emojii9Yes, today is officially World Emoji Day. I only discovered the fun of emojis a few months ago, and I love using them.
Its like a new language. Who Knew! Its hard not to be amused while searching for the perfect image.
Here are some of my most often used: 😘😜👍🙏👏💛💙💜💚❤️🌍🏈🍔
There are so many, but I still find myself searching for emojis that don’t exist.
I found out that less than a month ago someone finally made a Taco Emoji!
I mean where do they come from? Who makes them? Whomever you are, please create feminist and environmental emojis.
Do you use Emojis? What are your favorites.?

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  1. Where can I send you a letter, that will actually go to YOU? I have some personal things I would write to you about.( you researched a lot about this particular topic when you started your foundation) I am a survivor that could maybe give you some insight.

    • send c/o Claudine Palm, 1715 Peachtree St NW, suite465, Atlanta GA 30309.

      Do NOT send your only copy. xx

      • Thank you so much! I’m 44 and you will be the first person I have ever spoken to about this. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I hope my letter finds its way to you! Thanks again for the address! Christina

  2. Oh my favourites are

  3. ⭐️❤️

  4. Emojis are fun to use. I think they put a little character into messages. My most used emojis are and . My mother, though, has discovered Facebook and constantly communicates through stickers. Cute, but sometimes words are little bit more helpful.

  5. Ha! I don’t think my emojis even showed up in my first comment! Maybe they are not as great as I thought!

  6. Hi Jane, here’s your answer…Shigetaka Kurita is the guy who created the first Emoji, Happy Face… He created Emoji when he was a member of the team that did the worlds first internet system in Japan.
    It was inspired by Manga Chinese characters and street signs……..
    Eventually Kurita came up with 176 12 x 12 images that became Emoji’s foundation.
    There are roughly 1890 characters which goes through the company Unicode, which makes the decisions on which Emoji’s get selected. and developed……If you go to Unicode.org you will find all the info on Emoji’s which are called Pictographs…….
    Bit of Trivia, The White House petitioned for The Hot Dog…………
    Have a great weekend
    By the way my favorite is the baloon which has a story behind it. My Grandaughter and daughter have sent a baloon up for the last 25 years to my father who passed away. When my daughter was very young he would take her to Central Park in N.Y.C. And buy her two baloons, one for her, and one to send up and watch disappear, hopefully long enough for him to sit on a bench, rest and read the paper

  7. My daughter and Grandaughter send the balloon up on his Birthday December 19th every year. Can’t believe I fogot that.

  8. I love those emojis too. They’ve finally made black ones, acknowledging that the world is a rainbow of color.

  9. Gee, I found only two black ones and when I try to paste them here, they don’t come out black or at all. Hmmm . . . There’s a bride with a veil and a black hand with a thumb up.

  10. Jane, I wrote to you about expats’ right to vote in Europe in the middle of the night, in a state of frustration about Europe. I have no idea why I wrote to you about that. Wish there was an emoji for ‘sorry, I take that back and so utterly embarrassed, please excuse me’. Ho hum. My temporary insanity is now etched on the web. I am, however, really still really angry about the situation and will try to do something about our right to vote. Will Keep you updated.

    Am writing this in my Hotel in Bilbao overlooking the Guggenheim Museum. I know you wrote about this fabulous building in one of your blogs. I think it’s the only modern building that really moves me. I can’t take my eyes off it. And, Frank Gehry says he is surprised that not one part of the building leaks when it rains. Ha!! Not only breathtaking, but also practical. 🙂
    Take care

    • Jason, Gehry’s Bilbao museum is the only time architecture made me cry. My grandson is interning with him right now.

  11. Emoji are the best support for written messages…since they give the meaning (joke or not/happy or not)
    My favourite…when you laugh till tears is :
    Greetings from Sunny Spain

  12. Love those emojis. Use them all the time. Sometimes a picture or emoji is worth a thousand words. ✌❤️. Just a few of my favorites

  13. Hi Jane,
    I love the heart emojis the most.

    I am 80 years old – will be 81 in October – and Fit & Strong is a part of my fitness routine. Today I am writing about it on my blog at 78mph.com – I’d love it if you took a look.

    Here is an excerpt:

    Fit & Strong contains two low-impact routines designed to build strength, burn calories and feel energized. Each combines a workout and stretching routine that takes about 25 minutes. I wanted to do some weight lifting and I knew that if I followed Jane Fonda on my TV from my DVD I would be doing this properly. Now I have to admit that I don’t do this work out every day but I keep a monthly calendar where I keep track of the days I do it – usually 3 or 4 times a week!

    Jane is, of course, famous for her workout DVDs and having had a knee replacement, she had to make adjustments in her own life and passed these changes on to us in this DVD. I am not as strong as I used to be but I can do this work out with three pound weights and I FEEL STRONG AND ENERGIZED when I’m done.

    -Kind regards,


    • Oh Maureen, this makes me sooooo happy! Thank you. xx

  14. Hi Jane, I also forgot to send you my Moji which was the point of the story I told you ( I’m really getting older not old as Elaine Stritch said about forgetting things )

  15. For some reason the Emoji didn’t print on my blog to you.

  16. It didn’t again, strangeit does when I write but when I submit comment it doesn’t show

  17. Dear Jane, Thanks for tolerating or/and understanding or/and appreciating my sense-of-humor. I’m celebrating 1,035 (one THOUSAND thirty-five) days of sobriety today. In my new position (I work as a parking lot attendant at a semi-private gay men’s sex club) I was presented with the opportunity to take drugs this morning. Crystal methamphetamine. I briefly considered it. I love having the freedom of choice. Then I prayed. I said, “God, it’s my understanding, aided by the practice of mindful Buddhist meditation that this is neither a good offer, nor is it a bad offer. My curiosity and desire are neither good, nor are they bad. You know that I love you. I’m turning to you now so that way you can help me to know the most appropriate, healthy and safe course of action for me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.” Then, I got up and walked out of the room, reaffirming my belief out loud that this was — and will remain — just not for me. I didn’t see the gentlemen offering it up as Satan or even Satan’s helpers. Was I being tempted? Yes, but the temptation arose from within. I created the opportunity to manifest my strength. On top of that, I put the three dollars I had in my wallet in the gas tank (instead of buying a beer). The security of having a 100% full tank of gas in a car that I co-own with my husband (now legal in the state of Michigan, USA) along with a modest amount of food in our cupboards and the likelihood — now that we are beginning to build upon our solid foundation — that we will be able to avoid eviction from our house are all Blessings. I am living such an abundant life. I feel like I am imbued by that essence of authenticity that you project on-line, in your writing and speaking, in interviews, on the red carpets and in your performances. I smile to myself, realizing that the Peter who used to wonder, “What would Jane think of me?”, now knows what I think of myself. Good things. I’m off to cook breakfast then go to church. I hope that my prayers that others in need of finding their own inner Jane/Peter/Jesus/Buddha/CENTER are able to move closer and closer along in their/our/the collective/individual journey. Lots of Love to you, always, friend.

    • Beautiful, Peter. Proud of your strength and your method of getting there. Keep it up. Do you go to meetings? My experience has shown me the great value in AA meetings. x

  18. Thank you, Jane. I will! Yes, Alcoholics Anonymous saved my life. Brief story: On September 24, 2012, after a therapist said she could no longer treat me if I kept drinking, I made use of a county block grant and checked myself into a residential rehab facility. While at the facility, one of the workshops in which residents were required to participate involved a drill sergeant type instructor randomly screaming attacks at people in an effort — that I still don’t understand to break our spirits (even more?!??). One of the attacks he was particularly fond of involved the word “faggot”. Terrified by the options of either being the victim of anti-gay violence or drinking again (I was a 24/7 always-chasing-oblivion drinker), I made the choice to check-out of rehab. Thank God for the miracle of Alcoholics Anonymous. Without the framework and fellowship of that 12-step program, I would not be alive — much less thriving — today. Another great program that seems to be gaining traction is called Refuge Recovery (it can be looked up on-line). RR is based upon Buddhist principles and follows an 8-fold path to recovery. Most people seem to use it as a supplement to AA. I met a very interesting woman at church this Sunday (not being afraid of people is the greatest gift sobriety has given me) and invited her to attend a Refuge Recovery meeting. I’m thinking about taking some acting classes myself. A dream has always been to do community theater — not just acting, but building sets and learning make-up, lighting, direction, marketing. Not looking stardom, just fulfilling experience. Also, I absolutely want to do something to help those seeking recovery in the LGBT population — particularly those that may be aging and not necessarily have the support of a traditional family structure. The greatest human disease is loneliness, compassion is the cure! (As you can tell, I fancy myself a writer. Here is my pledge to you. I won’t bog down your blog with my thoughts as often as I have. I’m going to start embracing the courage it takes to journal — and to see if maybe I might be able to turn my writing into something more substantial.) xo

  19. Hi Jane, I know you’re always up for a challenge. Would you mud wrestle a 300 lb woman? Who’d win?

  20. My faves are ☺️ and (for me & my daughter) and (when I’m praying for life to go right) ☺️ Xxxx

  21. Hi Jane, I just wanted to thank you for this fabulous site. I did all your videos religiously in the late 70’s and early 80’s and was in the best shape of my life! I’m now 56 and badly out of shape and have been searching for the answer and my search brought me to you and this site (after all these years! ☺️) I’m so excited to get your DVDs and start again!! I hope to shift the extra three stone Ive been carrying around since I hit the menopause. Could I make a suggestion/request? Is there any chance you could do some videos to great 70’s music? I would really love that and I’m guessing so would a lot of other women my age Thanks for listening .. So great to come here now when I feel stressed (because that’s when I eat)

    Sending love from Liverpool, England xxxx

  22. Good one Jane!

    I don’t understand with all the technology why we don’t have more emoji options! Every time I want to send a clever message using only emojis it’s impossible!
    Weekend mantra since I live on the bay,

    Can’t wait for the next season with Lily!!!

  23. Jane… i’m ‘old school’ (or ‘old guard’ …as i prefer to say) and I love words and people who have good command of them.
    That said, I find it interesting that humankind has developed to a place where we are now creating our own world in virtual. ..out of small particles of light called pixels; much like our creator uses small particles of light called atoms. even more interesting! is that this suggests a lateral power dynamic between creator and creation…Perhaps its not a coincidence at this time that people find symbols to be helpful in augmenting their expression. language often fails in trying to touch truths about the very essence of life.

    I remember some years ago I experimented with keeping words out of my prayers trying to use images and emotions only (haha! emoji prayers) but got lazy about it.
    thanks for bringing up these great topics!

  24. Hi dear Jane ! I also love the EMOJIS, and the one I use the most, are those with HAPPY and FUNNY FACES, or SUN like Faces….I am a total Solar person…Best wishes…Your trully, from Brazil…

  25. If there was a fish riding a bicycle emoji I would be all over that! We could use some political ones with the upcoming election as well (although it looks like there is already a decent one for Trump’s hair: ).

  26. Long time no see. 🙂 I’m so sad Jane :'(… I did a post with most of your most famous movies’ titles created with emojis and my iPad got screwed up and couldn’t post it. I was so mad, but I’ll find a way to get that to you and do it once again. Just know that I wanted to surprise you with that but I was so mad at my device I didn’t try again. 😀 And my PC doesn’t have emojis, it’s a different brand. I might post it in one way or another. 🙂

    Anyway, this doesn’t stop me from sending my heartiest congratulations on your Kirk Douglas Award. You cannot imagine how happy I am to see you so much on screen, doing new projects creating buzz, bringing good sales, ratings and reviews. I see my own contemporaries posting gifs and memes from your scenes on Grace and Frankie (the Ryan Gosling chair scene is, hands down, the most often mentioned). You’re on fire.

    I hope you, Richard and your whole family are doing great and having a great summer. For selfish reasons, I hope you’re busy with doing all those tons of scenes as Grace, but I also hope you’re having a great time.

    Random question, but do you know Madonna? 😀 I’ve never seen a picture of you two together, but I’m interested if you la… QUEENS have met. 🙂

  27. Hi Jane,

    Thank you for bringing back your Original Workout. I did this workout when it first came out and loved it. I just bought this on DVD and love it now as much as I did then. It is a little depressing how out of shape I am at 51, but I believe in this workout and I feel so much better doing it. I am only able to get through the beginners but will just keep pushing through it to get to the advanced. Thank you again you have no I idea how THRILLED I am to have it! ❤️

  28. Hi Jane,
    Just had to follow up my previous email to let you know I bought 2 more of your workouts so I can mix up my workouts. I ordered them from Target and I can’t wait to get them….


    • Yonnegler, i don’t know why this has happened. i was not aware of this. can you resend your comment? i will try to deal with this. sorry. xx

  30. Dear Ms. Fonda: I mailed off a photo of a painting I created of your “Barbarella” character to your Foundation’s Atlanta address in the hope that you would autograph it. I was wondering if 1) I sent the photo to the right address and 2) if it had gotten to you yet. Just curious…Thanks! Yours-Steven Vasko

    • Steven, i don’t believe i have receivde the portrait.

      • Dear Ms. Fonda: Well that’s a bummer. Can you give me an address where I can send another copy of it along with a SASE so you can look at it and sign it? Thanks a bunch! Yours-Steven Vasko

  31. jane…
    i read on your blog that you are going to be working with Mark kozelec …you’re probably on track to check out some of his music (or maybe you’re already familiar)and when you do, you’ll be blown away…ive been a fan for a long time! since ‘red house painters’ days through ‘sun kil moon’
    he has the lovliest male vocalist voice of all time …and seems an incredibly weighty heart-soulful guy.
    be interested in hearing how that goes

  32. Dear Jane, You know I have to ask (riffing off of Daniel P.’s question and your response): What were your impressions upon meeting Madonna? I’m not trying to encourage petty gossip, I’m just very curious. Madonna has always struck me as someone who almost goes out of her way to be an outsider in the Hollywood community, whereas you are very much (although very down-to-Earth) “Hollywood Royalty” (“Christina!!! Bring me the axe!!!” LOL. “Mommie Dearest” is the strangest phenomenon of all-time. It has made generations of people laugh — at mental instability and child abuse.) Many do not have very kind things to say about her; however, I don’t think that her talent and savvy and ambition can be denied. What did you think of her matador inspired “Living For Love” performance at the Grammys this year? (You looked stunning in that green gown!) Have you ever attended one of her concerts? Have you read any of her books (from Coffee Table-Autoporn-Art to a series of spiritual moral instruction for children? Did you see her musical performances at the Academy Awards? (“Sooner or Later” in 1991 was so iconic. Were you there that year with Ted Turner?) Did you think she was robbed of a nomination for “Evita”? Do your politics align at all with hers? Do you think that she has helped or hurt the cause of feminism? Did she consult with you at all before opening her “Hard Candy” fitness centers? Is she a nice person? Inquiring minds really want to know. What a great movie that would be: The Jane Fonda/ Madonna female-buddy-cop movie. You’re a fun lady, Jane. P.S. The day you receive your Kirk Douglas Award is the day I turn 40. If you need someone to present the award to you, I can make myself available to fly out to California. I’ll put myself up at a cheap motel. Wouldn’t that be a refreshing hoot. I promise to make the presentation one steeped in respect, cinematic history, and a celebration of your craft. (Hey, they say: “Ask and ye shall receive…”)

    • Can’t answer all your questions, Peter, but I think Madonna is a true cultural force to be admired. I have seen her perform and her dancing is impressive. I like “Living for Love.” I didn’t like the bustier she wore on the red carpet with her bare rear out for all too see. Not that her ass isn’t impressive but… I read her coffee table SEX book of photos. Enjoyed it and her exhibitionistic bent.

  33. Hi Jane. I admire you for so many reasons!!!! I only wish that you were also an advocate for Veganism, for the environment (health and sustainability of our planet); for human health; and for the animals (obviously). I know that you are consciencious .Have you ever considered becoming vegan? Have you seen the documentary, Cowspiracy, and if so, what is your reaction?

    • I have not seen the documentary. I eat almost no red meat (though my secret weakness is a really good cheeseburger which I buy maybe once every month or two) but I need protein from fish and I also eat chicken. I sometimes consider becoming a vegetarian and maybe I will one day. The more I read about all the water it takes to raise beef (water is becoming the new, precious gold) and the chemicals in so much of our poultry and the pollution in the seas the more the idea attracts me. Right now, though, my focus is more on trying to stop the pollution of air, water and food than on what I eat. Am I wrong?

      • I really wish that you could read THE WORLD PEACE DIET, by Will Tuttle, Ph.D. and see the documentary, COWSPIRACY (on Netflix) and give me your opinion. The points you mention are thoroughly addressed therein. Animal agriculture is THE largest cause of pollution, global warming and many other problems. Thanks, Jane, for being open to suggestions. This is one of your many attributes that I admire!

  34. Dear Ms. Fonda: I found the phone number of your Atlanta business office on the Internet, called it, and got the correct address for your foundation from the lady at the other end of the line (hope this was okay.) I just slipped in the mail a large envelope containing a photo of my “Barbarella” painting for you to look at and autograph, a hand-written cover letter, and an self-addressed-stamped-envelope. Your foundation’s office should be getting it sometime next week. When you eventually do get the photo, please find a way to let me know what you think of my painting…hope you enjoy it. Yours-Steven Vasko

  35. This LINK will take you at one beautifull artcle about you and Lili Tomlin, from LIZ SMITH….


    • Thanks, Yonnegler. I would have missed this very nice article. xx

  36. Hi Jane, we need the name of your plastic surgeon. Please share the man who makes women look decades younger! Plus, how can you wear hi-heels with hip and knee replacements?? Plus, is all hat hair yours or extensions, additions, etc…?

    • Pat Ford, 1) I prefer not to name my plastic surgeon. It’s too risky cause I’d feel responsible if things didn’t work out. Do your research–carefully. Talk to people who have used a particular doctor. That is important. I wish I had done that more.
      2) I do wear high heels on some special occasions like red carpets etc but only certain ones. Jimmy Choo shoes suit my particular feet with their high arches, as do YSL (sometimes) and Stuart Weisman (always). I try to wear platforms so the actual heel may look high but isn’t.
      3) Yes, it’s all my hair! Ain’t I lucky? My hair stylists always ooo and ahh about the thickness of my hair.

      • Jane, how can one talk to a particular doctor when most will not admit to having any work done or refuse to give the name like you?

  37. Hi Jane!

    First and foremost, thanks to emojis I can fully communicate a grocery list without writing an essay 😉 You’re right, it has created another language, and a universal one at that!

    Secondly, I’m writing to you as the granddaughter of Henri Dauman, a photographer that has taken many breathtaking pictures of you for LIFE Magazine, some of which I’m sure you haven’t even seen! I’m reaching out because I’m currently producing a documentary about the work and life of my grandfather. One of the amazing things about my grandfather’s life is the anecdotes he’s accumulated over the years from speaking with and photographing the most iconic people of the 60’s and 70’s. We would absolutely love to interview you, or at the very least speak to you about the project.

    You can reach me at [email protected] where I can share with you a little more info about the project, as well as a “teaser” we’ve cut together.

    Thanks so much for your time!


    Nicole Dauman-Suerez

  38. Jane, I think you wanted more EMOJIS? I found a site you might like. ( flirtmoji.com ) They are sexually explicit but funny and a lot of Feminist emojis to choose from. Google me, We no each other from a long time ago. Barron Hair Studio? I just thought these would be useful and fun. George Bowers

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