The week in Cannes continued. I wanted to share this photo of what is called The “Cinéma de la Plage” (Cinema on the beach). Also part of the festival, the outdoor screenings feature Classic Cannes films and films Out of Competition. Looks like fun.

I had a long week planned in Cannes, but I was able to take a day to visit Catherine Schneider in nearby St Tropez. Catherine is the woman my first husband, Roger Vadim, married after me and we are very close friends. She was always a wonderful stepmother to my daughter.

While I was in St Tropez, Catherine and I visited Vadim’s tomb which is in the beautiful old cemetery right on the water. My daughter used to call it “Dead peoples village”.

We also had a wonderful beachside lunch at the famous Le Club 55. Click on the above photo to see a quick video of the beach.

As I retuned to Cannes I received something I had been looking forward to, this months W Magazine. A few months ago, I was photographed by Steven Meisel and interviewed by Editor in Chief Lynn Hirschberg for the cover. Yes, THE COVER! As I posted on my Facebook and Twitter accounts, Steven is a true genius, and I cried when I saw it. At 77 I am their oldest cover person ever.

Click the above photo to view all the photos from W and read the article.

Click the above video to watch my Interview with Lynn Hirschberg as part of the “W Screen Test Series

Up next was a photo call and press junket for the film “YOUTH” by director Paolo Sorrentino. Here I am with some of my costars.
(LtoR: Paul Dano, Myself, Harvey Keitel, Rachel Weisz and Michael Caine)

Here we are later that evening arriving on the red carpet for the films premiere. That’s our director Paolo Sorrentino between Michael and Harvey. Films in Cannes are always met with very vocal participation from the audience. They often boo cheer, sneer, or all of the above with vigor. It is an electric experience to see a film there, but a bit nerve wracking when it is one you are involved with. The film stars Michael Cain, as he grapples with looking back on his life. Heres a review from the Hollywood Reporter that will give you a good sense of the film.: Though the film was an official selection for competition, it did not win. We did however, find out that FOX Searchlight will distribute it, so of course I will let you know when to watch for it.
I love working, and part of that work involves promoting, but needless to say its nice to be back home for a moment.

Till next time . . .

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  1. Wow! The beach scenery is absolutely stunning! As are you, Jane! You look fantastic! Of course, your inside is just as stunning as your outside! The outside looks of a person really doesn’t matter if they don’t have a beautiful inside. Oh, and I love the interview you included!
    You have been so incredibly busy these past months! I think you need to take some time for yourself! I am guessing your ranch is calling you.
    Did I read correctly that Grace and Frankie has been renewed for a second season? I hope so!

  2. Lovely interview! In another post, I had asked you for your thoughts on Katharine Hepburn and Doris Day, I think your reflection on K.Hepburn is right on! I see a common denominator between 3 favorite actresses ever, besides being strong women, you’re all so real and down to earth! Peace, Craig

  3. Hello – I joined just so I could tell you how much we (husband and myself) have enjoyed “Grace and Frankie”! We watched it marathon-style, all at once, stayed up all night, laughing our heads off and crying sometimes as well. It is wonderful to see fabulous actors in their prime, and a great script with intelligent humour. Martin Sheen’s character is so obnoxious, so pompous and full of himself that we were glad he dumped your character, thinking “she is so much better off without that nerd”. Hoping there is a second season or that you will appear in another series, ’cause we just can’t get enough. (For your demographics, we are 59 (me) and husband (61) from Montréal.

  4. Hello i just want to say you are wonderfull and gorgeous woman. I see many movies to you and récently i see Grâce and Frankie and i still love you more. I see your vidéos on you blog but in english, it is normal but it to hard for me because i am french i speak very little english but i am cling. I hope that you can understand me because i want that you Knew that i find you more young each years in your head and in your body. my dream Will be to meet you… It is not possible but it is just a dream !

  5. Hello i just want to say you are wonderfull and gorgeous woman. I see many movies to you and récently i see Grâce and Frankie and i still love you more. I see your vidéos on you blog but in english, it is normal but it to hard for me because i am french i speak very little english but i am cling. I hope that you can understand me because i want that you Knew that i find you more young each years in your head and in your body. my dream Will be to meet you… It is not possible but it is just a dream !

  6. Hi Jane,
    i admire you tremendously, and strive to have the energy that you do. I thought your comment about promoting your projects was dead on…so many people rest on their laurels, but you have the courage of your convictions and never slow down. I’m sorry I never got to meet you when you were at Hope Plantation.Our house is right across the river. I’m approaching 59 and have just stepped up my exercise program at Orange Theory. It is a new concept(for Charleston) and really pushes you.
    I’m crazy about your show Grace and Frankie..hilarious..Also, and this sounds crazy, but I want your hairstyle . I took some pictures while i was watching the show, and I’m going to take them to my hairdresser to see if she can replicate!! i know,weird, but a compliment to your stylist… If you ever get back to Charleston, I’d love to chat
    Croft Lane

  7. Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I am four episodes into “Grace & Frankie” and I’m incredibly moved by its sensitivity, humor and authenticity. As the adult child of parents who split up after thirty-six years of marriage, in part, due to my Dad’s homosexuality I can say (with some sense of having been there) that the betrayal, anger, embarrassment, loss, hurt and loving acceptance captured in the writing and performances all ring so true. (Added bonus: The incredibly hunky Ethan Embry, whom I have had a crush on for years, co-starring as Lily Tomlin’s son.) I’m starting a new venture tomorrow. I feel like I’ve really found myself, you know? This past year has been a difficult one (nine different jobs over the course of twelve months); but, I have discovered a combination of herbal supplements and psychoactive medications that seem to be working with — rather than against — me. I am also more clearly hearing the voice inside of me that says, truthfully, that I am alright. Room for improvement? Sure! But, gone is the notion that I must find something or someone outside of myself to validate my worth and/or normality.

    • Bravo, Peter. i am so very happy for you! Keep up the good work. xxx

  8. Most of my comments are still under moderation. :'( I write nothing down except my usual adoration for you and how I loved that you’re exploring a more over-the-top side of you with Youth and that I’m exteremly happy that an exponentially growing number of people of my generation are becoming your fans (heck, even Miley Cyrus). And I see my praise for Grace and Frankie may not have even got to you. 🙁 I’m sad, I hope I didn’t anger anyone (especially you) at this website.

  9. Hello Mrs, Jane Fonda. I was looking at those photographs of you. And I cannot believe that you are 77 years old. You must have gotten a lot of pictures at the French Riviera?

  10. \\(O)// <3

  11. Jane, I am so thrilled that you guys are set to do another season of Grace and Frankie. We love it so much. If you every truly want to meet the younger Frankie and Grace just let me know I have girlfriends 25 years younger than Grace and Frankie, I cant even begin to tell you how exact those characters are to my friends, Maureen and Jackie. LOL. There are very close friends but so polar opposites in so many ways its hysterical. The beach scene was something I have actually watched almost to the letter Maureen and Jackie do. Beyond funny.
    You inspire me watching you. I am 60 years old and only hope to be half as active and happy as you are as I age. You prove, although without effort I am sure, how women do get better with age. I have been a fan of yours since watching you first in Barbarella and Cat Ballou, then of course all your classics. Thank you for what you give to others in all you do.
    Stay happy, healthy and wise!

  12. You live at such a stupefying pace but I wish I could do 1/10 of what you do. What a range of friends you have, all deserved no doubt. I’m 3/4 of the way through your book My Life So Far and am reluctant for it to end. You have a very good heart and head, even if the latter makes mistakes (as whose doesn’t?), but you made so much out of what you were given or came your way. I would love to hear more stories and ask questions, since I see certain questions differently. I worked for a very famous man of whom the world was in awe but your capacity for experience exceeds his by many times. I hope that, when you start to slow down and approach the great beyond, you will have good friends to share with and be able to pass on some insights (as in your book). That you carry on this blog is another sign of your giving nature. Please don’t shut it down. Cheers!

  13. Ha…like Daniel, some of my comments get moderated out…I always assume that it is because what I’ve said is not on your wavelength or are too off topic for the moment. … in regards to grace and Frankie
    I’m really looking forward to seeing it…I did recently watch lily and you on Andy Cohen. In all the shenanigans I can’t help but zero in on the compelling dynamic you guys have …it’s like the prettiest girl in high school became best friends with the smartest girl and you guys decided to use each other for self -actualualizing Purposes and, (in true actualized fashion) to make the world a better place).
    Also read interview magazine’s piece with Lily and can’t believe some of the stuff she says about you. she’s so f’n funny and authentic and sharp.

  14. STUNNING W cover!! Love the behind-the-scenes details from Cannes. You have been a fitness inspiration to me for years….and it has paid off; last year I completed an Ironman triathlon and helped raise money for a friend with a SCI. NOW you are my inspiration for aging gracefully!! You truly make it look easy with SUCH class. It IS possible to be a strong, vocal woman and be elegant and refined at the same….I don’t think I knew that before!! HAHA LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Grace and Frankie! Can’t wait for Season2!!

  15. Jane, I just finished watching all of the episodes of “Grace and Frankie”. What a great show! I love it. Great ending, too! And now I have to wait for what seems like forever for Season 2! You know, you are one very talented actress! I truly mean that! I am curious about one thing. Is your character a lot like you in real life? Is Lily’s like her in real life? Oh, and I love the music at the end of each episode.

  16. I just read the article you wrote in regards to the Arctic drilling. Well said. I am a big supporter of Obama, but he sure is making me have second thoughts about him since he has given his approval of the drilling. Thank you speaking up on this issue.

  17. Hi Jane,
    Hope all is well….
    Just a not to tell you about a newsletter almost daily I receive, Artnet New. … You might already get, but if not go to Art News from around the world ……..
    It’s commentary, articles, videos, online auctions…. Today it announced a new book about Amelia Earhart’s last flight, including a video of new footage of her before she left on that flight………I hope you sign up and enjoy………

  18. Forgot to mention, Yesterday’s newsletter had never before seen portraits of Brigitte Bardot on view in London ( June 9th newsletter )

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