Me with grandkids on my birthday

Me with grandkids on my birthday

(I’m not old, I’m perennial)

It’s the last day of 2017 and I’ve been 80 for 10 days. Here’s what’s bad about being 80:
I can’t run
I can’t ski
It’s hard handwriting thank-you letters which is the polite way to do it
(osteoarthritis is responsible for all the above)

Here’s what’s good about being 80:
People are solicitous, asking if I want to sit.
They open bottles for me and let me go first.
I don’t get groped or harassed
I can fall back on “Well, I’m old,” to justify mistakes
My strong muscles which have always been there have suddenly become a remarkable anomaly to people who hug me
I’m viewed as an elder (even though I feel like a newbie)
I can look back over 8 decades and hence can remember:
When song birds and empty spaces were plentiful
When there were only 2 billion people in the world and consequently less stress, clean air and water, way less traffic, more opportunity to pull yourself up by your bootstraps
When it was safe for a kid to play alone, outside, in the street or the forest
All the challenges and tradegies that I survived (hence, I know I can again)
How to make lemons into lemonade & not sweat the small stuff

I’m less scared of embracing uncertainty
I’ve had time to learn to forgive and the time to reflect and learn from my experiences
I know what I need so I can jettison what is unnecessary
I’m less susceptible to stress (“This too shall pass”)
I no longer hold grudges (with the exception of Henry Kissinger and Dick Cheney both of whom I still believe should be tried for crimes against humanity)
I’ve learned to be more tolerant and patient
I have less ego stake in outcomes
I know there are many things that I will never do or do again and it doesn’t matter (start a new business, go to Myanmar, drive a Ferrari, learn to sail, get married, etc)

So, for me, there’s way more positives than negatives about being smack dab in the midst of oldness. But then, I have my health.

One more thing: There has never been a time in my 80 years when I have felt what I’m feeling today: utter terror that our country is being taken into a possible dictatorship, with a KGB-type intelligence/surveillence; that poor people, people of color, formerly well-paid blue collar working people, will never again be able to afford good schooling, a home, health care, freedom from violence and stress and that too many won’t even know it’s happening because they aren’t getting true news/facts.

2017 showed us—at least those of us who are still able and willing to access truthful news—that the threats to our democracy and to our environment are far worse than any of us dared imagine. The seeds of fascism are all around us.

So my plea to those who follow me on social media is to harness every ounce of your abilities, imagination and courage to do all that you can, in collaboration with others, to stop the destruction of Democracy and civil society. Join others in non-violent efforts not just to resist but to transform the social and political landscape. I am doing it by working with groups on the ground in various parts of the country who go door to door, finding out what people are worried about and helping them understand why those now in power do not intend to help them. Quite the opposite. There are so many people and organizations out there working to educate potential voters and to build long-term people’s movements with the aim of establishing a vibrant, democratic civil society. We must make it possible for single mothers to earn a living wage and have access to affordable child care; do away with mass incarceration and the privatization of prisons; sexual harassment and violence against women must end; former unionized workers must be retrained for the new economy and given jobs not promises; student debt must be forgiven and schools must be improved for all young people; our public lands must be protected and all forms of extraction halted; racism must be made a shameful (and acknowledged) part of our past. There is so much to be done and all of it is possible if all of us can muster the will and determination to fight back against what’s happening.

Greed and selfishness are not the pillars of a stable society so let’s be fierce in this New Year.

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  1. Fabulous article! This year has been a shock to my normally optimistic self. I choose to believe in the overall good of those around me and hope that 2017 is a just a momentary blip. Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year!

  2. I have followed you all of my life and I am 65. I went through the huge losses of Viet Nam and totally suppported all of your efforts to stop it and now we all see how it was all made up and illegal exactly the way it is with Iraq. I was also so enlightened by your Tedtalk on the spiritual staircase and am experiencing that myself. I have grown so much along the same lines as you. I am a single woman and have been for many years by choice. I was blown away by the 2016 election and have been a part of the resistance from the get go. I have an Indivisible group formed within my Congressional district and another Connect group within my city, Kankakee. I want you to I know how much you have always inspired me, I read your autobiography as well. In 2006 1 of my 4 sons died of an accidental drug overdose while celebrating his 30 th Birthday. He was revived at the hospital after way too long and severely brain damaged. We had to help him starve to death and it took an entire month. It almost killed me, but I had 3 other grown sons and they needed me. In 2017 his younger brother finally died after drinking himself to death with alcoholism. Believe me when I tell you I am a seasoned woman/ mother. It has been a rough ride. My new hope is to be a light in this country for other women who have lost their kids to drugs and alcohol as it is also an epidemic in this country. We need hope where there is none. I am just beginning 2018 with this endeavor. I am here to be a light in the storm. We are born caregivers and the strongest species. We give birth and clean up all the messes even death. There is a renewal of synchronicity within all of this chaos and I am living proof that we can and do bring hope and light no matter how dark it gets. Thank you, Jane for all the inspiration your life and actions have given me. You are a mentor to me and have been for a long, long tome. Fist up, roar onward.

  3. I’ll be 64 in a few weeks, but when I hit 50 I began to live my childhood dream of being an author and reporter.

    The reign of Trump fuels me because I ‘write about what angers me especially when nobody else is’- [slightly paraphrased line from the novel “The Help”]

    In harnessing “every ounce of [my] abilities, imagination and courage” last year I wrote my first screenplay, a TRUE story based on my third book titled: “This American and Israel’s Nuclear Whistle Blower Vanunu Mordechai”

    Research of recently declassified documents prove President Eisenhower’s administration knew about Israel’s nuclear weapons facility at Dimona.

    In Oct. 1986, London’s SUNDAY TIMES published everything Vanunu knew and many of the photos he shot within top secret locations within Israel’s nuclear facility at Dimona, where he had worked the night shift as a technician for 9 years.

    On 14 Sept. 2017, Israel’s Supreme Court denied Vanunu’s 12th Appeal to end the restrictions placed upon him in 2004, when he was released from 18 years behind bars under restrictions including he not speak to foreigners.

    In May 2015, the then 60 year old Vanunu wed for there first time to a Norwegian, who filed for Vanunu’s asylum which Norway approved after a 2 year delay.

    Because Vanunu was placed under restriction and ALL media must undergo Israeli Military Censorship to maintain press credentials, ‘The Media’ has ignored Israel’s nukes and Vanunu’s human rights struggle, but maybe Jane Fonda will want to learn more?

    “This American and Israel’s Nuclear Whistleblower VANUNU Mordechai” at FilmFreeWay:

    UNCENSORED “30 Minutes with Vanunu”

  4. Hello Jane
    It is amazing though that altough 80 years old, you are a young girl inside,only so much richer in the experiences and wisdom..
    The fact that we all are going thru the same process is a wonder..
    I admire you that despite all your fame and money , you are still such a humble human being..
    You are truely the inspiration..
    Id like to know, maybe one day, your thoughts about eternity.
    Are you accepting the death?
    Are you escaping from thinking about it?
    Maybe you’ve already answered this question..maybe Ive missed it..
    Have a wonderfull 2018

    • Izabela, Thanks for the idea! I will write about death and the question of eternity. I think about it all the time. xxx

      • Dear Jane, I have been trying to get in touch with you, but my messages do not go through on the website. I posted two. A note says that they await mediation. I am not sure why. Anyway, I’d need to talk with you about work. Should I write to your manager? (I have her email address.) Or is it possible to talk with you directly? Please, let me know at your convenience. Hopefully, this message will reach you. Thank you, Simonetta

        • Dear Simonetta, I’;m not able to meet with you but what is your question? xx Jane

  5. Happy NewYear Jane, read your message and I feel the same way. When I see someone running or jumping I can feel it. Lol. But I know you probably have received thousands of letters about Frankie and Grace. I have never watched a show twice but this one 6 Times. It’s priceless. Don’t ever stop. And by the way where can i buy the purple viberator,seriously. You and Lily are the best. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay happy 75 and staying alive.

  6. We share a birth year, you and I. I’m also healthy and active, and a liberal Democrat (living in Texas!). I love this blog post as it sums up many of my thoughts as we ponder what we can do in 2018 to change things, especially our governments, for the better. Keep on working to elect good guys, and so will I. “Grace and Frankie” is our favorite Netflix show, by the way. We even watch episodes more than once, and find things to laugh at that we’d missed the first time! Love and laughter in 2018 to you and yours.

  7. ❤️

  8. Happy New Year(s) my dear Jane!
    Always an inspiration!
    Isabel xxx

  9. Happy Birthday and a very Glorious New Year! First, who is the lovely young lady looking up sitting at your fireplace?
    The first half of your blog was about being 80. The second half to me was about our next generation only getting to be 80 if they follow what you have so eloquently mapped out for them.
    Thank you for always thinking of how to make people’s lives better!!!

  10. I wish you a beautiful, productive and happy new year! Lots of hugs, Jane! Xx Stay fierce!

    And once again, happy birthday! <3 Love, Daniel

  11. First Impression; WOW! The lantern is still held up high, the light bright and strong, still shows the way. You are remarkable! You are my first contact on this new day, this new year and you strengthen me, refresh my heart for this year of challenge ahead of us, Dona

  12. Thank you for your fabulous words of wisdom…I enjoyed every last sentence❤️

  13. I just took another look this morning at your Women’s Media section thinking to share it with my activist friend today and wow what a huge expansion and improvement from when I last looked. This is so very impressive! This also gives me hope. I am definitely going to share this with my friends. Dona

  14. Thank you, Jane,
    Happy Birthday and Happy New Year !
    While reading your text, I thought: she should be President of the USA
    I love to read you, you give hope to so many women like myself who are getting…..old
    Have a great Year,
    Bonne et Heureuse Année de Montréal,
    Christiane Bouchart d’Orval, a 65 oldie who loves her life.

  15. Reading this makes me excited to be 80. That is, if I live to be 80. To look back on all of your experiences and things you’ve offered the world, friends you’ve had, and the way you’ve lived, I can’t wait. I read this and just- what an inspiring human you are.

  16. Jane Fonda you are a treasure! Your depth of feeling for this Country is awesome. I too will be out there trying to educate and get people to realize this Country is in trouble and we need to stand up for our Consitutional rights and fight with every thing we have especially our vote. I am praying for your continued good health and activism. Thank you for your blog.

  17. Happy Birthday Jane! You spelled everything out perfectly in your post. Getting older is a challenge and fighting for our rights and our country’s rights is our priority in the new year. We are going to host a party at our house this year to fight against the atrocities that face us. Fight on!!!!

  18. I completely agree. We must stand up and say no more! Thank you for speaking truth to power!

  19. I think it’s wonderful that celebrity’s are speaking out,standing up for people who are afraid of standing up for themselves. I hope when am at your age I won’t feel terrified of the idea of ageing, although I have never met you although I hope to you inspired me to be me and not just to live my life to please everyone else but me and I thank you for that because you give me hope of a brighter future.

  20. Beautiful words from a beautiful Woman and soul.

  21. Well said Jane! Happy belated birthday! I admire your healthy and poignant viewpoints and activism. I can relate to so many of your points. Especially the fact that my husband and I are drowning in parent plus loans that we’ll probably still owe long after we’re 80! I am also very concerned about the direction our current government is taking – backwards! This article is my light at the end of the proverbial tunnel –
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  22. Jane – Happy New Year! What an interesting blog you wrote for your 80th. I was thinking back to 1979 when “The China Syndrome” was released and what a huge success the film was. After Three Mile Island, the movie became a blockbuster. I remember seeing it 4 times in less than a month. You were great as “Kimberly” but Jack Lemmon really was the heart of the film. I was in college then and now I’m 58 and it doesn’t seem possible. Your insights into turning 80 are good for all of us because we need to acknowledge the challenges of all these years piling on, but also the good that comes with age. And you presented far more good than bad. Happy New Year, Happy Birthday and here is to a great, successful 2018!

  23. Your words are inspiration. I live in Ohio, and i am 16 years old, and i have fallen in love with everything you stand for. I thank you for giving me the ever progressing passion to fight! I would just die for a chance to meet you, and to work with you! I also love you show Grace and Frankie and the messages it sends. Thank you so much!

  24. Hello, I just got done watching your show; FRANKY and Grace, it pretty funny! And I just couldn’t believe characters in it, I am not races or it, just interesting good show anyways, but anyways I read some post, and feel sorry for lost of family, it not epic in America for pills, but epic because people need to control what they do, I mean you got to control your driving, smoking a cig or whatever,, control guns, kids, parents need to step up to the plate..take care, Every one ” walk n peace “

  25. Why it does take for so long to moderate?
    Life Is Still Turning Over A New Leaf
    LIfe is still brand new. Life is still in much danger. The runners the risk of life are the buds in a tree. The runners the risk of life are the grouse locusts at grass. Yet are thou at times like a plant, belong to some kind of the birds. But ever, never again a human spirit of yours will ever more revert to the realm of animal. Surely attacks you a sudden gale. Cuts up a rank of the shoed words. However you, you t h i n k i n g r e e d are more than a squall, a word and a stone. You were held out of Open Waters by life itself for the world light through the time. In the name of life thou stand up for living. In the name of life set your face against fate in case of need. With these lines of the poem by Betti Alver I congrate you on 80, wishing all the best to a freshly begun New Year! So, what´s wrong with the publishing? Why are you holding it back?

  26. Message: Thank you for this wonderful essay. I have always admired you
    and respected that you answered to yourself, It took so long for the
    rest to see how right you were in the first place. And how courageous.
    I am 78 so we have shared the same time with al the same horrors.
    There never was such a thing as “the good old days” except in the
    I wish you long, long life.

  27. My Father let me down. I’m done. i wan’t to Die. He has no excuse. I’m going to jump

  28. Hi Jane- and Happy 80th Birthday, although I consider you an “ageless goddess”. I have not been followIng you- just saw this link to your blog on Facebook. I thoroughly agree with everything you said and will certainly be following you now. I just moved to a red state (NC) so I have a lot of work to do here.

  29. A belated–yes–but sincere Happy Birthday to you… and a Happy New Year! Once again, you have given gifts–of compassion, wisdom, and optimism–during a time when you should be the one receiving them. I would be confounded were it that I lacked awareness of your altruistic record as a fellow human being. Which, of course, leads me to say, from a place of deep gratitude, “Well, that’s just like her!” Goodness, but you’ve more verve than the Energizer Bunny (ha-ha), and mind as sharp as a steel trap, and a heart larger and brighter than the constellated sky.
    In addition to my well wishes, I want also to write to you about Julia, which I have been studying lately (both the film and the screenplay). It really is a splendid and masterfully constructed film, wouldn’t you agree? From Mr. Sargent’s exemplary adaptation of Ms. Hellman’s story, clear through to Mr. Zinneman’s direction, the art and production design, the music, and the lovely performances (of which there isn’t a bad one in the bunch), it’s a wonderful film to revisit.
    Sometimes I’m not certain initially what draws me back to a work of art, whether it be on the page, stage, or screen. Such was the current case when Julia came into my thoughts again. Of course I wanted a return to immersion in the sharp dialogue and the passionate performances; but there was something more this time, a kind of unease, which puzzled me. Then, visiting your blog and reading your latest post, clarity came to me: the very real threat of Fascism we face today, in 2017. I wonder if, in the 1930s, when Hitler began his assault on humanity, people were as reticent in rejecting the possibility of destruction and murder on so vast a scale. How many living then scoffed at the idea and either thought or articulated: “Oh, it’s impossible. That will never happen”? How many saw the signs, didn’t discern them for what they were, or did discern them but chose instead to bury their heads in the sand rather than face the sobering grimness of reality?
    Undoubtedly, my present thoughts coincide succinctly with Julia. It often happens that a film I revisit, while being more or less unconscious of the reason, will eventually illuminate and provide for me a context in which I may think deeper about what’s troubling me; and, in some instances (certainly this one applies), what’s troubling the world.
    It seems rather a grim outlook, perhaps; but one should always remember that for all those who wish to be willfully ignorant and silent, there are more who strive to be aware and active. I thank you for once again reminding me of this by offering your observations. And like you, and many others, I pledge to do my part in protecting both Democracy and a civil society, as well as cultivating my life in a way that embraces compassion and empathy for others.
    Once again, thank you.
    All my best to you and yours.

    Warm regards,

  30. Hello Jane. Thank you for sharing. Here’s to each of us, when reaching OUR 80th birthday, being able to share stories of one thing we’ve done to transform this changing era for the better.
    Happy New Year! You are such an inspiration.

  31. In love with Grace and Frankie!! You are my new favorite actress!!! Lol

  32. Happy Birthday Jane Fonda and Happy New Year. I read your blog and I agree with everything you said – at least about the politics – I’m only thirty-six and still worry about everything. LOL
    It’s nice to have people like you speaking out about these issues. The world has titled in a way I’ve never experienced in the past year.
    The country, or at least the leadership, has turned into a caricature of what American President’s and high political officials should be. The news is almost unwatchable because the man is so …so….mentally insufficient it isn’t funny.
    It’s like one of those comedies, one of those slapstick off the wall, comedies like Wedding Crashers. Except the wedding crashers were the Russians, there are nuclear ‘buttons’ instead of wedding cakes, and two nuclear-armed despots are babbling at each other.
    My husband and I are very worried about the condition of the world, the direction of the country, and the health and welfare of not only our citizens but of people across the globe as we’ve slid into some kind of angry reaction to progressive ideology. It’s really remarkable to see the lengths people will go to to get elected.
    I agree with all of your points above. Thanks for speaking out.
    Anyway, I just discovered the brilliance of you thanks to Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom and of course Grace and Frankie – and I think you are class personified. You and Lily Tomlin along with the rest of the cast are wonderful and we laugh hysterically. Laughter is good in days like these.
    Thanks for being you, Jane Fonda and once again, Happy Birthday and Happy New Year.

  33. a belated happy birthday Jane from Donegal Ireland. As always you remain true in pure Hemingway style and boy do I agree with you re Cheney and that mean old buzzard Kissinger. Like Isabella I would be interested in your thoughts on life and death. I once asked an aunt of mine who was facing death if she was afraid to die and her response knocked me sideways. “Why should I worry about where I’m going when I die, I never gave a thought to where I was before I was born!” Long life and health to you and yours Jane, you’re a star in every way x

  34. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Jane, with much love and many thanks for holding a flashlight for those of us following behind you. I especially appreciate when you point out a loose step or two so I don’t stumble, and a gorgeous sight or two so I don’t miss the beauty of the journey.

    I am a writer and have been since I was old enough to hold a crayon, and I have written before about my two grandmothers, both of whom lived to their 90s. One of them turned “old” in her 60s, and in fact was saying, “Dammit, I’m still here!” to herself when she woke up every morning literally DECADES before she actually died. The other one was roller-skating and riding her fat-tired bicycle around Chicago in her 70s and stayed young until the day she took herself off to the ER and, I believe, decided she was all done. After she died that day, we found all her legal papers spread out on her dining room table–she had clearly not intended to come back home. I loved them both, but I’ll be following the bright light my grandma Claire cast. She was never old a day in her long life.

    A risk here: I want to tell you about a women’s movement I find myself, sort of surprisingly, creating. I call it Un-Settling, after my book of the same name. It advocates for nothing less than the financial, emotional, and social independence for all women, but especially women age 50ish and over. There are hundreds of thousands of women who don’t feel old and don’t want to live “old,” and who want to age powerfully and joyfully in community. Un-Settling is for them: an online community I’m building with a forum for women to talk about creative senior co-housing, health and vibrancy, financial solvency and creativity, and pursing meaningful passions well into their 80s and beyond.

    For my second book (working title: The Un-Settling Manifesto: The Unconventional Path to Financial, Emotional, and Social Freedom for Fed-Up Women Over 50), I’m interviewing “Un-Settling” women who have made their own way, who refused to settle for the status quo and whatever hand they had been dealt.

    I would be honored if you’d consent to be interviewed. I’m sure there are more conventional paths through your agent, your publicist, or more official channels, and I’ll pursue them. But I prefer a personal reach-out – assuming you read your own blog post comments.

    Either way, Happy, Happy You Day. You inspire me. You inspire so many of us. Thank you.

    Big love,

    • Oh gosh, Maggie, I’m afraid I can’t be interviewed. I’m not scheduling anything at all other than the things I absolutely HAVE to do for work for my on-the-ground political activism. Even then, I find I’m too busy. Please understand. Maybe if you send me a question or two I can try to answer via email. xx

  35. Dear Jane,
    Congratulations and happy birthday and thank you for this post, and for paving the way for us. I hesitate to recommend books (because there are too many!)
    but since thoughts on death and eternity come up I read a lot of Edward Carpenter an english poet/socialist/philosopher/early advocate for feminism and gay rights/musician/mathmatician/he was corosponding with all great minds of his day (ghandi et al)and was writing about environmentalism and anti-polution in 1800’s…etc.and he has a book published in 1912 called ‘The drama of love and death : a study of human evolution and transfiguration’. There are chapters that are overly influenced by 19th century spiritualism, but in general its breathtaking.
    Again, thank you!
    Much love,

  36. Jane~
    I loved this!!! 80 and you’re still living strong and beautifully! Cute picture! Happy 2018! I’m excited to see you at the SAG awards—with Kristen Bell as the host!! As always, I’m routing for you 😉 My goal for 2018 is to keep working out and doing your workouts! I have a question though-will you be releasing any of your past workouts on dvd again???! Like the workout challenge? Or the abs, buns and thighs personal training one? As of now I have your original, new and complete workout and stress reduction dvd, I love them, I’m saddened by the fact that I only discovered them a few months ago, but better late than never right?! Just curious:) Bc I’ve done them before from YouTube and such but I’d love to own them myself! There’s so many out there, I’m sure you’re so proud, and you should be!!
    About 13 days until GRACE AND FRANKIE SEASON 4 WOOHOO!! I’m super pumped, as you know!!
    Btw I loved your pages in People Mag this past week, you’re gorgeous inside and out!! I love your words and wisdom! Such an inspiration to me ♥️
    Happy 2018 Jane I hope it’s your best year yet!!!! Love you! Stay fab ⭐️
    Xoxo, Alexa

  37. Happy New Year Jane!
    It’s a great picture of you and your grandkids, bet you had a lovely birthday! 80 wow! Wish I will be as healthy and as good looking as you are when I’m 80, you’re gorgeous

    So a new year, new possibilities!
    I just love your writing, I’m pretty new in this blog, been trying to catch up. And must say that I love that you bring up all this important issues. (Not only here in the blog) It’s important that we all come together and do our best to make this world a better place to live in. (No matter where we’re from) ✊

    One more thing I really looking forward to this year is of course the new season of “Grace & Frankie “. Love the show…bring on January 19th

    Much love from Sweden…xx Emelie

  38. Hey Jane,
    I caught your interview on Anampour the other day. I agree with your comment on wanting to slow down in life (when you no longer wanted to keep up with your favorite X), and also with lying in bed to reach the soul.
    These have been important things to me lately in my life and have proven beneficial if I’m honest with myself and fear nothing that I come across and only admit and not deny, after all, I have the right to be wrong. The time it takes to do this, which is often, has not been missed.
    I hope you find what you’re looking for and are able to cease fighting anything and everything.
    Like the song says; “Slow down, don’t you go too fast, take it easy…”
    Peace and good will to you, Brian

  39. WOW! In terms of speeches that is one of the best Golden Globes I have ever seen. Oprah’s speech was the best of the best. I really think this movement is going forward. I was cautious, but now I am very hopeful. Strong women showing solidarity gives us such a lift. Just WOW! Dona

    • Me too Dona. Maybe she’ll be our 2020 candidate. xx

      • I certainly hope not. I feel there are many intelligent strong women to handle the presidency. Just not Oprah. Oh my.

  40. Jane,
    I just watched a 2007 interview named Private Screenings with Robert Osborne on YouTube.
    It is one of your best interviews about your career, that you and everyone reading this should watch. I love to listen to you telling your own life stories, and I don’t understand why you never became a Director in movies, because you are one of the great storytellers of your generation!

  41. Dear Jane,
    Happy Belated Birthday and Happy New Year. I came to your website after watching Megyn Kelly’s rant Today —what a jerk she is.

    I am very impressed and inspired by your blog. But I think you would love to go sailing with your grandchildren ( or anyone) A big sailboat would be comfortable.

  42. Hi Jane, I imagine that — from time to time — there must be folks that mention to you that they’ve got some great ideas for your “Grace and Frankie” scripts — but I truly/honestly think that “I’ve got something here !” Years before “Grace and Frankie”, I was writing about these 3 baby-boomer gals — combining my own (true life) experiences with some very interesting fictional material, and I really surprised myself as to how interesting these writings turned out ! What would be the chance of my being able to tell you some of my ideas ? BTW — incase it sounds like I’ve got some heck of an ego — writing to Jane Fonda and asking if she’d like to hear some of my ideas — well, nothing could be farther from the truth ! I totally don’t have an ego (various men in my life “took care of that”), but what I DO have is a very vivid imagination — and that’s why I said that I really think that “I’ve got something here”, in regards to my writings about those 3 baby-boomer ladies.

    • Oh goodness, Vicki, for legal reasons we aren’t allowed to take ideas from people unless they come thru an agent. xxx

  43. Ms. Fonda, I want to wish you a bless and wonderful 80th birthday. Everytime I see you is such inspiration to me. Is a joy to see you in Grace and Frankie, it seems like so much fun. Happy 2018

  44. Loved this post, sentiments shared for sure.
    Just wanted to say that I loved the new season of Grace & Frankie, and to send you a little love after today’s egregious character assassination by Ms. Kelly.

    Have a wonderful 2018! x

  45. Happy Birthday, Jane. I’m 68 and you are an inspiration. I’m just curious: do you believe in an afterlife?

    • Robin, can I say I sort of believe in a sort of afterlife. I feel our energy survives. I often feel my father’s and mother’s energy around me.

  46. Ms. Fonda, I just heard Meghan Kelly’s attack on you. I wAs incensed. Please, know you are an American Icon and have lasted far beyond what Ms. Kelly could ever aspire to. We love you and understand where you were coming from all those years ago. Meghan Kelly came from FOX NEWS the land of the deplorables and is using Today to try as hard as she can to wash the stench off from that episode but she can’t. What MEghan needs to learn is Mass follows Class, Class does not follow mass. Get her as only you can my sista!

  47. Always admired you even today. Starting from early 80’s when u were starting these exercising videos. Today I was able to use a DVD of u teaching me to exercise without too much stress. I am in my 40’s. Always enjoyed ur way of life also of course Frankie and Grace. It is such a joy watching the series. Hopefully u will be on it longer. Love u as an actress and a human being. U always made my day when I am going thru some difficulties. U keep me smiling :). Thank u for that. Will keep reading your blogs. I enjoy your candor

  48. I promise that by the time you are 81, things will be looking up. WAY up! Well, maybe not the handwriting & the skiing, but definitely the Congress and the country Change gonna come.

  49. Hi Jane
    I am just reading your autobiography and am in awe of you! I had a similar upbringing with my family life, ie a depressed mother and cold father at times.
    I wondered if your father had something called Asperger’s syndrome? Have you ever investigated that? It sounds like he may have had a lot of the traits.
    If this is so he may not have understood the effect his behaviour was having on you? It runs in my family and it was a great relief to me to realise this.
    Individuals with Aspergers have many wonderful traits too. They are extremely gifted, upfront incredibly compassionate sensitive people.
    Anyway just thought I’d put it out there
    Many thanks

    • No, Shobna, I think my dad simply needed the right serotonin uptake inhibitor, like Prozac for undiagnosed depression. xx

  50. Dear Jane,

    I’m only 27, but my first memory of you was when I was probably 10 and saw Barbarella. It pains me to read that you you can’t learn to sail, see Myanmar, or embark on another amazing Buisness endeavor. It does;however, excite me to read how you’re bridging your life experience and wisdom to connect YOUR past with OUR future. You’ve been an inspiration for women (and some gay men) for decades. Your positivity radiates throughout this post, so consider your fans the sail and your words of wisdom the rudder. The common generation has no pillars of greed or selfishness. We’ll steer this wayward pirates away. 😉

    -Patrick R-New Jersey

    Ps you’re still the hottest 80 year-old I can think of 😉

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