When I was young–up till my 50s–I was sure that if I lived this long I’d be miserable, decrepit, ugly and alone.

Instead, I’m happier than ever, more at peace, healthy–well, there are times when my body hurts all because I have osteoarthritis. But that doesn’t define me. I’m basically healthy and have loving, intelligent, challenging children, grandchildren, friends and lover. I feel very blessed. I also know that this didn’t just happen, I’ve worked hard (and continue to) for this to be so.

I will turn 75 tomorrow, Friday 12/21/12, the day that the Mayans and others predicted a many-thousands-of-years-old era would come to an end. There are those who interpret this prediction as End of Days. I feel—as do many others–that it will, instead, mark an awakening, a new beginning.

When we look back over history, one sees that, despite many glorious accomplishments, it was an era defined by war, violence, hierarchy, xenophobia (dislike of strangers) and a warped view of the human role in the planetary scheme of things—the belief that we are here to conquer (nature and others) rather than to coexist.

Terrible events have occurred recently, some natural, some man made. Hurricane Sandy and the killings in Newtown, Connecticut are two such events, so horrific that, just as the planet is shifting on its axis and stars aligning in new ways, they can be seen as tipping points, forcing us to face how far off track we have come in terms of our relationship to the earth and to each other.
 (I recommend going to this link for a critical insight into this country’s mass killings:

There is already much evidence that a tipping point is happening. Previously unmoved opponents of gun control seem willing to start a dialogue. The recent elections show a shift in consciousness. Significant majorities said enough pitting people against each other, enough spewing hatred and suspicion of people who are different, enough trivializing of violence against women, enough of asking government to control women’s bodies but ignoring the poor, the young, the old, the different.

As I approach my personal chronological milestone, I am optimistic that on the longest night we are heading into a new dawn. But whether this cosmic realignment becomes a true, paradynamic shift toward peace, love, compassion, fairness, inclusion, is up to us.

This won’t be easy. The forces arrayed against change are as old as civilization and won’t go down without a fierce fight—we can see this happening all over the world. We know that a beast is the most dangerous when it is wounded.

If we cloak ourselves in cynicism, denial and despair we will lose and so will many other living things that we deeply love—polar bears, song birds, corral, dolphins, coastal communities–. But if we open our eyes and allow ourselves to see the signs of the New Era that are all around us, if we are intentional, if we remember to really breathe, to open our hearts, to meditate and pray (because we know now that these can actually change what happens if we are fully present in what we send out into the universe), if we do to others as we would have them do to us, if we are also kind to ourselves, if we look people in the eye with eyes of love, if we smile at strangers (go ahead, fake it till you make it!) and if we create communities of “we” instead of “us and them,” if we work to elect women and men who represent the new way of seeing (and acting), then 12/21/12 can truly be a new beginning.

As a species, we are unique in our ability to compose symphonies, write poetry, solve complex medical problems, discover that we are made of the same molecules as the stars. We are the ones whose job it is to bear witness to the Universe, not destroy it. I believe it was biologist E.O. Wilson who said (and I paraphrase) “ Perhaps God granted the gift of intelligence to the wrong species.” Let’s prove this wrong. We can do it. We must do it. As urban shaman Donna Henes said “It’s time. It’s our time. It’s about time. And it’s just in time.”

And finally, some of you know I started my 17-year-old Georgia-based, non-profit The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention to address the constellation of issues that lead to young people becoming parents before they have grown up. When we started, Georgia had the highest rates of teen births in the country, costing the state hundreds of millions of dollars annually, leading to school drop outs and making it hard for teen parents and children to reach their full potential.

Over the years, G CAPP has seen amazing results from our multi-faceted work and so, to celebrate my 75th I am donating my birthday to G CAPP for the “Delay A Birthday Campaign“. I am reaching out to my colleagues, friends and family and asking them to celebrate my birthday by making a donation. Our goal is to reach 14,000 teens. Every $7,500 raised supports effective sex education in school for 100 teens.

Please watch this short video I made which explains the campaign, my work with GCAPP and the Delay a Birthday campaign.

For more information please visit: To make a donation:

Onward and with Love and Holiday Blessings, Jane


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  1. Happy Birthday. All the very best for your new year!
    Health, happiness and success. Enjoy your day.
    Love Jason

  2. I’ve enjoyed reading Prime Time and enjoyed following your blog — it’s been a key part of my inspiration to start my own blog.

    I truly admire your willingness to share your experiences with honesty as you age so very gracefully. I’ve learned a lot from you about what’s appropriate to make public and still keep the personal details private.

    Thank you for your contributions to improving our world through G-CAPP, V-Day and the Women’s Media Center.

    I wish you many happy returns of the day! Happy Birthday 🙂

  3. First of all, many blessings for your birthday, Jane! I’ve already told you everything over the years and praised you to no end. You’re indescribable. I mean… yes. 🙂 Thanks for setting an enourmously high standard in acting to which I compare everybody else, thanks for making me stand up from the chair and go for the burn (yeah, I went to a workout class at my university lol) and eventually, for helping me discover myself and find a much needed balance. 🙂 And I’m not the only one who can say that. 🙂

    You’re a treasure, thanks for everything, thanks for this wonderful entry (one of your best) and thank God for you. 🙂

    Happy Birthday! XOXO

    Yours truly,

  4. Happt bithday Dear Jane.

    • OOps
      Happy birthday Dear Jane and sorry about the mistakes

  5. “…if we are intentional, if we remember to really breathe, to open our hearts, to meditate and pray…and if we create communities of “we” instead of “us and them,” if we work to elect women and men who represent the new way of seeing (and acting), then 12/21/12 can truly be a new beginning.”


  6. FROM RIO DE JANEIRO: I wish you again(yesterday on Facebook),a very Happy Birthday!God bless you!I just love this brilliant text from today! “… we do to others as we would have them do to us, if we are also kind to ourselves, if we look people in the eye with eyes of love, if we smile at strangers..”.That´s me!!I bought 10 of your wonderfull book “O MELHOR MOMENTO”(Prime Time)to give as Christmas gift to girl friends and relatives!I want they all know you better as I do!
    This link bellow,have some pictures from the Book sign in Rio de Janeiro.MERRY CHRISTMAS!From your N.1 Brazilian fan,Yone Kegler.

  7. First, have an absolutely fabulous birthday and 75th year! I love your outlook on life and have learned a lot from you! You don’t realize it, but you have been a kind of mentor for me these last few years.
    As for all that has occurred lately, both politically and socially, I decided to make something my goal for 2013. I want to better understand people, understand why they have these beliefs that I might find opposite of my own. To do this, I have decided to try to learn about as many religions as possible, for I think often religion plays a part in one’s view on things. I know culture, environment, social economic status, past experiences, etc. also play a role, but religion seems to be the easiest place to start. We will see how this goal goes.
    Anyway, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

  8. Happy Birthday Jane!!! Blessings for you today and during all your new year!!
    El Comercio, principal peruvian newspaper plublished today this article about you.

  9. Well, my goodness! I’ve been looking forward to your Birthday all month and almost forgot to wish you well! I hope you’re still celebrating! I love the “delay a birthday” campaign. Will beat the drum for ya and send in what I can. Thanks for inspiring us in fitness (for 30+ years) and for all that you’re doing for young people. Hope you’ve had a great day and a full month of celebration! Happy Holidays!

  10. Happy birthday Jane !… vous êtes vraiment formidable. Je lis votre livre qui est très intéressant et je me retrouve beaucoup dans ce que vous avez écrit.
    Merci pour tous vos précieux conseils
    Merry Christmas for you and your family
    I kiss you

  11. Hi,

    Happy birthday. I’m one year younger than you and feel just as good. Loved you in the China Syndrome.

    Keep at it.


  12. Happy birthday. I just saw your film Peace, Love & Misunderstanding and loved it. I have been trying to buy it and had zero luck without ordering it from Amazon but it was on Showtime and a delight. I liked not only the performances but the messages.

  13. Happy Birthday, Ms Fonda! I’m very familiar with G Capp and will be happy to make a donation. A friend of mine(Kay Young, Esq) who passed away a few years ago, served on its board. It will be wonderful to honor the center’s work and Kay.

    When I was a medical school student in Atlanta, pregnant teens (especially black teens were treated horribly by the healthcare establishment. Thank God much has changed since then (1980).

    BTW, what did you think of Devin McKinney’s biography?

    April in Ann Arbor

  14. Wow. Just noticed my Bday note to you posted at 21:21 on 12/21/12. Cool!

  15. Hello Jane,
    My birthday like yours was this past Dec 21. I turned 60! Goodness, I never thought I would be this old… I have a young spirit, and teaching second graders helps me keep it so. I was reading about your surgeries… and I admit I have thought about it too. They eyes part really does bug me, and I was wondering if you could recommend your surgeon… as you said, not overdoing it is the key and too many surgeons do just that.
    Thank you for your answer, and a very happy new year to you. ciao

    • My surgeon doesn’t do eyes. Try Dr Ruben 310 556 0119. it”s very hard to get am app with him. xx

      • Thank you for the answer!!! I am totally pleased that you find the time to read the comments and reply.. I got your video and shall try to follow through with actually doing it… motivation!!! oh motivation where are you? Blessings to you and happy new year again. ciao

  16. Happy Belated Birthday! 12/21/12 was not only the end of the Mayan cycle, it was the Galactic alignment. And the winter solstice. Your birthday is indeed a magical day.

  17. Happy Belated birthday Jane…. mine is December 31st (68)

  18. Happy Belated Birthday Jane. Can’t wait to read how you spent it, a big birthday bash somewhere exotic? Or a quiet evening with close friends?

    So, after 75 years of living my 2 questions to you are

    1. If you had it to do over again is there ANYTHING you would do differently?


    2. If you could relive ONE moment what moment would that be?

    Luv you, Luv your work, Luv your philosophy and your attitude. You are an inspiration to women (especially) and people everywhere.

  19. Happy Birthday Jane!

  20. Dear Jane,

    I saw your interview with Katie Couric and you are still amazingly youthful in your spirit and an inspiration to women.

    I, too, have oteoarthritis, having had back surgery 2 years ago at the age of 62 (avid runner for years),I am wondering if you would share your back surgeon’s name and phone number.


    Happy New Year

    • Dr Rick Delamarter at Cedars Sinai 310 248 7300

  21. Please tell me you remember. The three men that where beaten to death, or due you feel no shame? I hope it haunts you.

  22. Belated happy birthday Jane! I was so happy when you returned to acting 7 or 8 years ago and I wish you could coax your niece Bridget to do the same! She turned in wonderful performances in Jackie Brown and A Simple Plan, among others, and I miss seeing her on the screen just as I missed seeing you. Fondas don’t ever really retire do they?

  23. Ms Fonda,
    I will be in Atlanta next month visiting friends and family. A couple of friends are on the movie shoot “Prisoners.” Any recommendations for them in regards to restaurants, jazz clubs, etc? I last lived in Atlanta 30 years ago, so I’m a little behind. Thanks

    April in Ann Arbor
    Sorry for the error above. Sometimes, I’m technologically challenged!

    • Not familiar with Jazz clubs (or any clubs for that matter). For Mexican food El Chollo on Western Ave is the place. Been around since 1923. Fabulous and authentic. Cecconi on Melrose and Craig’s also on Melrose are really good as is Koi for Japanese food and Spagos.

  24. Happy Belated Birthday! I have just finished doing your low impact step aerobic routine, with the original step box that I bought WAYYY back when brand new. I keep coming back to it as the most effective, and easy on the joints and back, way to get and stay fit.

    I know this must have been asked by many but are there ANY plans to re-release this awesome workout on DVD? I am on my second VHS and I have a fear that someday all the used copies will be gone. I keep recommending it to people and the price for used ones keeps going up so it appears to still be in hot demand!

    Thanks for making it in the first place!

  25. Dear Mrs Fonda, or, as I could say in your country, Dear Jane, I’m a little bit late to wish you “bon anniversaire” but above all I just wanted to tell you how the reading of your book “my life” was a pleasure to me. J’ai vraiment beaucoup aimé ! Bien sûr, il n’est pas tout à fait récent et je sais qu’entretemps votre vie a encore évolué et je vous souhaite tout le bonheur possible. Une pensée amicale de France.


  26. Jane, ja vi 10 filmes seus…esse mes vou ver mais uns 8…na tv fechada aqui no brasil….gosto muito de vc e de seu trabalho, bjos….continue fazendo muitos filmes….porque quero assistir a todos eles…estou na metade de seu livro…espero que venha ao brasil novamente….osmar…sp sp brasil

  27. outra coisa, mesmo com 75 anos, vc continua sendo uma mulher muito linda….parabens….na foto de capa to livro, ta linda demais tambem….bjos novamente….adoro vc…osmar…

  28. As a new visitor to your site, I am still discovering and enjoying your eloquent writings, and really loved what you said about the new era we are entering. You are a beautiful woman–inside and out–no wonder you have been blessed with such a beautiful exterior, it expresses your state of mind and huge heart. Cecile and I just celebrated your birthday with you (a little late) by donating $100 to your charity G-CAPP. All the best,

    • John Ryan & Cecile, thank you so much for your kindness. xxx

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