PRIME TIME 2013 JUMP START: Key Three & AM/PM Yoga

Not all of us get right back to our regular fitness program after the Holidays. I’ll write a blog about my New Year cleanse soon, but for those of you who need a little help starting up again (or if you’re starting for the first time) I wanted to share this clip which some of you have seen before. Trust me, these exercises called KEY THREE will help ease you back into a healthy fitness groove. If you are one of the many who have started doing my new PRIME TIME AM/PM Yoga, try adding these after the AM portion.

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  1. Great choice of exercises,Ms. Fonda, though I wonder if a modified plank thrown in the mix might help as well.

    I circuit train three times a week and use a recumbent bike. Seems to be keeping me pretty fit, thus far. Balance becomes a big issue as we age, and I’m always trying to get my patients to work on
    balance. Falls are the number one cause of morbidity in the older age group.

    In the previous thread, I had asked for restaurants you liked in Atlanta. You gave me the names of great places, but they were in LA!!

    Also, don’t know if you were at the GG, but I wanted to give a shot-out to a fellow Yalie and awesome talent, Jodie Foster! Boola, Boola Jodie!!

    • I agree about Jodie. Sorry, April, about the misunderstanding. Restaurants in Atlanta are Eugene, Watershed, Sotto Sotto. Those are my favorites. xx

      • Luv ya!!

        If you are in Atlanta in then next 3 months, drop by the set of “Prisoners.” I’m sure crew and talent (Hugh Jackman, Viola Davis (just too awesome)would love it! And what a director (Denis Villeneuve) they snagged. His Incendies was a luscious film.

        Speaking of film, perhaps one day you may come to the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor for a screening of some of YOUR favorite films in the setting of a gorgeously restored theater. I bet some type of fundraiser could be arranged. We are a generous group in Ann Arbor. I saw the “The Grapes of Wrath” on the big screen there after all those years of squinting at it on the little tube. What an experience for me. It still smacks you in the gut.

        What are your favorites? I bet they run the gamut. I recently rewatched Michelangelo Antonioni’s “The Passenger” in my home theater. The colors and camera movement in that film never cease to amaze me. And Jack? One of his best performances–ever.

        Take care and thank you again.
        April in Ann Arbor.


  2. From Rio de Janeiro:Hi Jane,I loved the 3 exercises and will try it, cause as you saw in person in Rio,when we met,I am out of shape,despite all my “joggin”,walking,and some diet!I promisse to follow – again – everything you say,cause I know I need to improve my health,despite my heavy depression! My late beloved son,until the day he died(1993)was a Vegetarian,and I would cook delicious vegetable meals for him,and even created some recipe.Every morning,instead of Coffe,bread,butter and cheese, like Brazilians are used to,he would only take his “Vegetable drink”,almost the same you do,sometimes mixing other vegetables or fruits.His favorite was:orange,carrots,beats,and collard green very popular and a favorite in Brazil, or Pineaple with mint,or papaya and orange,anothers Brazilian favorite! I am sharing all your vídeos and articles with my Facebook friends and it has been a huge success!Did you ever saw the link I sent you showing your signing Books in Rio?Best regards from your Number 1 Brazilian fan, Yone Kegler.

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