I was only asked to present Best Director with Michael Douglas about 10 days ago so preparations were very rushed. Donatella Versace sent me a sketch, I liked it, and last Fri (2 days before the Oscars) a tailor came from Italy with the partially made dress and they finished it on me with only one more final fitting on Saturday. I wanted yellow, although they called it ‘chartreuse’. I’ve always liked yellow. It’s a happy, fresh color and I knew no one else would wear anything close to it. Normally yellow is said to be a ‘no-no,’ but I felt I could carry it off. I’ve worn yellow once before to the Oscars when I attended on Ted Turner’s arm. I liked the deco style of the waist band and the structured shoulders and the chandelier, yellow Chopard diamond earrings. The feed back I’ve gotten makes me feel it was a good choice but then maybe my friends kept the negatives away. We taped the show and when we got back, I watched my presentation and thought it photographed well, too. What do you think, dear readers?

There was much about the Oscars that I really liked. Let’s start with Charlize Theron dancing with Channing Tatum. Is there anything that beautiful creature can’t do?! I so admire the women who do it all: act brilliantly, sing, and dance…I’m thinking Charlize, Anne Hathaway, Amy Adams, Nicole Kidman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and, of course, Meryl (Mama Mia!). And how about Zeta-Jones doing that song and dance number from the film “Chicago” which, as Michael reminded me, she did TEN years ago! She doesn’t seem to have lost a thing along a way and a lot has happened in her life along the way. Brava to her. Michael looked great and was as funny and charming as ever

I loved Shirley Bassey belting out “Goldfinger”, and Barbra, and Adele and what seemed like the whole cast of “Les Miserables” all together.” That was very dramatic and moving.

with Derek McLane

I ADORED the set. It was glamorous, fairyland-like, flexible. Perfect. loved the effects behind Adele while she was singing although from home you didn’t really see it quite the way we did there in the hall. Everything was designed by my friend, Derek McLane who also won a Tony for his sets for my play “33 Variations”.

I LOVED that Quentin Tarantino won best original screenplay. I was happy that “Argo” won Best Picture (and that Michelle Obama presented it). There were so many truly wonderful, unique films and actors nominated this year and many of them, I felt, should have won, but out of respect for those who did win and they were also brilliant, the only name I will say here is Robert De Niro. I wanted him to win so badly. And I did adore “Silver Linings PLaybook” so much I’ve seen it 3 times.

What I really didn’t like was the song and dance number about seeing actresses boobs. I agree with someone who said, if they want to stoop to that, why not list all the penises we’ve seen? Better yet, remember that this is a telecast seen around the world watched by families with their children and to many this is neither appropriate or funny. I also didn’t like the remark made about Quvenzhane and Clooney, or the stuff out of Ted’s mouth and all the comments about what women do to get thin for their dresses. Waaaay too much stuff about women and bodies, as though that’s what defines us.

I can say this: I’ve been to more Oscars than I can count and it never gets boring. I am still thrilled to see all the amazing talents there, in flesh and blood.

After spending a little time in the green room backstage with Meryl and Barbra and Donna Karan, I did what Ive never done before. It felt very movie-starish: I changed into another gown, a spotted black and white Reem Acra which was very comfortable.

In Reem Acra Gown at Vanity Fair Party

Richard and I went to the Vanity Fair party and got there before the real crush happened so we found banquette seats where we stayed the whole time and chatted with various fun people as they came by: Quincy Jones (my cousin), Naomi Campbell, Larry Gagosian, the famed art dealer. I had a fascinating talk about violence in America with Canadian, Martin Short. (Canada has just as many guns per capita and watches just as many violent video games but, like the Netherlands, has much, much less violence. I won’t go into it now but it has to do with people feeling respected and cared for by their government. If the cuts go through this Friday, you’ll see violence go up in the U.S. I’ll bet on it)

After that we went to George Clooney’s much smaller party where I had a most enjoyable, interesting, uplifting one-on-one with George. In a few days, I must remind him of it cause he may well have forgotten. And–we got to congratulate Ben Affleck (sans beard…he obviously was a quick-change artist himself) for his much-deserved Oscar.

Got home much too late given that I’ve had a cold for a week or more, but it was worth it.

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  1. I, like Daniel, have also been looking forward to this blog i.e. your take on it all. It means so much more than reading about it somewhere else. I actually stayed up through the night to watch (something I rarely do) but I really enjoyed it. Words to describe you fail me. Simply stunning. All the German press were in awe of you. And I agree with them. I never read star magazines (except when your are in them ;-)) and they loved you. What I hate though, is when they put exclamation marks after your age. How indiscreet. But an exclamation mark is very complimentary. If they put if after my age it would be for comletely the opposite reasons! I think you are chartering new territory. It’s not about looking youthful, but you have such poise, elegance, a very youthful vibrancy, you radiate class and being at ease with yourself. I’m sure it has taken a lot of inner work to get there. But you’ve gotten there and all that … well, I’m not going to mention a number or put an exclamation mark after it. What you have is extremely unique, but, of course, you know that.
    I just hope that it is not all pressure for you, but also enjoyable. You do look like you’re having fun.

    Take care

    • Jane, how do you do it?! You look better than some of the women half your age. loved the hair. loved the dress!!

    • Hi Jane:

      How are you – Great I hope. This is my very first post. Vietnam veteran who’s supported you efforts for peace even as I was in the War Zone.

      Take Care

      Sam I-Am

      • Wow, Sam I-Am, Thanks. This means a lot. I know there were many soldiers who feel as you do. They write me and come up to me and it moves me very much. xx

  2. Jane, I really appreciated your very thoughtful comments regarding the tone set by the host of this years’ Oscars. Academy night should be a glorious, celebratory evening of the “best of the best” and I, too, found the humor at times to be bottom-of-the-barrel, totally out of sync with the real theme of the evening (excellence on the screen). Bring back Billy Crystal! There is so much rich tradition with the Oscars, it should be a revered evening for that reason alone. Thankfully the presenters and award-winners gave it the sparkle it so deserved. Your dress was a stunning addition as well! Your blog entry on the events leading up to and including that night were very fun to “peek” in on. Thanks again!

  3. You looked beautiful and classy.

    I thought they should have a song about how many male buttocks we have seen if they want to do one about women’s breasts. It wasn’t classy. I get it that that comedian is known for this but should the Oscars be?

  4. Has The Academy said or done aything about their responsibility? Maybe they have apologized and I do not know. I just think people need to also think of what that says. They should know better considering the shows and movie he made and I would think they have rehearsals. If this was someone accepting an award, that is different. I think they need to own up to their mistake. I am hoping to do my thesis about rape culture and the media and I am trying to look at many aspects of this, not just Seth MacFarlane’s speeches alone.

  5. Dear Jane
    You are the perfect example of natural beauty. I wish Hollywood could follow your example on how to age gracefully.

  6. Dear Jane,
    I just wanted to make one more comment on this post. After having looked through the various press photos of the celebrity wardrobes I’ve got say, imho, Donatella’s dress really is striking. I can see why you liked it, although I think initially it must have taken some serious courage to wear such a bright and unusual color, with eyes all around the world scrutinizing every detail to the smallest minutia, you went for it and I think it paid off. You really stood out. A truly unique look but a very classical expression. I am impressed by your original thinking and fearlessness. big hi five!

  7. You mentioned that Quincy Jones is your cousin – I would love to know how you two amazing people are related?

    • Hanky panky on George Washington’s plantation. I kid you not. Quincy had the Mormons do his family tree.

  8. By the way, your parents would be so proud of you.

  9. I sent it to your Foundation. It should be today, I hope. And then however long for you to get it.

    • Sorry, I don’t mean to pester. And, please, just get rid of these. I don’t want anyone to think I’m some weirdo.

      I sent the envelope Friday, and they said two to three days. Please, if you get it, please look at it. And, please let me know, so I’ll know they are safe. I feel ?? worried about them somehow. I don’t really know how to say that. I feel worried about them. It was important to send the originals.

      • Dear Nancy, I have not received them. I’m sorry. What address did you use? x

    • Nancy, But to what address? I have several non-profits (no foundations).

      • I am not a “writer”, either. I woke up mourning, this morning, about my drawings. I hope they end up in someone’s hands that will send them back to me.

        Read my book that’s not a book. I don’t imagine I will ever get published, and so there will be no big voice for my little girl self, but, you could read it. It is not finished; I kind of got stuck; but, I’d have that; the knowing that you read it. I could be devestated about my drawings; I really am going to believe that they will find their way back to me. I believe in our energy, and so, I will just believe that mine is strong enough to make that happen. I could send you what I’ve written; I want you to know me. Again, I get it, someone like you can’t give out your e-mail address or phyiscal address, but, there must be some place that you are able to “get” things. Again, too, I wish I would have asked. I feel like I fucked up her chance for you to see her.. I want you to see her.

      • I haven’t gotten them back. They are lost, my drawings… :'( I’ll leave you alone. I would have liked for you to see them, hold them. My book will never be a book; if you’re ever interested, please send me an address, and I would love for you to read it. I’m not going to ask a million times. Life is a funny thing, Jane Fonda.

        • I finally received you drawings and am returning them. I “held them” as you requested

  10. Jane,
    Wow! Is it possible that you are really 75? Your exercises are certainly working for you! You looked absolutely stunning in that gorgeous, original yellow dress.

  11. I wonder if anyone forwarded to you Jamie Lee Curtis’ commentary from the Huffington Post on the subject of the low point of the Oscars… And just to remind you that you are one of those women who do it all and then some. I’m thinking dancing, singing, acting… not to mention creating/producing.
    If memory serves you did some nice vocals in “Dollmaker” as well as “33 Variations” and your dancing prowess was evident from the gypsy dance sequence in “A Dolls House” with all due respect to the younger actresses you mentioned (I do like many of them) I grew up admiring people like you and Vanessa Redgrave who took risks and really put themselves out there to make the world a better place OH! and one more thing! …lets see what they look like when they are 75!

    • Dear Edward
      I liked your comment, especially your reference to Jamie Lee Curtis speaking up about the Oscar’s poor humor, I just hope that now after some weeks have passed, that the issue of misogyny won’t fade into oblivion. We have to keep talking about it and reminding people that its totally unacceptable.
      I also admired what you said about Jane being a woman who took risks to make the world a better place. So true! Nicely said.

  12. Jane, you looked fabulous Oscar night, love the dress, the color was perfect, you are one classy lady. I also love the hair, in fact I may want to copy it.
    I remember when you shot Clute in the Weissberger warehouse. I was VP’s Oscar Megadechian’s, secretary at the time and remember how gracious you were to everyone. It’s good to see you never lost your grace, style and humor.
    Sorry I just discovered your website, this post is a bit outdated, but you my dear never are.

  13. This all need to be said, it was offensive. And pretty dress!

  14. Greetings–

    I’m wondering if you heard how your name came up in regards to Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster on the Senate floor last week and how you felt about it?

    I’ll say that I was torn regarding his entire display. I think he was showboating to some degree (how I must date myself with that term!) but at the same time, I believe that the entire drone program needs additional safeguards built into it.

    In any case, you looked ravishing at the Oscars, and it’s delightful to see the beautiful day at your ranch~


    • Dana, I agree with you. Drones have reshaped warfare as we know it yet there’s been no new policies to regulate how this new warfare, esp the drones should be used. I mean, bombing because they’re following patterns! Help! I’m glad he raised the issue and got a lot of attention about it.

  15. Votre dernier livre m’a passionnée. Vous me surprenez toujours. Il y a tant de choses que je voudrais échanger avec vous. Je suis peintre. Je ne sais pas à quoi ressemble un ranch et je ne saurais pas monter à cheval. Mais la nature doit y être inspiratrice.

  16. Dear Ms. Fonda: Indeed, your Oscar 2013 gown was a *fabulous* pick; the color favors yours (overall physical coloring) and I loved the design about the waist.

    I apologize: This may not be the place for me to be addressing this issue, but I just wanted you to know how much I *love* the film “Les félins” (1964); I think it is one of the MOST entertaining (and under-rated) films I’ve ever seen; you with Alain Delon—both at the peak of your respective, young beauty; the wonderful, PERFECT acting all around (Lola Albright = FAB).

    I know that Delon has retired from acting, basically, from public life, altogether, but, is there any film project—ideally, one in which he co-stars *with you*, yet again, that might beckon him back before the cameras?

    I loved the film “Paris, je t’aime” (2006); the only thing missing was you and he in a heart-warming vignette. (sigh) I can only dream….

    All the best – Mavarla

    • Funny, I have a copy of “Les Felins” and was thinking of watching it again.

      • Dear Ms. Fonda,

        Thank you so very much for acknowledging my comment. I hope you do find the time to watch it—objectively—because your acting in it is just *simply brilliant*. The scene where “Melinda” is dancing and taunting “Vincent” is hilarious. I prefer watching it in the English version as that is how it was filmed; Delon truly is like a scampering cat in this with all of the juggling (dang—he’s good!) and his agile running about—and that FACE: the most beautiful frame of it is when he turns to you to take the money “Melinda” is offering from “her” purse on the patio (when “Marc” is on his way to town early on—to escape). I am a fan of René Clément even though he wasn’t considered that “fashionable” as a Director at that point in time; but this is a *wonderful* film full of timeless, sociological commentary, the skewering of stereo-types, and all done so wittily; perfect sound-track music, as well. Again, *merci beaucoup*. All My Best to You, M.

  17. Greetings~

    I wrote a comment a couple of days ago, asking Jane if she had seen the things that Sen. Rand Paul said while he was filibustering the appointment of the new CIA Director. The Senator spoke for about 13 hours, and his topic was whether drones could be used to attack U.S. citizens in the U.S.
    He asked a lot of questions, some about hypothetical situations, and at one point he asked if the President, under existing policies/rules, could order an attack on Jane Fonda. I wondered how she felt about this, about generally how the topic still comes up almost 50 years later.
    It appears that my question was deleted and not answered, and I just wondered why? Admittedly, it was off topic from the Oscars, but I didn’t know anyplace else to ask.
    Are there any guidelines regarding questions and how to ask them?
    Also, I’m aware from past experience that emails can come across very differently from how the writer intended them, so please understand that I didn’t mean anything offensive or hurtful by my query.
    Thank you for your attention to my question.
    Daña Alder
    Madison, WI

    • Sorry,Dana. Don’t know what happened. Yes, I heard about Rand Paul’s remarks. I’ve become immune to it all after all these years.

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