Jane Goodall by Jane Fonda


I wrote last month I wrote a blog called “Interviewing a Shero of Mine”.
The blog was about Dr Jane Goodall who I interviewed for Interview Magazine.
The Interview is now available in the April 2016 print edition of Interview magazine, and Interview Online at this link: http://bit.ly/1VvfrNC
I hope you will read it and let me know what you think!

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  1. A delightful article. I was reminded of the importance of “the wisdom of our elders in society” as I was reading it. It was also fascinating to hear about how things turn out differently in villages when women are given leadership roles with finances and planning for the community. Thank you for giving me a lot to ponder on this mild California afternoon.

  2. Ms. Goodall seems like an amazing woman. I think that it is great that she spends so much time with these precious. It is very tragic that our government is even considering taking the grizzlies off the list. Interviews like this really put an emphasis on how important it is to care for our environment and the fellow creatures within.
    Love you Jane,

  3. It’s so great to see, people who are interesting in people, in human beings and doing things to change the world. I mean now we have heard a lot about sustainability, ecosystem , empowerment of women in poor villages but could you imagine that in the past? I’m sure Mrs Jane must have been at least
    called a crazy one or a Tarzan girl in that time . But wowww Thank you Jane , for keep doing this job for so long and helping people.

  4. Great Interview of Jane Goodall, Jane! I agree she is a shero and an amazing advocate for creating a better world. Such a gentle, kind soul, too! I saw her lecture at the U of I in the last year or two and encourage anyone who gets a chance to see and hear her! Thank you Jane!

  5. Jane. What a terrific interview with Jane G. Reminds me of so many years that she appeared to promote her foundation and a recent book at our annual book selling convention. Jane’s autograph line was always the longest in the authors’ area, with booksellers, publishers, media all in adoration of her and to see what stuffed animals she had brought along as a companion. Went right to the website to see her hug from Wounda and it was a thrill.

  6. That was a very interesting interview! Of course, I knew of Jane Goodall’s work, but would love to know more. I looked up the titles of the books Jane Goodall has written. There are so many that I am not sure which one to read first! I do have a question for you. When did you first meet Jane Goodall and what was the circumstances that brought you together?

  7. I thought the article was illuminating and insightful, and allows us to see Jane Goodall, the woman, not just the animal activist.
    Thanks, Jane, as always….
    Sarah Zitin

  8. two of my sheros..the two Janes..

  9. I already asked you a question about when you first met Jane Goodall. Sorry, that was not worded correctly. In the interview you mentioned you first met her in Santa Monica at a luncheon. I guess my actual question is was the luncheon meant for Jane Goodall to speak to all of you? What brought the two of you together at this luncheon? Was it your interest in her work? Have you kept in touch ever since then?

  10. Hello Jane,
    It’s refreshing to hear Goodall talk about her work and the passion she still has!
    The last paragraph, ‘we have to stop living for money’ … So true… A focused ending.

  11. Enjoyed your interview with Dr.Goodall. I was privileged to meet her in Portugal at the 2014 International Rotary meeting in Lisbon. She greeted the worldwide delegation in chimpanzee! I just finished your book, MY LIFE SO FAR, and now marvel that both Jane’s are addressing the education of girls and women to make the world a better place in every way. Thank you both for your work in this area.

  12. Dear Ms. Fonda: Well, I felt so inspired by your signing of my photo of my “Barbarella” portrait painting that I painted a brand-new one this month. Necessary? Nope. But fun? Absolutely! I’ve already made a photo of it to share with you, and if you can give me the appropriate mailing address I can slip it in the mail in an SASE to view and, hopefully, autograph. Let me know your answer at your leisure. Have fun! Yours-Steven Vasko

    • Steven, thank you. Send to my Atlanta office where you sent the other one. xx

  13. So I thoroughly enjoyed the article on Jane Goodall. I new about her work with the chimps, but how she has taken that to the next level is truly amazing! We need more people in this world like both of you! By the way Jane, didn’t know you were such a great writer…..Thank you!
    PS ~ Glad to hear about Season 2 in May for Grace & Frankie

  14. I wondered if Jane Goodall is connected to Leo DiCaprio? Seeing “Virunga” changed my whole perspective on the great apes, and the connection to Big Oil. Thanks for the great article, Jane.

  15. My dad was an anthropology/sociology teacher in the 70’s. We loved learning about all the amazing research Jane Goodall did.

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