Jane Fonda Narrates New Documentary “Becoming California”


When I was asked to narrate the California Legacy Project’s documentary “Becoming California” I jumped at the chance.

I’ve learned much about the makeup of the California landscape from its State Parks, having hiked in the Redwood forests and camped in Sequoia National Park among others, but I was surprised to learn there was much I wasn’t familiar with and even areas I thought I understood turned out to be far more unique and interesting than I ever imagined. I loved finding out about the geological histories that brought us what we see today— from the vast oil field that lay beneath what is now Los Angeles; to the the movements of tectonic plates.

By exploring California in three parts, “Becoming California” asks the question; Can nature and civilization coexist? What I like is that it rather than bringing gloom and doom there is a sense of hopefulness.  I was so moved that it was frequently hard to read some of the lines without tearing up. Because I was so impressed with the documentary and wanted my children and grandchildren to learn what I had learned. I gave them each a DVD set last Christmas.  I got advance copies, but now you can enjoy it too, watch the trailer here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8oRNXt7Xbc


To watch in full, you can check your local PBS listings or the California Legacy calendar here:  http://www.calegacy.org/calendar/

You can find information on how to own a DVD here: http://www.calegacy.org/buy-films/

For more information about the California Legacy Project visit their website: http://www.calegacy.org ”

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  1. My goodness! What don’t you do?!?! That is really cool!

  2. California , and a documentary , about , two of my favorite things , California and documentaries , , I remember , simply , when the dogs bites , when the bee stings , California , documentary , a win / win … I think I am becoming california … yes there I am , I am coming , coming into focus now , , , I am the wind swept grassy hills descending to the water , , , hills that early flight types like John J Montgomery soared from … Grassy hills leading down to deltas , , , and oaks ,, how many types of oaks there , in California … Hmm winter dreaming …

  3. Wessssiiiiiiiiiiidde!!! haHAAAAAA! \\(O)// <3

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