I haven’t done a blog in almost 2 months. I feel bad. Not guilty—social media is supposed to make life (and communicating) less stressful and easier, right? —but bad nonetheless.

Not sure quite why I haven’t written. Well, one reason is that right after my last blog about Portugal (seems like a lifetime ago!) Lily and I did a lot of promotion work in Los Angeles and New York for Season 2 and right after that we started shooting season 3 of “Grace & Frankie.” Man oh man am I getting positive feedback on Season 2. We all are. I was confident that it was better than the first season and clearly I was right. We’re settling in, finding our voices and so are the writers. As I’ve written before, season 1 was hard for me personally. Maybe one day when I’m too old to keep acting I will write another sort of memoir and then I’ll explain the reasons—-or not.

What matters is the I felt very differently season 2 and even more so right now, on season 3. We’re having a blast even though the hours are usually super long. Sometimes 16-17 hour days. I hardly have any time to hike or be with Richard. He’s so great though, he never complains, never depressed, never angry or mean. Sweetest, gentlest man!

Maybe one reason we all feel so good on “Grace & Frankie” this season is because we know we have a hit on our hands. That sure feels terrific. I get the most amazing feedback, not only from my social media community (thank all of you so much!) but from people in the streets, in stores (not that I’ve been in stores much lately), but you know, at the hairdresser where I just was to get my gray roots dyed. (I’m going to be gray in the movie I’m doing with Redford in the fall), and the manicure place where I had to go because my clear nail polish turned yellow over night. Has that happened to any of you?


I think we all even look better the 2nd season thanks to the wonderful Gale Tattersole (above). I also look better because I gained 5-6 pounds. When I was growing up we were told when that when women get older we’d have to choose between our ass and our face, well guess what, its a false choice. I’ve gained some weight and I’ve gotten complements on both!!


Another fun thing I did just before we started shooting was to attend a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee at the home of George and Amal Clooney. My tooth fell out again but oh well. I had fun with Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi and a good chat with Amal who is smart, humble and interesting.


Last weekend I attended a Netflix function for EMMY voters and was on a panel with our show runner, Marta Kaufman, Chelsea Handler, Kristen Ritter and others. Love Chelsea’s new Netflix show.

So, there’s a brief update on this lovely Memorial Day Weekend. I hope it’s a sweet, fun one for all of you. And while we celebrate our soldiers, let’s pledge to do all we can to stop the wars and to not vote for any loudmouth saber rattler. Enough death, enough killing, enough PTSD and sadness. Let’s mourn the losses and help heal the wounded.

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  1. Dear Jane,
    I know I have commented a few times on your blog. I am involved with a women’s magazine. I am trying to start a new project that will hopefully include NAMI and the NEABPD. I know you have great understanding and compassion for the mental health community.
    Is there a way I can contact you about the project? Thanks so much!

    • Emma, you are correct. The mental health community is something I care a lot about given how mental health issues have touched my family. I’m afraid, however, that I can’t get involved in any new project. As it is, I can barely keeping my head above water balancing all the projects I am currently involved with. I hope you understand. x

  2. Hello glorious Jane 🙂 Greetings from Bonnie Scotland.

    An eclectic little bag of a few things:
    First thanks from this guy for being an inspiration to me in my life. Whether work, personal or faith your searching for truth; personal relevance and pushing through to find answers and coming out the other end have inspired and heartened me in the very same things.

    Orlando: Love and solidarity to you, Orlandians and all Americans. I pray the hope and love coming out of this doesn’t give way to the anger that fuels Donald Trump’s campaign and that it actually benefits him in the end.

    Grace and Frankie: Sounds amazing. Viewed an online clip and I really must download on netflix/watch the dvds. Have been so busy and dealing with so many things, this has remained on my ‘to do’ list.

    Go Hillary: Unfortunately if winning this Election were all about substance, sincerity and ability Hillary would win hands down. I echo Pilar’s excellent post that Hillary is going to have to ‘talk the tv talk’ and resonate with everyday, angry and down on luck Americans. It may sound really shallow but Jane (you obviously know Hillary) I think (amongst your many talents) there is one vital area that you could help Hillary. Seems trivial even siily, but Hillary’s ‘look’ and image I feel is further making her not connect. Looks and image should play NO part in electing a President but again in ‘tv’ world they do count. Hillary’s ‘look’ is like some really serious Aunt, who came to tea. Like some stuffy accountant the business blouses and attire again ‘fit’ in political circles but she needs a total makeover to appear ‘one of the people’. Trendy, more colourful, casual outfits – even smart denims. The photos of her hair tied back when out working with Obama looked so much more youthful too. But her current ‘look’ again distances her from everyday folk especially the young. Seems such a futile point (apololgies in advance) but every time I see her on tv the ‘look’ screams ‘high brow out of touch politician’ rather than everyday, approachable, current. Which saddens me.

    Time out: I/We love your blog and it should always be something you enoy and when you need time out from posting a post then please do take that (guilt free) time out. As we would surely miss your posts if you burned yourself out 😉

    All love, happiness and blessings to you Jane x Stay Happy 🙂 Grant

  3. Jane, just want to tell you how much I am enjoying your latest two workout videos “AM/PM Yoga for beginners” and “Fit & Strong”. I have been working out with you since the early 80s and am now (due to an old back injury and age I’m 84 in mid-July)unable to do the heavy cardio workouts I’ve done most of my life until a year ago. What is so wonderful about your latest workouts (in this case “Fit & Strong”, is that they exercise the entire body without jumping up and down and provide a moderate cardio workout at the same time. Perfect for me!

    The “AM/PM Yoga for Beginners” Abs and Back section of the video has helped my chronic back pain tremendously. More so than the exercises given me by the physical therapist.
    One of the things I enjoy most of all about these videos is the PRECISE instructions on posture and positioning for each exercise and the way you keep reminding us to hold our tummies in and stand tall. I find myself to remembering to stand straight and pull in my tummy now when walking around the house or at the mall.

    This has been a great new experience for me to exercise strenuously without jumping around! Thank you so much for giving this “oldie” with a young heart a way to continue to stay fit and healthy as I age gracefully.

    Stay well and keep on showing us all how to enjoy aging and stay fit and healthy as we do it.


    • This makes me very happy, Linda. Thanks. Keep it up! xx

  4. Hi Jane! As a 65 year old rockin’ hot babe, I look to you and women like you for style and substance. So for my recent 27th wedding anniversary when my husband asked me what I wanted, I told him I wanted a haircut by Jane Fonda’s stylist. Living in SoCal I knew that I could track down Matthew Shields and after a bit of Googling I did at Sally Hershbergers. Two weeks later I had an appointment with him and boy was I excited! I went in with “memorable hair” as Frankie would say…long, thick, black tresses. Matt spent 90 minutes with me and I came out with the best cut of my life!! Couldn’t find a way to attach a pix but would be glad to do it. Thanks to good genes and healthy living, I am enjoying my third chapter by swimming, hiking, walking my dog 10,000 steps a day, managing a series of 7 consumer/trade shows from my home office, being a loving wife and constantly planning that next vacation. Thanks for your continuing inspiration! xoxo Caryn B.

    • Caryn, so glad my dear Matthew came thru for yo. You go girl! xx Jane

  5. Hi Again Jane,
    As I said in my previous post, I spoke with you on the set of “Fathers and Daughters” when we were filming here in Pittsburgh, Pa. I now see that the release date is July 8th. I know that you are probably too busy filming “Grace and Frankie” to come back to Pittsburgh for the premiere , but if you do, I hope to see you again. Take Care while working those long hours on “Grace and Frankie” and keep hydrated in the long hot days. 🙂

  6. Love Grace and Frankie, Jane! It is to us seniors what Sex and the City was to the 30-somethings! (Oh, who am I kidding? I loved S&TC as a 50-something!) Hoping G&F runs a long, long time. I’m on my third watching of both seasons and I keep catching lines I missed the first two times. Hysterical! Poignant. Relevant. Thank you and everyone involved!

  7. Hey there! You are so right about your new show Grace And Frankie. OMG! All i could say to not ramble on and is THANK YOU to you Ms. Tomlin and everyone involved with the show. Finally, something with substance and something i can relate to ❤
    I cannot stop spreading the word to my friends and family. They are all on the band wagon.
    One last thing….still and always will love my all time favorite On Golden Pond. Thanks for entertaining me all these years. Good job! Looking forward to seeing the Robert Redford project you are working on. What a cutie HE is…roaaaar !!! Lol.

  8. My comment may have gotten lost in the shuffle so here it is again (sorry if it is a repeat but it has been awaiting moderation for a long time and the account registration process was wonky and may have erased my comment??)
    omg. omg. We just watched Episode 13 of Season 2 of Grace & Frankie. I am a psychologist and my husband is an electrical engineer/consumer electronics designer. And guess what? We ARE making a vibrator with a focus on women into their 80s but also is beyond anything on the market for everyone else too—the device is designed to allow women to design their own erotic experience, it is designed for women with arthritis (just like you said in the show!!) and for women of all body types (plus size etc.) and physical capabilities (disabled women). We have been working on this since 2011! I screamed during that whole last scene of your show Episode 13 at the birthday party. I am SO excited that you guys are thinking the same things as we have been for 5 years!!!!!!!!!! And my family had the same stunned reaction when I told them what my husband and I are making—as everyone did in your show! As we unfold this startup I am shocked at how in 2016 we still have so much female and male reaction to women’s right to pleasure and creative exploration—and everyone assumes your sex life is over at 40, or because you are disabled or plus size or etc. OMG!!! Before the white uptight conservative males suffocate me—we could really use some strong female role model support—is there a way to connect with you guys or the show? Can we offer something in return?? lots of great stories of our process making vibrators…..thanks for any ideas….
    p.s. on my previous comment—to be clearer, we are a new startup trying to get into initial production (after 4 years of designing and getting women’s feedback) and we can’t seem to get past the male funders with money freaking out about the concept of women and their right to pleasure. These guys say things like “this is porn”, or “why do women even need these things, my wife doesn’t ever need a vibrator”—-meanwhile we have 2 women in their 70s on our advisory team who are asking when our beta model is going to be ready? We need connections with savy women who expect good design and see pleasure as healthy—-but we find a significant gap in women investors with that kind of savvy! Your show is the closest thing to us finding “our tribe” and so that is why I am writing like a fool here sitting at my computer at 5 AM wanting to make a difference here for women around the world….and there was the same idea presented on Episode 13 Season 2………yes!

    • Thank yo, Dr Hoyt, I will try to find some possible investors for you. No guarantee x Jane

    • Dr Hoyt, try contacting Wendy Strayer, founder and CEO of Good Clean Love. She make lube etc but might want to get involved. Not sure. There’s the woman-run Eve’s Garden (sex toys) in New York who might be interested. Best of Luck. jane

      • Thanks so much for the suggestions—I will follow up. Just today a mostly male group of investors booted us out of their speed pitch event for funding one day before the event—because we are making a sex product for women.
        It would make a big difference for us if you or Lily or one of your tough cookie women friends would give us a shout, a testimonial, some funding, or be on our advisory group (no meetings), so that we have a bigger voice! It is hard to stand up for women and joy—-but we will keep you posted. Warmly, Kathy

  9. As an 18 year old girl, with a part time job, on summer holidays with friends, I can honestly say my favourite thing to do right now, genuinely is too watch the show! Grace and Frankie is my favourite show ever I am currently rewatching series one with my bestfriends who are now hooked also! Jane, yourself and lily were born to work together it’s a match made in heaven! I am patiently awaiting season 3! I would love you contact you privately Jane I feel there’s so much for you to know Please let me know if there’s a way I can do that. keep doing what you do best, being Jane Fonda!xx

  10. OMGosh! Hello Jane! It looks like this is an official website of yours?? Very excited to see you on this and mostly, seeing you and Lily on Netflix. I absolutely love that show!!! You have inspired me for many years. I used to watch all your videos in the 80’s, You were the one that inspired me to teach aerobics back then. Now I’m divorced, 50 and about to start all over again. After reading your blog today I realized you too have been through many new beginnings. And again, INSPIRATION! I am definitely going back to college. Just a 2 year associates in the Physical Therapy Assistant program. I am scared. But I know I can do this. I hate to be the oldest in the class…but, what the hell. I have a long way to go yet, so now is the time to begin…again. Thank you….thank you for just being you.
    P.S. Do you know of ANY type of scholarship programs for young people like me in their 50’s? The AARP does not have one anymore…surely there has to be something out there??
    I’m sorry if I over stepped by asking you this, but damnit it! You’re Jane Fonda. If you don’t know of any senior education scholarships…then nobody does! wink*

    • Julie, I don’t know of any senior education scholarships–which doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Have you googled it?So proud of you. So what if you’re the oldest in the class. You’re setting an example they can follow when their time comes. Thanks so much for writing. xx

    • Julie—-check out the women’s group PEO (I think it stands for Philanthropic Education Opportunity or something like that)—-they do lots of scholarships for women returning from “home” to college. They are in most communitiies. And also I have taught at 7 universities—and many many people are over 35 in the classroom now. Heck one of my fav students was 75 years old in Psychology 101, she was gonna get her B.S. and then go get a law degree. 50 is no longer old at college.

  11. Thank you for responding!
    Yes, I’ve googled. Surprisingly, there’s not much out there. I’m going to continue on this adventure anyway. Fortunately and unfortunately, I do qualify for a federal grant and I will pursue more options to make this happen. I’m focused!
    Maybe this senior education issue could be a topic next time you see our future president Hillary Clinton?? (One more wink*)

    • Please see Dr Hoyt’s response to your question. (This is why I love on-line communities!)

  12. I just wanted to say I love your show grace and Frankie. Was on my little vacation from work decided to find something to watch and started watching your show and couldn’t stop watching episode after episode after episode. My son(19yrs old) who is going to college to major in theater. Is home for the summer, I ask him if he watched your show and he said yes he watched them all. He really loves acting and I know the long hours he put in high school. He would go in at 8am and not come home until 11pm with all the rehearsals. His Senior year in High School They placed Third in State in the one act play (buried child) and This year they placed 1st in state in the one act play (BUG). Thanks for making me laugh and cry . Keep up the great work you do.

    • Thanks a lot, Nora. I’m happy your son likes it too. We are all amazed what a broad demographic seems to response to “Grace & Frankie.” Tell me what you like an what your son likes. xx

  13. Hi Jane, I can’t believe your blog says Memorial Weekend, and I’m writing to wish a wonderful July 4th weekend to you and Richard. Time just goes in a flash
    Barbara XX

  14. Hi Jane,
    I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful series Grace & Frankie!! I’m 43 and have just separated from my husband and watching you & Lily have made me laugh so hard so often that my children keep asking me if I’m watching that funny show again! I’ve seen both seasons a couple of times and I have fallen in love with all the characters but especially Grace and Frankie. Both of you are so inspirational and a joy to watch. I cannot wait until season 3. Thanks for all the laughs and keep up the good work. I’m telling all my friends to watch your show. Sending you a Saul hug xxooxx

  15. Hi Jane!
    First off you and Lily Tomlin rock! What an inspiration you are to so many myself included! Your energy together is unstoppable and genuine! Grace and Frankie-BRILLIANT! My name is Whitney, I’m 37 a yogi/dancer/health enthusiast/ director of resident programming for awesome NYC senior adults. I’ve read two of your books PRIME TIME and MY LIFE SO FAR. Both are fascinating and a great read for any age. You have encouraged and inspired me with my own writing. Every day is a learning experience and I feel so fortunate to be able to support, love and help my senior adults succeed in their 3rd act and even accomplish things that they didn’t think possible well into their 90’s. It is so important to live life to the fullest and be present in every moment. I sent you and Lily both a letter of thanks and gratitude but not sure it made it to you back in May. I know you both are crazy busy. The address I used was an Atlanta address. Is that correct? If not please let me know where I can send it. Thanks again Jane for being so real, raw, genuine, and standing up for what is right in this world. I thank you. 🙂 With so much gratitude, Whitney Glandon, NYC

    • Got your letter. Thanks

      • Thanks for responding Jane. Have a great week! xx 🙂

  16. I’ve been watching a lot of your interviews with Lily for Grace and Frankie. There are a lot on YouTube. And it just stands out so much that isn’t it a gift in our lives that there are people who make us laugh? For that one split second when we forget everything and just laugh out loud? That spontaneous reaction to something someone talented enough to be able to do it has just said. It’s a gift that they have it and a gift for us that they use it. It’s actually quite zen! I learn sooo much from you about politics, health, acting, life’s lessons, and what a gift that is, and from Lily I learn how humour gets more and more important in this, currently, very strange world. You both complement each other tremendously. Thank you!!
    Jason X

    • On set, Lily cracks me up for real all the time. I never know what to expect. Just the other day she made me laugh so hard with her Jamaican accent that I had to leave the room. (Season 3 episode 309)

  17. 2 ridiculous questions about Grace and Frankie. Your answers will let my friend and I know who’s right. Season 2 “The Coup” – We saw real tears in Grace’s eyes in the very last scene on the beach. My friend thinks it was the wind or sand getting in your eyes and I think it was you shedding real tears of emotion. Question – Was it the wind/sand causing watery eyes or your own tears of emotion?
    Next ridiculous question that only you can answer… I totally think Phil kisses Grace passionately, but I don’t think there was any tongue action. My friend disagrees and she says Phil definitely french kissed Grace. So – yes, I am asking because it’s so very important … Tongue or no tongue?
    ~P.S. Please tell Lily we watched “Mic drop. Let’s go home” over and over and over.
    Kind thoughts your way.

    • Dear Alane, love the questions! The watery eyes were tears. There was some very slight tongue action with Phil, but not major. He was pretty discreet. After all, we’re both in committed relationships. During love scenes, we sometimes forget and start to get into it and then pull back. Maybe you’re both right

  18. Another thing: The UK will now definitely have another female Prime Minister, as Gove drops out. So, if Hillary wins in November then three of the most powerful countries in the world – the US, UK and Germany – will have women running them. How cool is that!

    • Very cool, Jason. And, hopefully, it will make a difference. Good to hear from you again. xxx

  19. I just wanted to comment, and thank you, on helping me realize that I have a 3rd Act to live. At 62, there has been a palpable emptiness in my soul despite a successful professional career and happy marriage. After binge watching your numerous interviews available on YouTube I am able to articulate this feeling. I understand now that I need to live and create my 3rd Act instead of just residing in the past regretting there may not be a 4th Act. My daughter is a heroin addict and for the last few years I have been immersed in, and very angry at, a legal and medical system that demonizes and disables young women instead of helping them fight this terrible disease. Your words have resonated with me, I have found a renewed purpose and am committed to raising awareness to this issue. Thank you.

    • M, this makes me very happy. Good for you. I have 2 recommendations: attend Alanon meetings if you don’t already and read my book “Prime Time.” I assume you read my memoir, “My Life So Far,” when I came up with the 3rd act idea–and

  20. You have a great website Ms. Fonda, I’ve admired you for years. You’re a beautiful person.

  21. Hi Jane,

    I recently discovered Grace and Frankie and binge watched both seasons ~ okay, well TWICE now!…. all within a week’s time. I wanted to share with you, Lily and all the members of your cast why I love your show so much. I could say it in one word. You show brings me comfort. I love the way your story line is both entertaining but also so realistic in terms of all the crap we humans have to endure over the years. I will be 62 soon and was unceremoniously dumped after a 23 year relationship by a man who decided he would rather be with his former assistant than me. I still adore my male friends but had concluded life would be less sorrowful if I just kept working and gave up on the notion of ever having anything more than just a platonic friendship with a man.

    Your show makes me feel that I have friends who are amazing women. You and Lily model everything all women would hope to be: intelligent; courageous; stylish; successful; and beautiful. (On the beautiful part, I have to ask a question to both you and Lily. How on EARTH is it that both of you look even more beautiful than ever? No kidding, you both look gorgeous. Women of ALL ages can only dream of looking like that! The fact that you are both great actresses with such great chemistry to boot makes your show my favorite.

    I can’t wait to see Season 3. (Thank goodness for Netflix. Hope the episodes are released quickly via Netflix because I stopped my cable TV services a few years ago to save money.)

    Last but not least, your final episodes in Season 2 have even given me the courage to consider changing my job situation and work as an independent contractor. (I work for a company now and am really feeling the marginalization of being an older woman in the workforce.) I can’t wait to see if you develop the story line of Frankie and Grace going into biz together to make vibrators. I hope to learn from those episodes if you will consider it. You go, girls!

    Please, please, Jane and Lily….. keep making the Grace and Frankie episodes because we love them and you. You give us laughter, comfort, guidance, and vicarious friendship. Thank you very sincerely.

    Warm regards,

  22. Dear Jane,
    Your new show is superb! What incredible writers you have, and what excellent performers are you and Lily in making the script come alive. I think Grace and Frankie (which we affectionately call Face and Cranky, btw…) is one of the most adroit, sophistocated TV shows in years; it’s a joy to watch.

  23. Hi Jane. My name’s Emily and I’m 20 years old from the UK. Congratulations to both you and Lily on the success of Grace and Frankie- you truly deserve it. Unlike any other show we’ve ever watched, it has managed to unite my family in fits of laughter! I think it’s wonderful that it seems to bring joy to such a wide spectrum of people.
    I’d like to thank you and Lily for being such wonderful role models. As a young LGBT woman and aspiring actress, I’ve found great inspiration in you both. Thank you for the tireless work you do to promote LGBT and women’s equality, and thank you for never failing to make me laugh even on the most tedious of days!
    I hope you are well and I look forward to season three. Love and thanks, Emily x

  24. Loving this thread! I love how this Memorial Day post (and comments) blew right on past July 4th. You’re off the hook ’til Labor Day, Jane! Aren’t we the best guilt unhitchers? Have another cup of coffee and prop your feet up! Are you back on the West coast these days? I’m heading out there to see the new production of Grey Gardens at the Ahmanson Theatre later this month. I saw it in The Hamptons (with much of the same cast) last summer. Do come if you’re into dysfunctional mother/daughter eccentrics. Betty Buckley and Rachel York will twist your heart up. I’m celebrating a page-turning of sorts. MADE IT from Carbondale to Aspen to Copper to Grand Lake to Estes Park to Ft. Collins in June – 362 miles on the bike in 6 days (two of them PUSHING the bike uphill on steep grade. Loading up my youngest for college next month and looking forward to rebuilding my business that’s been stalled out while my kids visited/applied/auditioned at 25 colleges between them over the past two years. I think that was worse than back-to-back pregnancies, but it’s a tough call. Next order of fitness – I’ll hit the milestone of 1 MILLION vertical feet of skiing (since 2010). Not sure how I’ll celebrate, but at 50 it’s always fabulous. Send me DM on Twitter @toetappin66 if you can pop in for Grey Gardens. Would be fun to see you again.

    Cheers! xo

    Becky O.

    • Becky, thanks for the GG invite. Can’t make it but thanks. Saw “Beautiful” last night. Very pleasurable.I’m wildly impressed by your athletic feats. You go girl!!!

  25. Hi Jane,
    I just wanted to thank you for being such a great inspiration! I am in my 30’s and you make the upcoming years something to look forward to in life. So thank you for your movies and books and exercise videos, and for bringing us the joy of laughter with “Grace & Framkie!” Love you!

  26. Hello Jane from beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia! My wife and I are long time fans. We just started watching Grace & Frankie and LOVE it! What a talented cast and crew. We are telling family, friends and colleagues they must watch Grace & Frankie! Any chance you’ll get Dolly Parton to guest star on one of the episodes? Congratulations on a smash hit! Gary & Silvija

    • Thank you, Gary. So happy you and your wife like G&F. Fingers crossed re getting Dolly as a guest star. It’s not out of the question. xx

  27. Hey Jane–thought you might want to see what we are running into trying to make a women’s sexual health product that Grace & Frankie would like!. There is a healthy male investor bias against funding companies making vibrators, tampons, women’s underwear, etc.! Our company got blocked last week from presenting at an investment event because we are making a women’s sexual product!!! But after reading the articles below I think the issue seems not to be that Una is a vibrator but with any products having to do with women’s body health are threatening!??

  28. Hi, Jane. In my life, the happiest I have ever been was when I have been in residential rehabilitation for emotional crises, mental illness and/or substance abuse. The first time I was hospitalized was at the age of fourteen. At that point, my issues were those surrounding coming out of the closet as a gay teen, depression and a deep well of loneliness and fear. I am forty now — and more often than not it seems that all I have accomplished is survival. For the majority of my adult life (and most especially within the last three years) I haven’t held onto employment for more than a few days at a time. This is a pattern that just about destroys me when I am forced to recognize it. Each time I embark upon a new opportunity, I do so with such a wildly exhausting mixture of hope and desperation. I’m not sure, but I think that this type of beginning is what sets me up for failure. Because my family’s future financial well-being, as well as my own, is almost entirely dependent upon me having a reliable source of income, I do keep trying. I’ve seen many therapists and tried many medications. Whenever something seems to start working, I self-sabotage and stop doing whatever it was that something happened to be. My husband’s therapist (who really seems to have helped him quite a bit) recommended someone new for me to see. I’m giving her a call tomorrow. I know that there is no magical external fix to whatever has been so terribly wrong with me for so many years; however, I also know that I cannot fix myself entirely on my own. I’m just so tired of walking off jobs in a state of heightened anxiety, being afraid to let down my family by telling them the truth, spending my days driving around and hiding in parking lots (trying to work up the courage to try again, again — and more often than not, thankfully, resisting the temptations to re-engage my addictions). Right now, thanks to Social Security, we have enough money to last us (based upon a very strict budget that allows for only 25-cents a day each in discretionary income) until Christmas. That’s a huge relief; but, it doesn’t eliminate my need to increase my confidence and succeed in the areas of work, school and self-control. I’m reaching out to you because you are someone who presents as having such a wealth of compassion. Do you have any advice or insight from which you think I might benefit? Also, you keep getting better-and-better in your role as Grace on “Grace & Frankie”. Sometimes, when I am really depressed/disappointed in myself, watching a situation-comedy makes me angry (because I can’t laugh at the time and that feels like yet another failure). But, my persistence (perhaps my best quality) pays off because I force myself to keep watching — and eventually, you, Lily or one of the supporting cast makes me laugh. And WHAT a relief that can be when it happens. Thank you. (There is a tiny, inextinguishable flame in my heart that keeps me going — even in the face of self-manufactured humiliations. A flame that says, “Hang on. Keep trying. Be open to suggestions. Believe in healing. Redefine success (but don’t redefine failure so it seems like success).” God, I hope that I choose to surround that flame with the right kind of fans. I do deserve to feel better and more secure — OUTSIDE of the protective womb of rehabs, mental facilities and emergency rooms. Thank you for letting me share my voice on your blog. I know that I am not the only one enduring. Peace, respect, gratitude, and above all else, love (and understanding). Peter

    • Dear Peter, the voice that tells you to “hang on” is te one to pay attention to. Love, Jane

  29. Dear Jane,
    I would like to say that I’m loving “Grace & Frankie”. I must say that I started watching it solely because of you, even though I like all the actors involved in this beautiful project. Now, I’m in love with everybody! You have always been an inspiration to me. The world needs strong women, faithful to their beliefs, dareful and open-minded. I wish we could have more actresses like you nowadays. In my heart and my mind, you gain more and more respect. Movies like “Tout va bien” and “They shoot horses, don’t they?” – and then now, with “G&F” – left and still leave a permanent mark on me. With sensibility, you said in a recent interview that you were very old when you were 20, and that you feel much better now. What a great thing to say! I felt so identified, because I’m 24 and sometimes I feel very old. Seeing a beautiful woman like you, brave and prolific, makes me re-consider a lot of things in my life. Keep up the good job, Jane. You’re amazing!
    With all my brazilian love,

  30. Hi Jane,

    Hope all is well in your world, and life is treating you kindly.

    I just returned from a 7500-mile road trip. My son asked for a ride home from his freshman year in college in Southern California. We live in northern Minnesota. Hah! The first 3,000 miles, I was road-tripping solo for the first time in over two decades. Armed with only a National Parks pass, I white-knuckled Independence Pass, then set out to explore Maroon Bells, Arches, Bryce Canyon, Zion and the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Wow! After picking up my son at college, we checked out Sequoia, Yosemite, Redwoods, Crater Lake, Yellowstone and Roosevelt. Breathtaking beauty everywhere. I feel so lucky that these special places were safeguarded for us to enjoy.

    After returning home from my six-week journey, I told my husband he wouldn’t be hearing from me for a couple of days, as I would be putting on my jammers, collapsing in a heap, and watching television. First on my list was finishing season two of Grace and Frankie. I was not disappointed. “The Party” episode with Babe was rich, colorful, and full of life … a beautiful commentary on claiming our power and loving our beloveds beyond reason. At the end of “The Coup,” with Grace and Frankie heading off, looking toward the future in the same direction, I thought, “I just cannot wait until season three to see what these two women conjure up together!”

    The ensemble cast is so very special, and from this viewer’s perspective, it looks like you guys are enjoying the depth of talent.

    Thank you, Jane, for your strength and beauty, your tenacity and your dogged determination to stay true to yourself. And thanks for doing the show. It just keeps getting better and better! <3

  31. Jane,
    Binge watched season 1 & 2 with my brother, his husband & my best girl friend. We laughed so hard & peed! Can’t wait for 3.
    Lilly is great on the show. Love she brings out the hippy roots in the show.
    You are so talented & lovely. Thank you for the contributions you have given the world.

  32. Thank you.

  33. Jane: Just watched your Ted Talk on women friendship. I have been distraught on the heels of the DNC because of the misogyny inherent in the media (former journalist). In the past 48 hours, I’ve read articles on Hillary’s voice and Hillary’s choice of clothing. And don’t get me started on the way they ran Bill’s photo instead of Hill’s following her nomination. Your remarks about harnessing our power we can change the world is a convicting word. We can put Hillary in office. BTW: I am an author and have written a book that deals with postpartum psychosis that might interest you. Mother of Rain.

  34. Dear Jane,
    Firstly, let me say that I feel so inspired by your work, I admire women with so many interests who build their own careers and care about the world and those around them. As a person who cares about women’s rights and gender equality very much I can’t help but admire you. What’s more, I’m a huge fan of Grace & Frankie!
    Using this opportunity on your blog, I would like to ask for advice. Acting has always been my dream, I used to take part in every school play, I loved performing in front of my friends and family and just making them laugh. However, growing up in a place where acting was just considered a form of an after-school activity for children, I’ve never met anyone from the film industry and acting/films seemed so far away from my life, almost like a career from a different planet.
    Feeling that films and acting are too far away from me to reach I chose a degree and career in PR and social psychology and moved on, but every now and then I had this painful thought in my mind that I gave up something I was passionate about, that I did’t even try.
    So now, being in my late 20s, I am determined to give it a go, even if I don’t succeed I’d like to know that at least I tried. I saved enough to take some time off and follow my dream, found a place to stay in LA with some friends… but where do I start? I do realize that it’s too late to start acting but as films are my passion I would appreciate any unpaid position on a set, I could make coffee, run errands or just stand and watch just to get an opportunity to gain some work experience. But… where do I start? How do I look? I checked all my contacts but it really seems my life and people I know couldn’t be more far away from films! And all the positions I find online require some experience… a bit of a vicious circle.
    I would very much appreciate your advice on that.
    Thank you in advance, and thank you for the beautiful work you do.
    Kind regards,

    • Marceline, wow, you’re brave to want to do this. It’s a stupendously competitive world out here. I guess you’ll need to take some classes. I recommend Catlin Adams who has a class several days a week. her email is [email protected]. Just email and ask about her classes. once you get some knowledge and experience under your belt, try to get an agent. One value of classes besides learning a technique is that you’d meet other actors and find out who the appropriate agent or agency is—for someone who has no resume or film of yourself to show. I guess you could do a home video with your camera of yourself doing a scene. In time, Catlin could give you suggestions of what scene to do. xx

  35. Hi Jane,

    I want to say that I have been a huge long time fan. You are absolutely amazing and inspiring on every level. All of your performances are stellar but I just want to make a special thank you for On Golden Pond, 9 to 5, Fun With Dick and Jane, and Monster in Law. In fact, I wish they would do a sequel to Monster in Law but drop JLO and make it just you and Wanda Sykes. You were both hysterical together and I would love to see that chemistry again! Give me the key Ruby, LOL.

    I do like Grace and Frankie alot and I am not sure of course what exactly you were going through in season 1 but I can see that you have really found your footing in season 2. I had hoped things would go a bit deeper in the initial season but it did go there much more in season 2. There is more of an emotional payoff this time with the story of you and Sam Elliot where you delivered big time and the other story about Estelle Parsons character. She was phenomenal. I can see as time goes by that the show and all of the actors and writers are blending together in a very symbiotic way. Bravo!!!

    I also want to congratulate you on being so fearless and being such an example of what a human being can do at any age. Obviously you look stunning but it is really your determination, your courage and your willingness/bravery to put it all out there. To not be afraid to voice yourself right or wrong and to share your fascinating life and talent with us all.

    I look forward to all that you will bring in the future. I know there is a lot more to come.

    • Thanks, Matthew, your words make me very happy. xx

  36. Hello Jane,

    Working my way through Season 2 of Grace and Frankie. Thoroughly enjoying it. Question for you. I just had my second total knee replacement in seven months… someone who knows and teaches yoga maybe you can help., I am not sure what I can do with two total knees but know the benefits of yoga. Have you ever considered developing a yoga video for the disabled? As a disabled person with bad arthritis, flexibility is key….. Most of the training videos out there are to hard for what I can physically do. I know I am not the one is this predicament.

    Thank you……

  37. Sunday morning at starbucks. Reading NY times arts and leisure and going though the Streisand profile….and …um
    I learned that you, Jane, apparently cheated the movie going public out of the pleasure of watching Barbra in 3 great dramatic roles.
    I’m really bummed! Imagining what could have been! I always felt that ‘they shoot horses’, ‘klute’ and ‘julia’ all could have used stirring theme songs.
    Maybe she can play the lady that lives in the house on the other side of Redford in your upcoming project.
    I do like her and everything, but wow…what a trip


  38. Hi Jane
    Barbarella was on TV here in Germany and France tonight. On the Arte channel, which is broadcast bilingually in the two countries.
    I’m originally from Wales and I love the fact that your password in the film is the Welsh town of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. If I ever meet you I’ll teach you how to say it. It’s easy. 😉 You’ve already managed the ‘gogogoch’ part 🙂
    Jason x

  39. Dear One, You are so amazing! I don’t really feel that I can address you by name because I don’t really know you. However, I want to thank you for all of the amazing difficult issues that you tackle in your show on Netflix. You are just a jewel, an American treasure. I admire you greatly! Rochelle

  40. Dear One, You are so amazing! I don’t really feel that I should address you by name because I don’t really know you, but I have enjoyed your work in recent movies such as Monster-in-Law and most recently in your role as Grace. It is great to see your third act. Thank you for your commitment to women’s issues. Be blessed! Rochelle

  41. Hi Jane,

    I just wanted you to know that I have watched both seasons of G&F about three times. I will be 62 next month but live alone. Your show provides me such comfort and a sense of friendship and I wanted you to know that it means so much to me. I can’t wait for season 3 to air. Do you know when it will be released on Netflix? (I am hoping that you are writing/filming it already, but I also know you will soon star in a movie with Robert Redford, right? You better believe I will go to the theater to see that one when it is released!!)

    G&F is my favorite show and it really gives me peace of mind and comfort to know I am not the only one who struggles with aging and related issues in our society. It even gives me some hope I might find a soul mate and/or more female friends before I leave this world. Please tell Lili how much you both are admired and appreciated. Please keep the series going, Jane!! You are not only gorgeous, but an amazing role model for us all.

    Respectfully yours,

    • Thank you, Karen. Your message is very beautiful. We finished shooting Grace & Frankie Season 3 last week. I don’t know when it will be aired. I’ll share your message with Lily. xx

      • Thank you for your personal reply, Jane! I’ll treasure that always! 🙂

  42. HI Jane, I just finished watching Season 2 of Grace and Frankie on Netflix. What a stunning ending with Sam Elliott and you by the car…it gave me gosebumps! I wanted to see another episode right away but of course couldn’t. What a way to end Season 2. I won’t give it away in case others haven’t seen it yet. I love the show and the entire cast! You are a powerful role model for young and old. I think you are gorgeous and I love your style. P.S. Fingers crossed Sam Elliott will be returning in Season 3 so we can look forward to more romance.


  43. Hi Again Jane,
    Well my last messages is also in moderation so I wrote you old school to your Beverly Hills address and sent a little something for you with the letter that reminded me of Grace. Please let me know if you received it .
    So now that filming is wrapped for Grace and Frankie I hope you are enjoying your well deserved time off. ☕

  44. Hi, Jane. Have only just finished watching the last episode of Series 2 (we’re a little slow to get things like this series in Central Europe). It was, as you rightly state, even better than the first series and – you know what? – whilst many of the main issues relate particularly to the circumstances in which women find themselves, I began to perceive that many of the situations transgressed across the sexes. So, now, I can find myself relating to the predicaments and philosophies of these characters. Great!

  45. You are beautiful inside and out Miss Fonda!! I loved you in 9 to 5 and love you in Grace and Frankie. It’s definitely my new favorite. I can’t wait for season 3 and hope there are more seasons after that. I am no where near the age of the cast (I’m 32), but I still love it. You are an amazing inspiration to women of any age. Much love to you Jane! Have a great day!! 🙂

  46. Hi Jane,

    Is your comment line still open? Just wanted to say I have watched the first two seasons of Grace & Frankie about 10 times each. I can’t wait until season 3 is aired on Netflix. I recently retired and this show helps me feel calm and gives me hope. It’s hard to explain, but it is almost like therapy. I also enjoy the other actors very much and the story lines are truly great. I wonder who writes your scripts? Do you ever accept ideas from your fan base on topics to pursue? For example, I am hoping Grace & Frankie’s declaration that they are going into business is a topic I can’t wait to see explored in your show. There’s a part of me that still wants to work and I think the only thing feasible for me is to start my own business…. but I’m scared. I hope your show can provide some “tips” for starting a successful business. (We’ve already seen some of that in the earlier episodes of G&F where Grace gave Frankie tips on how to market her “lube”.

    I just love the show, you, Lili, and the other cast members create together. I think it is the best made television production of all time…. and I am a TV junkie!!!

    Warm regards,

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