I feel much better going into this new season than I did last year and I’m very grateful that we got another go at it.

Last year I was new to episodic television (I say television even though Netflix is streaming, not TV– but still, the shooting of it is more or less the same). I’d been a guest star on “The Newsroom,” yes, but that’s very different than going to work every day, being in almost every scene, with little or no rehearsals, different directors for almost every episode and having very little input- I was on a steep learning curve and didn’t feel I was in a position to give input.

When we finished Season One last winter, I went into therapy for awhile to deal with the issues that had come up for me over the 41/2 months of shooting– and I got an acting coach- first time in 50 years!

I’ve been very touched by all the positive feedback we’ve gotten on this first season. So many people say they love the show. Some tell me they’ve already watched the first season all the way through 2 or 3 times and hated to see it end. It has quite stunned me –the depth and breadth of it– from all corners of the world, men as well as women and from a far more diverse age group than I ever would have anticipated. Maybe part of this is that it’s basically a hopeful show. We need hope.

Still, I wanted to be better, go deeper so that I’d enjoy the process more. And It worked! At least I feel very different now than I felt then. I’m loving Greta Seacat, my acting coach, and the work we do together which includes Jungian-type dream work–something I’ve never done before.

I’m frankly proud of myself that even at my advanced age I didn’t want to settle, rest on my laurels, as they say. It’s never too late to get better! In a way, that’s the message of the show.

It will be so great to see everyone again– the crew, the writers. Almost all the same people I’m told.

I’ve had 2 wardrobe fittings with our designer, Allyson Fanger. Allyson is the shows Costume Designer, in charge of the costumes for the entire cast, she along with Assistant costume Designer Lauren Morelli, Costume Supervisor Lori DeLapp, Key Costumer Zelda Lambrecht, and Tailor Auncha Pucksanontachai , keep all of us looking our best.


It’s so much fun trying on everything and sensing right away what is Grace and what isn’t. They’re not super rich (though the beach house may look that way, but the 2 families bought it together decades ago when prices in La Jolla –NOT Malibu– were way lower).

Grace doesn’t buy a lot of new clothes but she has good taste, keeps stuff and mixes and matches. You’ll notice here the return of Graces favorite sweater. I’m getting a lot of questions about where certain outfits came from. A lot of queries about Frankie’s jewelry, too.

Fortunately, this season we’re getting 6 days to shoot each episode — one day more than last year which means we won’t have to work such long hours. And we’ll get a few hiatus…whew! (What’s the plural of hiatus?) And I’m sure this will be great for the writers as well. A little more breathing room. I hadn’t realized what a hard job they have!

My 16-year-old grandson, Malcolm, is staying with me for close to a month. I couldn’t be more thrilled! He’s going to intern with a top architectural firm while he’s here. But I hope he’ll get a chance to visit me on the set. We saw “Mad Max” together yesterday afternoon and loved it. One of the most intense, relentless movies I’ve ever seen. Charlize Theron was amazing. I love that the “sex slaves” revolted and were brave and good. Now I want to convince him to see “Inside Out, “Dope”, “Me, Earl and the Dying Girl.” We’re going to watch the Netflix Documentary about Nina Simone tonight. And of course “BALLERS” on HBO–my son Troy Garity is in it.

Last night my ex, Tom Hayden and his family, joined us to see the award winning (Sundance) documentary, “Wolfpack” about a group of 6 brothers who grew up in lower Manhattan and are never allowed to leave their apartment. Very strange and interesting. They grew up watching TV and copied every word of their favorite films– Tarantino, Scorsese, Coppola–created scripts and costumes out of cereal boxes and yoga mats and reenacted entire films. Fascinating.

That’s it for now.

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  1. Waiting at the car shop today I listened in on a conversation three customers were having, an 88, 84 and 72 year old, worried about the potential for terrorist harm this holiday weekend. They each shared how they had worked for and hoped for a true peace in the middle east by this stage in their lives . . . I was also struck that each was driving and working. When I turned around to view them I fully expected to see three “old” looking people – WOW – they looked hip. OK – time to tie this into you – Your comments about always wanting to improve yourself, your VOGUE cover, along with not only taking an interest in the world but getting off your butt and working towards a better world always inspires me. I am really making an effort to monitor my energy use and carbon footprint and while I know I’m way behind, I do now believe each person’s efforts can add up to a big difference and you are leading the way for so many of us. Keep inspiring and sharing your light. Love ya!

  2. I can’t wait love the show some of the best actor’s ever they all have a gift. I adore you Jane you rock .

  3. First I want to say thank you. For so many things mostly for allowing a degree of transparency which allows someone like me, only a decade younger… to look forward to being in my skin and living my life in as full a way as I choose. It is not the same as being 30,40 or 50… but it is rich and meaningful…. and fun!!

  4. Hello Jane
    I am so grateful that Grace and Frankie will go into season two. I love Allison Fanger’s style…. Very chic and classy. Jane, you are an amazing actress and very beautiful. You would look great in anything you wear but i love you in the flared pants and high collar shirts. Thank you for keeping your fans informed on everything that is going on with you. We truly appreciate it. when can we expect Grace and Frankie season two?
    So excited…Just watched season one again and savored every moment. Also thanks for being such a great activist. We love you.

  5. I’m one of those who love Grace and Frankiie. It especially spoke to me because after 26 years of marriage my husband became hiv+ and left me to pursue to gay life. I guess your show has to move more quickly than my life did as I have to say that my recovery took 7 or 8 years and I didn’t date during that time. I thought my life was over. I am now happily remarried and living in France so I did get my happy ending I had no talking it out or explanations from my ex-he just left and I had to sort it out on my own.. I revisited those feelings of loss and devastation watching your show, enjoyed it so much with the acting and the two very different characters and reactions of Grace and Frankie, and I can’t wait to see the second season. Bravo to everyone involved.

  6. Dear Jane, it’s true, what a treat to see real actors after a coon’s age of children on TV/streams. At last, this demographic comes of age, and how. Believable, stylish, watchable. I’ve already taken your hairstyle to my salon for a copy and made mental notes of your clothes, the decor, the mindsets – how to be a grownup and still find/fulfill dreams. Can’t wait for the rest of the story. Loving the tenderness people plumb for each other when there’s love for life.

  7. Hi Jane!
    Well, I am one of those people you mentioned that has seen G&F twice all the way through. I laughed just as much, if not more, the second time around. Really looking forward to Season two. And good for you that you are taking the steps to raise the bar on yourself! Bettering your life and your work…we never stop learning, do we? I’ve said it before and I’m sure this won’t be the last time…you inspire me. Thank you for that! Oh…My husband has been raving to me about BALLERS. He loves it! I haven’t seen it yet (too busy watching G&F the second time!) But I will…I promise!
    Rock on,
    Mel 🙂

  8. Jane–As a woman in her late twenties, I am so utterly pleased to watch a show that features two strong female protagonists in their seventies. We need more examples like G & F. Keep going strong! This gives my generation a lot to aspire to. -Christine
    P.S.: I just bought your work out video from the ’80’s. You are simply amazing. Thanks.

  9. Dear Jane, I’m a 30yo woman from Melbourne, Australia and my boyfriend and I just adored the first season of Grace & Frankie. The show has so much heart and humour, and some wonderful (often subtle) commentary about women’s obsolescence (in the eyes of society) as they age. That scene in the supermarket where Grace and Frankie are screaming to be served for cigarettes is both hilarious and poignant. I’m so glad Season 2 is going ahead. I adore Grace’s wardrobe, too (love a good pant-suit myself). I hope you have fun with your grandson. Warm wishes from downunder,
    Angela Meyer x

  10. I love this show so much!!!!

  11. You two are remarkable together…. I simple adore this show…I’ve rewatched it at least 4 times.. “The Fall” was so well written and both you and Lily played your parts so well. That episode alone should garner some kind of award.. Can’t wait to see season two!

  12. Hi Jane, plural of hiatus is “longer hiatus”
    Have a great time with your grandson………….

  13. Hi Jane,
    I can’t wait for Season 2 of Grace and Frankie to start. I absolutely LOVE the show and am totally amused, entertained and touched by the story lines. I have to admit, I also have watched Season 1 all the way through … twice …….so far. I want more. I’m 58 and you are such a role model for me in many ways. I’m so proud of the strong, vital woman that you are. We are blessed you didn’t decide to ‘rest on your laurels’. You keep getting better and better. Much Love <3 Christine

  14. Jane – I can’t tell you the last time I enjoyed a show more than this one. Such good writing and acting – all 4 of the lead actors are terrific! It must be exciting at this phase of your life and career to have such an opportunity. I think your writers MUST write a character for the show and have Dolly Parton play her! I can’t be the only person who has said this to you. Always enjoy your movies and your other work as well. The other day I read something very unpleasant about you and that damn 1972 photo of you in that tank. It was written by a Republican candidate for President and I couldn’t help but thinking how stupid he sounded. 1972 was another time and place and whatever he thinks you did is long past (at least to the rest of the world). You obviously still scare these people and I think it’s funny that 43 years later they have nothing else to think about but Jane Fonda in that tank! Maybe YOU should run for President!

  15. I have shared Grace and Frankie with family and friends. Best series I have seen in ages!
    I am 62 and going through a difficult time(ending a 38 yr. marriage). Watching the series has been therapy for me. It touches on so many issues that I have experienced!!
    Thank you. Looking forward to next season.

  16. Just love love love this show! Cannot wait for season 2 !! Years ago i use to do the jane fonda workout it was the only thing that helpped me get in shape! Now at 51 im out of shape and misreable!! Dont know were to begin again! But i know one of these workout videos is my answer!! Your the best Jane and such a beautiful lady!! Thanks for all you do!!

  17. Dear Jane
    I watched the show all 13 at one time, we love it any one I recommend it to loves it too we are all addicted I am now watching it all over again cant wait for the new season to come

  18. Jane, I absolutely loved the blouse you wore – green and yellow birds on a white background. Too stunning! Wondered where I might buy it. Meanwhile, I totally love Grace and Frankie. You and Lilly are just fabulous together. Two veterans. Two beautiful souls. Makes me sad my father is gone – died in 1997 at almost 90. He would have loved the series, which is done with such class. He loved your father, Henry Fonda. And watching veteran actors always made him teary-eyed. Never ever stop what you do that makes you happy and gives so much joy to so many. Bravo!

    • the print blouses are by Caroline Herrera

      • I loved loved loved the black and white striped asymetrical cut top you wore when you were discussing in The Party episode – is it available to buy that you know of

  19. Loved the show. So good to see such high caliber actors at work.

  20. Just found your new show last week and I am already watching it over for the second time. Cannot wait until season 2.

  21. I’m so excited about the next season! I watched a marathon of Season 1, then watched it again to share it with my husband, who also loves it! I hope your work with Greta doesn’t change your humor, honesty and incredible presence. You, Grace, Lilly and Frankie are an inspiration!

  22. Hi Jane, I didn’t know alot about you until last year when I watched an old movie of yours, and since then I’ve learned many amazing things about you, like your passion too help and protect the innocent and the weak. Your astonishing talent ,intelligence, compassion, kindness,and of course sheer beauty. You’ve made a huge impact on the way I look and think about my world around me.I’ve never been star struck befor or ever thought I would be, but I am now! Sincerely yours Marvell

  23. I watched all of Grace and Frankie. I can’t wait for season two!!! I found your gift; I’ll send it soon…. I love you.

  24. I stayed at home today to marathon watch, for the first time, Grace and Frankie. I absolutely love it. I’m 72 years young and relate to the subject matter as tho I’ve lived it thru my adult life. It’s like a good book you cannot put down. Hope the content matter of Season 2 stays as consistent. Congrats to the writers cast and crew!

  25. Be still my heart I did’nt expect you to reply, but thank you . I’ve been going through some kind of transformation lately. I’ve discovered a passion for things like the color orange, the psychodelic 60s lava lamps,and inner peace among other things. My wife says I’m crazy, maybe I’m just misunderstood. Anyway I have total respect for your stance on global warming , it’s time we all made changes! Peace and love Jane

  26. Jane – I just finished watching Grace & Frankie in 2 days – it was such fun. So wonderful of you to openly share your process and that you keep learning about yourself. You are an inspiration.

    Could you share who makes Grace’s favorite cardigan (shown above)? I can’t find anything even close to it online. Thank You!

    • Laura, I don’t see a photo of Grace’s cardigan.

      • I love that you wrote back! Thank you! Grace’s favorite sweater in the last picture above. The one you wear a lot – the brown sweater you wear in multiple episodes.

        • Ahhh. I wear it for the first 2 episodes in season II!!!!! Don’t know where it comes from. I’ll try to find out. x

        • This is to Laura Shute–the sweater is Ralph Lauren. xx

  27. Jane, I’m scratching my head over your obscure question to B (aka Marvell) about oranges.
    “Knock, knock.”
    “Who’s there?”
    “Orange who?”
    “Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?”
    Is this an emoji thing?
    Have you ever heard of “The Annoying Orange”?
    “Orange Is The New Black”?
    Another Netflix show. Are you pleased for Lily’s Emmy Nomination?
    Don’t worry, next year you’ll receive one too. I think that the insecurities in your character are perfectly mirrored in your own (misplaced) insecurities about television series acting. An example of life imitating art.
    How do you like them oranges?
    “See that pretty orange in the mirror there?”
    “What orange? Where?”
    Look, I made a hat. Out of oranges. Like Carmen Miranda, or Willard Scott.

    • Peter, I’m thrilled about Lily’s Emmy award!!

  28. To Peter Spencer, Peter why would you ask Jane if she was happy about Lily’s Emmy nomination. Did you want her to answer no I’m not. Jane would be happy for anyone nominated, but especially Lily since she is one of her closest friends. Peter think before one speaks.
    Best wishes,

    • I think Peter was being honest when he asked how I felt about Lily’s Emmy nomination. Because Grace and FRankie are a team but just one of us got nominated. It hurt a wee bit right at the get-go but I got out of my head and into my heart and I know she’s the comedian of the 2 of us–let’s be honest–and she’s so gifted and loveable and it took about 2 minutes to feel really good about it and then (back in my head) I knew her nomination would be good for the show. So there, Barb!

  29. You did it! My teenagers heads out of their cell phones. I was laughing so much during the episode they sat down without the cells & watched. Love Grace and Frankie~great giggles. Thank you for putting your workout videos on DVD. Ordered & have received. Waiting for the Pregnancy, Birth & Recovery to switch over to DVD. Do they have a release date? CONGRATS on season2can’t wait WOOT!

  30. That’s awesome that you get to spend time with your grandson with your busy life. He must adore you. I love spending time with my grandma and I enjoy every minute I spend with her. Also, i just finished your book, “Being a Teen.” I really felt that it helped clarify some misinterpretations I had of reality. Thanks for writing it. Can’t wait to see season 2!!

  31. I think what bothered me was the way Peter said it. Obviously you read it differently than I did. I’m happy if you’re happy. Have a wonderful week…………

  32. This show is absolutely brilliant. It blew me off of my feet. I resisted watching it in the beginning. I really just thought Jane Fonda was exercise in a bathing suit. Beauty and little substance… Boy was I wrong! This show has introduced me to the brilliant and courageous Jane Fonda. Until Grace and Frankie I was one of the “many young people…[who] know [Jane] as “the woman in the exercise video their mother used”” (Fonda, 2005). I began watching this series because it is my first summer off as a school teacher and I was bored and all of my smart friends were swearing by it. Well I fell in love. From there I found myself purchasing “My life so far”, (which I drug out for many extra days as I didn’t want it to end), and purchasing/renting Klute, 9 to 5, On Golden Pond, They shoot horses, don’t they?, Peace, Love and Misunderstandings, The Morning After and Coming Home. I was challenged to study the Vietnam War as a Canadian, and look into the Watergate scandal. Although, I am now a teacher of elementary education I also have a degree in gerontology, and I must say as a woman who finishing up her first act you have inspired me for the next two!

    I must apologize for minimizing you to nothing more than an exercise tape for moms, and not realizing the revolution behind those tapes and what it has done for women and men alike not to mention the programs it funded, I turned you into what Chimamanda Adichie calls the single story. I also feel compelled to thank you and the cast and crew of Grace & Frankie for such a brilliant show. I literally cannot wait to be stuck in the middle of season two!

    • Wow, Ashley. Thank you so much! xxx Jane

      • I thank you, Jane, for the growth you sparked in me this summer. My educational experiences which essentially began with Grace & Frankie varied from academic to very personal. I used your memoir and multiple interviews of you found YouTube as my secondary sources for a paper I wrote on meaningful educational experiences this summer for my masters degree. I posed the question of what is it that we truly value in valuable learning situations? The educator? The material? Both? You certainly challenged the way I view educators and what it means to be an educator. More importantly from listening to you speak/reading about your humanitarian work and passions, I learned to value and remember the importance of human connectedness. You also challenged me to explore why I judge people the way I do. I believe it says more about me than the person being judged. I must say that through your acknowledging that it is more important to be interested than interesting you, in my opinion, have become fascinating.

        Thank you for taking the time to respond to my initial response. I know you hear it ad nauseam but I truly was not anticipating it. It certainly made my day!

        P.s I am wondering if the mug shot clutch is going to be back in stock?

  33. I had wondered about how it would feel to have Lily get the nomination and not you Jane. Glad you answered that. And you answered it honestly indicating that yeah, you had felt some regrets, which I think every human alive would have done the same. But then you did the other thing which as we gain wisdom and knowledge with age hopefully most of us become gracious. I know I’m more gracious than I used to be. You were gracious and pragmatic. Thanks for the insight and willingness to be candid about that moment.

  34. Afternoon Jane. Can’t wait for season two. The episodes always bring a smile & great giggles. Wishing you guys the best. Your earlier pregnancy & recovery video helped me through three healthy delivers. Fighting Lyme disease now & hoping this video will also, be put on DVD to help in health. Great video for lower back, neck & joints all together! Will Pregnancy & Recovery… be added to the new collection? Thank you. Hope the week is treating you well.

  35. Jane, My friends and I absolutely cannot wait to see the 2nd season! I am finishing watching straight through on netflix for the 3rd time. Each character is special and unique and we all love that everyone doesn’t have to be YOUNG to be interesting ! ! !

  36. Jane, I just discovered Grace and Frankie about a month ago. I literally have watched the first series consecutively at least ten times. I have known your work my entire life (I’m 50 now) and have always admired you. When I was 16 I used to do a work out video with you every day! I can’t believe it! Thirty four years later, and I still adore you! This series has really rocked my world. I’m a young 50, and finding role models for how I envision myself as I mature has been challenging. There are a few other actresses, but none have made themselves accessible (and real) as you have done. I really needed a woman to show up like this and break the path. I am so relieved. My daughters (mid and late twenties) are also watching your series over and over. Its opened up a dialog with my girls and I regarding age, assumptions about age primarily. I refuse to dress like a typical 50 year old, I refuse to be irrelevant, I refuse to slip into a bitterness regarding my age. I like myself more than ever, and as the character Frankie states in Episode one, it really harshes my buzz. Lol…I don’t do drugs, but you get my drift. Thank you for doing this work, thank you for always shining so brilliantly, and thank you for demonstrating a fearlessness that inspires me on every level. You make seventy seven so freaking beautiful, accomplished, and relevant…so much of my fear has melted away. I am forever grateful to you. Thank you. Love you to the moon and back.

  37. Hello Jane. I just found out about this blog. SO over the moon with happiness and excitement about it. I have LOVE your work for a long. This show is magical. It has everything you could possibly want in a show. It’s inspiring, wonderful, sheer delight. I can’t even begin to explain just how funny you and Lily are together. Your chemistry with Sam and Martin is ALSO terrific. There’s such a flow in the dialogue, etc. You’re brilliant in this show. I’m so elated….I’ve watched your interviews with Lily about the show and what lead to the show being made. It’s never too late…I’m chopping at the bit for the second season. I can easily envision this show having at least 10 seasons. I ADORE the show. You have brought a slice of heaven into my world and SO many others. Keep up the excellent work.

    • Thanks, Victoria, the 2nd season is even better!!! JF

  38. I love this show! I just watched the first season for the first time and was in awe of how good the acting is. Its true we get better as we get older. Can’t wait for season 2 and hopefully a few more beyond that.

  39. I’m enjoying season 2 so much, Jane you are lovely, I can’t get over that sweater from the first episodes. God bless you

  40. Hi, I absolutely love the show. The writing is awesome and you two are perfect! So, I found this site as I’m clothes hunting. Is there a blog where these confections are recorded? I also LOVED you in Newsroom.

  41. I find myself emulating your style every chance I get. Is there a secret to those crisp stand-up shirt collars? Are they starched that way or just a fabulous designer label made to order just for you? I love the look!

    • Not just for me but tere are shirts with pop up collars an I love them—as did Katherine Hepburn…they hide the chin, etc

  42. Jane you’ve always been an inspiration to me, but your performance on Grace and Frankie warms my heart and makes me burst out laughing. It’s a rare look into your vulnerability which is lovely. I dont know if you and Lilly were friends before filming but your chemistry is phenominal. I love, love, love the series and am now kinda obsessed with the khaki cardigan!

    • Thanks, Elizabeth. The Khaki cardigan is Ralph Lauren

  43. Jane, I am 60 and my husband is 59 and we absolutely love this show. I have watched the first season at least 15 times and the second season 4 times. It makes me feel like getting older doesn’t have to mean sitting in a rocking chair waiting for the end. It can be a beginning. You touch the things that we all deal with, maybe with the exception of the husband thing. The writing is so good. You and Lily just make the screen come alive. So excited you have done this. We all need this in today’s life. Thank you and keep them coming please!!

  44. Hello Jane, (or do you prefer Ms. Fonda?) I just wanted to say thanks for such an amazing show with Grace and Frankie! I travel quite a bit and when I can I find myself reverting to many episodes to keep me company on the road. I was just getting through season two this weekend and noticed in episode 12 there is a gorgeous black and white sweater you have on at the party. Might you know who the designer is? I’ve looked everywhere online and can’t seem to locate the exact one. I thought best to go to the source. Thanks again and I hope you’re having a wonderful memorial day! Michelle from NH

    • Michelle, i will try to find out about the sweater. BTW, Jane works fine.

    • Michelle, Jane works fine! I will tr to find out where the sweater is from

  45. Frankie has a great wardrobe. The pink dress with full skirt and white collar (S2,E8)was amazing. But the casual white blazer with pink and white floral oxford and jeans is a look I’m sure to copy this summer. Thanks for the collar/neck tip. Now that I’m 50, I’ll need that in my arsenal as well.

  46. Jane, love Grace & Frankie! What a fabulous cast. My husband just binged watched both seasons over Memorial Day weekend. I would love to know who makes the pink/white toile blouse and white blazer you’re wearing in season 2 (Sam Elliot episodes). Looking forward to season 3!

    • Donna, the pink blouse is Carrolina Herrera. The jacket I’m not sure about–could be Ralph Lauren, St. John or ??

  47. Hi Jane.
    You probably won’t see this, but I love G&F and I absolutely love Grace’s style! Do you by chance know the brand of the black sunglasses we see her wearing all the time? They are so classy and exactly what I’ve been searching for; for myself! Keep up the wonderful work with G&F and cannot wait to see Season 4 next year!! ❤️

  48. I appreciate that! Thanks for responding, that alone made my heart excited!

  49. First off, you look fabulous! Love your spirit, and you and Lily are so great together! I’ve been re-watching many episodes of G & F. They’ve kept me laughing, since I’ve been a little down lately. Listening to some of your interviews, I really relate to a lot of the things you’ve been open about and shared about your life.

    Funny too-my acting coach, Pam, studied with Sandra Seacat, Greta’s mother, and they are still very very close. We do some of the dream work in our class as well!

    Looking forward to season 4! Keep being fabulous!
    Lots of love Jane,

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