Book Club – In Theaters May 18, 2018

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  1. This Movie looks so good!!!!
    I’m about to start reading your book, I bought a signed version from your website!
    What was it like meeting Greta Garbo?
    & Good look at this years Emmy nominations! Jx

  2. I can not wait to see it !!

  3. I can’t wait to see it! What a great cast!

  4. I can´t wait!!!! I´ll definitely buy Book Club on dvd so I can watch it over and over again.
    Elise xx

  5. Dear Jane Fonda: I would be interested in seeing the movie, ” Book Club” . Our small town public library has a monthly book club discussion,
    however their selections don’t often interest me.

    Two books recently published that I am reading I could also suggest to you. “Hunting the Truth,” a memoir by Beate and Serge Klarsfeld and ” All for Nothing,”

    a novel by the late Walter Kempowski, translated from the German. The latter was recently reviewed b James Wood in the Apr. 16, 2018 issue of the New Yorker.

    Fortunately for me both these books were able to be borrowed through our excellent Wisconsin public library interloan system. The memoir by the Klarsfelds is

    quite a startling revelation of recent history, as is the Kempowski novel !

    My Best Regards,


    ‘ a poem as last month was Poetry Month..

    ” The Plagues of Civilization ”

    Where are the birds

    unseen in the forest,

    a creature unknown

    glides by as if to inspect

    a hermit castoff from

    the world’s delights,

    plagues of civilization.

    g.s., iv/ ‘xviii

    • Gary, you’ll nlike BOOK CLUB. It’s very funny and also poignant. xx Jane

  6. I’m dying to see the movie, you looks beautiful. Love Candita

    • Candita, BOOK CLUB is seriously funny and poignant as well. Let me know what you think. xx

  7. Jane,
    Absolutely have the date circled on the calendar! Asked a friend yesterday to go with me and I have passed the word to others. Usually, I wait a day or two after the opening but I’ll try to add to the head count on the opening this time. So happy to see you at the movies! Dona

  8. You may want to leave this in moderation. This is regarding political choices I’m making. I believe that I need to help grow and support candidates. I’ve chosen two who are running for congress in my state and a few for Senate in other states. I’m sending money to five altogether, which means it has to be small amounts. I’ve chosen Dr. Kim Schrier on the Western side and Lisa Brown on the Eastern side of Washington. Out of state are Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin; Claire MCaskill in Missouri, and Tina Smith in Minnesota. I am including a letter thanking them for stepping up to service, listing my hopes and expectations on their representation, listing my responsibilities to them and itemizing some of my personal values. I don’t know how they feel on every subject, but as I have said, we don’t have to agree on everything. Moving forward. Dona.

    • Good for you, Dona. This is great. We MUST do all we can to at the very least take back the House in November. I’m spending most of my time from when we wrap Grace & FRankie in June till Nov traveling, raising money nd canvassing. Canvassing is so important and one learns so much. xx

  9. Jane,
    Who is the artist for Frankie? The art in her studio and the art show she had. I tried to find the artist’s name, but I didn’t see any credit given. Is it Jane Wagner? I so enjoy looking at her art, stuck here and there of the family and the sketch of the nude woman touching her toes. Whimsical and fun.

    • Dona, I will try to get you her name. Please help me remember. Here’s what’s funny: she’s become so popular that the show can barely afford her any more. Isn’t that great?!

    • The real-life artista who provides all the paintings on the serie is Nancy Rosen, she is from Chicago, I read about her.

      • Candita, Thank you for answering my question. That saves me from pestering Jane with reminder #2 and 3 and… Dona

  10. Jane,
    So the artist isn’t Wagner, but it is a she. That’s great. I would like to read about her and see more of her work, so don’t forget. This is reminder #1.
    If you travel up to my neck of the woods,Western Washington, let me know and I’ll come be part of the crowd.I know how to clap and yell support and throw in a few dollars into the pot.
    Usually, I go to Redford’s movie three times, then buy the DVD. I’ll do the same on Book Club. It’s called supporting your star.I’m enjoying the trailers.Excitement is building. I’m ready for a fun movie.Dona

  11. Happy Mother’s Day, your children should be very proud of you, thank you for your courage and example, in me you are a great inspiration, love you

  12. Jane,
    I couldn’t wait until today so went to the evening opening of Book Club last night at a small theater near me. I have to admit that I was nervous about this film. As much as I want to see you on the screen, I wondered, is this going to be just tittering about old women wanting sex? Aren’t we passed that yet? (except for the young who’ll always be shocked). Since I will never lie to you, I was afraid. I wanted it to be a win for you and to be able to say so. NO WORRIES! I can say that I very much enjoyed it and laughed very loud and often.I l loved where the writers took each individual story for the women. I even enjoyed the actors, of which I’m not a fan of every one. You are outstanding even with streaked mascara, but I love that you show that courage and take us there with you.
    As far as the book club compared to mine, we have lots of wine but we don’t “toast” the book. But once a yr we take a retreat to an island and read a play out loud, each taking several parts because we are a small group.
    So I will love seeing this movie two more times in the theater and adding the DVD to my collection. A friend and I are going on Saturday to a large new theater in Ruston which will be fun to see how the crowd there reacts. After this movie I sort of interviewed groups of women to see if they enjoyed the movie, (not that I couldn’t tell by the laughter). They ALL gave it a thumbs up with big smiles on their faces. I was surprised that I was not the only one staying and reading the credits, which is usually the case. But they had such a good time, one group was chattering away, two other groups quietly reading the credits. So I think you got a winner! Congrats! and Thank you. Again and always, your fan, Dona

    • Thanks, Dona. So happy you liked it and thanks for your honesty xx

  13. Jane, I saw it yesterday (you better believe I watched it on the first day). It exceeded all my expectations – it was lovely, subtle, beautifully acted and very tasteful yet naughty sense of humor. It had genuinely moving and uplifting moments. Kudos to all the cast and crew. The audience that I was in, certainly loved it from the reactions I gathered from all around the room. The energy was lovely and relaxed all around. It really was a demanding couple of weeks on me so this movie gave me an indescribable amount of relief and joy. This was MY version of The Avengers. 😉

  14. Hi Jane!!!
    It’s me again, I saw Book Club Friday night with my best friend! I enjoyed it so much!!! We were the youngest in the theater, but we didn’t care! I love movies that just make you feel good, happy and lighter, and that’s what Book Club did. I smiled a bunch throughout the film. I really liked it and am seeing it again this week with my twin sister and some other ladies. It was nice seeing you all together and then you’re own separate paths. It had me hooked from the start!! The beginning was awesome; I loved seeing the picture of the 4 of you when you were young and then at the end with a picture in the same pose current day. I just loved the little backstory with Diane narrating with the young pictures of you four!! I thought it was so cool! You’re all beautiful ladies, back then and now.
    The scene in the fountain with the penny was super cute! The scene where you were eating ice cream was funny! You’re character was a hoot; how do you manage to look amazing with ruined mascara and messed up hair?! It looked like a lot of fun and I know you said it was a fun movie to make. Also, I heard that there could be another movie to follow?! Yes please!! I liked it and so did the rest of the audience bc they were laughing and laughing throughout! Congrats to you for another great movie!!! I can’t believe this was the first movie I saw with you in theaters & I can’t wait to see more of you on the big screen!
    Love you, stay fab!

  15. I Liked all the recent blog picts, and especially nice to see Jane back at Canne , in a beautiful gown. Noted that this year Nadine Labaki is the first Arab woman film-maker to win at Canne–the Jury Award. ( Finally American film critics are getting it right, it is the Canne film festival, like in “can” of beer, not the “Cahn” film festival.)

  16. My 34 yr. old daughter and I attended a Tuesday matinee of “Book Club” in a suburb of Orlando theater that was packed so full that the very loud long laughs made it impossible to hear all the dialogue; so as soon as “Book Club” streams at HBO, Netflix or Amazon my 80 year young husband and I will laugh together and likely shed a few tears together over the poignant parts.

  17. The Book Club movie IS good! About time we had a movie with actresses in this age group being shown as fun, intelligent, and creative. Our Film Group just saw it and loved discussing it over dinner, a monthly event for us. I also have belonged to a book club for years, and we’ve been doing something over the holidays for ages: donating to a cause that helps girls and women. Our website is We know many others who have done the samell! Think if all book groups took this on, we could really make a huge difference in their lives! Print out our flyer and bring it to your next meeting. Helping others! Everybody wins.

  18. Unfortunately this movie wasn’t on near me, but I’ll be able to watch it on DVD maybe…. a shame though as I love to see stuff on the big screen!
    I finished watching ‘The Chase’ this morning, a really good picture that I’ve never seen before – I really enjoyed it!!
    Next up…… I have some choice…. maybe ‘Cat Ballou’ or ‘In the Cool of the Day’ (I know Jane doesn’t like the latter, but I want to see it anyway).

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