So much going on. Since we wrapped Grace & Frankie mid-November, Lily has been nominated for a Golden Globe both for her role as Frankie and for her lead performance in “Grandma” and I’ve been nominated for a Golden Globe for my role in “Youth.” “Youth” is the film I travelled to Switzerland and Italy to make last year. An incredible experience working with Paolo Sorrentino. The film just won “Best European Film” and Paolo won “Best European Director”. The film is a feast for the eyes and a sort of meditative exploration of life, aging and passion.

To top it off, the same day the Golden Globes were announced, we got an official Season 3 renewal for G&F! Such great news all around. We really found our groove shooting Season 2, so I’m thrilled we will get an opportunity to do more. Don’t have our air date yet for Season 2 but of course I will keep you posted.


Let’s see, what else? There’s been such a great reception to the Box set of my Original Workout Programs on AMAZON. I’m finding out that it’s become a popular gift item this season. Amazon has it as part of their deal of the month, so check them out here, if you haven’t already.

Then there’s been the Paris Climate Conference. Here’s a link to Bill McKibben’s Op Ed piece in the New York Times.

I agree with Bill. If we’d passed the accord that has come out of Paris back during the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 (I was there), the weather disasters that are occurring at an ever increasing rate could have been at least partly avoided and we’d have been given a much better chance today of achieving the newly adopted goal of 1.5 degree Celsius (above pre-industrial levels). This is the level at which climate scientists say we can avoid the worst catastrophes that could make parts of the planet uninhabitable. The goal set by the Paris accord, if implemented, is more than twice that. Achieving the 1.5 degreeC goal requires leaving most of the remaining fossil fuels in the ground. That is why people like the Koch brothers and their ilk have spend $100s of millions funding Climate-denying “research” . . . making the world safe and habitable would hurt their bottom line. They’d rather die rich than help save the world –God’s creation, as Pope Francis says. Since the coal and oil and fracking industries fund so many political campaigns, most prominently the Republican Right Wing, if we elect a Republican we’re selling ourselves and our children’s children down the drain.

What is to be done (besides turning out next Nov in large numbers and voting for the planet)? As Bill McKibben says, ” . . . we need to build the movement even bigger in the coming years, so that Paris turns into a floor and not a ceiling for action. We’ll be blocking pipelines, fighting new coal mines, urging divestment from fossil fuels—trying, in short, to keep weakening the mighty industry that still stands in the way of real progress.”

And, trust me, I’ll be dragging these old bones and young heart to every rally and protest I can get to (when I’m not filming) and financially supporting the worthiest of climate efforts because I think it’s all worth saving and I have grandchildren.

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  1. Congratulations Jane and Lily!! Also love your stand in regards to climate! -Rhanae

  2. WOW!!! Third Season; onward and upward with G&F. Jane and Lily, the dynamic duo.

  3. Congratulations on your Golden Globe nomination! I was very excited to see your name on the list. After doing a lot of searching, I believe “Youth” will be hitting a theater near me on Christmas Day. I sure do hope so. I have been waiting to see it for a long time. Also, congratulations on the green light for “Grace and Frankie”. What an awesome show!
    As for Climate Change, I am with you 100%. We have no time to waste to take real action. I can’t believe there is even a question of whether it exists and if we should do something about it. Oh, and there are sooooo many reasons we cannot let one of these republicans running become our next president. Scary stuff.
    I just read your letter to your younger self. Wow. So well written. So reassuring. So insightful. Have a fantastic 78th birthday, Jane. You are such an inspiration to so many. Keep speaking. Keep writing. Keep being you.

  4. Thank you for posting about what’s what with “Grace & Frankie”. I treasure the characters — and that beach house: fuel for fantasy! — and there’s great fun in joining in the storytelling experience of watching everything d-e-v-e-l-o-p over a few seasons. (That’s a luxury.) One of the great joys of the experience is watching perfect moments unravel and the characters tumbling about in a resplendent sticky mess.

  5. Bravo on all your recent successes. AND thank you so much for continuing to use your celebrity as another “climate” voice. And right along with you my old bones and young heart are doing what I can with so many others to make our governments not only accountable but pushing them to do the right things.

    Thanks again Jane and looking so forward to the next season of Grace & Frankie – a fantastic series for our “just over 21” age group.

  6. great news for both you and Lily..and so glad to hear there will be a season 3 for Frankie And Grace.

  7. Hi Jane,
    Congratulations to you and Lily both on your Golden Globe nominations AND on season 3 of G&F!!! I am very happy about the continuation of the show and am really looking forward to season 2. I just wanted to take a second and wish you a very peaceful and merry Christmas and holiday season. Love and light in the New Year! 🙂
    Rock on,

  8. Hello Jane, first of all i would like to introduce myself , I’m a 21 years old girl from Brazil, finishing my cinema college and my acting classes. The reason i chose to introduce myself it’s because as you can see i’m in love for cinema, and most of all i ‘m in love for your performances. What a brave woman you have been all through these years, and what a amazing characters you have given voices. I’m so moved for all you have done that i just want to thank you for everything. For be an inspiration, a strong woman, a great human being and the most important thing, be a hot girl at 77 years old. I wish you all the best and i hope someday you could answer me.

    Ps: I’m cheering for a academy award nomination for “Youth”

    • thank you, Victoria, for your generous words

  9. Many blessings for you Ms. Jane and a wonderful Christmas for you and your family. So happy that there will be a 3rd season of G&F . Yey! Can’t wait for 2nd season to start. Reading your book ” My life so far” almost finished . You will never know how much this book can help heal men and women that can identify themselves with your life experiences. Thanks for that . Keep on with the good work. Your life is the Ministry that you have been given to serve the One that you have finally known. 🙂 . God bless you dear Ms. Jane Fonda

  10. Congratulations on season three of G&F 🙂 As one who has often felt quite alone in my decades long concern for the health of our planet, for fairness in our treatment of all creatures, for an end to this destructive patriarchy under which so many of us have suffered, I also wish to thank you for being there and caring.

  11. Dear Ms. Fonda: I just wanted to write you to wish you a Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays. In this kindest of seasons I hope you and yours are doing well and will continue to do so in the following year. Have fun! Yours-Steven Vasko

  12. Love Frankie and Grace…but beyond that, love that you are back! I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s when you were vilified for supporting causes that were so important. Thank you for your courageous work then and now. And I love that you have your mugshot on t-shirts, etc! From your anti war stance to gay rights (was surprised and pleased to see the pic of you with Harvey Milk) you have been a trailblazer. Thank you again.

  13. Dear Jane,
    My best wishes for a very Happy Birthday and a year of good health, happiness and success.
    Your book, Prime Time and your DVD of the same name have had a tremendous effect on me. They have empowered both my body and my mind. When I finish doing the exercises on the DVD, I feel more alive, more healthy and eager to embrace life to its fullest.
    The film you made,All Together , was the best movie I have seen that speaks poignantly yet realistically about aging. Your character, Jeanne, must have been very difficult to play and you did it so well, without resorting to over sentimentality. Yet we could all empathize with her situation.
    Thank you for not being in denial that aging exists, yet treating it as another stage in life to be lived with enthusiasm.
    I had to laugh when you spoke about your hip replacement in your video as I had one too. It gave me a felling of strength to see you do the exercises. Also– if she can do it, I can do it too.
    You have no idea how much you have helped and encouraged me.
    Katie Braunstein

  14. i saw YOUTH today here in NYC and was completely unprepared for how blown away i was by it. when the end title credit came up, i found myself with tears streaming down my face, partially because of the sheer bravura of the filmmaking and partially because of the deep sense of hope and truth in those final moments. paolo sorrentino is a FILMMAKER and out-felinis fellini! i can’t imagine that the actual jane fonda reads comments like these, but on the unlikely chance, i’d just like to say thank you for being one of the people who made me want to be a cinephile. i was 12 years old when i saw THEY SHOOT HORSES on video, and it was hugely influential for me. i’ve seen almost everything of yours since, have read your book, and of course am one of the 40-year-old gay guys who has always held you as a gay icon (as we all do, survivors must find and support each other). but for readers reading this, do not miss YOUTH by any stretch. it’s a beautifully elegant, probing film filled with ache and mystery and ranks up there with jane fonda’s most spellbinding acting.

    • Thank you, Eric. I am thrilled that you liked YOUTH. I cried at the end as well without entirely knowing why I was so moved.

  15. Dear Jane, no words are good enough for this and maybe no words are necessary. I just wish you a very-very happy birthday and a blessed Christmas! Continue to shine a light and inspire many to become a person living a meaningful life and working for a positive change. You’re the best! Lots of love from you ol’ blogging pal, Daniel <3 <3 <3

  16. Happy Birthday!!!!

  17. Have the best birthday ever Ms. Fonda and a very Merry Christmas!!

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! God Bless you always ! Merry Christmas and a very Happy and fullfilled New Year! And as of the next years, I lookl forward for many more of you in movies, TV and Books ! And in behalf of all Brazilians who also are very concerned about our Planet, I thank you for being always available to use your celebrity status to fight for the right causes ! A big hug, the size of Rio de Janeiro !!

  19. Congrattulations, Jane! Regarding climate change, have you yet seen the documentary, COWSPIRACY (now on Netflix)? I would love to hear your opinion.

  20. Dear Lady Jane,
    Sorry I am a day late but I hope that you had a very Happy 78th Birthday!! I am super excited that Grace and Frankie was picked up for a Thursday season!! You are the best!! My Birthday is actually tommorow and I Did put your work out bundle on my wish list. I am making it my New Year Resolution to get this weight off!! I am going this weekend to see your new movie Youth!! I think its amazing how you had totally shaped the work out industry. Everything that is out there Zumba included came about because of you.Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas too!!!:)

  21. YEY! Big Congratulations to you and Lily! G&F is my favorite new show and I’m so excited for the next two seasons! I have adored you both since I was a little kid in the 60’s and have very much enjoyed following your careers since then. Keep up the fantastic work, sending much love to you both!

  22. Good over evil will win out through and through. It’s the way of the world. Look at monsters like Hitler (who hurt many) but lost in the end and if a monster like the Kochs, well, well denying life and liberty to so many can only bring them the coldness they exude.

  23. i don’t understand why it takes so long. season 2 not until june? JUNE ? ! i hope sol is less annoying in season 2. only a few episodes in the season. theclast episodevwss excellent drama but depressing, so i watch the others. again. once more.

  24. i have watched the trailer about six times- looks great !!!( feeling beyond embarrassed at many typos before). you all have much to be proud of for this funny, SMART, sometimes poignant series, with beautiful, believable decor.

  25. Oh my sweet heavenly day! I didn’t think another season could hold a candlestick to season one! Quite frankly I was a bit nervous. Season two is remarkable. I bieve Grace Hanson showed a much more vulnerable person this season. I felt like we get to know her as a real person. I am currently in the hospital and I watched the entire first season Thursday to refresh my memory and then the entire second season as soon as the clock struck 1 am (as I live in Canada). I really cannot wait to see where season three takes us and hate that I must wait another year. Jane Fonda, I don’t know how you do it….but wow! I think season two is your emmy nomination season!!!

  26. Hi Jane have just finished watching series 2 in one Saturday sitting of G&F oh my it took my mind off my poorly back You & Frankie are my pals I have the mindset of you both and could drink a cuppa or martini with you both
    The goodbye episode was the fairy on the tree for me with Estelle Parsons so funny and precious the 3 of you were sublimely one and exactly how I’m going out
    I knew what the ending would be to this series when your gift from Babe give you hand pain .So so funny
    You are an amazing woman and your age just makes me gasp in admiration also your commitment &actions protecting our beautiful planet I applaud & thank you so much
    I’ll now have to be very patient waiting for series 3 oh dear never been any good at that virtue best wishes in all you do & love to you & yours

  27. I adore watching Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. I think Jane Fonda still has her barefoot in the park energy. Thanks for a wonderful show!

  28. Hi Jane I registered so that I could tell you how FABULOUS you look – TRULY. I was so excited to see the 2nd season of G&F in my Netflix queue – but decided first to go back and watch the 1st season again to refresh first. I’ve gotten up to The Bachelor Party episode where you and Lily were dancing on the bar, and I told my daughter – “WOW -she’s 25 years older than me but she looks 10 years YOUNGER than me!” You are amazing and you are your own best advertisement for your exercise video!! You just look fantastic. Love the show – so happy to hear that there will be a season 3!!!

    • Liz, can’t wait to hear your thoughts about season 2. xx

  29. Hello Jane
    I am on season 2 episode 3…As far as style goes, episode 1 started out with a bang when you wore your trademark sweater. .love it! Now I am on episode 3…yes, love the collar up…..The hat..your hair…everything. Savoring every second of this series. The entire cast is remarkable. This show has everything. .comedy, drama, romance. Totally heartfelt in many ways. Hoping for season 3..4..5..6…shall I say more. We love you and everything you stand for. You are amazing!

  30. Profile picture of George Bowers
    George Bowers
    posted an update 3 minutes ago

    Jane: Well you managed to make me Cry, then I got mad, then angry, then I laughed so hard I cried even more. Those last 5 episodes were magnificent, hilarious, some of your best work yet. Your great at this !
    Love ya Jane

  31. Dear Jane,
    As much as your show is so addicting, I am taking my time to watch each episode…because I don’t want it to end. Really like your new romance….Wow!! You are such a great actress…I can truly feel it. You let us know that love can happen at any age..I really like that because I just hit 60 and I am trying to find true love so you gave me some hope. Love the way you are dealing with your ex…accepting it and moving on…and at the same time still caring for him and his health. Again, you are an amazing actress…and woman. So I hear there will be season three…thank you so much!!! We, your fans love you.

  32. I just discovered your blog. I’m almost done watching s2 of G&F and it is affecting me so deeply. Mainly, the memories of your earlier movie roles and activism, when I was a kid (I’m 53), and your bravery throughout your entire life… it’s all just moving into my awareness and it is so inspiring.This blog is really amazing. So honest about your life’s journey. What a journey! I am so happy and rather shocked that a show like G&F is being made. It is because of you and Lily. Perfect synchronicity and please know you are very very much appreciated for all that you do, and for sharing so openly. Sharing your life story w/my sons is a great way to expose them a bit more deeply to important issues of our time. Thank you thank you.

  33. Hi Ms Fonda,
    Congratulations on your soon to be wrapping up of Grace & Frankie Season 3, i can’t wait to watch it! It’s the best show i’ve seen in a long time. It’s a good mood show, and boy do we need that these days.. I just hope there’s a season 4 and 5 and 6.. carry on 🙂 Oh yes, and i’m hoping you get your so well deserved Emmy nomination for it – you are very funny, a revelation in TV comedy. Also, i always followed you closely, whether it’s you acting career, your activism, your books and your workout, which i do to this day 😀
    I sent the pictures to be autographed and a letter to the address you gave me, have you received it? i know you are a very busy person, and i am sorry to bother you with this, but it means so much.. 🙂
    Thank you, you are the BEST, love you, always by your side 😉
    Love xxx

    • Isabel, I’m sure my office in Atlanta will soon send me your pix to be signed. xx

  34. Thank you Ms Fonda, so much 🙂
    Sending my love to you from beautiful Ibiza island.. Vacations until the end of the month!
    xxx Love always

  35. I just finished binging both seasons of Grace and Frankie. It was a wonderful show, both funny and wise, and all of the acting was just great – especially yours and Lily Tomlin’s but really everyone’s. Thanks for making the series.

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