What can I say, I love Toronto. It’s clean, safe (relatively speaking) and the people are really nice. This year I was there with my cast mates from YOUTH and our Director Paolo Sorrentino.


While in Toronto, I gave some Interviews for Loreal. If you have not already check out our short sing a long with John Legend here:


Saturday night we had the big screening for YOUTH. For which I wore this incredible Yves St Laurent Couture Collection gown. That’s my hair stylist Roy Teeulek. The necklace I’m wearing is from Chopard.


The screening went well, everyone seemed to really respond to the film. After the film, there was a fun afterparty at the Bosk Restaurant. Here I am with Rachel Weisz.


One of my favorite parts of the YOUTH party was spending time with Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan. Zoe and I workshopped Eve Ensler’s new play OPC 2 years ago. She’s nominated for an EMMY for her supporting role in OLIVE KITTEREDGE. Paul blew me away as the younger Brian Wilson (genius behind the Beachboys) in LOVE & MERCY. He has a fascinating role in YOUTH.


Following the YOUTH party, my Manager Jason Weinberg took me around the corner to the “Danish Girl” party to meet Eddie Redmayne who, word has it, has given another Oscar-worthy performance.

By 10:30, my stylist, Tanya Gill helped me out of the dress and, like Cinderella, I was shorn of glamour and went to bed.

Now I’m home learning my lines for the filming of episode 7, season 2. Excited. I haven’t seen Lily in 3 days and I miss her.

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  1. Beautiful Jane all I got to say ..if I could only look like Jane ..

  2. You look(ed) amazing! Fun that you’re friends with Rachel Weisz (two of my favorite actors) – can’t wait for Youth and Grace and Frankie’s second season! It’s almost too much xD

  3. I live just west of Toronto, in Oakville. I was hoping to see you on the local news (lots of TIFF coverage) but missed you. So glad you posted this. You look wonderful. You should stop by my house next time your in Toronto 😉 No, really.

  4. Jane, you look fantastic in that gold dress! Beautiful! Such an elegant looking group of people! I sure have read a lot of good things about “Youth”, including Oscar contender buzz for several of the cast members, including yourself. I see that it hits theaters in the US in December. I can’t wait to see it!
    I saw Lily’s film, “Grandma”. I really enjoyed the movie and can see why people are talking about her performance. She can really convey a lot of emotion through her eyes in my opinion. As I mentioned before, I am really looking forward to seeing her on the red carpet at the Emmys and hope to get a good picture of her. I sure wish you were walking down that carpet too.
    Rumor has it you are making a movie with Robert Redford on Netflix? Is this true? How fun if it is!

  5. What a fun weekend! I am looking forward to seeing YOUTH. Is this the first time you have worked with Michael Caine? I can’t remember. I love him and always enjoy watching him (one of my favorites is Dirty Rotten Scoundrels). I read his book “Acting in Film” years ago after it had first come out…I think I was in college. It was a fun and educational read. Oh, I’m in the process of memorizing lines, too! I was recently cast in a production of Arsenic & Old Lace as one of the murderous older ladies. Which is funny because I’m 47. It just goes to show you that every director is different. Last season I couldn’t get cast in Agnes of God to save my life because the director thought I was too young for Martha, and now I’m getting aged up to play another Martha…someone my mother’s age. Although, my mom…much like you…does not remotely look her age. I know I’m a bit biased, but I think my mom is absolutely beautiful. She’s also quite spunky, which keeps her looking and feeling younger. I sure hope I’ve inherited that gene! Have a great day, Jane…Peace out! 🙂

  6. So great you enjoyed your trip to Toronto! Wish you could have stayed longer 😀 Looking forward to Youth and Season 2 of Frankie and Grace!!

  7. L’Oreal, not Loreal :))
    beside my joke, thank you for posting a year or so , your visit to l’Oreal in France. Your pics gave us a different approach of their production and pushed me to try their cream…. guess what: they are really good!!

  8. You look absolutely Gorgeous Jane!

  9. Hello Jane,
    Happy Wednesday eveining to you!!! You look amazing!! I love that dress so Gorgeous!!! Honestly, I must say had I had not known your age I would have guessed you to be in your early Forties!!:)

  10. Wow ! Very special movie “Youth”, I had the opportunity last night. You are all so good and for sure, wasn’t an easy one to perform. Sorrentino reminds me of Fellini with the feelings of Woody Allen and the colors of Almadovar 🙂
    Am I wrong?

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  12. Please pass along to Lily Tomlin a huge thank you from me. I had the honor to see her on the red carpet of the Emmy Awards. She was so kind and patient with us bleacher creatures. She signed tons of autographs, waved, and was very friendly.

  13. Jane, congratulations on the 20th anniversary of G-CAPP. You do so much to raise awareness surrounding issues that effect as all. You recognize that the plight of the oppressed and underprivileged are the burden of those Blessed with more. I hope that you really take the time to enjoy your award reception tomorrow. I’ve heard some who are fortunate enough to have accessed rarefied air act blase about being recognized yet again for their artistic and professional accomplishments. I wonder whether or not you have ever felt this way? “Ugh, I have to go the Oscars again???” “Now they want me to stick my fingers in wet cement???”” Or is it a fresh, new, exciting and validating experience each time you receive a new accolade? Because it is my fortieth birthday tomorrow, I am hoping that you will indulge my bringing awareness to the plight of those living in Flint, Michigan:

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    Things are working out at the Red Roof Inn. My new therapist/psychiatrist is only 3/4ths of a mile a way. And my new — reputable — job as a server at the Macy’s restaurant is right across the street. I hear about these mass shooters and I understand their disconnect and anger. I don’t condone their actions in the least. But, if there is one thing I want people to realize is that help is out there. People care. Fortunes go up and down and hope ebbs and flows. Sharing our despair, fear, frustrations, regret and shortcomings with others helps us all to become more charitable, grateful, supportive and understanding.

    My goal is to check in with you, briefly, only once every three months this year, Jane. I just have this sense that you really do care about me — and about all of your fans who have a genuine love and respect for you. Thank you for that.

    • Aw Peter, yes, I care, I hear you. No, I don’t get blase about cultural celebtarins of thanks and “you’re good.” I’ve ad a lot of the opposite so I take nothing for granted.

      I am sickned by the water situation in Flint. I hope people will step up and do something about it. History has shown that when enough epopke are in the streets in the faces of the “power brokers” things can change…not with violence but with numbers. Black Men Matters growth shows this; the almost 50% renewable energy usage in countries like Germany, Norway, Austria where 10s of 1,000s of people have protested for ending nukes and fossil fuel usage.
      Also, I believe in the power of prayer and meditation. Blessings to youxx

  14. First, thanks to moderators for editing out my previous comment. You know, sometimes, after a couple of rosés, things just flow out of you and maybe one is more honest than they should be. 🙂 Well, at least if you read them, you know that I don’t just pretend to be a crazy fan of yours, I really am. 😀 😀 😀

    Guess who managed to buy two pre-release tickets to Youth next Saturday! 🙂 I’m so excited (I just can’t hide it lol) to see your scene. Everywhere I go, I hear how you steal the whole movie with your short, but more than impactful role. I don’t want to jinx anything, but it would be more than nice to see you and Lily reuniting not just on Grace and Frankie, but also at big events at the end of the year and the beginning of the next. If you know what I mean, wink, wink. Regardless of that, I’m just ecstatic to see you like I am every time. I celebrate you and your talent that has already given me so much. 🙂

    And to share some good news of my own. It looks like I might just join your profession. After some convincing and support of friends, family and acting coaches, I decided to get into it. It started out as a rough journey, with me knowing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about auditions, messing them up, forgetting even the little I knew. In the end, I got to a school here where I was accepted by only after one preliminary audition. The fact that high-profile, renowned professionals of the business acknowledged me and said they were sure of me just floored me.

    BTW, do you like my new avatar? I wanted to channel my idol, Cary Grant, I hope you agree that I succeeded. 😛 My mom said I rather remind her of Walter Matthau… 😀 😀 😀

    • You’re so funny, Daniel. Wink wink back at you and thanks for the thoughts. xxx JF Oh, and like the new avatar

      • <33333 UUUhhh my Queen 😉 BTW, I won't back down until we do a movie together or at least until I send my all-emoji picture of your movies' titles. I can probably only share a screenshot of my emoji titles (they are so cute and I worked with them so…). I'll probably share it in the movies group or I don't know. I'll figure it out. 😛 😀

  15. Jane, your makeup always looks so amazing! If you don’t mind me asking, what are your favourite lipsticks/eyeshadows? xx

  16. Hi Jane. Great to have you back blogging again. I was wondering, will you be attending the London Film Festival to promote Youth? Specifically the Weds 14th screening for press/industry (which is the only one I can attend?) Would be bloody fabulous to hear see you in person xx

    • oooo, no can do in London. Will be shooting here then. xx

  17. Dear Jane,
    I had to mention to you that I joined Docuclub, which are documentary films streamed into your device ie: IPad by Sundance. One of the first films I chose to watch was “Jane” made in 1962 titled “Fun Couple” starring Jane Fonda and Bradford Dillon. The documentary takes you backstage, to the rehearsals, tryouts in different cities, to finally opening night and waiting for the review of Walter Kerr of the Herarld Tribune. You had already appeared in films but this was your first Broadway play. Lee Strasberg from the Actors Studio who you have said gave you the confidence to become an actor showed up backstage during rehearsals to give you more of that I think. I don’t know how long it’s been since you’ve seen it but I will say it’s a darn good documentary, and you look great.
    Have you ever been on Actors Studio with James Lipton? That’s one of my favorite shows on
    Bravo network.
    Have a pleasant week, and I hope Richard’s doing well.

    • yes, Barbara, I did the James Lipton Show several years ago xx

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