Just after the New Year, I did a cleanse. I wanted to enter this new year, perhaps even a new era (which is what I believe began 12/21/12), fresh, healthy renewed, having had 2 major surgeries this year and a not-exactly-healthy diet over the holidays. I went to the Tao of Wellness in Santa Monica where I get once-a-week acupuncture, and got the special powder, pills and tea that Dr Mao prepares. these chinese herbs help with cleansing and detoxing and are probably available from any Chinese acupuncturist place (in case you’re interested).

Besides these special products, I had 3 acupuncture, infrared saunas, and cupping sessions. Infrared saunas go deeper into your body than regular saunas and cupping is when the doctor or nurse places a heated glass cup upside down on your oiled skin so that a powerful suction is created. The cup is then moved around, first your stomach and then your back. All these 3 things help with lymphatic drainage (detoxifying).

As for my cleansing diet, I had no coffee, alcohol, wheat, red meat, dairy or anything acidic, except for a cup of hot lemon juice first thing in the morning. Breakfast consisted of hot oat bran or steel-cut oatmeal with almond or rice milk, mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks of fresh vegetable juice (mostly kale, spinach, apple, ginger and beets) or vegetable broth plus an apple (Fuji are my favorite cause they’re crunchy and sweet/tart). For lunch and dinner, I’d made various stir frys with bean sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, chicken, fish or firm tofu and other variations of veggies, which we ate with brown. I stuck to it 100% for one week.

Now, and probably forever, I still don’t have coffee. I still start off the day with hot lemon juice. I still won’t eat red meat and very little wheat. But I do have a 0% fat greek yogurt every morning, fish three times a week (the fatty ones like salmon and tuna–very important when you’re older, especially), and chicken or tofu stir fry. No wine. I suffer from osteoarthritis and so have to stay away from anything acidic like wine, coffee, eggplant, white potatoes, tomatoes. I do indulge in vodka a few times a week–like maybe 4-5 times 🙂

What else? I am doing my yoga DVD. One 10-minute segment in the morning to get me revved up and ready to go and one 10-minute segment in the evening to chill me out. Sometimes with Richard, my honey. And 3 times a week or more I lift light weights and 4 times a week or more I do 20-30 minutes of some form of aerobics. I live at the top of a hill, so I have Richard or my assistant drive me down to the bottom far enough so it will take me 30 minutes to get back to the house. There’s also a recumbent bike and treadmill in the house so other days I do those.

I have increased my meditation to every day for 10 or 20 minutes and sometimes Richard does that with me too. When we’re doing it together, I do the 10 minute meditation that is on my recent (last year’s) DVD called “Firm & Burn” under “Extras” (as in bonus track). I like it because before the actual meditation, I take you (us) through some breathing exercises that gets energy flowing in your body. You can really feel it. It’s like coming alive. It gets you in touch with your body— inside—something too few people do and it is amazing how it changes your life and how you look…your eyes get brighter, clearer. As an actor, these breathing exercises are great to do right before going on camera because you actually look different. The energy you can feel coursing through your body after the breathing exercises, a sort of tingling sensation, that energy is you, your being, what leaves you when you die. It is precious and the more we can tap into that feeling inside us the more alive we’ll be. To save time when I’m not actually doing the Firm & Burn DVD and don’t want to take the time to select the Bonus Track, I used my iphone to record just the breathing exercises and the entire 10-minute meditation which begins with a chime and ends with a chime. I like the chime because then I don’t have to keep worrying about how much time has elapsed. And when I do more than 10 (when I’m alone), I simply turn off the tape after 10 min. and continue in silence. Highly recommended.

A few days ago I filmed an episode of “The Newsroom’s” 2nd season. Things came easier to me. I felt more relaxed (something that Bill Murray told me I really need to work on) and I truly believe it had to do with the cleanse, the yoga, the breathing and meditation.

When it makes me feel this good, I am motivated to keep it up and I will because I don’t want to have to report to you that I fell back to old habits. And I won’t lie.

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  1. Dear Jane,
    I wish you and to all your family all the best for the new year. My resolutions are quite simples. To become better than the year before in each area of my life. 🙂

    Avec beaucoup d’admiration et de respect pour vous et pour votre travail

  2. Like the idea of a cleanse but I think most of us don’t feel comfortable that we would be doing it correctly – like getting the proper herbs, right foods, etc. Maybe an idea for a video along with guided meditation? You are such an inspiration!

  3. first I will try the Infrared Sauna.

  4. Hi Jane,
    Your committment to good health is very commendable. Truly, you are a role model to me. I can honestly say that I’ve never been able to stick to an exercise regime before, but since buying your Primetime Exercise DVD’s, I don’t miss a day, and it’s because I now enjoy it. The DVD’s are so well done and you provide inspiration all the way. I have all the DVD’s and alternate between them them each day. My newest addition is the Primetime Yoga one which I absolutely love. Thank you for being such an inspiration!


  5. Your diet sounds quit healthy. I grow about 90% of what we eat in our household in raised beds in Ann Arbor: all of the vegetables and some of the fruit. I’m still harvesting parsnips and fresh carrots that I keep stored in the ground. I have moved slowly toward growing more root vegetables for their ease of storage and superior nutritional value (potatoes, rutabaga, turnips, sweet potatoes). We are still baking winter squash for soups and stews.

    You are selling yourself short on the eggplant. There are many, many different varieties that are much less acidic than those standard large, tear drop shaped black eggplants sold in the stores. Those have been picked way too late to allow them to travel better. Each year, I grow (from seed) six different varieties of eggplant each year. My favorites Ping Tung, Listadia, Louisiana Long Green, Rosa Bianca, and Clara. The same is true for tomatoes. BTW, if you’ve never tried tomato jam, you are missing a treat!!

    Will be in Atlanta next month and hope to catch up with Matt and talk African-American Art and “quilts.”

    April in Ann Arbor


      • Don’t know if you garden yourself ( I rather doubt with all you do that you have the time) but you could hire someone to garden for you and grow vegetables that you won’t find in the grocery store. You can grow eggplant in California, no problem.
        Last year I grew 29 different vegetable and herbs and donated 300lbs of produce. My Greek neighbors are hooked on my eggplant and spinach and they have gifted me with wonderful meals made from my veggies.

        Every home should have a kitchen garden. I’m reclusive by nature, but my garden keeps me connected to my community, my friends and the earth.

        Working the soil is embedded in my DNA. My garden is dedicated to the memory of my grandpa, Henry King Flemister. He moved to CT from Madison, Ga as a young man. He farmed 15 acres and his watermelons were famous for their size and sweetness. Watermelon in CT? Now that’s a feat!

        • I have gardened at my ranch in new Mexico. I have a hooped garden which produces vegetables year round. Fabulous. There are photos of them in a blog from last year

          • You go girl! Hoops, that’s what I use here in Michigan. People are shocked when I grab a basket full of veggies in December!

  6. Hi
    if i may critise you for just a little bit. It seems to me that a blog every two three weeks isn’t a lot. You had two surgeries we( the fans) never heard about it. There is no pictures on your sets now. No words on the pilot. So i’m wondering did you lose interest in blogging?


      • I don’t think you should have blogged about your surgeries. It’s your private matter and your choice absolutely whether you share it or not. Not taking pictures of others… well, it can be sometimes embarassing to ask, especially actors. 😀 Your descriptions are great to. I hope you’re fine and of course, one should have some vodka every once in a while to clean the system. 😉

  7. I am also a huge fan, i will be patient and keep on following your work in all areas. Perhaps fans are a bit demanding at time. Maybe we should get a life, in way, i dont know. …

  8. Just because you met me in person in Rio de Janeiro, please don´t forget me! I am still waiting for you to tell if you had the time to hear(and dance) some of the Cds with some of our best Brazlians singer and Bossa Nova\Samba song that I gave you!Also,in all blogs,I commented,I sent you a link with videos of some signing of your Book in Rio,and it looks like you never saw it..I am still here every day, trying to follow your good advice about health,exercise,that only you could made me do, though some of the food you have there, we don´t have here! Anyway, I translate your Column and always publish it on my Facebook page to my girlfriends that don´t speak the language.They all would very much to be a part of the Blog,if they could read it.I wish I was still living in New York, so I could follow all your path to a good and more heath life..Best regards from Rio de Janeiro.Your N.1 fan here….

    • Yonne, i have not had a chance to listen to the Brazilian music but I will soon. xxx

  9. Jane, you made my day by responding to my message! I meant to say as well that not only have I read your Primetime book but also have downloaded the audio version of you reading it. I listen to some everyday, also for inspiration on this journey of aging well. I did notice you say that you’ve had two major surgeries this past year. I hope all is okay.

    Thank you again,

  10. Jane, your cleanse diet sounds like my daily diet! Assume you meant brown “rice”? Except I skip the tofu…soy has issues. Cleanses can be great. Especially for people with various health issues and autoimmune diseases. I don’t do the extreme ones, though. Too risky for me.

    In 2003, after not being able to lose weight, I ate pumpkin seeds (shells removed) and did an over-the-counter cleanse (Parastroy) and lost 30 lbs in less than 6 weeks! Pumpkin seeds have been used by Native Americans for thousands of years to cleanse our bodies of parasites. I am due for another.

    Lemon water every day is good too, and even though lemon is “acidic” is it alkaline in the body. Did you know that? That is true of many healthy foods. For lymphatic drainage, try one of those rebounder trampolines, the small 38″ to 48″. One of the best, cheapest things there is and if you do daily, really helps!

    Jane, is this a recent picture of you? I really, really love your hair like that. When your hair is shorter, you look about 30. 🙂 You always did have great hair and I think you get more beautiful as you age…something internal shifting. We had a Jane Fonda night a few weeks ago, rented some of your newer and older movies. you are always exceptional.

    Hope this year brings you all the things you wish for, especially in your internal journey. Peace.

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  12. When I read this in your blog post above:

    “To save time when I’m not actually doing the Firm & Burn DVD and don’t want to take the time to select the Bonus Track, I used my iphone to record just the breathing exercises and the entire 10-minute meditation which begins with a chime and ends with a chime. I like the chime because then I don’t have to keep worrying about how much time has elapsed.”

    I thought …

    What a great gift to your fans to have your tech gurus make an mp3 audio track of that 10 minute meditation from your DVD and distribute it as a free iTunes podcast and as a free download from your blog for people who don’t like iTunes, etc.

    Especially during February, which is heart health month. So many public service announcements tell us that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women and reducing stress is such an important factor in health.

    What a great valentine that could be for your blog fans! And I’ll bet it would help sell a few more DVDs too.

  13. It’s inspiring to hear you share about the cleanse. It’s vital as our bodies have not evolved to handle modern processed foods and so we are clogged with all kinds of junk. To share some of our favorite cleanse information, Cecile and I are returning this July for the third time to our favorite raw food cleanse in the U.S. at the Body Mind Retreat in Ithaca, NY. It’s a very rustic, pure environment with wood-fired saunas, a strict regimen and colonics/enemas with swimming in the ponds at night beneath a big moon to make it all worth it. Since we live in Saudi, we also do extended ayurvedic pancha karma cleanses in India. Our favorite is manaltheeram in Kerala in the south. To keep our minds elevated on a clean level when in Paris we go to the lectures of Daniel Kieffer at Forum 104 in Montparnasse. And we have also been to the famous German couple’s fast in the beautiful Le Drome region in the south–Gertrude and Gisbert Bolling–but this was too intense for Cecile. However, on only a bit of apple cider per day along with water from the running stream near Gertrude’s home, I was able to hike over the mountain and back on the 6th day. Blessings to you for a happy, healthy peaceful New Year!
    Ryan and Cecile XXX

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