Just finished my Cameo on “Better Living Through Chemistry“. We filmed in Annapolis, Maryland. I’ve never been there before. Who knew how utterly charming it is? Loved it! Wish I could have stayed longer.

Here's the 'Town Cryer' who gives walking tours of the historic city.

My scene was in the Varney pharmacy (created for the film in an old, empty store on the corner of a lovely, Cobblestone street, opposite the state house.

Sam Rockwell is the star of the movie along with Olivia Wilde. They are terrific actors. My scene was with Sam.

The film was written and is being directed by David Posamentier and Geoff Moore. It's a terrific, wild, dark comedy and, from word of mouth, it's going to be really good. My role is definately unusual, but I'll keep that a secret.

After the shoot, Matthew, my hair stylist and I had lunch in a terrific Irish Pub, Galway Bay. Here I am with the owner.

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  1. Lunch in an Irish pub? Brilliant! Please tell me you had fish and chips and a pint of Guiness! 🙂
    Take care

  2. The little town is very picturesque. The locals must have loved having all the production fun around them. I live near a town called Millbrook where “The History of Violence” and “The Music Man” were filmed. As well I’m close to Peterborough where different locations such as the library were used in the filming of “Jumper”. It’s kind of a thrill see places that a part of your everyday life on the big screen.
    The film you speak of sounds interesting, the title alone let’s you know you’re in for some kind of wild ride. I’m a huge Sam Rockwell fan, he never disappoints.
    I look forward to your cameo when the film is released. ~Dawne

  3. I visited Annapolis and loved it as well. It is a great place to explore with lots of history and charm.
    So, I need to start my list of future Fonda film/television appearances. Cameo in “Better Living Through Chemistry”, four episode appearances in HBO’s “The Newsroom”, appearing as Nancy Reagan in “The Butler” (was that the title?), hippie character in “Peace, Love and Misunderstanding”, and a french roll in the film “And If We All Lived Together”. Whew. Did I get this right? (I am hoping the french film will be shown in select theaters in the US soon?)

  4. Maryland is a beautiful state….you should see the rest sometime. I was born in the central part of Maryland…Frederick.

  5. Wow, I’m really interested in this one. Must be a really unusual film. 🙂 That place seems indeed beautiful. Still, I mostly look forward to Peace, Love & Misunderstanding.

  6. Jane, I am so excited about “The Newsroom”. Do you know when it premieres on HBO?

  7. WOW…so glad you enjoyed yourself in out nec of the woods…Annapolis is truly amazing!!
    My long time good friend just told me on FB that you are appearing in Nebraska in JUly and she go us BOTH TICKETS!! my husband is flying me out there and my friend is taking me to the event!!! HOLY MOLY i’ve been a HUGE fan of yours since I was 12!! and now 32 years later I get the chance to see you in person… I can’t even TELL you would it would mean to actually meet you….i just cant!!! 🙂

  8. Just an hour from Bilderberg. Were you able to make it? Weren’t those crowds fighting for the 99% awesome?

    Love the sunrise behind you in the Smile advertisement.

    Have you seen Teds latest appearance on WRC? 18,000 views already. He sure commands an audience.

    Check it out:

  9. Jane, Jane, Jane,
    What can I say other than you charm, delight, inspire and amuse me. Caught you on the Today Show this morning and very much look forward to seeing the new film. What a splendid back stage view of your trip to Cannes…as an x fashion stylist I partiqularly delighted in it! Wheather in khaki’s with a blue cashmere draped over your shoulders or in a Red Carpet gown by Versace you make them all your singular own.
    Thank you Jane for the inspiration you bring to us all. Through your sharing we are farther thinking, further engaged and better evolved. Don’t you think it may be time for a Kennedy Center honor for you, our ageless national treasure?
    Love you Jane Fonda!

  10. Ms Fonda- have been a fan for 50years. n through your”Naughty” days. In fact I wrote a poem for you back then while I was in The Navy!Later, I saw your father on Broadway doing “Clarence Darrow”. At te 1st act intemissio, te thear was cleared. It seems there was bomb threat. Eventually, the play continued and you father didn’t miss a beat. There was some speculation that this threat was a protest about you!Actualy, I mentioned the inmcident in my recently published book. A said it was all speculation. I was just wondering if you knew of the incident and did the rumor have any credence.

  11. Annapolis, Maryland look very quaint. I have no idea where in the states it is (being from over the pond) so I’m off to Google it now!

  12. Olá! Sou sua fã brasileira, amo seu trabalho!

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