This is no mean feat: moving is inevitably stressful and time consuming. But my honey and I are also glued to the Olympics so we steal slivers of time and, of course, all the nighttime coverage.

As someone who has always been involved with fitness and fascinated by physical prowess and that special drive in some people to push themselves to excel, this has been a jaw-dropping time. Like millions of others, I am speechless as I watch the strength and physical beauty these athletes evidence. Watching Michael Phelps power down the lanes in his last individual competition, muscles rippling in his shoulders, I am awestruck. Seeing the utter, uncensored joy on Missy Franklin’s face —the new face of American swimming as the Los Angeles Times wrote this morning– as she won gold and set a world record; the magnificence of the Chinese synchronized diving team; the beyond impossible feats performed by the U.S. gymnasts…these athletes show us what the human body is capable of, given talent, commitment and training. I swear there are more people running on the streets of L.A. since the Olympics began. I know I’ve stepped up my own workouts because of the Olympic inspiration.

And now, on to Track and Field. Allyson Felix had us rooting in the prelims and last night, watching Carmelita Jeter pull away from the others, a combination of gazelle and steam engine, we could only gasp.

And all this while watching TV over our shoulders as we carrying chairs and lamps into the new house.

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  1. You’re right — there is something about the Olympics that makes you watch, from the Opening Ceremony, to the Closing Ceremony, the tremendous energy of the events makes us watch. Who can resist watching the medalists, standing with their medals, while the anthem from the country of the winner of the Gold plays. The looks of sheer joy are addicting.

    Best of luck to you with your move, and, here’s a toast to new beginnings — may this new chapter of your life be filled with much joy and happiness.

  2. Hey…we are moving as well! and with 14 yr old triplets a dog and 3 cats it is increasingly stressful!!
    However we have been watching all of the gymnastics live bc my one daughter has been doing competitive gymnastics fro almost 8 yrs and hopes to get to the Olympics one day :-)So SAD to see Gabby not at her best today….
    Good luck with the move, hope its going better than ours right now :-0


  3. Watching the Olympics is definitely inspiring in so many ways! I love that it is a special, uplifting event that the whole world shares. And all of those characteristics that the Olympians have are same characteristics we ALL have; persistence, determination, commitment, confidence, and talent. Many of us just don’t use or realize that we have these characteristics. Even talent is something we all have. We just need to explore where that talent is.
    Good luck on moving! Are you moving somewhere still in the area that you did live? Are you and Richard both buying this new home? If you need me to help you move, just let me know! 🙂

  4. I love the Olympic Games, too I’m glued to the tv screen. I’m so rooting for Hungary at every game. 😀 We have less medals than the US of course so when we get one it’s even more special. 🙂 I watched all five of our gold medals (so far) and I felt pride as well as admiration for these wonderful achievements. We’re #11 on the medal list, which is quite great considering the countries that are ahead of and behind us.

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