With this long weekend, I finally have time to catch up on watching the dailies of “Grace & Frankie” Season II, finish a few books, take some walks and write a blog!! While we’re shooting, there’s simply no time to do anything but work and sleep and get up and work again. We’re about to finish episode 6 and I have to say, in my humble, front-line opinion, season II is better than season I. We’re finding our groove. Both Lily and I rejoice regularly when we hear from people who have binge watched the entire thing or from friends who regale us with stories of how their parents, their grandmothers, even their nieces and nephews are ‘addicted’ to the series. It’s amazing to us how the show seems to appeal across gender and age. Who’d have thought!!!


Last week we celebrated Lily’s Birthday on the set with this cake. Lily’s been doing double duty these last weeks, working on the series while traveling to New York on weekends and doing Q&As after screenings to promote her fantastic new film, “Grandma.” I urge all of you to see this really wonderful movie. I saw it at the Sundance festival with Lily last January and knew immediately that the film and Lily would gets a lot of buzz. She certainly deserves to get an Oscar nomination for her performance . . . which would be very cool: an Emmy nomination AND an Oscar nomination in the same award season — at seventy something (I forget how old she is but she’s a little younger than me). BTW, Sam Elliott is also in “Grandma” and also deserves a nomination. Check it out.

I know how hard Lily’s working and can only imagine how tired she must be, but does she complain? No. Does she always show up ready and able to work? Yes. She is amazingly strong and resilient, that one, and always ready to laugh. We laugh a lot on the set.

Speaking of tired, let me tell you what I’ve learned about drinking–booze, that it. I have discovered at almost 78 years-old, that if I have even one drink the night before I have to work, the next day my energy is 50% less than it would have been had I been abstemious. One drink! Shoot, what’s the point of even going on!!! Last Thursday evening I was watching the Michigan/Utah football game with Richard and a friend and I thought, “I’ll just have a small glass of my really top-notch tequila. What harm can one little glass do?” Well, I was dragging my ass at work the next day; had a hard time remembering lines, something that’s usually very easy for me. At first I wondered what was wrong and then I realized–it was that one glass. I know–it’s the sugar, stupid. Sugar and age–a bad combo. Fortunately I got off work early on Friday, came home and took a 4-hour nap!!!

I hope y’all are having a splendid long weekend. I’m going to the Toronto Film Festival next weekend for the premiere of “Youth,” the Italian film I did last year directed by Academy Award winner Paolo Sorrentino (“The Great Beauty“) I’ll blog about that next.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know what a great inspiration you are to me. I have all of your Prime Time DVD’s and w/o faithfully with them. They have transformed my senior years into staying active and enjoying life. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your wit and wisdom. All I can offer is a mere “Thank you” and hope you know how heartfelt it is meant. Carry on Jane…carry on <3

  2. I got really invested with the characters in “Grace & Frankie”, so it is a luxury — absolutely — to be able to see what happens to them. We need more stories focused on characters over 60, too: full, rich, multi-layered stories. Oh, and please keep the beach house in the series, too. By the way, will either Grace or Frankie and/or both post a little video on YouTube? I can definitely see that as a hobby for either one of them. That could be a little show within a show now and again.

    • Daniel M, I shall propose your idea to the writers. xx

  3. You guys are amazing hard working women.Hi I turned 50 this year and you both put me to shame. Lol on the one drink I like a drink every so often after work and feel like I stay out all night the next day.Love you Jane and Lily

  4. I really loved the first season. I watched it over several days. I have a compression fracture and can not do much right now and your show really made day. Thank you.

  5. Hello Jane,
    Looks like y’all had fun celebrating Lilly’s Birthday. I myself had celebrated a birthday party too over the weekend my grandmother had turned 90 and looks amazing!! I can’t wait for season 2 of Grace and Frankie to come out. I still watch the first season over and over. I just got done last week reading your biography that you had wrote in 2005 and then read Mary Williams The Lost Daughter also. I don’t know you two at all but you both inspire me and are definitely role models. I can kind of relate to Mary about being rejected by your family had it happen to me. Luckily, not all of them just one side but even that still does make you feel sad. Resilience is the key and for sure makes you stronger. I am still working on building self confidence and looking people in the eye something I had always had a hard time with. I am so glad that you had a wonderful Labor Day and am looking forward to Season 2 of Grace and Frankie.:)

  6. Love your new show. Watched every episode and can’t wait for the new season to start. Thank you for everything you have done over the years. You have been such an inspiration. I am a real fan.

  7. While our family was vacationing in Maui this summer, my daughter in law mentioned how much she enjoyed Grace and Frankie. Libby was surprised I had never watched so she connected to Netflix. OMG…Beyond enjoyable, love it.
    Each of the characters are so believable.
    I couldn’t stop laughing out loud. Watched every episode. Looking forward to the next season.
    I worked for Richard years ago, and think of him often with such fond memories. Please let him know my husband Leonard passed away last year. Life is an ever changing adventure.

  8. Oh Jane, bless your generous heart. I saw love it when you put out good word for great performances during awards season. I remember you supporting Marion Cotillard and Bradley Cooper this year – both of whom giving amazing performances for the ages that were considered long shots for nominations even though, in my opinion, both deserved to actually WIN. It’s great that in an age when bloggers and pundits try to narrow down the contenders to make it a horse race, write stupid articles, generate tension and negativity, a movie legend comes forward and says wait a minute guys, let’s see these movies before you decide (I remember Julia Roberts doing the same with Biutiful, what an amazing movie, helping Javier Bardem to a nomination) and it helps the Academy Awards turn into something they should be – honoring amazing work and not a battle of publicists. BTW, I hope Lily wins the Emmy because a) her work is amazing, b) she should win it for the both of you. One of the many positive things in Grace and Frankie was that it made me check out more of Lily’s work (I obviously know your work by heart at this point so I went to Lily to explore) – what an amazing talent she is. If you see her, please give her my best wishes and say how much she inspired me with her performances, her energy, her versatility (LIKE REALLY-REALLY). Seriously, please do. I rarely get the chance (I’m so glad I got it with you, even if it is online). I cannot wait to see Grandma (though I have zero idea when it is released in Hungary).

    And from what I’m getting from reviews and articles, Lily is not the only cast member of Grace and Frankie generating awards buzz. 😉

    BTW, my best friend and I discussed relationship dealbreakers. Mine were: Jane <3, Tootsie, Dustin Hoffman, Jack Lemmon, Madonna and Meryl. :'DDD I'm kinda dorky, ain't I. 😀

    • Daniel, whaddaya mean, “relationship dealbreakers?”

  9. I can’t wait to watch season 2! Everyone I talk to loves “Grace & Frankie”! It truly is a great show! You and Lily are fantastic! It is funny how the viewer gets so attached and cares about these characters on television. You desperately want them to find happiness.
    I can’t imagine what your work day is like. Exhausting I’m sure, but thank you, because it is a great gift to us viewers! How many weeks does it take of filming to complete a season?
    I have always wanted to go to the Toronto Film Festival. It is only a 4 hour drive from my house. Easy weekend getaway. I just haven’t figured out the whole system of purchasing tickets and what kind of showing each movie is. I would like to go to a showing where the actors speak about the movie, but I am not clear on if they do that and when. Well, one day I will Tom for sure.
    I am lucky enough to be sitting in the Red Carpet Bleachers for the Emmy Awards this year, so I really hope to get a great picture of Lily and maybe even get her autograph! I will definitely be cheering her on! I sure wish you also were nominated. You definitely deserved it.
    Take care, Jane, and enjoy your filming!

    • SusanK, it takes 6 days to shoot a whole episode. xxx

  10. Love you Jane!!! I literally watch Grace & Frankie almost every day. I never get tired of it. Best show ever! There is a Facebook group and I did a poll of everyone. Every one from 18 to 80 loves it! I’m 34 and have had a crush on you since I was 15 🙂 I can’t wait for season 2. Please can we have a sneak peek!

  11. Hi, Jane – I don’t if you’re going to see this comment, but I would just like to say that I am a 19-year old man from Finland (Walter Hale is not my real name) and I love your show! I’ve seen each episode about six times now and I just cannot get enough of it! So honestly, I cannot wait for the next season! And I too am happy for Lily – think she’s amazing and probably Grandma will be great! But since this is your blog – I have to say that you are amazing in Grace & Frankie as well and I was shocked that you weren’t nominated for an Emmy. Anywho, if god is willing – you could both be nominated for an Oscar – Lily for Grandma and you for Youth ( at least that’s what GoldDerbty’s Oscar odds are looking right now) THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

  12. Hi Jane,
    Do you get any kind of ratings for the show? I’m sure you must. I’m sure that Netflix knows how many ‘hits’ a show gets every day. Just wondering.
    BTW I cannot binge watch. I don’t know how people do it. I have to pace myself i.e. keep episodes so that I have something to look forward to, e.g. I could only watch the last episode of G&F when I knew a second series was on its way. Maybe it’s separation anxiety. Ha!!
    One last thing, being Welsh I watched in English, however, living in Germany, I’ve shown my friends the German version. It is, of course, very well done, however, the Germans pick up on a sadder side to the whole series of events. Isn’t that interesting how different cultures pick up on different things?
    Take care

  13. Jane, today I was just looking up possible OSCAR Contenders for 2016. It is that time of year where I start hitting the movie theaters most weekends to catch any movies that could be up for an Oscar in February. I was thrilled to see your movie, “Youth”, mentioned in several categories, including you, Jane Fonda, as a possible contender for supporting actress. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if both you and Lily were up for something! I can’t wait to see your movie! Do you know when “Youth” will make it to theaters across the country?

    • YOUTH opens, at least in big cities, Dec 4th xx

  14. I just ordered Prime Time on amazon.ca and can’t wait to devour every word!!!!!!

  15. Jane, I just read something really mean about you and it made me feel awful. It made me wonder how you deal with that kind of b.s.

  16. The beach house is definitely one of the best TV sets in current memory. It really adds a comfortable anchor to the proceedings, without overcoming the performances. (And this is coming from a location manager on the opposite end of the production spectrum.) Oh, the practical location stuff is great, too. Hitting my fourth watch-through. This is competing with “MTM” as my favorite take-a-break escape show. (Bizarrely, an appropriate comparison show.) Great performances – lots of fun.

  17. Hi Jane,
    Just a note of congratulations on the news today about you and Robert Redford finally teaming up in a Netflix film from the novel The Souls Of The Night. I already ordered the book. I’ve always said you need two out of three things happening in your life to be happy and sleep well. The three are your personal life, health, and business, Jane right now looks like you have all three.

  18. Jane my emoji’s don’t show on my blog to you, wonder why?I just sent 4 balloons

  19. Hi Jane,
    This comment is a little late but here it is. I learned some years ago that I can not eat carbohydrates prior to going to bed. If I do then the next day I will be operating a 50% and feeling tired. You might have the same problem that I do. So this is what I do to fix the problem. I do not have any wheat, sugar or alcohol prior to going to bed. All these things turn into sugar and prevent me from getting the proper rest.
    I hope this helps.

  20. Btw re alcohol, it is, of course, The Wrath of Grapes!
    Jason x

  21. The show does change over seasons, only becoming better. I watched the whole series, seasons 1-6, it took me several days. And now re-watching it for many times, I notice new things – things I didn’t pay my attention to when I watched for the first time. Grace is definitely becoming more whole, as Jane would say – she is a different person now by season 6. In the beginning she is so self-oriented, so square in many things and so scared. And now she is a self-confident person open to life. I loved the romance and passion you created, Jane, with Sam Elliott in Season 2 – you can really feel it on the screen and that is rare these days. And I love Peter with you in further seasons, you have got some great chemistry! Loved the beach scene when he proposed. And that dress – Jane you looked amazing! Lily is brilliant with the way she talks and acts as Frankie. Or is it Frankie talking like Lily? I’ve seen many interviews with you two and I love the way you interact with each other. Like real friends, close ones, those who can laugh at each other in a kind way. Thanks again for the show! It did open a different world to me – actors, places, themes.
    P.S. Martinis are great after all! Are they your favorite, Jane? I noticed you drink martini in many movies and some personal photos you put on your blog.

    • Karine, In my younger days, martinis were my fav but now, I lose at least half of the next day to fatigue and loss of focus if I have even one martini the night before so I rarely drink anymore and when I do it’s very little. I don’t have that many next-days to squander. And regarding Lily, she and I are yrue friends in real life. I love her very much. xx

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