Celebrated my 78th with family at the Santa Monica pier, a lifelong hang out for me as a child, for my son and daughter when they were children and for my grandkids. Richard had never ridden on the Ferris wheel or even gone to the end of the pier so we did that and a bunch of other things. (See photos)

It was a wonderful day. I heard from so many beloved friends from all over the world. I feel blessed. Happy Winter Soltice.

With Viva

Me, Richard, Nathalie and Tulea on Ferris Wheel



Well, almost

78 candles after being taken off the cage and put into a glass

Nathalie, Richard, me, Paul, Vanessa and standing behind: Viva and Malcolm

The pier

Richard with Malcolm and Viva behind ready to take off on the Dragon Swing

With Malcolm in a photo booth

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  1. beautiful family……..Merry Christmas

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Jane! I’m glad you had a good one. I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas and a joyful New Year.

  3. Félicitations, Bonne fête, jeune femme

  4. Happy Birthday, Jane!!!
    May you have a year full of blessings!!!
    I love your books. You are a great inspiration for us women from all corners of the world. Wish you could come to Brazil to give a talk about your “third act”.

    Happy Holidays!!!
    Best wishes,
    Neda Bezerra.
    From: Fortaleza, Brazil.

  5. Happy Birthday, Jane! I have just joined your much overdue website–I’m glad someone finally twisted your arm about it because it gives me the opportunity to say thanks and let you know what an inspiration you have been to me! I’ve been doing your original workout (on and off I must admit) for over 30 years. It continues to be the ONLY workout that works for me, for weight loss, feeling and looking great. I love the way it combines Pilates, yoga stretches and aerobics–unique and effective! Alas, my (audio)tape (!!) died this year, when I needed it most, and I was so glad to see that a DVD was available and have just ordered it along with Yoga for Beginners. Thanks for all the inspiration from a long time admirer. 🙂

  6. Dear Jane,
    Happy Birthday! I would like to forever change the way people walk! Unless physically incapacitated by a disability, it is something we all do. However, if the walk is performed in a specifically cadenced rhythm, “metabolic magic” takes place, and unimaginable benefits inure! Unimaginable, that is, unless it is experienced! Once experienced, anyone who uses it will want to continue to use it forever, because of the benefits derived, such as recalibrating every system in the body, and resetting the sympathetic nervous system.

    My companion of 17 years had a 36 year marriage to a sometimes violent drinking husband, and had channelled her angst into becoming a prolific abstract expressionist artist. She has approximately 300 paintings in storage, and has sold some in the $15,000 range. Many dozens of her works are 9’X6′, some larger. I thought it might be to your mutual advantage for you to meet my feisty friend (who turns 72 on New Years Day), to see if you might like her body of work enough to find an arrangement with her, to auction some of her art, in support of your charitable endeavors. Mostly, my friend Sarah, would benefit from having strong girlfriends! Sarah is about to sell her house in Boca Raton, and has visited Santa Fe with me a few times, and is considering resettling there set up an art studio, and meeting place to advance the healing arts, as well.
    The walk I mentioned above, is ideally suited for custom cadenced, musical accompaniment. Perhaps your friend Richard might know some musicians who might like to compose “walking music” to help stretch the popularity of the ‘new walk’ across the entire social spectrum! In the end we are remembered for the quality of our ideas!
    I contacted you a while back, and regrettably, missed your answer. So if you would still care to learn more, and/or see Sarah’s work or Sarah herself (she’s really beautiful through and through), please contact us by email: [email protected], or 561 302-9595. Thank you, Michel

  7. Happy Christmas, Jane! And Winter Solstice. The days are getting longer. The weather felt like Spring/Easter here in Detroit, MI. Thank you for introducing me (and my fellow Jane’s blog community members) to the writings/teachings of Bill McKibben. I can think of no more magical and appropriate way to spend a birthday than sharing something that you have loved and enjoyed for so many years with so many of those, throughout the years, that you have loved — and that have loved you back!

  8. I took my 17 year-old son there TWICE in April during our week of college visits. Such a wonderful place with ocean waves rolling in all around. Wish we’d made better food choices, but the pizza and funnel cake seemed to round out the vibe. Hope you had a nice Birthday (and Christmas, too!) Santa brought two more workout DVDs, so I think I have all 5 (without the box). I’m in a standoff vs the Original. My modification: no bounce on the hamstring stretch and I hold the stretch longer. So grateful I can ski, bike and do yoga regularly. When people ask “How long are you going to keep this up?” My answer: “Until I can’t.” I love the mix of weight bearing exercise, heavy cardio and deep stretch/yoga. I think I’ll be at it for a while.

  9. i Jane !
    Sorry ! I’m late to wish you a very good HAPPY BIRTHDAY !
    You had a very good day with your family. That’s wonderfull !
    you still seem young, you seem to have fun with children. It’s genious !
    i kiss you

  10. Happy birthday!

  11. Jane, I just finished watching “Youth”. What an incredibly beautiful movie. Your performance was so powerful. I wished I could have rewinded the film to watch your scenes again. The airplane scene was so quick, yet so impactful. You know you have a seen a good movie when you have gotten home and you are still thinking about it. And the scenery was outstanding! My goodness! Was this a real hotel? I sure would love to stay there if it is! (I am sure I couldn’t afford to even have dinner there, though. :)) I remember you writing a blog about filming this movie. I will have to figure out how to look back to find it. Bravo! Thank you for such a beautiful movie and an incredible performance.

  12. I’m glad you had a great time with your beautiful family and I hope your holidays were also great. I once again wish you all the best. Lots of love from me! 🙂 BTW, Youth has been released in Hungary (but I caught an early festival screening waaay back in October HAHA!!!) so I’m probably running to see it again. So far, it has been my favorite movie of the year, easily (not too satisified so far, I was only really amazed by Room and Son of Saul other than Youth :/ ). 🙂

    P.S. In that last photo, your grandson really resembles a very young Tom Hanks. 🙂

  13. Lovely celebration! I feel a connection with you not only because we’re the same age, but because I have the same affection for the pier–in fact we were both there many many years ago when our children were very young (you had what seemed to be a toddler in tow). We had lunch there at nearby tables. I’ve loved watching you go through your phases as I went through mine.Thanks for being who you are!

  14. So determined. That’s what I like. Clarity of mind and spirit. Like that moment in the movie Julia: :Why does it like to be like this?” Never backed down, not even for any moment, or any occasion. A true and remarkable friend to the Republic..

  15. A very happy birthday to you Jane. Can I just say I reckon one of your finest and under rated performances was the doll maker. Of course I can watch barefoot in the park over and over, sheer bliss.

  16. Jane, you continue to inspire!

    I just saw “Youth”. You give a stunning, memorable performance. Your performances have so enriched my film going.

  17. i just f’n love you
    happy birthday!

  18. Bonne année Jane!

  19. Ms Jane, Viva and Malcolm are growing up and so good looking.

  20. Happy Birthday Beautiful 😛 <3 #CAKE \\(O)//

  21. You just sparkle! You are so beautiful, and your joy and confidence really shine out from your eyes. “On Golden Pond” was a magical movie for me. Your passion and strength are such an inspiration. And what an actress!! My word, you are talented!! xoxo Kimberly

  22. Happy (VERY) Belated Birthday! Glad you had a great time!

  23. My gosh! 78 – it´s unbelieveable if you look at the photos. You´re fabulous, Jane! (Registered just now, so I could not congratulate. Nonetheless: my very best wishes 3 months later from Germany!!!!!!

  24. Jane HBD gorgeous

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