I traveled to this years Venice Film festival, where Bob Redford and I were being honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award. We also had the premiere screening of our new Netflix Film “Our Souls At Night”. I decided to pad some extra days onto the trip to spend some additional time in Venice, and visit Florence.

I arrived in Venice just in time to see Alexander Paynes film “Downsizing” which opened the festival. Here I am arriving with my son Troy Garity. The film was so powerful, and moving, but also funny, and deep. Alexander co wrote and directed, and I think he’s brilliant.

One of the must see’s in town was the new Damien Hirst exhibit, “Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable”, at the Palazzo Grassi. Here is the stunning piece that greets all upon arrival.

Next was a trip to see the small fishing town of Burano, known for its lace and hand blown glass. All the buildings are brightly painted.

Burano is also home to the delicious restaurant Trattoria da Romano, where besides a great lunch, I enjoyed the worlds best Tiramisu. My manager Stephanie Simon, to my left, her husband Jason Newman, Troy and Simone. We had a blast.

The Trattoria has been operated by the Barbaro family for over 100 years! Check out their kitchen!

Hard to believe I hadn’t been to Venice or Florence in 50 years! Here I am at the festival in 1967.

And here I am arriving with Bob for our press junket in 2017.

Later, in a water taxi, en route to the award event and screening (left to right: Hairstylist Jonathan Hanousek, Makeup Artist David De Leon, Simone Bent, Stephanie Simon, Troy Garity, Stylist Tanya Gill, and Me)

Arriving on the red carpet with Troy.

On the red carpet with Bob.

Receiving the film festival’s Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement together with Bob was one of the best moments of my life. It’s something I never thought would happen and to have it happen with him makes it more special than the world’s best Tiramisu. Click on the photo to play the video.

Backstage after the Screening with my friend Nicoletta Billi.

A close up with the Golden Lion Award.

Photo from the Grand Canal, those hands you see, rising out of the water, are an installation for the 2017 Venice Bienale, from the artist Lorenzo Quinn titled “Support”.

Another photo from the Grand Canal, this time looking at the famous Realto Bridge, which we did walk over the following day. The great thing about Venice is it never changes, as though its only reason for existence is to provide beauty and that it does, in spades.

To have my son Troy and daughter in law Simone with me in Venice and then in Florence was divine. They’re easy travelers and know how to have fun.

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  1. Jane, I’m so happy that you finally got this award. However, unlike others who are at the stage of their lives when the audience automatically stands when they enter, you’re still out there trying to make a difference, taking chances, not afraid to lay everything on the line, and definitely not resting on your laurels! Congratulations, and keep going. If ever we needed a beacon, it’s now.

  2. BEAUTIFUL photos! LOVED your acceptance speech! You ARE just beginning and it’s exciting to watch! Wonderful to see you, Lily and Dolly reunited on the Emmys! So gorgeous! Congrats on your dual nominations and SPLENDID presentation remarks! Now if only Dolly could turn him from a rooster to a hen. Perhaps SNL could lend a hand.

  3. I saw my three MUSES on the Emmys and then a bit on Entertainment Tonight. Nice to see the three of you together and this time you not missing being sick like on SAG night. I was a bit miffed that Grace and Frankie wasn’t in the line up on comedy, but Hollywood is Hollywood. I don’t know what name the segment went by but the one where Grace being taken with fear about the possibility of losing Frankie, goes out of the room into the dark night, leans against the wall and breaks down in tears is the one that I said, that is an Emmy performance, right there. Award or not, it is that. and it will always be that. The one that gave me belly laughs was the scooting race on the floor.
    I wish I could break this barrier, find an agent and get this script to you guys before one of you three decide to quit. I did notice that none of you asked for a 9 to 5 sequel script this time.
    I also wish I could write a drama script for Lily to get her that Oscar. I’m tired of people saying that she’s a comedian. She’s a very fine actress who does comedy, drama, satire, the works.
    I wonder if people realize that the three of you work in a war zone. Hollywood is the front lines of a psychological battle against women’s psyche since day one. I see botox, surgery, dieting, as battle scars from the emphasis on body image, being sexy, being young, being a man’s idea of a product. Whoops! I didn’t mean to get into a diatribe.I have no judgement about whatever it takes to survive it. Sorry. Like Hillary, you get back up and find another way. Well, enough. With my deepest respect, always your fan, Dona

  4. I have no question to ask, Jane… but this I will say, you are such a beautiful woman it takes my breath away. Your beauty, your acting ability and your political leanings makes you, in my eyes, the most committed, compassionate and beautiful actor of my generation. Thank you for all you’ve done, for all your wonderful acting and most importantly for your political activism which has been an example to us all – particular our generation who remember your ideals as well as your beauty and acting ability.

  5. Dear Classy, Legendary Jane Fonda, Congratulations on well deserved honor. Thank you for the details & photos. Even Mae West would be jealous of your persistent elegance & vigor.
    Brian V.

  6. Okay. I’m past my panic. I can just rewrite it. It’s simple. I’ve already rewritten over 60% once before. I’ll just do it again. It just won’t be that much. Change the title, the names, the back story and Voila. It’s not dependent on that old story anyway. Just three women who used to work together reclaiming their friendship after many years. The rest is still there. The goals, the obstacles, even the dialogue won’t take that much. This is just another opportunity to make it better. I’ll probably have to re-register it with the Guild and get a new copyright. It will take time. I’ve already put eight plus months into it. I’m going to get this right. The ticklish part is if I get agents calling in response to the query letters I just sent out. Okay, that’s where I am now. I’ll start tomorrow. Dona

  7. Last night I gave myself an early birthday present by opening a membership with Netflicks, so I could see Our Souls at Night. Redford, Jane, a good story, it was like a beautiful birthday cake with all the candles lit.
    I loved that the story modeled choices outside the box. It gave permission to live our lives bodaciously for our own happiness. I loved that the characters were imperfect, real but good people. I loved that the movie shows that at any age our lives are relevant even in our youth centered culture.I loved that my dear Stars got to shine in wonderful multi-faceted, in-depth performances. My only sadness was that I didn’t get to see a Robert Redford painting, but that’s just me, being a greedy fan.
    Jane your courage in your craft to bring us yourself in an open-hearted way always matches your honest, courage in the way you live your life.
    My Shero, you never disappoint. Thank you for the gift you bring to all of us, your self.
    Your fan always, Dona

  8. Dear Jane, I don’t want to be late with this wish so I’m sending it early. My heart and soul wishes for you a glorious, joy-filled, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, where all the good you have gifted to all of us comes back to you 7 fold. May moments of clarity come when you are fully awake to the treasure that your life has been for others. May you truly feel the embrace of love surround you. May a sense of fulfillment, peace and happiness settle over you. May the good wishes given to you lift you as your words and performances have lifted so many. May I add my voice to say THANK YOU for sharing your life with us. Thank you for the courage, the passionate commitment to high ideals, the open-hearted gifting and compassion that you have modeled. Yes, you are still beautiful, elegant, and graceful in our eyes, but more important, we see your soul radiating a truer beauty. We do see you, Jane. And we love you. On your special day and every day, I wish you well, and more and more and more. Your fan, Dona

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  10. Beautiful Jane

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