Made it home from Cannes hopeful that the Lakers would turn around their series with Oklahoma but their post season ended last night.

I had a great time at Cannes this year. Those of you who followed my Twitter and Facebook accounts were able to see my behind-the-scenes and red carpet photos. I can’t tell you how much fun it is for me to be able to share these unique, bird’s eye view moments, and how moved I am always to read your comments.

One of the best parts of Cannes this year has been getting to know Eva Longoria, Paz Vega, and Freida Pinto my fellow L’Oreal brand ambassadors. Such smart, wonderful, interesting women. I’m flattered to be in such great company. I also got to know Jean-Jacques and Isabelle Lebel, VP of L’Oreal, the parent company, and his wife. We had a lot of laughs together. Isabelle told me I had a “European mentality.” Not sure what that means but she meant it as a compliment and I took it as such. It must come from having lived there so long. The last evening, after the red carpet, the Lebels and I went to a fundraiser for Pla Net Finance. Started by the most interesting Jacques Attali, it gives loans to poor women in 30 countries to start businesses. Something as small a a sewing machine, a cow, a pump, can alter the lives of families and communities. That same night, Sean Penn’s gala for Haiti raises several million dollars. So you see, amidst all the glamour and frivolity, good things were done by good people for deserving and needy people elsewhere in the world.

As a brand ambassador for L’Oreal, we attend certain festival events, pose for numerous glam photos, conduct press interviews (I do mine in French, which means I need a day when I arrive to get over jet lag and prepare!) and shoot promotional material. Some of the days can start early and last well into the night. There’s a room in which the “Dream Team” of make-up artists, hair stylists, manicurists work from sun up to midnight getting all of us ready. It takes a village. It’s fun because all of us brand ambassadors we get to talk and see each other in every stage of makeup (or lack thereof). All of us are lucky enough to work with the talented designer and stylist Michael Angel who selected stunning gowns for our red carpet appearances. Mine were Versace, Stella McCartney and Cavali. We can oooh and ahh each other as we pass in the fitting rooms. His assistant, Moises, is an angel as well. We goofed off between working and had a blast. I miss them. We will remain friends, just as Eva, Paz and Freida will. And Fan Bing Bing said I can call her when and if I go to China. She’s the only one who has all her glam done by her own people in her own rooms.

It was a whirlwind, I was in and out this year, arriving before the official start of the festival and leaving just as things really began to pick up. The photos from my hotel room show a sleepy resort beach town one day and a crowded frenzy the next. I started to use the video camera on my phone too, sometimes upside down, or on when I thought it was off, but I swear I’m getting the hang of it and will share what I can soon. In the meantime enjoy the photos! And think of me, happy to be home and reunited with Richard and Tulea.

With fellow L'Oreal brand ambassadors Eva Longoria & Freida Pinto

My bed at the Hotel Martinez

Francois Holland becoming France's new President. I'm watching Tv in my room

First night, dinner with friends at Les Meres Besson. Me opposite Roger Friedman as well as my friend, Laura Rister, Danielle Pelland, Jessica Piech, and Jason Lord.

With designer and stylist Micheal Angel before my first day of press.

Fitting for the evenings red carpet. I loved this Versace gown!

Ready to go! With Freida Pinto and Micheal Angel

A quick snapshot of the nice looking crowd out my car window on the way to the evenings event.

With Stephane and Charlotte who will do my hair and makeup.

Luncheon at Eden Roc with Isabelle and Jean Jacques Lebel, the President of L'Oreal Consumer Products. I enjoyed spending time with them.

At Eden Roc Jean Paul Belmondo, the beloved French actor (he was a boxer for awhile before becoming an actor) and his beautiful wife.

This is a poster of me taken 4 years ago when I presented the Palme d'Or for best film.

Another poster of me taken in 1989 when I was at the festival with Gregory Peck with our film "Gringo Viejo" at the festival

View of the pool from my room

View of La Croisette before the official start of the festiville

A second and much busier view of La Croisette as the festival gets underway.

Yachts arriving for the festival.

Freida Pinto in Versace

In my final red carpet gown this one by Roberto Cavalli. With Michael Angel and Moises

Having Fun!

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  1. You look absolutely amazing! Just as good, if not better, than you did in your posters from years past! And you conduct your interviews in French?!?!? I had no idea you were bilingual!! You should totally post a video link to your interviews with French press; even though I can’t understand French, I’d still love to see them! Keep on keepin’ on!

    • I did a film in French 2 years ago that is very successful in Europe called “…et si on vivaient tous ensemble” (…and if we all lived together). It will come to the states in September. I was married to a half french, half Russian man, Film director Roger Vadim in the 1960’s…the father of my daughter. I knew academic french but learned to speak in bed…so to speak o

  2. looks like some are suffering from tight girdles

    • I’d be lying, Bill, if I said glamour came sans pain.

  3. What a beautiful place the scenery so amazing.
    You seem to really enjoying every bit of it.
    I like how you are, a down to earth person, is nice to see that in celebrities.
    Thank you for those photos!!
    Take care,


  4. Your still so beautiful.

  5. What a great read. Have been following what you got up to at the festival via the newspapers, glossies etc. looked a lot of fun and you look fantastic.
    Your photo from 1989 (which seemed like yesterday!) reminded me of a newspaper article that I read at the time by a journalist who had interviewed you. She was impressed by the fact that on that morning of the interview you had jogged from Cannes to Nice and back. Now I was also mighty impressed. I know that area of the world very well and if you jogged on the route du bord de mer it would have been 30km in one direction. I don’t know why but this always stuck in my mind and when I was a jogger was always impressed by that article and how much you ran. But I assume it wasn’t true. or was it? 😉
    take care

    • Oh Jason, how well I remember that jog! I thought about that jog when I was just there. I began to feel badly because now I couldn’t even jog from the hotel to the red carpet—even in Nikes. But then I thought, “Hey, Fonda, but you can walk; you’re healthy; you did it once; it has paid off.” Always try to keep a positive mind set, right? I know you agree, Jason.

      • Wow so the story is true! The fact that you did that jog impressed me so much, but you know what? Your positivity impresses me even more, because to my mind, you mastered the physical and now you are mastering the mind (don’t mean to be so esoteric, but you know what I mean!). You are truly unique and inspirational. Jason

  6. A delightful post. You look beautiful! Especially in the Versace gown.

  7. Have you seen any movies that are worth watching? 🙂

  8. Beautiful !… in Roberto Cavalli. this color it’s beautiful for you
    And this photo in 1989 wonderful !
    you’re in Cannes since the beginning of the festival?
    I did not follow the festival on TV and I’ve not seen !

  9. Jane, I could not believe how beautiful you looked at Cannes! Absolutely stunning doesn’t even begin to cut it. Gorgeous from head to foot and oh my goodness, did others turn their heads when you were on the red carpet. Only thing that would have made it perfect – if Coach Perry had been there with you ’cause the two of you make a beautiful couple.

  10. Hey Jane, a shout out from Omemee, Ontario, Canada. I’ve been a fan forever. I’ve probably seen every movie you ever did. I can remember watching Barbella when I was a kid…it was weirdly wonderful and I loved it.
    I remember reading a book that (I’m pretty sure) you wrote about your life when I was in my late twenties (that was back in late 80’s) but I can’t remember the title and I’m not finding it googling. Anyways I remember being struck then, with how you had such yearning and longing to understand the workings of life, I related to that, I was very much like that then myself and I still am. I want to understand. I want to know why we are here and where we are going and while we are here what we should be doing. I became a Christian when I was about 25yrs. old that changed my life tremendously. Recently I’ve been through a life changing situation. My husband has been disabled by a tumor on his spine. Long story. He’s still ambulatory but the doc’s have told him he won’t likely work again. You just don’t expect these things, it’s been hard to absorb but it’s been such comfort and assurance to know that God will not give us more than we can handle. That I can do all things through Him who stregthens me. I hold on to those promises, that kind of strength moves me forward to what’s next. I do beleive we are students here and there’s much to learn. I’ll have to see if the library has your new book Prime Time. You recommended it be read before the 3rd act. I’m 50 so I’m on my way.You gotta love the internet. Back when I was younger, admiring you, watching your movies, buying your books and working out to your videos, I never would have thought I could contact you like this…gotta love it!! I think you look good in all the pictures above but are outstanding in the red dress! All the best with your upcoming projects Jane. May God Bless~Dawne

  11. Jane, you look absolutely stunning! What more can I say!

  12. WOW…..
    Yes you do look great because I was on the shoot a couple weeks ago on “The Newsroom” and had to keep walking past you and Sam as you were having words outside the limo you got in on 6th ave. in Manhattan. (very cold day wasn’t it?)
    What I admire about you is that you have ALWAYS lived you life to the fullest and you aren’t about to stop now. Your commitment to inspiring others to live out loud/fully while also taking care of their body/mind/spirit is a wonderful service to humanity. You are truly an inspiration to many (all ages) who are now starting to realize that life can be just as productive and fulfilling/exciting (and sexy) at any age and that we no longer need to decline …. age is truly just a number.
    At 49, I just committed myself to being an actor and even tough I don’t make the kind of money I used to (that will change as I grow in the biz), I am so much happier because I feel more authentic and I have inspirational people like yourself to thank.
    I hope to be in a shoot with you again sometime (preferably have some lines next time … LOL)

    THANK-YOU for the vital energy you bring to the world!!!
    Dean Curtis

    • thank you Dean for your nice words. Yes it was cold! I felt badly for all of you, especially te women eras in their summer dresses. Good luck to you in your career.

  13. You are absolutely stunning in that Cavalli. It took my breath away. Total glamour. And a great actress to boot. Made my day!

  14. Jane – I noticed you were voted “Most glamorous” by most of the newspapers and magazines covering the events at Cannes! Not bad considering your “competition” were woman half your age! Rock on! You looked so good! Keep it up! We look forward to your new movie AND “The Newsroom” in June.

  15. Miss Fonda, you are simply spectacular!
    I’ve been a huge fan since reading your autobiography a few years back and having just begun my second act, I’m currently reading Prime Time as I feel it’s never to early to start.
    I just wanted to say that you inspire me to live, love, and be the best person that I can be. Thank you.
    Much love, Nicky XXXXX

  16. Hello Jane: It has been 20 years since we last spoke and I do believe you are more beautiful now than you were then. You are such an inspiration in so many ways to so many people. My family in Greece still speaks of the day they met you and how it has been the highlight of their lives. My very best to you from my heart.
    Jan (Pappas) Matheson

  17. Your energy and positivity continue to amaze me. Thank you for sharing your day-to-day and inspirations with everyone. You also looked so wonderful in those gowns and your smiles light up the room.

    But why oh why was no one in that pool?

  18. Yesterday, I went with a few French friends to see your French film. I was very impressed. A great film. I loved the scenes with you and Daniel Brühl the most, which, by the way, were highly praised here in the German press. I thought you all gave very strong, touching, authentic, realistic performances and it is extremely important that films get made with this subject matter. I loved the end. Very touching. I won’t give anything away here, but there was not a dry eye in the house! I didn’t know the French actors, because they are not famous here, but they were all excellent. You were all very believable. They were very few weak points in the film, but that’s my opinion and I’ll be gracious and not mention them here. And to be honest, which film is perfect?

    I look forward to seeing how well it does in the States.
    Take care
    p.s. by the way, I’ve said it a few times, but you should really try and find the DVD of Daniel’s film: Goodbye Lenin, where he pretends to his dying, bed-ridden mother that the Berlin wall is still there and that East Germany is alive and kicking. Brilliant film.

    • thanks, jason, i’m glad you liked the film. i will try to get “Goodbye, Lenin”…you are not the first person who has told me that.

  19. Lewis – that comment was completely uncalled for and shows your ignorance. You must be a very unplesant and miserable person. I can’t imagine why anyone with such contempt for Jane Fonda would waste their time to actually seek her website out and then leave such a message for her!You should find something else to do with your time or try to do something constructive for someone else instead of spitting hatred for someone you don’t even know.

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