when writing.

    Thank you for bringing awareness to so many important aspects of the world.
    It’s easy to forget to keep our eyes on the rest of the world. And we have to be engaged for a better world: For everyone!

    What caught my intrest with you was reading about your activism. It inspires! I’m in my early 30s and teach (in Norway).I will try to live my life filling it with giving people knowledge about what goes on in the world.

    Thank you for inspiering. I hope to find my very own strong voice, as I develop.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best regards,
    Siv Kristin

  13. This is what I see: Perhaps I see with clear vision perhaps, not, but there is a poignancy more open to me now that I am old, that was obscured before. I am very grateful for that, and for the people and social structures, or movements that awaken it. You awaken it, though I am not one to follow those wrapped in the blanket of fame.

    The poignancy is the urge I see in you to move into the profound. This is a big deal. Some people never get there. And they don’t need to. Their lives are as they are and have a value where they are. For those who walk that journey into deeper meaning, we walk with joyful heartbreak. That may sound too much of a contradiction, but it’s not. Joyful heartbreak is, I think, the sight held, by all the wise ones who came to heal and to help humanity.

    If this sounds too over the top, then so be it. It doesn’t really matter what a stranger thinks in the long run, but I do want to say that if one is quoted by Richard Rohr, one of our great spiritual teachers alive today, as you were, that is no small thing.

    Television personalities that interview you rarely get to the soul of a person, and I understand that, in a way. They have an audience to please, and the audience lives on a different level.
    I suspect you want to keep that aspect of your life private, anyway, but there is much to be learned from one who has awakened and continues to awaken. Maybe Krista Tippet of “On Being” would be a good interviewer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you are required to be the next sage, or anything that carries any kind of drum roll connotation; I’m just saying it is good for people who live or adulate the thin surface of glitz, glamour and fame to learn that one from that Small world has stepped into something much greater and more expansive, and transcendent.

  14. Not sure this is the ideal thread for posting this link – – but it does span the range from glamor or beauty to political integrity and demonstrates you can have both – – in other words, having ideals and being left-wing isn’t a drag but a hoot.
    This FLASHBAK site has some wonderful photo-essays, including a terrific one on the 1985 Liverpool schoolchildren’s strike, if you work their search engine. But this one is an overview of Jane Fonda’s life and times, and there’s a lot to love about these photos.
    My fave might be the one captioned ‘Jane Fonda, American actress and peace activist, addresses media 20 December 1972 in Stockholm’ – – there’s an intelligence and compassion there that is knowing and not naive – – but there are many contenders. It’s a visual trip of a girl just trying to understand how the world works and a woman navigating her place in it – – that’s how I read it anyway:-

  15. MJ was from a small community not far from where I currently live. There is a mixture of great mourning and pride here in the wake of his loss. He is a reminder that no matter where we came from, no matter how small we feel, we can do great things in the world. Our small acts and huge sacrifices can change the lives of so many others and future generations to come. I am awed by the selflessness and courage of people like MJ and Zaida, and it behooves us to continue to work in the name of justice in whatever ways we feel personally called.

  16. Hello Jane:
    I just signed up for your blog and I am so excited to be able to comment.
    I met you years ago in Vancouver BC Canada when you came to Ron Zalko Fitness to promote your fitness video – around 1982. I had just given birth to my daughter and was still nursing. You gave me some really good pointers as to how to exercise while lactating. you helped me a great deal. Now skip ahead and I am now 70 and I have no idea how I got here. I love your show with Lily Tomlin – Grace & Frankie. It is so relevant and you two make a fabulous couple!!! You are my hero – I look at you at 81 and am so proud of you. I want to be just like you when i’m 81 – so I take care of myself. No drinking alcohol, no smoking (anything), no pills and I use natural methods to care for any ailments that I might have – and I walk everyday. Thank you Jane – I will continue to follow you and your amazing life. Keep keeping on!!!

  17. In response to this blog – I am saddened to hear about MJ – I really hope that his family and friends have a safe climb and can cross this off his bucket list – keep us posted.

  18. Hi Jane im new in your blog. We are in Brasil leaving hard times, with a horrible government wich have in your president his idol . Im 65, journalist, and would like to share my revolt about this. But not only this. Would like to have a link with you because you are a woman that i respect and with who i have loots similarities. My english is a bit poor but my portuguese is the best so i can handle this conversation, i Hope. Um grande abraço amiga.

  19. Good morning Miss Fonda
    I hope you’re doing well
    If you can give me an address or email that I could send it to please let me know I’m doing some rewriting on it because I feel that there’s some misspelling I’m hoping you would be interested in it or perhaps one of your friends it is a musical of The perils of beautiful Romani songs that’s my people have sang for hundreds of years some of them have been published some of them have not and only song of months are people I’m hoping you have time for me thank you so much hope you have a magical day

  20. Thank you, Jane, for a lovely blog post and showing support for such a worthy cause. I have great love for Congo I worked as a translator for Congolese people escaping the conflict to Uganda where I was based back then. I made great friends until today. I am from Kenya and I have seen how conflict infringes human rights especially those of children and women and those who are most vulnerable. We see this during our tribal politically motivated conflict that arises every five years after elections but there is no comparison with Congo conflict. It is great seeing people who are focusing on equipping the young people with strategies to promote political stability, equality, social justice and especially gender equality through education by offering a scholarship to those who would not afford the fees.

    I have seen how many unemployed youths take to the streets and such scholarship would make a difference especially when these young people go back to their communities to work with other young people to empower them in finding different solutions that work for their country and communities. I welcome this sort of support that enables the young people to take the lead in matters that concern them and also be able to narrate their own stories.

    I personally hiked Mount Kilimanjaro in 2014 and I can attest it is a real challenge both physically, emotionally and most of all mentally. The work of Michael J Sharp and his spirit and the team’s belief in what he tried to achieve for the Congolese people is what will get them at the top. For me, it was the elephants and environment my passion for both is what got me going when I felt like I could not take another step especially at minus 20 degree, dark night pushing to arrive at Uhuru Peak (roof of Africa) for sunrise. The reward immense, I wish them all the best, I will follow them closely on Facebook. If any of the team read this or if you speak to them tell them the ultimate secret to scale the highest lone standing mountain in the world is [pole pole] meaning slowly slowly. It was the fit, young and fast that did not make it in my team because they broke that simple rule.

    Thank you, Jane, for your own contribution and work in supporting people in areas of conflict. I have only recently come across you (Grace and Frankie which am a great fan) and I was asking why I have not known you all my life but I have plenty to catch up. Just bought both of your books and watched your documentary. A phenomenal woman you are. They say when you are ready to learn a teacher appears you are that teacher for me this moment in time. Mary

  21. Olá Jane, te admiro muito e o seu trabalho, não vejo a hora de sair a próxima temporada de Grace e Frank 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞😉💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  22. Jane queria enviar um presentinho para você, como faço?
    Qual endereço?💞

    • Gisele, I’m so sorry but I do not speak your language. i feel terrible. I cannot unnderstand your question. x Jane

      • She says: Jane wanted to send you a present, how do I do it? What address?

        • send to Jane Fonda
          1718 Peachtree St NW
          Suite 465
          Atlanta, GA 30309

  23. Ms. FONDA you are Amazing 💕💯

  24. Good morning Miss Fonda
    I’m a huge fan of yours and have been for many years since I saw you with your father on Golden pond
    You have given us many of us the inspiration that we can do whatever we set our mind to you have taught us that age doesn’t matter I watched you and Miss Tomlin and countless interviews ya’ll guys are hilarious entertainment from beginning to end 😂 people like you and your industry have inspired me to write a book and a screenplay people of my background and heritage things like that we don’t do but looking up to you people like you have given me the inspiration to do so I don’t know if you had a chance to read my other notes but I would like to take a moment of your timeI know everyone thinks they write something fascinating great this is a story that is true espionage laughter song Love it has a little of it all I need help which everyone does when they start out they have no idea what they’re doing I’m hoping you might be able to help thank you again for all the years of entertainment and laughter and keep it up because you are what makes us feel great

    • Good for you, Esther, for jumping in and doing what your hearts tells you to do. I am unable to help you with your writing. I simple don’t have any sare time. But there are writers workshops for starting-out writers. Trying googling and see what’s near you. Stay strong. x Jane

  25. Hi Jane,

    My name is Victor Pacheco, 24, living in South LA. I don’t usually write people but felt compelled to write you, I truly admire your passion for social justice.

    I was born and raised in Northern California (Fairfield). Most men in my family are incarcerated and I was headed towards the same, but everything changed when I attended community college and later transferred to UC Riverside. There I met my mentor Ronald Loveridge (former mayor of Riverside) who took me under his wing. Under him I was exposed to internships and opportunities I could only dream of (ex. Fellowship under Cal Secretary of State Alex Padilla).

    These opportunities led me to where I am now. I’m an organizer for a non-profit in South LA where I mentor and politicize young women and men who are are at the mercy of poverty and the criminal justice system. I see them every day and take many of them home. This is me, link:

    It’s not always easy living in LA, so far away from my family. I’ve lived here a year and still don’t have any intimate friends, maybe this is hard to do at 24, or in general, I don’t know. But I’m committed to staying here because I get to have an impact on the lives young people and be a strong male role model.

    Kamarie (currently sophomore, age 15) would not give me a chance when I first met her last year as a freshmen. She did not have any male figures in her life and rejected any type of effort I made with her. However, little by little I was able to build trust in her — through the daily car rides home, etc. In just a year she has become a seasoned political activist…last month she spoke directly to the LAUSD Superintendent and demanded that he give more funds to poorer schools, to which he agreed. If you have a moment, please watch, she is brilliant, here’s the link:

    I love what I am doing now, but I don’t want to be at the grassroots level forever. I know I can do a lot more good with my life Jane, if I just had an opportunity. I have big dreams, I dream of one day doing similar philanthropic work as you, large-scale. If you ever have some time, I would love speak with you and get some advice on where I should go next on this social justice journey. If not, I completely understand how busy life can get.

    I hope I am making fellow fighters of social justice like you proud,

    Victor Pacheco

    • Thanks for writing, Victor. You’ve had quite a journey. Good for you. How are you supporting yourself? Are you on the staff of a social justice organization? Besides mentoring people (which is doing the lord’s/Goddesses work) what do you feel your talents are? x Jane

  26. We just wanted to let you know that we are your biggest fans and we love you and adore you both in Grace and Frankie. It makes our day after watching an episode. P.s savannah tagged the @graceandfrankie instagram account with the caption of “Fuck It” inspired by you guys.

    -Savannah & Hayley

  27. you’re effin Wrangler Jane. I cannot believe they left Cat Ballou out of the documentary!

    do you like LIz for Prez?

    i jjust watched Barefoot in the Park, your voice hasn’t changed, ended up watching all the YouTube i could find and need to read your book next, and share it with my daughter, will let you know how much i like it

    and how could they leave out Cat Ballou?! it’s so AMERICAN, it’s so FONDA, it’s so pivotal … i cannot wait to read how you turned into a hippy when you got back from France, just like Candace in her book Knockwood … i wonder if i can put it on hold at my Library. this will be the first time i have ever known anything first hand about an orgy

    you’re my new best friend. im so sorry Ted could not grow up to be married to a social justice warrior also those fucking Methodists just went back to Church of England, and have you watched any of Theresa May at The House of Commons, as Brexit looms heavy heavy over their heads they’ve formed a 3rd party MPs be walking away from both sides of the aisle, Torys and Labour HA okay… im activated here now and so ive signed my identity away for your protection, i hope you’re happy….

    We girLs have to get used to hiding in plain sight, and doing everything completely above board since they already are keeping tabs, dibs, you name it… it’s all so unfair idnit? like they’ve got the deck stacked so high you can’t see over it and there’s not getting around it either, out of their league cards, all up in their sleeves

    … you should sign-onto fb everyday and post one thing on one persons wall for real, just a thing you can do to dub them knights of faith! Vera Wang manages her own fb. of course it’s problematic because the imperialists are all over it, like white on rice, and all the more reason why one should be aware of what they’re up to

    i want to live forever because it seems likely that very soon now they’re going to stop killing bugs with hammers … it seems to me, the end of a millennium is being dragged out by the sledgers but even they secretly hope the mongers will want to make it fun too, instead of all this holding up of guns to peoples heads, even Damocles says enough already

    those damn Methodists, what the hell?! Wesley is beside himself and his brother too!

    Donald Sutherland is hot.

  28. This is very sad but I’m glad that his legacy is still living on through other people. Prayers to all his family and for a safe climb. They are wonderful for what they do.

  29. Hi Jane
    Where can I start I honestly can not believe I’m writing to Jane Fonda
    I have been a fan of yours for years you have been so inspirational to me
    I’m 54 yrs old and aspire to be just like you glamorous and beautiful inside and out and a strong powerful woman
    I love watching Grace and Frankie with my 14 year old daughter and she has become a fan of yours too
    We recently were blessed to be able to visit LA and we went and visited the beach house it was amazing to be there and feel a part of the show
    Thank you for making us laugh
    All our love and best wishes Millie and Leonie xxx

  30. Dearest Ms Fonda,
    I would like to sincerely thank you for the constant inspiration, talent, hard work and calls to social justice you’ve gifted us with over so many years.
    Thank you for making Grace & Frankie — a show that showed me, a 22-year-old, that life doesn’t stop after 30 (that was my mindset before watching the show — imagine the growth you and the entire cast and crew have brought to people like me!) I adore the show and I think the example it sets is so, so important for younger women to see that with age, life remains fun, full of joy and love, and growth doesn’t ever stop!
    Thank you! 🙏🏼

  31. Hi Jane, I have just finished watching season five of Grace & Frankie, and I adore you.
    I have just turned thirty and wonder about life sometimes.. what advice would you give to a thirty year old woman? Sending all my love all the way from tiny New Zealand XOXOXO

    • It’s too hard to give general advice to a 30-year-old woman, except to say, “Please don’t give up. Keep working to make yourself your best self and fake it till you make it.”

  32. You’re an inspiration in new ways everyday! Thank you for helping set an example for helping women achieve more than is perceived to be. Just thank you. 😊

  33. Hi Jane!
    I completely love reading new posts from you, and the show Grace and Frankie – amazing! Always makes me laugh.
    I was wondering If there’s a good address to write to you where my letter will actually get to YOU! I read a few P.O. Boxes I can send it to but wasn’t sure it was the correct ones?


  34. Dear Jane,
    I have a great affection for your work and I follow your activist activities. I’m reading My Life so Far and I’m every page more enchanted with the sweet, strong and beautiful woman that you are! it is a daily inspiration to know more about your journey.
    I am a Brazilian architect, who strives for equality between men and women. Thank you for teaching all women the power we have in our lives!
    I’m super looking forward to the sixth season of Grace and Frankie!
    In December I will be in New York and would like to meet the Women’s Media Center to understand more about American culture as it relates to women.

    Much love and admiration,

    • Oh Fernanda, Thanks. I feel very sad, horrified actually, about what’s happened in Brazil…your new President, and how much he and Trump like each other. I hope we all recover. x JF

  35. I would like to take the opportunity to tell you how much joy and comfort it brings me every episode of “Grace and Frankie” I love the way you show and bring humor to the complication of getting older from a woman aspect. I wish there were more people who really bring light and joy to the word the way you and Lily do. I hope that you both continue this show and are truly rewarded for your positive outflow of love and joy. Thank you
    P.S Incase you haven’t noticed your as beautiful outside as you are in

  36. Hi Jane! This message may be more appropriate to go with you end of year message but thought I’d post on your most recent. Lately I’ve begun watching tons of YouTube (thankfully) as an alternative to our train wreck tv news and have enjoyed so many of your clips along with Lily’s. I’m 53 and entering my third act it seems. Last year I wrote a book The Color of Hue…virtue dependent on its dominant wavelength about the demise of my 21 yr marriage. It’s naughty and poetic. I also run Mother Rock Star Dogs a dog boarding facility for the last 14 years and am just leaving the love of my life 4 yr relationship with a major alcoholic and bought 40 acres in the middle of the desert down by Big Bend National Park. Alone now, afraid of what’s next, adult children who have moved on. Lots to swallow, but your lessons have been a blessing and your comic relief! I’d love to send u my book if there’s a good place to do that but don’t want to if you are already inundated. I’ve been seeking good women role models as now all my older female family members have passed on. Much love to you and yours. Anni

  37. Hi Jane,
    Seems you are back filming the next season of Grace and Frankie. YEEAAHH! I wonder how long it usually takes for you all to do the filming of a season. Is is months? What is the experience like going from one episode with one director then switching to another. Have you ever wanted to direct an episode? Do you film (old word), them in chronological order, or are they out of sequence like in making some movies?
    Dallas is still a bit of a journey. I’m waiting for you to do a west coast event. I’m going to be in Arizona all November. I’m hoping you have an event in Arizona or Southern Cal even if I have to rent a car and drive there. I will definitely drive from home to anything in WA or OR the rest of the yr.
    If I were in an audience, and could ask a question, I guess I would want to ask something that you don’t usually get asked. Something you want to talk about that’s outside the box of what is expected. At the moment, I haven’t a clue what that would be. Dona

    • I’ll be in St Paul, Minn July 6th, Madison, Wisconsin July 7th, Dallas July 8, Kansas City, MO JUly 9th. If that helps

      WE film is chronological order and I’ve never wanted to direct.

  38. Hi, Jane!
    Hope this comment passes the approval mechanism.
    16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is being nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2019. Have you got the opportunity to listen to her speeches? I didn’t knew about her until now and she seems to be a fabulous girl and a really mature one.
    Here you have a link to her TED talk.
    Love you,

  39. I know it’s not about the post (I already commented about it b4) but today it’s my birthday and I’d love to get a happy birthday and maybe an advice from you, because you are my hero and one of my daily inspirations! I love you so much! Greatings from Brazil! Xx

    • I hope I am not too late, Amanda, but I wish you a very happy birthday. Yay!!!

  40. Dear madame Fonda,

    My name is Ali Audi, I’m 39 years of age, i happen to be living in the middle east, where being one of the LGBTI community is not so much of an easy lifestyle, but it is because of souls and minds like you, i get more hope, day after day, that there’s always light, and one should always strive towards hope and never towards despair.

    I have a huge admiration to all of your efforts and advocacy.

    You are truely a living legend, a never fading beauty icon, and nonetheless, a living proof of what humanity and humility is/should be.

    Indeed, I’m honoured to be living and witnessing what a true living star and a legend is like.

    PS: I adore “Grace and Frankie”… you and Lili rock.

    Warmest regards from Lebanon,


  41. Good afternoon Jane.I saw that you reply many posts but not all. Is there a criterium for that?
    Thanks a lot.
    PS no i didnt say that before.

    • Madalena, No, I don’t have any criteria for when I write an answer to my blog friends. Sometimes I just “approve,” and sometimes I write something. Especially when there is a specific question that I am ale to answer or when something touches me in a particular way. I don’t have time to answer everything and I do it myself so…

  42. Kalimera Jane,
    I joined your group in January. I am now receiving emails from Gen Ella Morgan wanting $$$$$
    I did not realize my email became public for scammers to use.
    Please correct my concern so scammers such as Ella do not have access to our private emails.
    Anne Cridler

  43. Dear Ms Fonda ,
    Thank you so much for responding to my email .
    I know that you are extremely busy .
    Your opinion would mean so much to me .
    I am very excited for you to read a rough draft of my screenplay .
    This will be the very first time a story , A true story will be told about the Roma “ gypsy “ Families and their culture during the holocaust .
    And this was just a few of many ,
    exsperiances that was shared .
    Not only do I feel that it will be interesting , it has music , laughter
    A love story that could never be , and a plot that keeps u in suspense , so much so that your audience will find themselves rooting for the good guys at the end .
    Ms Fonda , I truly believe that it took a woman to create it and I believe it needs a strong woman to direct it .
    I believe that you are that woman ,
    I am sincerely praying that you will identify with this body of work and hope that you will love it enough to make it happen .
    I admire you and your creativity and all of the achievements you have accomplished .
    I am in the Los Angeles area however will be leaving on March 18 in the afternoon .
    Which is tomorrow Monday .
    However if there is anyway that I can
    come to your office in the morning to deliver this in person that would be great .
    And then I can travel back at your request , Even if it’s just to discuss any opinions , maybe your thoughts or ideas , any kind of input would be greatly appreciated .
    Thank you and God bless you

    Esther 😉

    • Esther, I have never been interested in directig. Never have and never will. Nor do I truly produce anymore. Too far along. I prefer writing. But thanks for thinking of me. xx

  44. Dear Jane,
    In case no one told you today
    you are beautiful and perfect and I love you.

    Martha xoxo

  45. Jane, I am so glad you have never given up on your morals and values as this world has gone through countless political and social changes. It is heartening to know that with age you can remain progressive and open. I hope to be able to become as hardworking of a person as you someday. Your activism gives me hope for what my future can be.

  46. Jane, I wanted to point out there seems to be some confusion about Mt. Kilimanjaro being in the [ D.R. of the ] Congo, in yr blog regarding Michael J. Sharp and trekking the mountain. I would like your blog followers to know Mt. Kilimanjaro is not located in the Congo as it seems to indicate in this blog. The fabled mountain is in Tanzania along the border with Kenya.

  47. (addition to older comment) I forgot! You don’t have to approve this comment, but I forgot to mention it in my letter and wanted to let you know that my birthday is this Friday (April 5), and for it I am raising money for the Left Forum (Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to donate). They hold a yearly conference which has hosted linguist Noam Chomsky and similar speakers in the past, and sometime if you’re ever not working on a project, you could contact them and see if they will pay to host you or at least attend. I know politics is not really your game these days and I understand if it is time to pass the torch, but it seems like the world needs a little more Jane Fonda style love and activism.
    Thank you for everything, Ms. Fonda! I hope one day we can chat about our experiences in activism and art.
    PS. I saw your Buzzfeed interview with Lily and I have to argue that your talent for singing is brilliant. I hope your year is full of love so far!!

  48. This is off topic, but, I’ve just read of Ms. Fonnda’s pain issues and battles with cancer. The personal is political, and I don’t understand why Veganism has been mocked and trivialized in her/your TV show? Cancer is oa modern disease that is heavily related to diet (not to mention the issues of cruelty, world hunger, global warming, speciesism, etc etc) all of which are directly effected by not being vegan. Ann Wigmore, Dr Robert Morse, True North Health Center, Dr John McDougall and others have decades of healing people with diet and reducing/stopping pain which is a sign of inflammation . Also, I wanted to suggest trying Sonic Whole Body Vibration therapy/machine for your pain.

    • witnessmystyle, I am almost vegan. VERY LITTLE red meat (for iron) cause I know the environmental consequences. I have my pain under control. I’m 81 and I have some health issues but I’m basically NOT SICK though I am grateful for your concern and advice.

  49. Hi Jane, my name is Rena and i´m from Chile. I´m 16 years old and i absolutely love you and your work. You are such and inspiration for me and my mom and i love Grace and Frankie, actually i just finished season 5 and i loved it, everything was so funny and can´t wait for season 6, i´m a huge fan of the show and your character. I just wanted you to know that you have a 16 year old teenager huge fan and admirer. Love you and hope you are doing okay.


  50. Thank you Jane! I feel touched by this blog as well as a lot of what you are trying to share with us as a society. After getting to know you on Grace & Frankie, your honesty and fight compelled me to investigate your life & activism further. You have ignited me!! I am a 35 year woman & mother of 2 who lives in Montreal, Canada. Because of your passionate relaying of information & spotlighting vital but seemingly ignored topics (This story of MJ, One Fair Wage in Michigan!) You have helped me open my eyes to my own place in the fight. I want to contribute. It’s deeply important to thank you for all you have shared. It IS important and we DO NEED YOU. I want to do a crazy thing like make a documentary on Feminism in Quebec….you helped sparked that! If you ever make your way to beautiful Montreal, I hope to hear you speak. Thank you for sharing your wisdom to help others. These words dont seem enough. Sending you love and gratitude, Jane!
    Love, Jamie-Lee XOX

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