TIME Magazine by Jane Fonda: Standing Rock Is Greed Vs. Humanity’s Future


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By: Jane Fonda

We must rapidly cure ourselves of this disease or it will take us all down

I was at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, during the Thanksgiving holiday supporting Indigenous Peoples, the Water Protectors, from over 300 tribes and their allies from around the world. Thousands of people, with 2,000 veterans from Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan about to join them. Their aim is to stop Sunoco Logistics and its Dakota Access Pipeline from crossing Standing Rock ancestral lands and drilling beneath the Missouri River.

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  1. I’m pretty new to the party. I picked up a copy of your autobiography in a local charity store, then when I got home Klute was just starting on the television. Sometimes you just gotta read the signs, yeah? 🙂
    Speaking of signs, it’s great that you are highlighting what is going on at Standing Rock. There are many of us looking on from the UK with admiration at what those protesters are doing. We do what we can, even if it is just ‘checking in’ at Standing Rock over on FB.

    • I was a junior in high school when Jane Fonda starred in “KLUTE” and inspired me to cut my waist length hair into a ‘Klute shag’ and I wore bangs for decades afterwards.
      In the 1980’s I went “for the burn” with “Jane Fonda’s WORKOUT.”

      Today at 62, I daily ‘play’ with Jane Fonda’s “Prime Time” DVDs and I just ordered the audio version of “My Life So Far”

      PS: I also just published “Jane Fonda: Actress, Activist and Muse” in grateful celebration of Jane’s 79th birthday on 21 December.

  2. You are an exceptional human being, Ms Fonda. I don’t call you my “shero” for nothing. ✌❤
    Much love and thank you for everything you do.

    Isabel xxx

  3. Jane, or whoever monitors this blog… I am close friends with the parents of Sophia Wilansky, the young woman who was gravely injured by a grenade fired at her by a military contractor hired by the pipeline company. Please note that 1) Her arm has NOT been amputated. Doctors in MSP are trying to save it, and 2) the police have removed their provably wrong version of the event from their site. Sophia’s family, attorneys, and the FBI are in possession of evidence that proves she was, in fact, hit by a grenade and this forensic evidence, taken both from her arm and elsewhere at the camp, is supported by several eyewitnesses. Please take this as a request from Sophia’s family that you post a correction to the article. The facts are no longer in dispute.

    • I am terribly sorry, James. Please extend my apologies to the family. I was told “definitively” that it had been amputated. Then I just now heard that she’ll probably not be able to regain use of her arm. Is this true? I will ask TIME to remove the statement.

  4. Thank you Jane and Everyone standing up !

    An amazing report

    when will they just f’n stop?


  5. Jane, thank you so very much for going out there. True blue she is, smart, thoughtful, determined, knowledgable! Yes!

    Here’s Vogue Magazine’s list of ways you can help the Standing Rock Encampment: http://www.vogue.com/13506675/how-you-can-help-standing-rock-donations-dakota-access-pipeline/

  6. Weather forecast for this week, ending in subzero weather by Wednesday.


  7. This is a very well written article. Thank you, Jane, for standing up against the Dakota Access Pipeline. I just read that Veterans are now heading there to help as well. This has gone on way too long. I am afraid with the new Administration there will be so many more protests and actions needed to help protect our land, water, and air. For those of us who cannot make the trip to North Dakota right now, how can we help The Standing Rock Sioux fight the Dakota Access Pipeline?

  8. Sophia is facing more surgeries in the coming months. It is not clear at this time if she will regain use of her arm. Facebook users can follow Sophia Wilansky Support for updates. More and more evidence has been gathered to prove what happened to her, including the RECEIPT for the sale of the grenades to the police. Please ask TIME to remove the link to the discredited story

    • For those who don’t know, the Sophia that James speaks of is the woman at Standing Rock who was in the front lines peacefully and prayerfully opposing the North Dakota Pipeline and was hit by a concussion grenade. At first we thought she’d had to have her arm amputated. It wasn’t, but she may never be able to use her arm again. Let’s keep her in our prayers. xx

  9. Throw a big concert. Have speakers explain the issues. Recite cool limericks. Have the vets sit in front of the police lines, with the disabled vets right up front. Invite police to teach-ins. Change the tone from confrontation, to a big, inclusive party.

  10. *
        “As my fathers planted for me, so do I plant for my children.”
          ― The Talmud

  11. As a Vietnam veteran, I was at Standing Rock November 5th-7th and went back the next week with other veterans from around the country. We provided security and marched on the bridge during the month you were there in 2016, but was home in Texas by Thanksgiving. I made many friends while there and will always remember that trip. Thank you for always being there and for caring enough to make yourself heard, especially during your Tom Hayden days. And that’s why I have so much respect for you. ✌️❤️

    • thanks, Mike. I may need to reach out to you in the coming months about some vet0related organizing advuce. Can you send me your email? xx Jane

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