So much catching up to do! I haven’t blogged in so long. There simply isn’t enough time. I guess this is true for most of us. Anyway, we’re on episode 10 of season 5 of “Grace & Frankie.” So 4 more episodes to go. Time seems to have flown by. We all feel that way, it’s not just my being old. And I must say, it’s still a blast going to work every day and getting to work with Lily and the others. I think this 5th season is going to be very funny. Lots of twists and turns.


Then, there’s been all the promotional work on “Book Club” that i’ve been doing with Mary, Candy, Diane and Don Johnson. That in itself has been loads of fun because we’ve all become good friends. One reason I really wanted to do the movie, besides the funny and poignant script by Erin Simms and Bill Holderman, is to get a chance to get to know these women. It could have turned out to be a gaggle (or pride or coven or swarm) of divas. Right? You never know. But it wasn’t and we all pledged to be intentional about staying in touch and maintaining our new friendship. It won’t be easy. Candy will be in NY filming “Murphy Brown.” Yay! As you’ll see in “Book Club” she’s lost none of her trademark dry, sly wit. Plus she’s fearless. We’ve all gone to each others homes for a meal.

2018 CinemaCon - Paramount Pictures Red Carpet Arrivals

As I write this we’ve gotten the news that our little $9 million film that didn’t even have a distributor when we finished shooting is projected to come in #3 this weekend after “Avengers” and “Dead Pool.” It’s a David and Goliath story–us older women versus tent-pole, special effects franchises– but Paramount Pictures fell in love with the film and provided ‘David’ with a top notch sling shot. (enough with the metaphor, already) I’m so grateful to those in my social media universe like Daniel, Dona and Sienna who rushed out and saw it the first night which helped. Please see this movie. It is truly funny and there are some nice, heartfelt moments when many eyes well up, including my own. if this little film of ours does well and has ‘legs’, as we say in the business, studios will be more apt to make more like it–funny, women-centered, and with older folks.

And last week I was at the Cannes Film Festival. I was working for L’Oréal Paris (I am the oldest skincare ambassador in history) but also my HBO documentary, “Jane Fonda In Five Acts” was screened there. The director, Susan Lacy, who created the wonderful American Masters series while she was at PBS, was also there and we were both ecstatic at the enthusiastic reception it received. It’s a smartly constructed and very intimate look at my life, warts and all. It will open on HBO in September.

Working in Cannes for L’Oréal is always a non-stop, back-to-back affair with interviews, TV shows and photo shoots so no time to see any films or go to parties but I briefly saw Helen Mirren, Cate Blanchett and Michael B. Jordan.



One nice thing about being in Cannes was that I rediscovered how terrific CNN International is. Fareed Zakaria is so brilliant at in depth analysis and the long-form pieces are gems.

I got home Wednesday and went back to work Thursday, shooting some very funny scenes with Lily and my daughters. Not easy, however, as my body was still in France and by 5pm I was dragging my ass.

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  1. I saw Book Club a week ago and have barely stopped thinking about it since!
    Something that you have reiterated throughout the press tour of this film is that older women are the fastest growing demographic in the world, and if even a fraction of those women end up as fun as you women in this film, then the world is going to be a much better place for it.

    I enjoyed watching it so much, it was so wonderfully fun. It really was just an enjoyable experience and that made it so easy to love.
    In terms of the audience, too, I’ve never seen a room full of people react so much to a film. The laughter was deafening!!! This film is so entertaining for anyone watching it and such a fun experience! I’ll definitely be seeing it again!

  2. Jane, I’ve seen Book Club twice and love it! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen every season of Grace and Frankie. I’m in the last years of my second act and I thank you (and Lily) so, so much for showing third-act women living full, sexual lives (including the joys of masturbation). I can’t wait to see your hbo documentary. Keep on being an activist!

  3. My dear Jane, reading your posts is always so refreshing. I live in Italy and here it is 10:30AM now, so I have started my day “with” you. I am an active follower of your work and part of #GraceandFrankie Fans page dedicated to “Grace and Frankie” on FB and created by Jacqueline Weaver — wonderful woman so dedicated and passionate about the show who you might have heard about. I have posted three or four times on your blog, but only one message went through. You replied to that and I thank you for it. Your message made me feel listened to. So, I am not sure my words will get to you this time either, but if I am writing to you again, it means I have faith they will. I am waiting for “Book Club” to be released in Italy. There is no set date yet and I am getting impatient. I really want to watch it and have some good laughter. I have watched “Grace and Frankie”…I have no idea how many times…both in English and Italian. The English original version is superior on every possible level. Dubbing is always tricky. I love your voices and your acting so much. Lily is spectacular! The two of you together make fireworks! The entire cast is awesome! June Diane Raphael is so charismatic and funny. Marta Kauffman and Howard Morris are both geniuses! The writing is unparalleled. Last year, “Two Souls at Night” at the Venice Film Festival was amazing. I saw you there in a very funny situation and I loved every send of it. More to come about it. Along with your work, I admire what you stand for. Your integrity, your intelligence (OMG!), your faith in life and people, your honesty, your fights for social justice, women, peace, and democracy are reasons of deep thinking for me. Last but not the least, your love for Tulea makes you really sweet to my eyes. (I have two dogs, Ella and Meri — Ella, a Golden Retriever, is from San Diego, CA and I speak to her in English. I adore them. Meri is a rescued dog from Croatia. So, I understand what you feel for her). It amazes me how everything you post on social media or say and write has a meaning. Nothing is by chance and it always resonates with my heart and mind. It is pretty powerful, don’t you think!? Also, from what I understand you are a good listener because you live in the “here and now.” You are mindful, which is something not easy to do. I still find it hard. It takes a very long and painful “journey” to be able to live in the present rather than hide in the past. And I must add. The way you look is the proof of what I am saying, of how you feel inside now, of how your profound emotional journey has been fruitful for your well-being. You have always been a beautiful woman from the picture I have seen, but now your beauty equals your happiness. To me, you are more beautiful now. If I look at you or at your work I see a happy human being, a professional, an activist so aware of whom she is and of how much more she can offer to the world now, be it art or social commitment. You will for peace is now much stronger and mature because I feel like you are peaceful inside now. I truly feel what I am saying. Now, given that I know a lot about you (I have read all of your books, watched all your movies (“Barefoot in the Park” and “Golden Pond” are my favorites), read and watched many interviews, articles, etc.) I think it is considerate to let you know who I am. I am Simonetta. I am Italian, but I have lived, studied, and taught at college level in the US (MA, GA, and MI) for 8 years. Believe it or not, I got my Master of Arts in Film Studies at Emory University in 2008. Amazing time for me there. I understand why you used to love living in Atlanta. Unfortunately, I am back to my country now because, years ago, I was the recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship. This unbelievable opportunity, though, when it ended, required me to go back to Italy and be a resident there for two years in a row before applying for a work visa. Time went by and, in the end, I did not come back for many reasons. Yet, my heart is still there. I feel like an American, you know!? I always speak English because, to me, it is the language of love, while Italian is the language of reason. Quite the opposite of how many people feel about the Italian idiom. I am a Screen Arts scholar, a teacher, a researcher, but here I have to take on jobs which have nothing to do with my academic education (I work in a winery now–but not for long, unfortunately–I will lose my job in a couple of months) because I have to support myself, plus there are no opportunities to get hired in my academic field. I do not have a PhD to teach as I used to, but that is another different chapter. To make the story short, when I do not work, I study. I read. I write. I ask questions. I listen to people. In other words, I keep myself interested in all I can learn, as you taught me. I consider myself a learner always hungry for knowledge, as you are. Being a constant learner brought me to be an accurate researcher. And this is what I have been trying to ask you in the last six months without the opportunity to reach you. I am offering my service to you. I would like to work for you FOR FREE, even from remote. I would like to help you in the causes you are involved and care about conducting research for you and write reports, suggest readings, collect information about issues you might not have the time to look into in depth, but want to know more about and understand better. I believe in you. I believe in your fights and I want to help the world change for the better at your side, even if that means from afar. If you want I can do a research on a specific topic and send you via mail all the material/information I find along with a detailed report, so that you may have a sense of what I can do. Or you can assign me a topic of your interest. If you want references or my resume or anything to evaluate me and take my proposal into consideration, please, do not hesitate to write to me and I will make them available to you. Here is my contact information: [email protected] I truly hope you will read my message. I wish you a wonderful day of fun work with Lily! Please, give a kiss and a hug to Tulea. Take good care, Jane. With love, respect, and deep esteem, Simonetta

    • Simonetta, I really appreciate your generous offer to work with me in my various endeavors—from afar. I wish I could take you up on your offer but honestly I don’t know what I could ask you to do. At least not right now. But I will certainly keep your offer in mind should something come up. You never know. All the Best, Jane

  4. Jane….4 of us went and saw Book Club opening night also. OMG we so loved it…and plan on taking a few more friends to see it as well! For Mother’s Day my daughter posted a memes with me having a virtual cocktail with you on Facebook, it was the next best thing :). Also I took one of those silly tests about which Book Club character are you most like…..and I was Vivian….again I loved it. Just fun, silly things to do.
    As for Grace & Frankie, about ready to start watching the whole 4 seasons again, I still laugh out loud even tho’ I have seen all the episodes before….It takes too long for the next season to come out, is my only complaint….. I enjoy the show so much!!

  5. Jane,
    You are amazing in everything you do! Can’t wait for season 5 of Grace and Frankie! I have rewatched seasons 1 through 4 at least 10 times. Book Club was fabulous! I am planning on seeing it again with some friends. Thank you for all you do and all you stand up for! You never cease to amaze me!

  6. Jane … I’ve been a huge fan since my mother made me do your workout tapes 30 years ago!
    I luv grace & Frankie!
    Can’t wait for more!
    Just saw Book club! It’s fantastic!!!!
    What a fantastic movie!
    Keep up the outstanding work

  7. It’s fantastic to read a new blog from you! I admire your work so much, and it’s great to hear that as busy as you are with work, you’ve been able to prioritize and expand your friendships, too.

    It’s great to hear you allude to shooting scenes with Lily. I’m a big Grace and Frankie fan, and I’ll admit that–while the overall narrative arc of Season 4 made a lot of sense to me–it was hard that there were so many episodes in the middle of Season 4 that didn’t center Grace and Frankie being together onscreen. At times it almost seemed like the structure of the show was conspiring to keep Grace and Frankie separate (which, of course, had massive emotional payoff at the end of 4×13). Grace and Frankie’s relationship is truly the heart of the show; it has everything–friendship, friction, love, challenges, even sexual tension. I know Season 5 won’t air for awhile, but I’m so excited! Thank you so much for creating art that’s not only entertaining but truly relevant to women of all ages.

    In this scattered comment, I also wanted to say that I was tremendously moved by your L’Oreal film shot at Cannes the red staircase, about transcending the need to please men. Your honesty and determination are inspirational to me. As a lesbian, I’ve long believed that it’s essential that women privilege each other and our own stories and selves over patriarchal demands, but–for any woman of any sexuality–it’s very challenging to live that way. Thank you so much for sharing your own story!

  8. WOW! You look great, planning to enjoy Book Club this week!

  9. Thx for the catch up. I just love you and all you do. I used to be told I resembled you back in my younger years and you have been a favorite ever since.

  10. Hi, Jane!
    I do not even doubt that Book Club will be successful in other countries. It is a pity that in Russia this film will be released only at the end of June but I think patience will be worthwhile. With confidence I can say that all my friends will definitely see it because I will literally drag them to do it haha. Could you tell us more about your relationship with Diane Keaton? I just adore her, it would be interesting to hear the impressions and maybe some funny moments with her from your side. Thank you, you are the best! xx

  11. My girlfriends and I (sixty three, sixty four and seventy one) saw Book Club on Sunday. We LOVED every minute of it. Of course, we saw ourselves in each scenario and related to the lives of each character. It was a lot of fun and we want MORE.
    Thank you all for the honesty, and encouragement to live life to the fullest at any age.
    Loved it !! Can’t wait for the next season of GRACE AND FRANKIE !!

  12. Getting older can be okay. My mom turns 98 on July 4th and lives in Boca Raton Fl. At an independent living facility with only help to do her food shopping. She did go to a gym starting at age 50, and only uses a walker outside her apartment.. She takes courses at FAU and if there is a movie she wants to see, I buy the reserved tickets for her and a cousin who drives… There is a theater called the Living Room at FAU that shows independent films and shows in a theater that has 7 rows similar to a screening room, or living room….She lived in New York and tries to act like she’s still there. She did use a computer for years, now it’s an iPad. She misses her museums but visits them all over the world.
    I just want to say Jane you’re right about getting older that it can be okay if you’re curious, take care of your health and keep your brain active. Good genes help of course. Thank you for giving Women a voice and showing them that there is an interesting life after 80. My mom is doing it after 98!
    Anyone that wants to send her a happy birthday send it to Ruth Goldstein Stratford Pointe 6343 Via de Sonrisa Del Sur Boca Raton, Fl.33433

  13. Hi Jane! I’ve missed reading your posts and I know how hard it is with a schedule like yours. I’m just grateful you take the time at all. I am looking forward to seeing Book Club and your documentary. In fact, I’m going to ask several of my girlfriends if they want to go to the movie with me. Seems like a great opportunity for a bunch of us to get together for a fun girls night out!

    As today is election day, I am proudly displaying my “I voted” sticker! My husband asked me why I was leaving a little early for work and I said “I want to vote before I go to work. No use wearing the sticker if I can’t advertise all day for people to go vote!” I believe last year I posted an add here for one of the people running in my Congressional District here in Kentucky…Amy McGrath, a former fighter pilot who retired from the military to run in this election. I was so happy to vote for her today! She’s got a tough race here. I’ll be anxiously awaiting the results this evening.

    I am so happy to hear about G&F season 5!!! I have recently been re-watching season 4. I just love every minute watching you guys. And I absolutely loved Lisa Kudrow’s character. I’m an old Friends fan from way back. I always loved watching her as Phoebe too. Fun fact…my husband and I recently adopted a new dog last month (we lost our 15 year old in February and our other dog needed a new sister) and we named her Frankie in honor of the show! Grace was on the table too, but after we got her…we just knew…she’s totally all Frankie. LOL!

    Take care, Jane. Hope you have a fantastic day!
    Rock on!

  14. I am so excited to hear that Grace and Frankie’s next season is almost ready. I am definitely going to see the book club. I cannot wait to go see it. Thank you for the updates in your blog. You look stunning in all of those pictures. Luv ya!

  15. Jane, happy to read you are enjoying a surge of artistic energy. We are the grateful recipients of your seemingless, effortless work. The ensemble of Grace & Frankie is the perfect mix, you are all grand. Am going to see “Book Club” today, with a “girlfriend”, of course; should be quite a romp. You are all lovely, talented women, who deserve a standing ovation, for having braved the ugliness that can rain on beautiful, accomplished, women. I say, “BRAVO”, to you all. Please, give Tulia a hug.

  16. Jane, I’m always glad to see a notice from you in my inbox.
    I live two hours from a city, so it’s unlikely I’ll see your new movie in a theatre. But I’m looking forward to it when it comes to me and I hope that’s soon. What a cast!
    -Kate in Saskatchewan










    SUMMER OF 2018!




  18. Jane, I forgot to ask you something.
    I ordered something from your website (a week ago) and I just wondered how long it takes before the item arrives, when shipped to Norway? I’m just too excited! I can’t wait!!!
    Elise xxx

  19. You have been a constant inspiration for my daily life.
    I am happy to know that in a world of so many uncertainties there are good people. Wishing better and better day always !
    God bless you!

  20. Hello from London.My name is Anna,I am Italian,I have being living in London for the last 22 years and I have loved watching your show “Grace & Frankie” on Netflix.You all look splendid in the show.The series is now finished on Netflix here in London,but I can’t wait for series 5 to come out next year.I just wish to tell you that you look amazing and you are a very good actress.I shall be watching your new movie soon.
    Thank you for brighten up my evenings with Grace and Frankie.You all make me smile and bring some happiness in my life.
    Ciao from London

  21. You have been a constant inspiration for my daily life.
    I am happy to know that in a world of so many uncertainties there are good people. Wishing better and better day always !
    God bless you!

  22. I’m so happy seeing all that. Grace and Frankie is my favorite thing to watch, I can’t get enough of it. It makes me cry, smile and laugh. My teacher looks like you and wear like Grace, I told her about and she became so happy because she loves you so much and she thinks you are one of the most beautiful and talented women in the world (I agree with her). You are such a big and wonderful inspiration to million people and I’m sure the book club is making people happier, because it teaches us that there’s no age to be happy, the same as Grace and Frankie does. I fell in love with your pics in Cannes, there’s one I loved so much that you were showing your tongue in the red carpet, it’s everything I’d do if I was there. People always say “hey, Jane” when I take pics like that. So, Jane, you are my light in my darkest days and you give me happiness and strength. Every new movie, event or post of your life makes me unbelievable happier. Thank you for this. Thank you for existing. I’ve been taking a lot of time to get courage to write this for you, because you are really so important to me! I love you so much, big kisses from your Brazilian fan, who can’t wait to see you here again.

  23. Liked the picts especially of you at Canne…noted that Nadine Labaki first Arab woman film-maker to win at Canne–The Jury Award…

  24. Jane, I’m in Guadalajara which is the second city of Mexico, I tried to see Book Club, it was the only movie with all the seats sold, congratulations a success

  25. Dear Jane,
    My first introduction to you, was with a book of “Jane Fonda Exercises”….I was 17 growing up in Mumbai, India. I used to love following your workouts and did them diligently everyday (leg warmers a must ) Now in California…I reminisce those good old days !! Since then I’ve enjoyed watching your movies and now Grace & Frankie which I have not only binged watched but indulged in just for the brilliant writing, your fabulous clothes & style and the most “relatable & relevant” topics you touch upon so easily! Thank you for being you and showing us all how to “Grace-fully” grow fabulous with time!

    You are truly an inspiration to me! Who knew that the beautiful young woman who inspired me when I was 17 still inspires me today! Can’t wait to see the fun & laughter you create with Lily in the next season of Grace & Frankie!

  26. Hi Jane, I’ve recently been listening to more podcasts throughout my day. Most that I listen to are focused on feminism, politics and/or the LGBT+ community. I have listened to several podcasts that you (and Lily Tomlin) have been on as well and they were wonderful. I was wondering if you listen to any podcasts and if so which ones would you recommend? Also, my birthday is coming up next Friday and as a present one of my close friends bought me one of your mugshot t-shirts from your shop. I’m so excited to wear it when it arrives!

    Thanks, Skyler

  27. You are amazing, Ms Fonda, and you look amazing to boot! I have been waiting for one of my longest and dearest friends to come out with me to see “Book Club,” but getting her out is a bit of a tooth-puller (I don’t get it. We’re only in our early 50s, for goodness sake!) We both adore “Grace & Frankie,” so I felt it appropriate to view your latest film with her. Ah well, I may have to do the Uber-independant woman move and just up and go see the film myself. Box office numbers tend to trump (I didn’t mean to swear) quality film work, and I want those numbers to be as high as we can get them! More quality films and programs by, about and for aging women! For women in general as well! A-ho!

  28. Not to long ago I stumbled upon Grace and Frankie and I absolutely could not stop myself. It is the best!! I am captivated by your resilience at 80 years old. I recently watched On Golden Pond and it is such a beautiful story. My 11 y/o daughter asked me to recommend a movie, so I told her (OGP), she stopped because she couldn’t get past the two old people. Ha! Ha! After I told her a little more about it, she watched it in its entirety and absolutely loved it. My 9 y/o dtr then watched it and loved it as well. I definitely miss meaningful movies now a days. Thank you for being YOU, and sharing yourself with us all.

  29. I just saw Book Club… I’m thrilled, refreshed and eager to live! Jane, you are a very special human being! There’s so much life in you and so much positive energy! Words are too weak to express the strength and uniqueness of your character as a human being and a woman. I love your art. What you do and how you do it has the power to turn the whole universe upside down. I wish every future actor regardless the gender learns from you, because you are such a treasure of the human soul. Words are not enough. Thank you for being and giving so much! Thank you!

  30. Hi Jane,
    I went to see Book Club last night. It’s such an amazing film I really enjoyed it I didn’t stop laughing and also cried a few times. I can’t wait to go and see it again. You are such an amazing actress, you blow me away everytime. You are my idol, you inspire me so much. It is my dream to meet you one day.
    I love you so much,
    Georgia xx

  31. Loved the Book club movie seen it several times my girlfriends. Been following your blogs for a short time but very much enjoy them. The ladies at my work laugh because I tell them “Did you no this and this about Jane Fonda”. With that being said they bought me a cardboard cutout of you! I laughed and was like this is sweet! So you hang out with me at work! My patients get a kick out of me when I show them you! One day I hope to meet you it’s on my bucket list. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  32. Jane, can you remember your voice-over sessions for narrating JULIA?
    Did Fred Zinnermann give any directing for your narration? did he do many takes?
    I’m guessing you read the narration after the shooting schedule was done, but probably not with the opportunity to look at the images your voice would be bridging.
    Your voice got the fatalistic calmness of long-term reflection, to contrast with flashes of temper in the flashbacks, and I wonder how you evoked that distance.
    (I’m researching cinema voice-overs and JULIA is an especially literary one – – philosophical too actually.)

    • Gary, I don’t recall anything about doing the JULIA voiceovers except that when I recently saw the film again, I regretted not working on making my voice sound older.

      • I had not seen Julia, I saw it recently, your performance is wonderful.

  33. Ms. Fonda
    Well I see you will be coming to Michigan pretty soon! Traverse City is just beautiful in the summer. I am hoping I will get the opportunity to see you there. Missed you last year when you where at Wayne State with Lily. I did drop you a letter in the mail not sure if you ever received it and that’s ok. Just felt the need to write you about some of the trials I have been through much like you. I am still a work in progress. You said that self confidence depends on what happened to you when you where a child. That is so true! I am 43 now and struggle everyday with the abuse I have gone through. I look at you and you give me hope that one day I will come out of this darkness that seems to be around me. I am a pleaser and do so much for others when I should be working on myself, again I am a work in progress. I always have hope and stay as strong as I can. You remind me everyday what I can be and that everything will be ok. I am not a big fan of reading but I am reading your book “my life so far” I am encouraged. I’ve dealt with sexual abuse, eating disorders and last but not least breast cancer. For only being 43 I feel way older! Lol it’s ok though. These days it is taking one step at a time even if it’s minute by minute somedays. Thanks for all you do to help so many even someone like me that you don’t know. I see you as a long lost friend that is just helping me get through. Thank so much Ms.Fonda xxxxx

    • Jessica, hope4 to see you in Traverse City. Michael Moore invited me to be honored at the Traverse City film Festival and I am truly honored and will be there. I think Lily an I are speaking there–somewhere–as well.

  34. Hi Jane
    I just recently learned of your blog, it’s been so fun to read your entries.
    You’re such an inspiration to me; your career, talent, personal achievements, and your bravery. I am a new actor, began acting with improv comedy and have now moved to stage performance and film, looking to move soon to NYC or LA further pursue this love. Everytime I watch you act I learn something new about acting. Loved your performance in Book Club, as well as the other three women, what an admirable cast! I loved every minute of that film.
    I am also a social worker as my day job and I’m passionate about social justice and policy. I appreciate the way you’ve made you stance on social politics known and stand by your views.
    Thank you for sharing your blog with us and for being such an inspiration to me

  35. Have gone to see BOOK Club twice and just loved it. Laughed thru the movie both times! You are such an intelligent and talented woman. Am so glad to find this blog with your candid explanation of your involvement with military personnel and their families! I had no clue, as I would suspect many people do not. Was so relieved to hear your side of the events in North Vietnam. Quite a different story from what the government and the press presented to us! Now i admire you even more! Thank you for being an inspiration! Looking forward to more “Grace and Frankie”.! Love you Jane! God bless you!

  36. Dear Jane,
    I wanted to tell you about the difference you’ve made in my life. I will be 52 this summer, my kids are almost grown, & I’ve been single/divorced for the past 10 years. So there’s been some concerns about what I had to look forward to. Was it all just downhill from here? “Grace & Frankie” showed up just in time! It showed me that there was plenty of life left, you don’t have to just be ‘old’ until you die. I identify with both characters, and I love them both. You became my idol! Imagine that! So I just finished your autobiography, & I can relate to so many things, as far as attitudes, values, ways of looking at the world. Combine all this with a renewed commitment to yoga, and I’ve just started a blog. Which is a big deal to me, because I don’t consider myself that tech savvy, or that great of a writer. But I can learn, and I’m finding my voice, and I want to be heard! Thank you! xoxo

  37. Dear Jane,
    My husband and I saw Book Club the day the film opened and we had a great, fun time! He knows you are my idol and inspiration. I look forward to your documentary in September – I’ve seen parts of it on You Tube. Take Care – and we fans are so lucky that you continue to work so we can continue enjoying your great achievements. Love you! Joyce Harri

  38. Dear Jane;
    I have to say how much I enjoy everything about you!!! Without getting sentimental or sound like a stalker.
    Your what I have strived being. I just hope I reach and surpass 80 as you are with amazing dignity and love.
    Of course I must touch on Grace & Frankie not that I haven’t taken everything you have blogged to heart it all actually made me cry . I am a very Just person n because of that have been accused of being narcissistic, loud n many other words I’d rather not say. Very few people want to believe to live n the now and to speak. Because it’s easier to let others take the fall. Not you ! Brava!!! I’m not going to go on n on in your blog. Back to Grace n Frankie. I am soooo happy there’s another season!!! I have told absolutely everyone !!!!!! I have it on my tv literally 24 hours. Aside from many things one day to meet you and Lily would be the biggest joy in my life!!!
    God bless you both!

  39. Cannot wait for season 5. I am so enjoying the show. Hope to see you on an episode of Murphy Brown. Just love you.

  40. Hi Jane.
    Will you be coming back to the UK?
    If so, do you have any idea when?
    Hope you are well.
    Lots of love,
    Georgia x

  41. Yes, watched the BOOK CLUB. It was fabulous! I had read the first book of 50 Shades… couldn’t read anymore. My partner called it 50 SHADES OF SHIT! I was so happy when Candy came out with “50 shades of FUCKED-UP!” I’m still laughing. Loved you girls. Thanks for still entertaining the masses. I really appreciate the honesty and complexities.

  42. My sympathies on hearing of the passing of brother Peter (“Captain America”)…

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