This Sunday on HBO at 9pm, the final season of The Newsroom begins. There are only 6 episodes this season and I hope you watch them because Aaron Sorkin has outdone himself with the finale he has created. All the actors (and HBO execs) were on pins and needles wondering what he would come up with . . . especially given that he ended Season 2 with what could have been interpreted as a finale. In the last episode, he gave me an extended scene to die for and wraps up Leona’s and the newsroom’s dilemma in the most surprising way. But to ‘get’ it, you need to have seen all the previous 5. It’s worth it. And so moving!

Tuesday night there was a premiere of the first episode. I didn’t go because of work on “Grace & Frankie” but Sam Waterston went and the next day was ecstatic. “It was so well-paced and brilliant,” he told me on our set.



By the way, I must apologize for being silent so much these past months. I’ve been working some long hours on our Netflix series and when I’m not filming, I’m watching what we shot the day before on my iPad or learning lines for the next scene. No time to write or let my mind wander or read—all things I love to do so much. (I’m usually a 3-book-a-week gal). BUT, I prayed to have a TV series that was both funny and poignant and my prayers were answered in spades—and with Lily Tomlin as the icing on the cake. We have such a good time together. I wish I could say more, show more, of what’s up with Grace and Frankie and their soon-to-be ex-husbands played deliciously by Martin Sheen (mine) and Sam Waterston (Lily’s) but lets just say we laughed so hard during the last table read we were gasping.

Last week, on Halloween, I was at Paramount on the set. Our crew really got into the spirit.

Ashley, the set PA, standing in the door of the hair and makeup trailer.


Lori Angelo and Cha Pucksanontachai from the costume dept



Andrew McCarthy (yes, THAT Andrew McCarthy, from “Pretty In Pink,” “The Breakfast Club,” etc etc) who is directing the current episode (love him) next to our fab show-runner, Marta Kaufman, dressed as Mortica


From left to right, the hair and makeup team dressed in straight jackets: Stephanie, Michele, me, Joy and Patti


The inside of the hair and makeup trailer



Our craft service chef, Juan Dios


…and his terrific decorations on the buffet




And I couldn’t resist these costumes I saw on the lot. This one is Freida Kahlo. Terrific, huh?



And, just for the heck of it, a “city street” on the studio lot.


And beautiful Zoe Van Brunt on the camera crew


and, also beautiful Fame Hughes who looks after my costumes


And I can’t resist sending you this photo of the pumpkin my son, Troy, carved. He has his grandfather Henry’s artistic bent. Dad would have been so proud of him.


BTW, since I promised to update you on the reactions from my grandkids after they watched The Simpsons on Sunday (one of their favorite shows next to The Colbert Report): “Oh Grandma, it was so weird but, like, really cool to hear your voice coming out of that assemblywoman. But Mr. Burns is so creepy.” They also loved the subject of the episode since they know all about the dangers of contamination caused by fracking

I find it interesting that some of you who watched didn’t recognize my voice right away. I hope I can do more. I’ll try and be back soon.

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  1. I cannot wait to see you on The Newsroom finale, especially now that you’re mentioning this great scene (I wonder how it can top the scene where you got high, but I believe you’ll manage it). I admit, I didn’t watch the show regularly, only when you turned up but it was so amazing to see you every time. What a presence (no one else has that, but you)! I know I’m a biased fan when it comes to you, but I’m also right. 😛 And yeah, you killed it on The Simpsons. You displayed so much (self-)irony and your wonderful comedic skills. Amazing. And I saw cannot wait to see your new show. Could it be two Emmy nominations next year? 😀 (Or 3 if your show premieres in time). Not jinxing anything. *spitting* *spitting* *spitting*

    Lady, you’re career is on fire. 🙂 You deserve it, keep on rocking!

    P.S. Thanks for your blessing for me last time. I really appreciated it and the fact that you’re on my side gave me the much needed confidence. 🙂

  2. First, it’s awesome that one of your grandkids’ favorite shows is the The Colbert Report! They have good taste!
    Also, thank you for taking some time to write another blog entry. I can only imagine your work load. When does shooting of “Grace and Frankie” finish? How many episodes will you shoot? I can’t wait to see it! I know for you working on the Paramount lot is just a normal daily activity, but I am absolutely fascinated by it. There sure is a lot of history there. Can you imagine all the different things that were filmed right where you are standing?! All of the incredibly interesting people that have walked those streets! (That includes yourself!) Pretty cool stuff!
    As for “The Newsroom”, I will really miss that show. I don’t watch too many shows on television, but that one was a definite that I tuned in for. If I remember correctly, your character was leaning toward supporting the “good guys” at the end? I will have to watch that last episode before Sunday to remember where things left off at.

  3. I have to agree about your voice in the beginning of The Simpsons, not sounding like you… I thought you were giving the character a little twist in sound effects…but then after another scene I heard your voice ring through…were the recordings all on the same day or time of day… ah, who cares… it was fun to watch. Take care.

  4. Apologies Ms. Jane, but your Community picture (watched by 8 guys), looks lifeless and has too much make up on. I also find your logo picture, with your name under, very distant. Both are motionless, in dire contradiction to your growing mobility and creative changes. On the other hand, the GCAAP 10-17-14 group photo caught the surprised angelic expression of your compassionate heart and gave us a barely 30-year old beauty!!!
    If you could:
    1. Make an oval CU of said 30-year JSF (black dress off — just hair-face-chest skin) that will become the only static epicenter of your “wheel of life”. 2. Ask an animator to create a turning wheel with 6 oval or flower shapes around the epicenter pic, within which you will be placing social – acting CU of yours and film-video clips from current and past life (changing visuals and score every month or two?).
    Such “on the go” device will allow fans and curious to have a faster & more comprehensive grasp of your amazing journey, at the same time inviting new viewers to your blogs.
    Thank you for considering a general idea for your mobile unified/diversified logo.
    Meilleurs voeux,
    Dimitri CG Stoupis, writer-director, 909-795-6406

    • Dimitri, thank you for these thoughts. I will take them under serious consideration—but no promises

  5. Laughing so hard you were gasping for air must be your new workout: low impact, but very impactful. What a fun and lively cast and crew with which you work. Sam Waterston will always be the callow Nick Carraway to me. The only thing better than working with him on two TV shows must be working with Lily on one. And the only thing better than that would be a second season of Grace and Frankie.

  6. Hi Jane,
    Great first episode! I really am going to miss The Newsroom. I think Aaron Sorkin is somewhat of a genius. I’ll never forget, I think it was the first season and there was an episode called Election Day (or something like that). Part of the dialogue reported the election of the mayor here in Lexington, KY who had been elected as the first openly gay mayor in the country. Well, he just got re-elected last week to his second term. Looking forward to the rest of the season…I just wish it were a little bit longer! Only 6 episodes??? Sigh! 🙂
    Have a great day!

  7. JANE



    MITZI from Kentucky

  8. Ms. Fonda
    I am so sad Newsroom will be ending –
    The show is so well written and compelling – and you are just incredible to watch –
    You glide through every scene with grace and power –
    I am inspired !

  9. Sorry but I did not have cable for a couple years or I would have written this some time ago. Just started watching Newsroom and just got to say how happy to see you again. Haven’t really seen much of you since we spent quality time together every day back in the 80s! Yes, I had your VHS tape and you helped be get my butt back in shape after my so was born! Well just wanted to say how wonderful you look!

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