We finished shooting at 2am last Saturday morning. Whew! It’s very nice to be able to sleep in and not have to learn pages of dialogue every day. It’s also bittersweet because I already miss my “Grace & Frankie” family, especially Lily. Towards the end of shooting on Saturday–like at midnight–she and I got onto a laughing jag that we couldn’t stop. Has that ever happened to you? It happened to me once with Robert Redford the last day of shooting “Electric Horseman.” I think it was a love scene and we became hysterical. Sidney Pollack got upset. Dean Parisot was directing this last “G&F” episode and he didn’t get mad but I could see concern on his face because it was so late and the crew was tired. The scene was one in which I was following Lily out of the living room, desperate not to be alone and she suddenly stops (so suddenly that I end up only inches away from her face) and she asks if I want her to blow some of her courage into my mouth. Every time we’d be staring at each other so close up we’d start laughing. I think it’s about releasing all the various emotions that had built up over finishing the season.

I have to say I’ll also miss Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston, both of whom are really special people, fascinating to talk to and watch work. I had my only scene alone with Sam (he plays Frankie’s husband) last week in the final episode and it was such a pleasure watching him create his character of “Sol.” He’s a man of range and depth, humor and perspective. Martin has more fun, interesting stories than anyone I’ve ever met and, maybe cause he’s part (very) Irish, he recounts them often and joyfully—usually not the same stories. He’d come–no, burst– into the makeup trailer every day pronouncing “Blessings on one and all, including the undeserving—and you know who you are!” If there’s a roomful of extras in a scene, Martin will very likely talk to each and every one. What a joy for life he has and he sprinkles it all around him with generous abandon. Now that The Newsroom has begun its 3rd season, it’s such fun to watch Sam as “Charlie” who runs the newsroom with whom my character, Leona, interacts the most (because I’m his boss!). What pleasure to see him so very different than he is in G&F.

Marta Kaufman, G&F’s showrunner and, for those who don’t know, the co-creator of “Friends,” hosted the wrap party Saturday night. It was a really fun party though it wasn’t easy to recognize everyone all cleaned and duded up. What a nice group of people. Marta’s a great, generous person and host. The ‘gag reel,’ edited by Marta’s daughter Hannah, was really funny and the music was good though all I did was watch Sam dance with Lynn, his wife. I was too tired to move that much. In fact, It’s been 3 days since we wrapped and I’m still brain dead. I took a 3-hour nap Saturday and fell asleep while meditating in Sunday.

I must say that, despite the incredibly long hours, I managed to meditate most days over the last 4 months and it was life-saving. As I think I’ve mentioned in previous blogs about the series (though I’m not sure of anything right now!), shooting a series was a steep learning curve for me and I went through a sort of existential crisis. Meditating kept me somewhat centered and I’m so glad and grateful that I went to the Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe 7 or so years ago for the 8-day, silent formal Zen Buddhist meditation known as Rohatsu. That is basically where I FINALLY learned to meditate and it done much to keep me sane.

Here are some random pictures from the last week or so.


Here we are with group of HFPA journalists who came to watch one of the scenes and do a press conference. I always enjoy seeing their familiar faces.


I love doing interviews with Lily. She’s such a hoot and so wise.



Scene sleeping on the couch when the boyfriend I thought I’d broken up with is sleeping upstairs in my bed.


Leaving the sound stage last Saturday at 2am.


I’m not going to be with my children for either Thanksgiving or Christmas.

My daughter has moved with the grandkids to Vermont, and in a few weeks I’ll visit them. In the meantime I’ll be doing all sorts of interesting things along the East Coast.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Gee…I’m sorry you won’t be spending time with your kids on Thanksgiving or Christmas. But it sounds like you’ll have a good time with them in a few weeks. Have fun back east! Btw…I just finished your book Prime Time and the part about your time at the Upaya Zen Center I found especially interesting. Funny you mention it here. I have started trying to meditate using the directions you included in the book. Not very good at it, I’m afraid. But I am so the rookie! Still looking forward to the release of G&F! I guess I’ll have to be patient a little while longer. In the meantime…I’ve got The Newsroom (which is blowing my mind so far…wow). Have a peaceful Thanksgiving.
    Love & light!

    • Thanks, Me. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Personally I feel so very blessed with health, friends, family, the possibility of a steady job and a lovely roof over my head. xx

      • I wish you all the best for your life. You are a so great person and actress. Twice i met you in Paris and you were so kindwith me. Thanks again

  2. I can’t wait to see your show! One can’t go wrong with a cast like that!
    Spending time in Vermont and out east sounds wonderful! Take lots of pictures! I love your picture tour of places on your blog. I also hope your daughter and family will find happiness in their new home. Adjustment to the snow will be needed, though. Vermont has absolutely beautiful landscape . . . . and home of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream! Oh, and home to the VonTrapp Family Lodge! How can one go wrong in a place like that!
    Have a wonderful, peaceful Thanksgiving, Birthday, and Christmas! Perhaps you will finally find some time to relax at your New Mexico place. Or you can come on over to my place to spend one of the holidays, though Detroit doesn’t quite have that Santa Fe type feel! 😉

  3. I wish I had netflix as this sounds like a show I’d love. Hope you have a happy holiday season

  4. Thanks for this view into your thoughts and your world. As we head into 2015, any hopes of you bringing in a little audio and video here from your iPhone (not overly high-tech but fun)? You’ve got one of the nicest speaking voices: it’d be nice to hear it a little bit here, too.

  5. Hi Jane I just want to say that you are an amazing women I love you for the women that you are ! You give me strength and courage ☺ Happy Thanksgiving and be safe !

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Jane. I’ve been so busy in the last two months flying around the world that I’ve not been able to read your blogs or comment on them. Things are finally getting back to normal and am looking forward to catching up. Hope you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will raise a glass of hot mulled wine at the German Christmas market tonight to you all, my friends and family, in the US. Jason

  7. Joni Mitchell sings in one of her endlessly brilliant songs, can’t remember which one (because of food coma): “laughing and crying, it’s all the same release.”

    Happy Thanksgiving, Jane.

  8. I am so excited that some of my fav actors are together in this show! So looking forward to watch Sam, Jane and Lily. Yay to Netflix!!!

  9. Hello,
    what was so interesting in that copy of “OGGI” italian magazine ? 😉

  10. As usual; I don’t really want a response for all your captive audience. I should just write you a letter; but this feels like you’ll get is more quickly, and I want you to think about me for whatever reason. My nephew is dead; they can’t do an autopsy, yet, but it looks like suicide. He is 22. My mother came for a couple of days; she didn’t hug me. Gilda (real person Spirit Mother) isn’t my counselor anymore, so I couldn’t get a mom hug from her. I don’t even know you, so can’t get one from you; but you feel like the same kind of place. I told Gilda, via e-mail, and hope she wishes, at least, that she could have wrapped me up for a minute. And so I hope that you do, too. It feels better to at least be able to imagine it. Better than standing right in front of someone and not getting it…

    • Nancy, I do wish I could have hugged you. I am so soory about your nephew. x

  11. xoxo ~~~

  12. Great photos and anecdotes Jane, really looking forward to seeing the show. Is there any word yet on when it will be released? I was also wondering if it will be the type of comedy with a laugh-track? I’m hoping not, but of course will watch it either way 🙂 All the best to you, hope you’re enjoying your time off.

    • Beth, no laugh track. It’s a half-hour comedy/drama. I think Netflix will start streaming all 13 episodes like they do with their other original shows in the spring…all 13 at once. I takes about a day to watch them all.

  13. \\(O)//

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