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Those of you who follow me on twitter @janefonda, or on Facebook www.facebook.com/janefonda, will have noticed from my postings that I have been moving around a bit since wrapping on Grace & Frankie.

I’ll have lots more to share soon, but right now I want to make sure that you know I will be on The Ellen Show this Tuesday December 16th, so don’t miss it! I’m also excited to share that I’ve finally made some of my Original Workout Programs available on DVD and Digital Download. Yes! I know many of you reading this still have the VHS tape, but now we have created a much easier to use upgrade. The programs are now “Authored” which, if you don’t know, means that we’ve added menus and chapter breaks to the programs, allowing you to click around through the various sections with ease. You can also take it on the go with you, or play it from your laptop.

It’s so interesting to watch the programs and note the many parts that are still incorporated into the wide variety of workout programs today. Part of what we’ve learned over the years is that fitness varies for each individual. One of the great benefits we get from programs on DVD is the ability to easily isolate and focus on parts of a program that work for us.

Over the years I have heard from so many of you who continue to do the workout, and I had been asked so many times when we would release on DVD. I am proud to say we finally have, and even more proud that The Workouts continue to work for so many of you.

The Workouts will be available January 6th, but you can preorder them now on Amazon. Click here for more information on the DVD’s and downloads.

Don’t forget to tune into the Ellen Show on Tuesday, or set your DVRs. To find out when The Ellen Show airs in your area click here: http://www.ellentv.com/page/2009/08/21/when-its-on/ and of course, as always let me know what you think!

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  1. Hi Jane,
    This is fun news! I remember your original workout as a record album. I’ll look for these digitally, probably. I have all 5 of your Prime Time workouts/yoga in my Amazon digital library and will plan to add these to the mix. Excited also to hear your other news whenever you feel like sharing. 🙂
    However, what I want to say the most has to do with The Newsroom. OMG!!! This final season is frickin’ awesome! Even though at the end of Sunday’s episode my husband was so upset about the ending he stood up and started yelling in disbelief at the television. He is a television journalist here locally and we have been addicted to the show since the very beginning. I guess there’s only one or two episodes left. So sorry to see it go. Ah, well…there’ll soon be Grace & Frankie.
    Take it easy & rock on, Jane!

  2. Hi Jane
    OMG This is brilliant news.
    I, too, have the old VHS but nothing to play it on. So haven’t done it for years. I will order the DVDs as soon as I’ve finished writing this.
    Can’t waiit. I think you’re the only person in fitness that I really trust.
    Thanks so much for all the effort you have put in to get these DVDs to us.
    Take care and much success

  3. BEST NEWS EVER! I grew up working out to your videos. My mother knew how much I loved them and decided to sign me up for dancing classes at 3 years old. I can’t wait to work out to them again. My VHS videos are a little worn out by now….

  4. Hello Ms. Jane Fonda,
    I am beyond excited to hear/read that the workouts will be available on DVD. I worked out with my mum to the Jane Fonda’s Workout tape in the 80s as a child (quality time ;)) and when I started getting back into working out a few years ago, I searched for and thankfully found a tape of the Jane Fonda’s Workout and also got the Jane Fonda’s New Workout which turned out to be a fun addition. Excited doesn’t begin to describe how I felt reading about the DVDs especially since it means I can take my workout ANYWHERE – I seem to be 1 of the few in my cirlce who still owns a cassette player 🙂 … Thank you for this and all you have done and continue to do. My approach to fitness and working out was shaped so positively by having used your tapes.
    Thank you.

  5. \\(O) // YES! <3

  6. It’s my birthday when you will be on Ellen. I will watch it. Would you say happy birthday to me on the show? Thx, Robin L.

    • shoot, Robin, I only now opened by blog messages. Been too busy and tired. Sorry. I woulda done it. xxx

  7. Looking forward to seeing you on Ellen, her interviews are always hilarious! That reminds me of a question I had, actually, based on your recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel and the comments you made about your birth name. I assumed you were always called Jane, and that “Lady” wasn’t actually used, but on Kimmel you said that at age 7 you announced that you wanted to be known as Jane. So were you actually addressed as “Lady” before that point? Even by family and friends? A quick answer from you would be great if possible..!

    • My birth certificate says “Jayne Seymour Fonda” but everyone called me ‘Lady.’ I think I’m related, on my mother’s side, to Lady Jane Seymour, Henry the 8th’s 4th wife (whom he had beheaded…so much for that!). My name tags which the school required be sewn into student clothes said “Lady Fonda”. In 4th grade I asked to be called Jane (without the ‘Y’). i wanted to be like everyone else. Normal.

      • Yep, you’re in luck – Jane Seymour was actually Henry’s favourite wife, so you could have a worst namesake I guess! Thanks very much for the reply anyway – fascinating that everyone called you Lady for so long. Let’s just say I don’t blame you for requesting a change, ha.

      • In 1984 I was a Police cadet in South Africa and one period a week we had to do the original Jane Fonda work out.
        You gave me quite a run for my money but it was worth it.
        Today I live in China, am a teacher here and write scripts.
        This original Jane Fonda workout is still the basis of my foundation in aspects like health and fitness.
        I always admired your strength and vourage.
        Thank you

  8. And I know you haven’t seen this, yet, or at least that’s what I’m making up; and I hope you aren’t put off when you do. I don’t mean to be so ??? whatever I am. Or maybe I do mean it. I guess I do mean it. I mean to be whatever this is. I hope you are not put off by it. I love you, Jane Fonda. A lot.

  9. I started using your Prime Time videos almost a year ago. I love them. I am now 30 lbs. lighter and feel great. Thanks, Jane!

  10. Hi Jane,
    I still own all your exercise videos except ‘Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery Workout’ (no use to me I am a male!) on VHS and few on DVD’s. Great that you eventually managed to have the videos you mention on your blog released on DVD at last! However, you produced some fantastic videos at some later stage that had far more improved fitness techniques. ‘Workout with weights’, ‘Lean routine’ (I still have so much fun with it) , ‘The step and abdominal workout’ (the music and choreography are superb), ‘The step and stretch workout’, ‘The lower body solution’, ‘Light Aerobics and Stress Reduction Program’ and the stunning exercise programs trio ‘The personal trainer series’ which you released in the mid 90’s before taking a long hiatus from the fitness video industry and eventually came back in 2010 with your Prime Times Series. Let’s not forget the amazing ‘The yoga workout’ and both the less known but great ‘Start up with Jane Fonda’ (which I still do when I am in a mood for light exercise) and ‘Sports Aid’ which has helped me many times with minor sports and other injuries I have had throughout my life. I just hope you will also manage to get all these gems released someday! By the way, as always, you looked fabulous on Ellen and I’m looking forward to watching ‘Grace & Frankie’ soon. Have a fab Xmas a happy New Year. XX

    • Thanks, Jean-Francois. I’m impressed wih how well you know me workouts!!! Happy Holidays. xx

  11. DAILY MAIL TODAY : I told you, and I PROVE IT : That is the response from the Article on today´s, Daily Mail about you, shoppoing in Beverly Hills : The RATED on the right, is GREEN, means APROVAL ! On the left, is RED, disaproval..

    The comments below have been moderated in advance.

    saleshamster, London, about an hour ago
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    Her hair is probably a mass of extensions but hey! Still looking good
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    she is an AMAZING person, inside and out.
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    Great posture! (*Sits up straight at computer.)
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    Blue Rose, Lonfin, United Kingdom, about 3 hours ago
    77 ?….kidding me…. she is toooo good looking….stylish
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    Fino, London, United Kingdom, about 3 hours ago
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    Elphabaaj, London, about 4 hours ago
    QUICK!!!! JF is turning 77!!! Everyone clear the streets!!!! OMG THE DRAMA!!! What a title ….DM you do make me laugh!
    5- 5
    citydweller, Here, about 4 hours ago
    I don’t care if she is glamorous or not, what she does show is that you can be active and enjoying your life at a pretty high age, and that is great!
    3- 26 Rated
    Mark, Ewell, about 4 hours ago
    Certainly looks good from a distance and best of luck to her, just shows that there’s no need to be an old fart!
    5- 97 Rated
    little Al, SouthYorkshire, United Kingdom, about 5 hours ago
    Glad to see she’s moved on from supporting the Viet Cong to the only thing that matters. Self self self.
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    Mark, Ewell, about 2 hours ago
    U.S. involvement in Vietnam was based on lies, Ho Chi Minh was pro-American during the Second World War and his forces saved the lives of Allied airman.

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  12. Happy birthday Sunday.

  13. I just watched “This is where I leave you”. Three favorite parts.. The daughter hug, the son hug, and the kiss. I’m sure I’m never going to kiss you full on the mouth; too bad, I’ve thought about it, a lot. But the daughter/son hug is a possibility. And that’s where my fuckedupedness comes into play. You could be any of those people to me; you kind of have been. Again; I’m sure there are plenty of people that imagine for you to get to know them. And it’s important that I not say “get to know you”. It’s a very selfish thing to say; “I hope you ever get to know me”. But I hope you ever get to know me. I’m still not sure why you matter so much to me; but you do. And don’t misunderatand this; I get it that you are not the mother in the movie; but it certainly gives me a place to dream. Sometimes that’s all I’ll ever get. I think you are wonderful. If all I ever get are places in my head, then that’s all I’ll ever have. I am glad in that. I appreciate you seemingly hearing me, more that I could ever say. I hope I ever get to meet you. I fantasied about being at the Ellen show; but only for a second. I want to meet you, not see you at a show. I want to fly fish with you; quiet and spongelike in the Earth and all there is to feel. I want meet you someday… Thank you for the dream.

  14. Xoxoxo~~

  15. Dear Jane,

    I just want to wish you a very happy birthday, I sincerely hope that you enjoy this day with your family and friends. I also wish you happy holidays, a merry Christmas and all the best for the new year. Continue to inspire and change more lives as you have with many (including myself). I hope you feel all the love and appreciation from your followers and fans every day. And continue to kick ass on screen as well! 😀 🙂 <3 Good luck with your tv show, your new movies and other projects.

    All the love from your ol' blogging pal,
    Daniel XOXOXO

    P.S. – Never ever regret turning Doctor Zhivago down. 🙂 Success at that particular role would have given your career a different direction and maybe not in the right one. And you probably wouldn't have done Barefoot in the Park afterwards, which would have been a crime against humanity. 🙂 Everything turned out the way it had to be. But I would have watched you in Lara's iconic red dress. 😀

  16. How many memories seeing the pictures of the tapes cover!! Especially the first one on the left….I was still a student at that time, but I do remember like it would be yesterday, the suspence in discovering the exercises for the first time ! Only positive adrenaline for the body and the soul that motivated and still do my life style so far!
    Thank u for all that! <3
    .and……..Happy Birthday!!( same day as my daughter!) 🙂
    Cristina (fm Italy)

  17. Happy Birthday, Jane! I hope your day is wonderful! You deserve it!

  18. Hey Jane. Happy Birthday!! And eish you many more!!!!

  19. Hey Jane Wish You Happy Birthday. Jane Seymour was never beheaded and gave King Henry the 8th a son which he really wanted. She died after given birth to the king’s son. She was the one blessed to give Henry a son. A feat none of his other wives did.

  20. Happy Birthday Jane. All the very best for your new year!! I got a DVD of Barbarella recently for my birthday. Sadly, I’ve never made a movie, so I doubt anyone will give you a gift with me on it. Hope you’ll get lots of other lovely presents, though.
    Take care and hope you’re having a good time.

  21. I have never tried one of your workout videos, but I would like to. I am in my 40s and I would have to say I am pretty unfit. I’m not exactly a couch potato, though I do like eating potatoes. I did just finish a 5k and a 10k in one weekend down the Vegas Strip, but I think I saw some turtles and snails passing me up. It was, though, a big accomplishment for me. Your book, Prime Time, lead me to start making some changes in my life. Running a 10k proved to myself that I can do things I never thought I would do, though it has been one step at a time. Any suggestions of what workout video I should try?

    • Susan, I would try my newly released DVD of my early “Easy Going” or the “Low Impact.” Let me know how it goes. xx

  22. I am thrilled that the original Workout will be available on DVD. I had the book, the cassette and the VHS tape and loved the workout. My tape broke and it was hard to find a replacement on eBay. I may have to ease back into it since I’m 30 years older but it was always my favorite workout. I also enjoy your newer DVDs. Thanks Jane for your commitment to fitness. You are an inspiration!

  23. Hi Jane,

    I have the fondest memories of doing your work out with my Mother. She absolutely loved you. I was just a young girl working out right next to my mom :). I continued to work out with you through my adulthood. I am so glad you have come out with DVDs. My Morher is passed away now. She lost her battle with lung cancer 3 years ago. But I remever even taking your cassette tape with us on vacation ha ha. I really like your work out with weights. Will that be joining your new DVD collection? You have the best workouts in the industry! Keep up the good work 🙂 I saw you on the Ellen show the other day and you look fabulous! When you said your age my husband couldn’t believe it. He said you look so much younger, and I agree! I will definitely be purchasing the DVDs so I can start back up with a fitness routine. I can’t wait! 🙂

  24. I have been working out with Jane Fonda since I was 14. I am now 36 and trying to bounce back from my two pregnancies, I have bought some new dvds but NO ONE will ever be as good as Janes. Today I did an old vhs tape of Complete workout, and I thought: I reaaaaaalllyyy want the old classics on DVD, so I went to this site and YES!!! Some old ones are being released into dvd – finally I might get back into my old really good shape- and back into my jeans again.

    PLEAAASE re-release my other favorites: Lean routine, step and abdominal workout, step and stretch workout, lower body solution, low impact and stress reduction program. And maybe release some new ones with my target group in mind? =)

    Helena from Sweden

  25. Adding on: I have never tried the easy going workout, but I am struggeling with my pelvis after the pregnancies, would that one suit me? /Helena again 🙂

  26. Hi Jane,
    I just love your movies and your videos. I have several of them. In fact i just bought a vhs copy of
    Jane Fonda’s Workout: Low Impact Aerobic because my other tape is worn out. I used this tape one year and lost 30 pounds in less than 4 months. I really need this on dvd please please release it on dvd!!!!! I would be so thankful to you!!! Keep up the great work you do Love you Jane!!!

  27. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You truly have no idea how freaking excited I am to see your original workout videos available for download. They helped me lose my baby weight gain back in the 80’s, and they were so much fun! Thank you, Jane. They really do stand the test of time. They are still a kick-ass workout, especially the Complete Workout. Yay!

  28. Hi Jane,
    I loved the ‘ workout with weights’ workout regime. I religiously followed it and lost 30 pounds in 3 months. Well, that was in 1997. Work, couple of surgeries and knee injuries kept me away from exercising for last 4 years. Having recuperated from ill health, I really want to follow the same workout once again. Please release ‘Jane Fonda’s workout with weights ‘ on dvd.

  29. Hi Jane,

    What a treat! I had been dreaming about these videos for ages. Thanks a lot!
    By the way, you looked magnificent in the Golden Globes.

  30. Jane, my mom did your New Workout in the late 80s early 90s which prompted me to buy it on DVD for nostalgic reasons. I cant believe what a good workout it still is! The ab workout in the advanced part is very intense and I thought I was in really good shape! I have to say that you taught me the fundamentals of exercise at a very early age, whenever I’m in the gym I always hear your voice saying “Muscles don’t work as well when they’re dehydrated” or ‘don’t let your back arch” “curl your pubic bone up to your navel”. I think you would get a real kick out of seeing me and my roommate (two muscle head gym rats) bouncing around our living room while Leslie Lelien sings Do it! So THANK YOU for getting me addicted to exercise at an early age!

  31. Hi Jane. Well, I just hit the age of 29 and I finally decided that I should incorportate some exercise into my life. As a child, my sister and I would spend our weekdays annoying our mom by disrupting her workout routines lol. But of course now I realize just how incredible fitness really is. On that note, I was wondering if there is a plan to release your Stress Reduction Program to DVD? For years that was the go-to vhs for my mom who suffers from pains in her lower back. Years later, and your Stress Reduction Program is the ONE thing that makes her feel like her younger, pain-free self. It would mean so much to the both of us if the Stress Reduction Program would become available once again. And I’m so desperate for this DVD that I’d seriously buy 3 or 4!! Thank you so much!

  32. I turned 55 on Feb 28th. I am at least 5 years behind my friends who have already had some form of facial surgery. You have been so honest about your procedures and look so naturally “STUNNING” you are an inspiration for me to do it for myself and regain some of the self confidence I’ve seemed to have lost somewhere along the way. I live in Boca Raton Fl. which is the land of plastic surgeons and wax faced, perpetually surprised looking women. That is not for me. I have tried to find who your surgeon (s) were through google but can’t seem to find any information. So, I am going to be shamefully forward and ask you if you would be kind enough to direct me to them? I understand if it is not possible, but if it were, I would be forever grateful.
    Thank you,
    Lisa Posin

    • Dr Hutcherson in Beverly Hills but there are good ones in NY

  33. Jane Jane Jane.. how i love thee! : ))

    Cant find original workout anywhere, (loved the music..) did it as a kid almost daily! Lost the cassette now and my sisters LP is God knows where. Have looked on Amazon but not sure the DVD has the same soundtrack ?? Please advise. Have tried searching online but without the original funky soundtrack feat The Jacksons etc not sure my 44 yr old (now fat) arse could get motivated! Was alway quite fit until about 3 years ago, its time now to give up smoking and rediscover the Jane Fonda Magic! You are an inspiration. Its funny, but whenever I hear The Jacksons Can You Feel It.. I always hear your voice! :0) they’re synonymous and will forever be locked into my subconscious ..Jane, please help me coz I.. and my flabby abs really need to feel it again 🙂
    Delighted to come across Grace and Frankie while browsing Netflix the other day! The opening scene had us in stitches when Robert made his announcement coz i just saw yours and Lilly’s names and pressed play.. had no idea what was coming.. myself and my boyfriend watched them all in 3 evenings flat (I then promptly told my ex wife, family and friends to watch them:) I imagine some of the outtakes are hilarious particularly Martin and Sam’s kissing scenes :0)
    You must be really quite bored of gushy, twatty fans but please accept a huge cyber smacker from London and kindly pass it on to Lilly from me ‘n my man 🙂 we love u both Im currently educating him in some of the classics.. Barefoot, Barbarella, Klute.. (he’s Polish)
    Sam deserves a big smacker ‘n all.. just for being a handsome old bugger!
    If you know Bette Midler tell her theres two middle-aged poofs in London who want to kiss her feet!
    (but il bet its not the first time she’s heard that..

    • Thanks, Chris. I’ll try to get an answer to you re the music on the newly re-released workout DVDs.

      • Are the rerelease an exact copy of the original VHS of the original Workout (music and studio workout).

  34. Hello, Jane,

    I first started doing work out in the early 1980s.

    At that time my children were toddlers.

    When my eldest son was graduating from high school friend commented that he was amazed that his mom was still doing that same workout tape each morning (yes, it was your original workout tape).
    In December I will be 60 years old and continue to exercise with at that original beginner work out , along with walking.
    Thank you.


  35. Hello Jane,
    Happy Sunday!!! I am posting here because I am very much out of shape I am 31 years old and 250 pounds and haven’t worked out since high school when I had ran cross-country and track and was over 100 pounds lighter. Life had happened and since high school nearly 14 years ago the weight gradually piled on. I was wondering if you could possibly recommend an easy one of your work out dvds to begin with? I am not happy with the weight that I had put on and want to look good again!! You look amazing at 77 years old and are my favorite actress!!! You are not only the fitness queen but a very talented actress too!! I hope one of these days I can meet you!!! As far as fitness goes I know that I can do this it’s just going to take some time and I have to believe that I can. Its a whole new life change but can be done!!! Thank You for inspiring me and so many others to work out.

  36. Hi Jane,

    Thank you for putting 5 of your old workouts on DVD. Looking forward to seeing all of the others, if possible, converted to DVD.

    Please consider doing a chapter-ed compilation DVD of a 6-day ab workout. You could even make compilation of an easy 6-day ab workout for beginners and/or an advanced workout made from the old footage from previous JF workouts; then put them all on 1 DVD.

    For years, I have been complaining to myself how I wished I had more ab workouts that I liked to do after a workout…then lo and behold, I start doing workouts on new DVDs and find I had them all along, but on VHS. So I thought how nice it would be to just pull out a Jane Fonda 6-day ab workout on DVD….and never have to complain about never having enough variety.

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