This morning I went to Hollywood to speak about Sally at the “star” ceremony for her. In the photo above, I was probably saying something nice about my friend and she, as always, was protesting. I’ve never met a movie star/actor as modest as Sally. I think it was actually challenging for her to show up and “own” the event. All I can say is “It’s about time” . . . I was sure she’d gotten a sidewalk star eons ago. I mean, how many actors have shown such a breadth of talent–making us laugh, making us cry, gasp in recognition of some trait or quirk or foible that we recognize in ourselves or gasp as we are led by her into realizing some human truth we hadn’t noticed before. Think about it: From “Gidget” and “The Flying Nun” to “Sybil,” “Norma Rae” and “Places in the Heart” to her acting on Broadway in Edward Albee’s “The Goat”–her range is beyond remarkable.


I remember the first time I saw “Sybil” (for which she won an Emmy Award) I was so stunned by the way she embodied all the different personalities that I couldn’t speak for awhile afterwards. She always brings 200% of herself to every role, sinks down deep into the persona in a way that is very unusual.

Then there’s Sally the person. Over the years, I’ve marveled at how she gives of herself unselfishly as a parent and, now, grandparent. It seems she has always be present and available to her children and over the long period of her mother’s illness, she took her in and cared for her, as well.



BTW, I have the parasol because I’m taking an antibiotic that won’t let me get any sun at all or risk a bad rash. But it’s a pretty cool parasol, right? It’s by Persole Chic Shade with a Swarovski crystal handle!


Beau Bridges came to the ceremony and spoke, as well. If you haven’t checked him out as a gay man in the 1950s (with Allison Janney, who plays his wife) in “Masters of Sex,” be sure to do so.

Over the years, Sally and I have talked about many things and she has taught me (without even knowing it) about the art of acting, preparing for a role and being fearless. She is one of my dearest friends although I, like all her friends, have to work hard to get her to come out and get together. I believe she’s most comfortable in sweat pants at the stove or writing or reading at home by herself . . . or babysitting the grandkids.


Here we are with members of the Los Angeles City Council who also came to honor Sally. I wish I’d gotten a photo of her son, Eli and his young son. Eli is the spitting image of his mother.

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  1. It is so hard to believe that Sally Field only NOW got her star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. She is an amazing actress and considering she has conquered both film and television, won emmys and oscars, how could she have been so overlooked?

    Jane I don’t recall, but have you and Sally Field ever worked together before?

  2. I haven’t seen much of Sally’s work, but I ADORED her as Nora in ‘Brothers and Sisters’- she’s always had a place in my heart after spending five seasons with her. I will be sure to watch ‘Sybil’. P.s. the parasol is great- keeps that Cali sun off your face 🙂

  3. You’re right about Sally Field! She’s amazing and can do possibly anything. Her recent performance in Lincoln was nothing short of amazing. I’m thrilled to see her receive this well-deserved recognition. Oh, Beau Bridges and Allison Janney were indeed astonishing on Masters of Sex, which is one of the greatest shows on air.

  4. Sally Field is an incredible actress. She was amazing in Sybil, Norma Rae, Steel Magnolias, Lincoln . . . . I just finished watching Steel Magnolias again. Sally Field sure does bring you to tears quickly in a couple of the scenes! And not just a few tears! Sally Field, Meryl Streep, and of course yourself, Jane Fonda, are my favorite actresses. Such talent with the three of you, whether you are making me laugh, cry, or think! Hey, maybe the three of you should make a movie together! 😉

  5. beautiful story, I love her modesty and being so cool and simple! I can send you photo from this event with her son Eli, if you like. Big hug!!!

  6. It is amazing how an actor’s role can impact others. Even the silly roles. I once worked in the field of human service with adults with severe mental illness. One of these endearing woman was feeling frightened when told me, 30 years ago, that I looked liked “..that flying dead nun!” That was her interpretation of Sally Field as she flew through the air in The Flying Nun. I was not a nun but I had the cherub-like cheeks. I guess that’s what she saw. And Field’s Sybil interpretation was so powerful. I still can see certain scenes in my mind decades later! As for her being a homebody, she sounds like most of us. Nice. Thanks for sharing, Jane.

  7. You and Sally are my two favorite actresses of all time. It’s no surprise you are good friends and have inspired each other through the years. You both inspire me! You both deserve many more awards and much more recognition than you have actually received! Just know that I, among many others, recognize you (and award you) as the best actresses ever, and you have never disappointed us regarding your personal lives as well. God bless you both! And I’d like to add that her work in Sybil was phenomenal, and it has never ever been topped! And let me also say, my favorite movie of yours (although I love so many) was “The Doll Maker”!!!! Unbelievable!!!! I wish it got more recognition. I always tell people it is my favorite movie, and if they haven’t seen it, I tell them all about it and how fantastic your acting was in it! Of course, I cried through almost the whole movie!!! It was “killer”!! Thank you, so much, Jane, for all your hard work, and for touching our hearts in so many special ways! It means a lot to me to communicate this to you. (Thank God for social media!)

  8. I love Sally Field! I am stunned that she just NOW received a star on the Walk of Fame. Wow. Have you ever worked with her? I can’t recall any films with both of you…unless my mind is failing me…which is entirely possible.

  9. Enjoyed this sweet read.

    Thanks for posting.


  10. Hi Jane!

    Can you give us a glimpse of your schedule…You seem to be doing a lot of movies and tv show. What month are you doing what for all projects? And is there more to come?

    • Cannes from May 13-16 for L’Oreal; Switzerland from May 17-27th to film my first scene in Paolo Sorentino’s new film, “Youth”; I receive the AFI Award June 5th; June 6th I go back to Switzerland for my 2nd Sorentino scene; somewhere in there I will likely shoot another “The Newsroom”scene (done 2 in last 3 weeks); mid-July I go to Rome to film my last Sorentino scene; August 4th we start shooting “Grace & Frankie” for Netflix with Lily Tomlin.

  11. Hey Jane,
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  12. Chère Jane Fonda, je suis un producteur de la société Bel Air Media à Paris. J’aimerais entrer en contact avec vous afin de vous soumettre un projet. A quelle adresse puis-je le faire? Puisque vous êtes en Europe pour quelques jours, peut-être pourrions-nous en discuter en Suisse? Je vous souhaite un bon séjour à Cannes. I am looking forward to hearing from you. A bientôt j’espère. Christian Dumais-Lvowski

  13. OMG I loved your role in Monster In-Law! That is such a good movie! I am a really big fan! 🙂 I love Sally Field from many movies, so cool that you guys are friends.

  14. Jane,

    You ROCKED the Elie Saab dress at Cannes!!

  15. I’d have to agree with NancyinCali… I mistakenly assumed she must have already been acknowledged on the infamous “walk of fame”.. She has been working in some of the BEST venues, done some of the BEST work (present company included 😀 ) in film from the time she was virtually a teen. She’s always been a classic face and beautiful soul of Americana. I love her spirit, I love her energy; she’s more than deserving of this! And Jane, it’s such a treat to be able to follow you and your adventures first-hand. Seeing the two of you together would have been a sheer treat! Congrats Sally! …and thanks so much for your posting of this Jane! I (along with others here) would LOVE to see the two of you work together! Cheers.

  16. I’ve always wanted to act, but never got a shot. Any tips about it? How did you start off?

    • i had a slight advantage because my father, Henry Fonda, was a famous actor. First, you need experience either by studying with a good teacher, then acting in local/regional theatre (that’s one way) to determine if you have any talent. Wanting to act isn’t enough. You need to learn the craft. get experience and then, if you and others feel you have talent, try to get an agnt, get photos of yourself and hit the streets. Find out where parts for films or plays are being cast and try out.

      • It´s funny. Here where I live talent is not important. What is really important is “being friend of…”. That´s my experience as talented filmmaker.
        On the other hand, Hollywood and its stars are not the same of “values and talent” but of course theare a couple of good professionals…at least yesterday. Nowadays things are different: bad films…watching their trailers all look the same motion picture:bombs, fire, jumping, and dirty words. Shame…
        But I think another kind of cinema is possible. A film which can improve our vision of life, energy, originality, new beautifulness, intelligence, social commitment, spiritualism and a touch of mystery…although all who read this message probably think I live in mars.

  17. Chère Jane Fonda. Thank you for your answer. The project whose I would like to talk to you about, is not a film for cinema, but a documentary which would be devoted to you, by the French-German Television channel ARTE, which you probably know. Indeed, ARTE would like to pay a tribute to you in a special evening, composed of one of your films, plus a documentary. If you prefer, I certainly can contact your agent, but, I also might come to Switzerland, if you accept to meet me, in order to talk directly with you, which would be a privilege. I give you my e-mail address in case you need it. You certainly have your own vision about the content of a documentary about you, so better to start with the same idea… Très cordialement. Christian D. Lvowski

    • Dear Christian, i am honored by your interest but, for reasons too numerous and complicated for this space, I am not really able to participate in any way in a documentary about myself at the current time. I have too much going on, plus another sort of theatrical documentary being done on me in the U.S. and I have no time left over. PLease understand. Perhaps some time in the future we can discuss. Again, thank you for your interest. Best, Jane

  18. Love Sally. What I’ve come to respect in her is her obvious commitment and preparedness. She takes such care with her craft. I wonder if her stature and cuteness didn’t limit her choice of roles, and maybe unnecessarily. I’d like to have happened upon this celebration accidentally as I did in your blog, I can imagine standing behind the ropes watching with a wide approving smile on my face.

  19. Hi Jane – I just love your blogs and updates they are inspiring and moving. You are such a busy girl and seem to just keep getting busier and busier. I have always loved you and your work so thank you for sharing it with us. When are you coming to Australia ??

  20. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blogs. I have always admired your work & your other projects. You are a very remarkable person. I especially loved your Master Class show on OWN. You are so honest and likable. Keep up the good work.

  21. I’ve always liked Sally Field and can just tell that she’s a special woman with many gifts. It’s about time she got her star on Hollywood Blvd.! Then again, who’s really in charge of that sidewalk and at some point it will run out of space! Then what?

    Not only that, but with almost 7.2 billion people on this planet, what’s going to happen to all the people who live at sea level? The oceans are rising at never before speed. It won’t be long before NYC has flooded. Then what?

    Maybe Sally Field will come to the rescue as the Flying Nun! ✌️

    • Right, Cliff, the Flying Nun and me as Barbarella–she flew too, remember, though in the arms of a blind angel!

  22. I can totally see you and Sally Field as close friends. The two of you should try to find a film, TV movie, even a play to do together.
    I think she is an incredible actress and loved her on Brothers and Sisters. That’s the kind of show that should still be on. She was terric in The Goat. My BFF didn’t want to see it but I talked her into it ( she didn’t like Albee) Might I say, she could thank me enough for making her see it.
    Thanks for your sharing…………barbara

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