I’m in New York with Lily for the final leg of our Grace & Frankie Promotion. We are beyond excited for all of you to finally see the show this Friday May 8th on NETFLIX. The entire 13 episode season which is a total of 6 and a half hours will be available on Friday so you will be able to “binge” watch (watch it in one sitting). Anyway, we have a few more days here but I thought you’d enjoy some of these photos.


Started at the Today Show here we are with Matt Lauer. In case you missed it, you can watch the segment here:

Of course we also had some fun with Kathie Lee and Hoda

Here we are doing phone Interviews.

Behind the scenes of our USA Today Photo Shoot.




A funny series of photos from our USA Today Interview.

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  1. One more daaaay, Jane! Will you be watching tomorrow too? So excited! Oh and have fun in Cannes next week! ❤️

  2. You have an unbelievably active life and see so many great people.

    Jane, this note might save you from a mortal threat to all you have worked for. Good person that you are you need to be forewarned. A recent blog showed you with your Morgan Stanley advisor. If true to form you love, respect and are grateful to this man. Morgan Stanley never saw the 2008 crash coming and was bailed out by the Feds and other investors. All who foresaw the 2008 crash, and many more as well, say a far bigger crash lies just ahead (“greatest since the fall of Rome”). MS is not among them. If you are in stocks and bonds and the crash hits you can be wiped out. Maybe Ted T. as well. This stock market is very long in the tooth, even if it has another leg up in it. Even Janet Yellen says it is overvalued. The rally was fueled almost entirely by Fed-created debt, not earnings.
    The difference between those who expect a monster crash and those who don’t? Their evaluation of our chronic reliance on debt. The optimists, including the media, see it as part of nature. This is the “normality bias”; whatever is now is normal. The doomsters (including the world’s top expert on the international financial system) see it as pathological. For 50 years the U.S. has relied for growth on debt, which grew much faster than wealth. Those days are
    over. Don’t be caught if MS goes down again. All big banks will be destroyed by the gigantic volume of derivatives still on their books that can never be paid off. I am not absolutely sure of the crash, but cannot afford to be unprepared.
    If anyone wants I can furnish a short list of top financial minds who see the trouble coming. Take action. Good luck!

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